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her real name is sara
age : 15
waist length wavey light brown hair with bangs that sweep over her left eye
eyes are a pale brown and turn bright red when she is using her power or just befor she uses it
her clothing looks like this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=360378674102709&l=3db1063acb with a pair of black hightops
her ears are peirced in the normal fashin as well as on the upper right part of her ear witch curently has a silver cuff on it
sh has three big claw mark like scars running from the side of her right hip to over her belly button, [if you messure the part at her belly button]they span from her waistband to the bottom of her ribs

has a fear of small spaces being left alone and the dark, but she trys to act like shes afraid of nothing
likes to cause trouble and discord

powers: [destruction] tends to cause destruction to anything she touches, on varying scales especially when she feels mad or threatened . has very little control over her powers

shes a troublemaker maker always starting problems, can normally be found near groups of teenager's or drunk men causing fights, though normally she doesn't participate in them only initiates them
tends to be a flirt jumping form one guy to another [witch often leads to fights]

she has been kicked out of multiple schools for starting fights or destroying school property

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shaking she hugged her backpack to her chest leaning back against the wall. hiding in here might not have been the safest idea but it was better then getting caught by the FBI or whoever they were. they had been following her for weeks and lately they had been trying to catch her."its not like i'm some dog or lost pet" she thought shaking her head. she had been surrounded by them with no escape in sight, she had been afraid but she would never admit to it, next thing she knows there is an earthquake and there all scattered around her. she didn't know how it happened but she did know it was her fault. somehow she had caused this big disaster and didn't even feel the least bit guilty, mostly she felt pride and couldn't wait to tell her brother all about what she could do. the shaking slowly came to a stop and she got up to explore the building.
[shes actually in the same building, just a few floors below and for the fun of it i'm going to say shes by an outside wall that has crumbled away so people could see in if there were at the right angle. i would have had more but my brother lives on this computer and i'm kinda out of time :/]