Zena O'Malley

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a character in “On the Mafia Express”, as played by AvaLovelace


Name: Zena O'Malley
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Mafia: the Irish mafia
Title: She serves under the head of the family, mostly as a hit-woman but is second in command and gives orders.

Ever since she was born she was surrounded by what her parents do, and being their one and only daughter, she is next to take over but of course, her father wouldn't just let her simply take over because she's his heiress. That would be to easy. From birth, she has trained harder then any other child to take on this role, "There's no room for weak heirs" Her father has told her many times through out her training, Not just fighting, but her knowledge of other Mafia's, their rules and her own.

Now, she is among the strongest in her family among many others and her father couldn't be anymore happy to step down for his daughter, and is often addressed as "Lady Zena", etc.. She prefers to do the dirty work despite her being next to take over but she's good at what she does...

Despite her blood lust type behavior, she is very kind to those who show her kindness and respect but to cross her is like a switch. And you don't want to be the one to flip it. Zena is random at moments, she's very spontaneous, bright and pretty ballsy when she wants to be. But now that's she's taken on a serious role, she's very quiet and seems to be shy, but she's just always observing her surroundings, contemplating things.

Not only is she an Heiress but she is also a 'warrior' and helps protect her family. Zena is very temperamental, she may not look it but the aura that comes off of her makes it evident when she's not happy, she gets it from her mother and it makes her very proud.

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Zena O'Malley's Story