On the Next Moon

On the Next Moon


Both man and dog have evolved as centuries have gone by. Still unknown to man is that dogs may have surpassed man in there own way.

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Man and dog have worked for centuries together. Together they have domesticate animals, become better hunters, workers, and even an extended family members. Both man and dog have evolved as centuries have gone by. Still unknown to man is that dogs may have surpassed man in there own way.

Among the millions and millions of litters being born from dogs a select few have gain a special trait. Not just any trait, a trait of human intellegents. These few clever canines are able to thing both like a dog and a human. To add on to this to amazing trait even more every full moon these special canines can turn into a human, but with a few characteristic of there dog like traits. However, this transformation isn't perminant, only lasting only until dawn breaks.

Most of these caninies around the world have created special gatherings in thanks of these transformations. Which usually consist of story telling and socialling of the dogs who have owners and the street dogs. For these group of dogs they gather in the abandon warehouse a place where no humans go to and is safe haven for them. But things aren't going well for these canines. Some of the humans are finding out what's going on and may spill the
secret of what's happening or will they keep it a secret?

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Re: [OOC] On the Next Moon

sure i want to join but suddenly inrl is kinda chaotic a litle x.x not sure if i wont forget posting like i do with a other roleplay x.x

Re: [OOC] On the Next Moon

We need characters.

Re: [OOC] On the Next Moon

I'l join in on this lambie ^^ tell me if i can make a char il be waiting :)

Re: [OOC] On the Next Moon

Well if you want you could do two of any of the characters.

Re: [OOC] On the Next Moon

Eek....this is a problem...

I've made a total of four characters: Three dogs and a human master. But I'm not sure of some things.

The human master is just a background character, for well, background purposes such as feeding etc. etc. so I'm not sure if I should have a form for them, or are they(or rather she) just background character because they are masters?

I made two main normal dogs, and then along with them a female dog that is crucial to the history of one since she is bred to him. Would it be ok if I at least included her in his form or something?

Re: [OOC] On the Next Moon

A max of 2 Characters

Humans can rp as often as they want. They could be heading out to a party and see a few awkward people heading to an abandon location i.e curiosity, or they could accidentally see the dogs transforming, or someone happens to find the abandon building. You know be creative on how you find out and interact with one or more of the dogs. Just be careful cause Jace might get ya.

Re: [OOC] On the Next Moon

I'm interested but first I'd like to know:

1) How many characters are allowed? I have a tendency to rp quite a few characters. (Fluently.)

2) How often do we rp as humans? Will you be regulating the time period?

[OOC] On the Next Moon

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