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On The Other Side

On The Other Side


1x1 RP between MuteEcho and VitaminHeart

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RokuBell was a wonderful and prosperous town, full of life daily. From the town vendors which would line the streets with huge smiles and tasty treats. To the friendly neighbours calling out to each other each morning in a delightful greeting. Everything about the town was great, everyone knew everyone, and everyone was kind. Even the richest and most well-to-do families took part in providing wonders for the sweet town of RokuBell. It was the place where everyone loved to live, and others would visit frequently.

Surrounding the town was many gorgeous sites; on the left was a large hotspring that caused most of the tourist attraction. To the right was a lush forest, complete with a nice path that people could take to go on picnics or to see the mountains that lay at the ends of the path. Behind the town, a little away was a grand building where the top people of RokuBell worked to beautify and help the people and the town. It was a building of hope, from the way the sun would reflect off the glass windows, to the amazing gardens that lined it. The building itself looked as if it could be an academy for the brightest of mind, in a way it was….people came from all over to study there.

In fact people were amazed that Rokubell was only a small town, when its success could make it so much more. Maybe it was because no one wanted it to be more, maybe they were comfortable with their lives...but if you listened closely you’d know the only reason why RokuBell was not any bigger or better was because of what lay

On the other side.

An untouched area, full of wild life, much different than the town of RokuBell. A place where evil could spin tales, a place where people could get lost. A place where no one wanted to ever be. It was said to be haunted so everyone avoided it....everyone except

The outcast

Kataro. Most people didn’t even know of his existence. If they had seen him the first words that would come to mind would be “Cosplay Boy!” He didn’t understand the term but he knew they meant offense.

But Why would he be called as such….simple Kataro was a Neko….

He had pretty blue eyes and a tan colored hair. He was short and could be about 12-14 he didn’t really know. He dressed like most other boy’s his age, a simple t-shirt vest and shorts, maybe with sandals, maybe barefoot. The thing that stood out most about him was the black fur tail and ears of a cat. They were not fake as people were led to believe; in fact they were very real.

But in a modern society someone like that shouldn’t exist, a boy who was part cat. It was more than just looking like one. He was agile like that of a cat, and could climb trees, or survive long falls. He has a great liking to fish and a huge fear of water, just like any other cat except he was a boy too.

Caught somewhere in between….

He was a contradiction, an abomination to society so that he tended to steer clear from it. Only wondering what it would be like to live in a nice home, and be around the people he was so curious about. Kataro believed he would always be alone. He would live a simple Cat’s life…however

One day while wandering through the woods he comes upon a cabin, seemingly empty in the woods. His curiosity takes over and he goes to explore it, only to come face to face with a human girl. She is not your average girl, since she lives in that little cabin as opposed to the town.

Making them both outcasts.

Together they learn that just because the grass is not greener on their side, they still have a story to tell, and lives to be lived. They still suffer the same as the others, and find moments of enjoyment. However, as their relationship grows, and he learns more about being human, memories start cropping up, with a terrible pain in his head. Memories of the town and all that had occurred there and drove him from it, of a white room with masked faces, of long endless hallways, of a smiling girl and woman, of a black cat, and much more that it drives him near crazy… the only way to counter it is to reveal what he lost, and uncover all the secrets, the things he forgot.

What happens if he no longer wants to find out what lies on the other side, the answers to all the pain and questions, and when he does will he stay with the girl or be driven back to what lies

On The Other side.


1x1 RP Between MuteEcho and VitaminHeart


The Neko: Kataro

The Girl: Dinah Fox

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( * <)< |KATARO| >(< * )

Someone once said for every good there must be something equally as bad. For every light there must be a shadow, and for every right there was a wrong. In that sense if the town of RokuBell was the good, then the forest near its entrance definitely qualified as it’s bad. Everything about the forest screamed bad. From the way the trees grew so eerily tall, to the wild animal noises that could be heard almost all the time, to the way that it always seemed dark.

There were many tales about the forest, those that were designed to keep little children from trying to explore it. Whether or not it was merely a child’s bed time story or more was long unknown, but the people of RokuBell tended to stay away from that particular forest anyways… it was evil to them.

However, deep within the forests boundaries there was someone who would have to disagree with the townspeople. His hair was a light tan-ish color and had a few twigs and leaves from the nearby trees tangled within it. He wore a simple blue zip-up vest over a white short-sleeve t-shirt, and khaki shorts that almost matched his hair. On his feet were a pair of worn black sandals, but he didn’t seem to mind the state of him.

The brightest and prettiest shade of blue eyes glanced around with delight at the woody surroundings. It would appear that he was lost, why else would a normal boy of his short-stature be wandering through the woods when he should be at school? In fact he was not normal. The thing that stood out most about him was the black furred tail that waved from behind him, and the black furred ears that perched upon his tan hair. At first glance people would think they were a costume, which people often did. But…the truth was the animal parts were entirely real. The boy was in fact, a neko.

His name was Kataro, he couldn’t recall a last name, but people who chanced a talk with him would say it sounded like “Nyow” though, that could be because he often said some form of “nyaa” after every sentence. Kataro was not very familiar with human customs, or speech, despite being half one. To him he was purr~fectly normal, even though he couldn’t recall where he came from, or anything of the matter. It didn’t bother him in the slightest.

He was, in some words, a stray. He didn’t have a place or person he was tied down to. he could do whatever he wanted in the forest, from sleeping in a tree to teasing the fish he came across. To him every day was another adventure.

Ah! ~ What a wonderful Cat’s Life! ~

To him the forest was home. The high trees were fun to climb and rest in. The animal sounds didn’t bother him; they were like neighbors to him. None of the animals had ever harmed him, he could even call himself friend to them, if it were not for the fact that he couldn’t sit still or stay in one place for long. He liked to explore and was always…as curious as a cat could be.

He had not a care in the world and would seem much like a child, with the way his eyes would sparkle in excitement at anything new. Although, having been alone for so long he hadn’t really learned human speech. He would appear shy, or very much like a wild animal if anyone had tried speaking to him.

It was on a day like this, that he came across something that both made him curious and would change his average life forever. While wandering through the forest, steering clear of any water, he came upon a small cottage, hidden by trees. He had never before seen such a thing in the forest, and it was very intriguing to him. His blue eyes lit up and a smile snaked across his lips, causing him to grin widely. It was his normal reaction to anything he really liked. A cottage in the woods could be a nice place for him to play. Without thinking of consequences, he sprinted towards it, and flung himself through the open window. He landed on all fours, as a cat would and his tail curled around him, as he glanced around at the empty room.

He grinned again. Yes… this would definitely be a nice place to play. He thought.

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Character Portrait: Kataro Nyow
Character Portrait: Dinah Fox


Character Portrait: Dinah Fox
Dinah Fox

"Staying away from the concrete jungle."

Character Portrait: Kataro Nyow
Kataro Nyow

"I'm...Kat-ar-o ..nyan!"


Character Portrait: Kataro Nyow
Kataro Nyow

"I'm...Kat-ar-o ..nyan!"

Character Portrait: Dinah Fox
Dinah Fox

"Staying away from the concrete jungle."

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Character Portrait: Kataro Nyow
Kataro Nyow

"I'm...Kat-ar-o ..nyan!"

Character Portrait: Dinah Fox
Dinah Fox

"Staying away from the concrete jungle."

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