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James Minot

Just another average man in a bad circumstance.

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a character in “On The Ragged Edge”, as played by Quantumlegacy


Name: James Minot
Nickname: Minnow

Age: 27

Role: Mercenary

Personality: He's a rough around the edges type person. He's not usually very social tending to be more the man of action then the man of words. James fought for the Independents in the war and has had a chip on his shoulder ever since. He is the kind of guy who would rather shoot and ask questions never. He isn't very intelligent though and doesn't care who knows it. He made his living with his blood and has the skill and scars to prove it.

Physical Description: James stands at just under five feet, at four foot nine. He almost always has stubble that he can never seem to stay on top of. He keeps in rather good physical fitness as he knows that in an instance anything can happen. And if you are fat and slow you aren't going to make it. He has plenty of scarring from the war and his time spent in internment. His left arm is a robotic prosthetic and has a few nifty features.

History: James Minot grew up on a farm on a fringe world known as Keialyw. It was mostly immigrant Psy'tan and a few humans who couldn't afford not to be dropped off here. After he and his family spent years carving a life out of the alien rock with their blood sweat and tears the war with the UCP began. For the first two years his world went unscathed, mostly left out of any real danger. But midsummer on the third year they came in force and started taking over. It wasn't long before rebel forces sprung up and eventually joined in as part of the Independence. His father and his brother were the first to take up arms in his family. Forcing him to stay at home taking care of his mother and sisters. After his brother was killed in the cross-fire his father came home and tried to run. But James couldn't begin killing the Coalers any faster. He was disgusted at his family for not wanting revenge and disowned himself as he left for the war. Out for blood and to make a name for himself. He spent the next four and a half years fighting them at every turn, making them truly pay for every inch of ground. Eventually leaving his home planet when they were overwhelmed and joining the countless others in raiding supply-lines.

During his last few months in the war he was captured and tortured for information. Having started to make a name for himself with the rest of the crew on the Zealous Axe. They wanted names and locations of rebel hideouts and ship docking areas. He never gave them anything tangible though and for that he suffered immensely. They took from him his left arm and probably would have killed him if his crew hadn't eventually taken the bunker he was being kept at. He'd seen the horrors of what both sides were capable first hand for himself. "I'm no angel but them Coalition. No better then the blighters they aren't." Since the war he'd spent most of his time wandering the black trying to find himself a decent job or a decent life. At first he kept on with the crew of Zealous Axe but it didn't last long without the common goal at hand. The in-fighting they had ignored began to bubble over and eventually they all parted ways. He has not had a very good run since then either though as he went from ship to ship signing on as a mercenary where he could and laborer anywhere else. Not one ship kept him the entire term though, something to do with his attitude.

Extra: When he lost his arm in the war he thought he'd never see it again. But thanks to some cock-eyed doctor he had met in a back alley of one of the core worlds, he had a fully functioning prosthetic arm.

So begins...

James Minot's Story


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"Everyone, clear on the plan?" A rather largely built man with sideburns and a leather jacket said to his two cohorts. One, a tall stoic man who has obviously seen a lot of action in his day. The other, a lively pretty young spit fire who looked like she knew several ways to break a man. They were all standing in what looked a like a town out of a spaghetti western, tumbleweeds and the like. They stood huddled in front of an oddly modern looking building made of concrete that vastly differed from the more wooden aesthetics of the small town. The words "Municipal Bank" were spread across the top of the building. The building had cameras, but they didn't work, it was supposed to be more of a deterrent than actual security.

"No sak'in around. We let these people know we mean business, get the goods, then get out before the local do-rights come roll'in in. No killings unless absolutely necessary. Got it? Good." Naliff Murdock faced away from his partners in crime to face the door. He then pulled out one of his pistols, then cracked his neck. "Let's go be the bad guys."

The three walked in and immediately Naliff pulled the trigger on his pistol and let a shot ring out. The people inside called out in surprise and fear. As he quickly and calmly made his way through the bank he spoke loudly, his voice commanding attention. "Yes, this is a robbery, no you will not die or get hurt unless you try and stop us! Just do what the pretty lady and the man with the big gun says and everything will be kahi!" He didn't even bother telling the customers or the tellers what to do, he would leave that to James and Kora. Naliff specifically went towards the only guard who looked like he had already thrown his weapon the second he heard the kid.

Naliff got up to him, reached down and hoisted him up to his feet with one swift movement. The kid was young and scrawny and whimpered as he was lifted from the ground. "I'm not gonna hurt ya. Just open the vault for me with that spiffy little key card you got there. If ya don't make a fuss, I'll even give you a grazing shot and a knock to the head so it looked like you resisted. Dahl ma?" The kid opened an eye to him and stared at him for a bit. "So people would think I stood up to you, instead of just cowering and surrendering like I am now?" The kid asked.

"That's right, you'll be a hero. Not to mention the lady's love both a selfless man and an injured man. You'll be swimming in hatei ladyfolk." The kid's eyes lit up, looking like he was more excited about getting robbed than a sane man should be. "Alright!" The kid began walking off towards the vault with Naliff right behind him, gun at the kids back.

After punching in the code and swiping the card, the vault opened. Naliff headed inside and immediately spotted two rather large yellow metal crates. He walked up tot hem and opened one. Naliff gave a very satisfied grin upon seeing the contents of the box. He shut it and spun to face the kid. "Thanks for the help kid." Before the kid could say another word, Naliff pistol whipped the side of the boy's face and he went tumbling to the ground.

"James! Come help me with these things! He called out to his stronger crew member.

Together they pulled the two crates out of the vault and towards the door. "Thank you for your cooperation. Ya'll have a nice day now, ya hear?" They then exited the vault.

The group started to heads towards a large hover vehicle parked outside. "Kora, start up the Mule while we load the stuff. Naliff ordered his first mate as him and his muscle began to load the two large yellow crates onto the back of the mule.

Soon enough the cargo was secure and they were three aboard the Mule. Hoof beats could be heard coming from behind them. It seemed the Sheriff had finally woke up. "Punch it, Red. They soon rocketed off into the waste, leaving the law men miles in the dust. Naliff radioed in to Kef. "Start her up, Kef, we got the goods and are head'in home." A rather monotonous voice came from the other end of the radio. "Roger that."

Kef then went to another radio in the cockpit "Nim, start her up, daddy's coming home and he's bringing presents."

As they cleared the hill, a great gleam in the desert could be seen. Cora Belle. He could be headed towards that ship a million times a day for a million days and never get tired of seeing her, and he doubted he ever would. A small smile crept over his face as they approached.

Soon enough, they entered the Aft Cargo bay and began unloading the Mule. James and him put the two vrates in their stah compartment under a false floor panel in the Aft Cargo bay. "Good work out there. Now, make yourselves presentable and someone dust up the passenger rooms. After we hand over the goods to Paris, we'll be taking in passengers at Fortuna." Naliff turned and began to walk up the stairs to the second level. He then called down "We need the money. Naliff stated, as if to counter act anything said against the idea. He trotted upstairs into his quarters, not to be seen until they reached Fortuna.



They arrived at Fortuna, a rather prosperous near-core planet with a shit ton of poor with just the right amount of nobles not to give a sa'k about them. When they touched down, they were in the middle of an impossibly crowded spaceport with hundreds of people looking around, selling wares, stealing wares and many other things of that nature. It was loud, but it was civilization, something you tend to forget out in the black. Naliff exited the ship and looked to his crew. "Alright, here's how it is. Nim, I want you to use that sweet face a yours to russle us up some passengers. Thems that can pay, and if you say another word about that new compression coil I will sock James in the mouth, it's out of budget right now." He told with care in his eyes. He could never hurt Nim.

"Red, you take some platinum and go get our supplies. Food, water, ammo, spare parts. The Basics. I don't want you coming on the deal with Paris, mainly because she hates you." He said with a bit of an apology in his tone. He knew she hated to be out of a deal, but a woman tends to remember getting her nose broken.

"Minot. you're with me. We go deal with Paris and try not to get shot. We done the job right, but you know how fickle she can get about little details. Let's go." Naliff then turned and headed into the crowd with James, heading towards a rather odd array of shanty houses.


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Nathan Be'Jack

Nathan quickly looked at the listings of current arrivals. He was looking for a way off the confounded syndicate planet, one that was obviously not owned by said syndicate. Anything that had to do with snakes and spiders was out of the question, as that was the part of the syndicate's symbol. "White Lake... The Valient... Cora Belle?" That one started ringing some bells, he remembered something about it in history... A battle? A fight between the Coalition and the Independents? that should be it... Would that mean that the captain was an ex-soldier? Good enough for me! He thought, quickly noting where it landed, then bounded off. He started going so fast that he ran into a couple of guys, one looked rough, the other looked even rougher. "Oh, I'm sorry!" He said quickly before running off. On this planet, sticking around after that usually ends with a beat down, and those guys were much bigger then him. Of course, him running into a pair of syndicate henchmen right after that was much worse. "You little..." Muttered one before they recognized each other. This particular guard was the one that caught him stealing from the warehouse. "Get him!" He said to his partner, reaching for his gun.
"Hulg!" (shit) Nathan shouted, turning and running between the two he had just ran into moments ago just as bullets started flying. Nathan didn't notice if they got hit, but he felt the top of his left shoulder start burning. He rushed around the corner of a building and kept running. Can't get caught, can't get caught, can't get caught...

They pursued him for a few more minutes before they gave up, and he popped out of the garbage can. He glanced around, seeing the area was safe, and he clambered out, then started hurrying back to the docking ring. The sooner he got on that ship, the better.


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James Minot nodded and let out a calming sigh as he closed his eyes preparing himself. They were about to rob a bank as part of the latest job Naliff had managed to drum up for them. It wasn't the best of things to be doing but it was going to feed them.

He tightened his grip on his weapon. It was a customized scattershot laser rifle. Not much to look at but it sure did the job when called on. Basically one mean ass shotgun except it could burn a hole through four inches of metal. It was definitely one of his stronger assortment of weaponry but he couldn't pass up the chance to use it. One hand at the trigger and the other stabilizing the beast he burst in the building behind Naliff. Instantly me moved to the counter pointing his weapon at one of the clerks he demanded they start emptying deposit boxes and cash holds into the sacks. Which he would grab quickly from where they were fastened at his waist. Holding the gun with his robotic arm, and tossing the sacks at the woman's face with his free hand.

He would then turn to intimidate the nearest guard on the ground and accuse people of trying things as he waited for the to fill the sacks. It wasn't really what they were there for but it had to look like just any old robbery. Plus some spending cash sure couldn't hurt he thought as he tossed the sacks into the back of the mule. It wasn't long before he was called on to help move the actual reason they were here. No sooner had they loaded them up and he threatened to pull one guys teeth out for looking at him funny then he heard the sound of the local law enforcement showing up. Lucky for them tech here wasn't that good and they were on horseback. Clambering into the Mule, he tossed the shotgun down atop the bags and drew his pistol. Taking a few pot shots at the lawmen he purposefully missed as they got away.

Back on the ship, after hiding away the cargo, Minot was about to ask the Captain what was actually in the boxes when Naliff announced that they would be heading to Fortuna where they would be picking up passengers. A look of despair crossed Minot's face. More people on this tin can meant less space for him, less food for him, and less fun for him. But before he could argue the Naliff had already put it to rest.

He spent most of the journey there asleep or doing is daily routine of weapons checks, equipment checks, and security checks. When they had finally arrived he was pleased to actually set foot on solid ground. But his pleasure was quickly ended as he was threatened with bodily harm and then tasked to follow on the drop. He'd really wanted a smoke, drink and a sa'k but it would have to wait.


She had just finished paying the docking fee, signing the ship in and was standing seemingly in awe on one of the docking platforms. For the first time since she could remember there was no plan. No task, or assigment she was meant to do. No liaison or handler to watch over her. She was on her own, free and suddenly very alone. She almost had the strangest urge to re-board the ship and flying right back to Shoran's begging for forgiveness. But it passed as fleetingly as it had come. She was free all right but she wasn't foolish either. She snapped back looking about the docks evaluating the area.

She knew it wouldn't be long before they figured out she'd gone AWOL and would begun hunting for her. Ilassa's mind raced as she went over the possibilities for a plan. She decided to sell off the ship and barter passage onto a new one as quickly as possible. She would have to leave a slight of a footprint here as she could. Moving through the large docking area she focused on hearing the thoughts of the people around her. It was difficult as there were a lot of people moving about thinking, making noises and the machinery made for good distractions as well. But she calmed herself and used her training to focus.

Eventually she found someone who was in need of a new ship and sold her's at a shadily low price to the man. He was skeptical at first but she managed to convince him when he actually seen the paperwork and the ship itself. She told him a tale of how she had acquired it in a game of Sheok and had found out she couldn't properly run it without a crew. Not being of captain like material she had decided to pawn it off quickly and he happen to be the lucky soul.

With her new found wealth she then purchased a few new sets of clothing, some traveling gear and bags so that she could fit the new identity she was forming. And then she set about finding the right ship to sign on. She was deciding between two newer model ship when her eye caught the Cora Belle. Something about it screamed for her and she couldn't help but be drawn to it. She moved to wait politely behind another who was bartering passage. When they were done she asked the price but before the lady could respond she stammered, "I'll pay you triple! Please just say yes!" Good job, way to not look desperate.