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Kora Neverwinter

"Everyone's got their reasons. Mine's probably equal stubborness and lack of self-preservation instinct."

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a character in “On The Ragged Edge”, as played by VitaminHeart




Name: Kora Neverwinter

: Red, she's generally referred to as that to avoid any confusion with the ship. Genrrally she's only referred to by her full name if things are serious.

Age: 29

: First Mate


Kora is a little difficult to get along with initially. She suffers from the upbringing double-whammy of being from a family who were both rich and entitled, and had a charming love of violence.
She's rather arrogant and caustic, and has a tendency to push into situations without thinking. She has very much a 'might is right' attitude to authority, and is happy to follow a person so long as they can prove themselves her superior in a physical sense rather than mental or emotional. If she doesn't respect authority, she with habitually act up and challenge them.

As a result of these traits, she often ends up getting into fights....especially when alcohol is involved. Banning her from drinking has been discussed on the basis that she's got into punch-ups with so many random bar-goers...and on one occasion...a mannequin in the window of a clothes' shop.

While quite clever in the tactical sense, Kora was never the most academic of folks, and tends to be a bit disparaging of learned people.
Beyond all this bravado and temper however, Kora can be quite a decent person. She has a good sense of humor, not seeming to take herself too seriously, and being one of the first to joke about things, even in grim situations. She is quite talkative and sociable, easily slipping into conversation with others.

Above all she is extremely a degree most would would call 'suicidal'. She seems to be totally unconcerned about danger or personal safety, and is happy to leap into potentially lethal situations to help or protect her crewmates....even if the odds make it incredibly ill-advised. Perhaps as a result of her almost kamikaze mode of crisis-management, she never panics, no matter how dangerous things get.

She has a considerable degree of loyalty toward Captain Murdock and would follow him on near enough anything, though such loyalty isn't necessarily accompanied by reverence. She is happy enough to make light of him or criticize him when she sees it as necessary, though her military background means she'll generally follow orders, even if she does not agree with them.


- Sugary Food
Sugar wasn't widely available when Kora was growing up on Sigyn, and acquiring some was quite rare, even for the comparatively rich families, as it had to be imported. Very little would grow on the icy moon. As a result, candy for Kora makes her rather nostalgic of the parties her family used to have during her childhood.

Kora loves dogs. They were extremely important on Sigyn, both as a mode of transport, and as a means of guarding property. She owned dogs throughout her childhood, and often slept with her face buried in the fur of a malamute or husky. She was quite bereft to find that during her tour of duty, her favourite dog, Ushi ("Ox"), had had to be put down when his legs had given in.

She often can't resist petting or making a fuss of dogs she comes across.

Kora likes games, sports and such. Few people who know her play with her anymore however, because they know she's very competitive, and also a pretty bad loser...and bad winner...especially a bad winner.


- Excessive Heat
She grew up on an extremely cold moon, and got very used to the weather. As a result, Kora is not at all keen on too much heat. As a redhead, she gets easily sunburned, which means she prefers to cover up in the sun if she possibly can.

- Expensive/Fancy clothing.
Kora invariably dislikes having to wear anything intricate or expensive. More often than not it makes her feel like one of those small dogs that the owners dress in tuxedos and ballet tutus, overdressed, forced into it, and resentful of every second of it.

- Feeling Weak
Kora is proud. Extremely proud, and she hates to end up feeling weak or inadequate. This often means that she'll actively repel people from trying to help her if she is hurt or unwell, will often take on tasks she's not really equipped for an not ask for help, and'll keep any problems she has from people until they're....really big problems.


Kora was born on the lonely, backwater moon known as Sigyn. The moon possessed a harsh, frosty climate despite the terraforming, and as a result conventional farming as many outlying worlds resorted to, was extremely difficult. Most of the occupants took to farming reindeer or fish instead. What Sigyn did have going for it however was its minerals, with large numbers of valuable compounds being available in the rocks of the small moon. Claim to the resources by the various families that resided there, Kora's being one of the biggest and the best connected. As far as Sigyn society went, the Neverwinters were pretty big news, being the owners of the largest mine, the largest employer on the moon...and being staunchly pro-coalition. Most of their trade was with Coalition, who would use their exports on The Core.

Nearly every fit member of the family had done a term of military service on The Core, Kora had been no different, and had loved the military service. Certainly Coalition work was often dangerous, and some things she had done had been a little suspect...but at that point in her life, Kora had seen no reason to question her superiours. She was every bit a good little Coalition guard dog.

Things changed however a few months after Kora's return from duty on The Core. Some new folks arrived on Sigyn...some folks that certainly didn't have the best interests of the residents in mind. They were a bunch of no good types who had their eyes on the mine...and enough men and guns to take it. Fearing they would be overrun, Kora's father Ren sent out a call to the nearest Coalition ship, assuming they would rush to their aid...but they were met with refusal, and a statement that the troops had orders to remain on board until further notice.

With aid denied to them, it went as badly as could be expected. Even with military training and weapons the family and their workers were vastly ill-equipped and outnumbered. They were overrun by the invading force in a bloody conflict that saw Kora’s father killed, and Kora herself badly injured. She took a hit which smashed her ribs and collapsed one of her lungs, something that was extremely serious, especially given the limited medical facilities on Sigyn. It soon became infected, and Kora was slated to die from her wounds, but surprisingly, she managed to recover herself.

While she'd managed to cheat death, the fever had lost her weeks, and by the time she was herself enough to speak with her family about the disaster, she was horrified to discover that they'd surrendered the mine and their lands to the invaders in exchange for somewhere to stay, effectively becoming tenants to the men who had killed her father. The woman was horrified and frustrated at the decision, though had little choice in the matter.

For a few weeks, while she recovered, she struggled to try and reconcile with her family's decision...that was until Coalition men returned to Sigyn to trade. She came across them doing business with the new owners of the mine....much cheaper business than the Neverwinters had offered. As she heard all slid into place. The Coalition had left them to get battered so they could get cheaper goods.

She wanted to go in there and smash their smug faces in. She wanted to blow up to whole damned mine so nobody could have it. She wanted to see the local Coalition commander get mauled by a pack of rabid dogs....but even Kora knew that this was too much for her to handle.

Her family was happy to lie down and get dirt kicked in their face...but Kora couldn't live the rest of her life that way...and so, after rather unceremoniously breaking the nose of one of the Coalition men, she found the nearest ship off that lonely moon. A month of so afterwards she found herself in one of the trading hubs on the outer planets, and shortly after a rather ill-tempered fight in a bar there she ran into a man by the name of Naliff Murdock.

Most captains might have hesitated at allowing a woman on board who had just recently committed assault and battery on an Coalition Lieutenant despite having her chest bandaged and arm in a sling, but that sort of attitude proved to act in Kora's favour on ship. There weren't so many who could take on three guys one handed, and it seemed that this skill in combat coupled with apparent lack of sense in regard to danger won her the post of first mate. She soon proved herself to be very good at her job, abandoning her former identity of rich girl and coalition grunt. Kora and Captain Murdock faced numerous adventures together. He never talked about himself, and she never asked. It made for a very favourable working relationship.

Extra: Kora has a tattoo on her shoulder, with the Chinese characters for 'Ox' and a stylized representation of a dog, a tribute to her favorite pet. She doesn't tend to admit that though out of fear of being called sentimental, and tends to make up alternative stories....ones she had trouble keeping straight.

She has a large amount of scarring on her ribs on the left side, something that she is not in the least bit self-conscious about.

So begins...

Kora Neverwinter's Story


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"Everyone, clear on the plan?" A rather largely built man with sideburns and a leather jacket said to his two cohorts. One, a tall stoic man who has obviously seen a lot of action in his day. The other, a lively pretty young spit fire who looked like she knew several ways to break a man. They were all standing in what looked a like a town out of a spaghetti western, tumbleweeds and the like. They stood huddled in front of an oddly modern looking building made of concrete that vastly differed from the more wooden aesthetics of the small town. The words "Municipal Bank" were spread across the top of the building. The building had cameras, but they didn't work, it was supposed to be more of a deterrent than actual security.

"No sak'in around. We let these people know we mean business, get the goods, then get out before the local do-rights come roll'in in. No killings unless absolutely necessary. Got it? Good." Naliff Murdock faced away from his partners in crime to face the door. He then pulled out one of his pistols, then cracked his neck. "Let's go be the bad guys."

The three walked in and immediately Naliff pulled the trigger on his pistol and let a shot ring out. The people inside called out in surprise and fear. As he quickly and calmly made his way through the bank he spoke loudly, his voice commanding attention. "Yes, this is a robbery, no you will not die or get hurt unless you try and stop us! Just do what the pretty lady and the man with the big gun says and everything will be kahi!" He didn't even bother telling the customers or the tellers what to do, he would leave that to James and Kora. Naliff specifically went towards the only guard who looked like he had already thrown his weapon the second he heard the kid.

Naliff got up to him, reached down and hoisted him up to his feet with one swift movement. The kid was young and scrawny and whimpered as he was lifted from the ground. "I'm not gonna hurt ya. Just open the vault for me with that spiffy little key card you got there. If ya don't make a fuss, I'll even give you a grazing shot and a knock to the head so it looked like you resisted. Dahl ma?" The kid opened an eye to him and stared at him for a bit. "So people would think I stood up to you, instead of just cowering and surrendering like I am now?" The kid asked.

"That's right, you'll be a hero. Not to mention the lady's love both a selfless man and an injured man. You'll be swimming in hatei ladyfolk." The kid's eyes lit up, looking like he was more excited about getting robbed than a sane man should be. "Alright!" The kid began walking off towards the vault with Naliff right behind him, gun at the kids back.

After punching in the code and swiping the card, the vault opened. Naliff headed inside and immediately spotted two rather large yellow metal crates. He walked up tot hem and opened one. Naliff gave a very satisfied grin upon seeing the contents of the box. He shut it and spun to face the kid. "Thanks for the help kid." Before the kid could say another word, Naliff pistol whipped the side of the boy's face and he went tumbling to the ground.

"James! Come help me with these things! He called out to his stronger crew member.

Together they pulled the two crates out of the vault and towards the door. "Thank you for your cooperation. Ya'll have a nice day now, ya hear?" They then exited the vault.

The group started to heads towards a large hover vehicle parked outside. "Kora, start up the Mule while we load the stuff. Naliff ordered his first mate as him and his muscle began to load the two large yellow crates onto the back of the mule.

Soon enough the cargo was secure and they were three aboard the Mule. Hoof beats could be heard coming from behind them. It seemed the Sheriff had finally woke up. "Punch it, Red. They soon rocketed off into the waste, leaving the law men miles in the dust. Naliff radioed in to Kef. "Start her up, Kef, we got the goods and are head'in home." A rather monotonous voice came from the other end of the radio. "Roger that."

Kef then went to another radio in the cockpit "Nim, start her up, daddy's coming home and he's bringing presents."

As they cleared the hill, a great gleam in the desert could be seen. Cora Belle. He could be headed towards that ship a million times a day for a million days and never get tired of seeing her, and he doubted he ever would. A small smile crept over his face as they approached.

Soon enough, they entered the Aft Cargo bay and began unloading the Mule. James and him put the two vrates in their stah compartment under a false floor panel in the Aft Cargo bay. "Good work out there. Now, make yourselves presentable and someone dust up the passenger rooms. After we hand over the goods to Paris, we'll be taking in passengers at Fortuna." Naliff turned and began to walk up the stairs to the second level. He then called down "We need the money. Naliff stated, as if to counter act anything said against the idea. He trotted upstairs into his quarters, not to be seen until they reached Fortuna.



They arrived at Fortuna, a rather prosperous near-core planet with a shit ton of poor with just the right amount of nobles not to give a sa'k about them. When they touched down, they were in the middle of an impossibly crowded spaceport with hundreds of people looking around, selling wares, stealing wares and many other things of that nature. It was loud, but it was civilization, something you tend to forget out in the black. Naliff exited the ship and looked to his crew. "Alright, here's how it is. Nim, I want you to use that sweet face a yours to russle us up some passengers. Thems that can pay, and if you say another word about that new compression coil I will sock James in the mouth, it's out of budget right now." He told with care in his eyes. He could never hurt Nim.

"Red, you take some platinum and go get our supplies. Food, water, ammo, spare parts. The Basics. I don't want you coming on the deal with Paris, mainly because she hates you." He said with a bit of an apology in his tone. He knew she hated to be out of a deal, but a woman tends to remember getting her nose broken.

"Minot. you're with me. We go deal with Paris and try not to get shot. We done the job right, but you know how fickle she can get about little details. Let's go." Naliff then turned and headed into the crowd with James, heading towards a rather odd array of shanty houses.