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Nathan Be'Jack

"If you're want to find friends, find enemies, then find those that aren't trying to kill you."

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a character in “On The Ragged Edge”, as played by The Soul one



Name: Nathan Be'Jack

Nickname: Nate

Age: 16

Role: Passenger. Hiding from the Orman Crime syndicate

Personality: Curious, if something catches Nate's eye, he will want to go and investigate it. Of course, this gets him into a lot of trouble half the time, but he also finds lots of useful (and useless) stuff that he keeps. He tends to procrastinate anything he is supposed to do, which gets him into more trouble. Living with him is kind of a hassle if you expect him to get something done all day.

History: Born on Praxus 2, a central planet, he was raised by his nurse, as his parents were busy making money off of mining edge worlds. Nate was raised to go and find things that interested him, which wasn't a lot when you weren't allowed to leave the mansion's yard. When he could, he snuck out, and immediately became lost in the city. He wandered around for a while until someone offered to take him to another planet called Damia. Curious, Nate went, using his allowance. On Damia, Nate found that it was an outer rim planet, and that finding food was tough. He resorted to stealing, sneaking into a warehouse to take some food. He snuck in one time and opened a box to find guns and, after looking around, some ammo. He took a handgun, knowing how dangerous it could get, then noticed a small, intricately designed box hidden among the guns. He grabbed it, then was discovered. Turns out that the warehouse was owned by Orman crime syndicate, and they wanted him dead. He got out and hid, and started looking for a way off planet. While looking, he opened the box to find a screen and a small keyboard. Further investigation was blocked when it turned out to be encoded and locked. This really perked up his curiosity, and now he is determined to find someone who can unlock that code.
He eventually finds a ship that is willing to take him, and he quickly sells some junk to get barely enough money to get on.

Extra: The box holds 12 billion credits, which are locked from any transactions by a bank held by the Orman Syndicate.


So begins...

Nathan Be'Jack's Story


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Nathan Be'Jack

Nathan quickly looked at the listings of current arrivals. He was looking for a way off the confounded syndicate planet, one that was obviously not owned by said syndicate. Anything that had to do with snakes and spiders was out of the question, as that was the part of the syndicate's symbol. "White Lake... The Valient... Cora Belle?" That one started ringing some bells, he remembered something about it in history... A battle? A fight between the Coalition and the Independents? that should be it... Would that mean that the captain was an ex-soldier? Good enough for me! He thought, quickly noting where it landed, then bounded off. He started going so fast that he ran into a couple of guys, one looked rough, the other looked even rougher. "Oh, I'm sorry!" He said quickly before running off. On this planet, sticking around after that usually ends with a beat down, and those guys were much bigger then him. Of course, him running into a pair of syndicate henchmen right after that was much worse. "You little..." Muttered one before they recognized each other. This particular guard was the one that caught him stealing from the warehouse. "Get him!" He said to his partner, reaching for his gun.
"Hulg!" (shit) Nathan shouted, turning and running between the two he had just ran into moments ago just as bullets started flying. Nathan didn't notice if they got hit, but he felt the top of his left shoulder start burning. He rushed around the corner of a building and kept running. Can't get caught, can't get caught, can't get caught...

They pursued him for a few more minutes before they gave up, and he popped out of the garbage can. He glanced around, seeing the area was safe, and he clambered out, then started hurrying back to the docking ring. The sooner he got on that ship, the better.


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#, as written by Mashotu
S'ney C'lim

Once Nim had started up the craft on captains orders she went to meet up with the others. Naliff started to talk and looked her way, "Alright, here's how it is. Nim, I want you to use that sweet face a yours to russle us up some passengers. Thems that can pay, and if you say another word about that new compression coil I will sock James in the mouth, it's out of budget right now."

Nim giggled at the mention of him socking James in the face but practically skipped her way out side to find some more people. She looked up at Cora Belle and sighed happily. God she loved this ship.

It wasn't long until a person who kind looked like a boy in her eyes but had the voice of a female asked, "Hey, blondie. What's the price?"
Nim's instant response was, "Oh~ Hi! My name's S'ney C'lim! But usually people just call me Nim~"
Realizing she hadn't answered the question she gave a fair price ((No idea what that'd actually be... XD)) that would work with for both the ship and girl.

"So what do you think?" Nim asked, "She's a beauty ain't she?"
God she loved this ship~
Now all she needed was a few more people once she was done talking with this one.