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Brooke August

"I've felt real pain. Seen death with my own eyes. Don't tell me what suffering is like."

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a character in “On the Run-Part 1”, as played by Love~in~your~eyes


Name: Brooke August
Age: 22
Position: Tracker
Skill: Martial Arts
Personality: Brooke has a determined, strong personality, developed from her rocky past. She is proud in her weaponless way of fighting. She is a bit wary of people, and can easily crawl back into her shell. She can be nervous around people especially at night(see history). She is very loyal, and very smart, and likes to prepare for the worst
History: Brooke had a difficult young life; her father died at a young age, and she was left with her mother and sister. They were nomadic and were constantly on the move around the world. This meant Brooke was never at one place for long and never got to make friends like a "normal girl." She was homeschooled with her sister Calista,, and was always a prodigy in math and English. Finally at age 17, her family decided to settle in Washington. She went to normal school for the first time, made friends surprisingly fast, became a cheerleader, and excelled academically. Life was great, night. She was out late in town with her sister past curfew, and her sister was murdered in a drive by shooting. Right in front of Brooke's eyes. She went into shock and depression, and wouldn't react to anyone. She tried to get therapy, which didnt help, and she still has severe night mares about her sisters death, and wakes up screaming alot of the time. Her sisters killing is also where she gets her EXTREME hatred of guns, and thinks hey are an honorless way to fight/kill. Because of her silence, her grades and friendships suffered, and only one thing kept her interest. Martial arts. Throught her depression she mastered Martial arts, and after graduating was found by Sherwood Facility. She was quickly hired, and became accustomed to the other Trackers easily. (Although she disagreed with Sebastian and Victoria much, they remain good friends. Her best friend probably being Victoria.) When the Runaways escaped, she made sure she was one of the mission heads, and wants to take the Runaways down personally.
Likes: Martial arts, fighting, athletics,
Dislikes: Guns, enemies, the Runaways
Other: she has severe night terrors.

So begins...

Brooke August's Story

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Brooke was half asleep, in that place right between dream and reality. Her mind replayed the images of her last nightterror, causing Brooke to shiver with fear. It just seemed so real. Every night, it was always the same. A barrel of a gun, her sister's death...

She shook the images away, took a deep breath, and stood up. Her shakily legs were unstable as she made her way out of her room. Suddenly a sound broke the silence. "Victoria, Grace, Brooke, Jake? The boss wants us to go after the runaways. Get your weapons and meet me outside the facility. We're going hunting. Over." She recognized Sebastian's voice over the radio on her hip. She didn't respond, just began to instinctively head outside.

She didn't use weapons. Her fame came from her excellent martial arts ability. It was something that she was proud of, even if she hardly got respected for it. Sebastian always saw it as a weakness. Brooke rolled her eyes as she walked past the weapon room, trying as hard as she could not to look at the guns, and bring her sisters death back again...

When she pushed through the exit, the smell of the forest wafted toward her. It was much relief to get fresh air, but she had to keep focused. She turned to see Grace and Sebastian glaring at eachother, the tension between them could be cut with a knife. A bit of fear washed over her as she noticed the gun on his back. "Just like the one that killed my sister..." she thought, taken aback.

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"Victoria, Grace, Brooke, Jake? The boss wants us to go after the Runaways. Get you're weapons and meet me outside the Facility. We're going hunting. Over." Sebastian said through the walkie talkie. "Copy that. Over." She replied before putting on her gear. She slipped on black skinny jeans and knee high black boots. Then her white shirt and black leather jacket. She was going for the dark and mysterious look but her hair wasn't cooperating so she ties it in a ponytail.

Grabbing her blades she made her way outside the facility. Brooke, Sebastian, and Grace. Grace and Sebastian were glaring at each other. Vicky grabbed her blades and sliced the air a couple of times. "Can't even cut the tension with a blade." She said stuffing it back at her hip. They were always at it with each other. "Anyways, are we going now?"

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Sebastian turned away from Grace. "Once Jake arrives, then we-" almost right on cue, Jake entered the group. Sebastian nodded. "We are ready then, everyone fully equipped?" He ran his gaze over the group. He of course had his guns, Jake had a pistol, Grace had her crossbow, Victoria couldn't possibly carry more knives, and Brooke of course carried nothing. He felt it rather unintelligent to carry no weapons, and only rely on your moves.

He shook his head and faced his team. "Currently, it is unknown the direction they ran, but I believe Jake could help us there?" Jake quietly nodded and began checking the ground. He looked up at them and said "Sebastian, do you know where they escaped from?" Sebastian nodded and led them to a slightly ajar piece of metal wall. Jake immediately turned to the ground; his mouth turned up in a smile. "I found a few prints leading south, but they aren't too obvious..." After a few seconds of examination, he said "It appears that they ran straight, and fast."

Sebastian took in the evidence. "Well I can assure you we can outrun them, and they ran blindly in a straight line..." His voice dripped with resentment. Jake looked up at him. "I wouldn't think it wise to just take off after them... we need to consider where they would go..."

"It's good I have that figured out then, isn't it?" Sebastian gave a small smile. "If they ran straight South, than it appears that they would either continue that way or go East or West; not coming back this way." He waited a moment, then continued. "We will divide and conquer. Two teams will run slightly to the West or East, so will still follow their path, but can be ready if they turn. And-" he said motioning to his radio "we can communicate."

Sebastian pointed to Jake. "Jake, I want to send you alone. Keep following their path, since you're such a great tracker, and radio us if their path changes." Next he pointed to Vicky. "You and I will go towards the west." Then he motioned to Brooke and Grace "You two go east." He smiled at how clever he was Perfect, I send the two people I dislike the most in this group away from me.

He pulled out one of his tranquilizer guns and ran into the forest, Vicky on his heels. For now, they would keep running until they found a sign or received word about the Runaways.