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Celeste Flynn

"Please go away, I dont want to hurt you..."

0 · 232 views · located in The Sherwood Facility

a character in “On the Run-Part 1”, as played by WarningImCrazy



Name: Celeste Flynn

Age: 11

Position: Runaway

Skill/power: Telekinesis

Appearance: Celeste has golden blonde hair that falls to the middle of her shoulder blades that compliment her bright blue eyes. She stands about 5'5" and has a slim body with a somewhat pale complexion.

Personality: Celeste is very reserved, and shy. She speaks in a soft calming voice that is rarely ever raised unless in disstress. She is somewhat afraid of herself because of how dangerous her powers are, she is able to kill a person in an instant with just looking at them, this makes her very insecure. When she is speaking to people she wont look them in the eyes because of what she's capable of. It is very easy to see what emotion Celeste is feeling just by looking at her facial expressions and the way she acts, if she is feeling anything but calm she will go off by herself for a short time so she wont harm anyone and to calm herself down.

History: Celeste didn't really have a bad childhood before she was taken to the faculty. She lived with her parents and younger sister in a small and nice town where nothing bad seemed to happen. Her parents knew about her powers and tried to hide them because they didn't want Celeste to be taken away from them, they would always tell her that she's not allowed to use her powers in front of others, so she never did. But one day she was unable to control her emotions and she started using her powers when she didn't mean to. Cars were being crushed, light poles being thrown away, and much more. A lot of people were injured and a few killed because of her not being able to control her powers or emotions. Soon after that she was taken away, her parents tried to hide her but they ened up finding her anyway.

Like: Sweets, flowers, outdoors, silence, sleeping

Dislike: The dark, seeing people get hurt, hurting people, trackers

Other: Celeste loves to sing, since she was young she would always sing wherever and get compliments on her beautiful soprano voice, but she only sings when she's alone now.

So begins...

Celeste Flynn's Story

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Running. Running is good. Just keep running.... The same mantra replayed in Cole's head as his feet pounded against the damp forest floor. His legs ached in protest from his frantic running, and he began to feel lightheaded. He shot a gaze behind him, taking in full view his fellow Runaways. Surprisingly, none of them-not even the youngest-seemed to tire. His eyes also wandered to a far off break in the trees, where a barely seeable glimpse of the Facility came through. Slowly, it began to get smaller as they made distance between it and them.

Freedom.... It felt weird to think of the word, like he would jinx himself by imagining the possibility of it. He sighed mid-run, knowing the unimaginable road that still lay ahead of them. The Facility would undoubtably send someone after them, if they hadn't already.

He chuckled a bit at the logic of this. Sending someone would be a miracle. But he knew they would send multiple, most likely the most elite; the trackers. Cole'd seen them only a few times before, but mainly heard about them from rumors from other children in the facility.

'I heard that one of the Trackers shot one of our own clear through the head,' and 'Their ruthless; you'd best stay out of their path.' were things he'd heard before from the other Supernaturals. But that seemed a far cry from the truth. Shot? A child? It seemed so barbaric and coldhearted.

He returned his attention to the oncoming forest. Flashes of green and brown flew past as he ran, creating a wild blur around him. It almost made him wish he could slow down and enjoy it for a second. Too bad we're being hunted by psychos, he thought wistfully.

Eventually, the soreness forced him to stop. The others did the same. He turned to face them, and asked, "What next?" He thought they were well enough out of range of their hunters, or at least long enough to catch his breath and make a game plan.