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Jake Davis

"If you underestimate your prey, you're the one that end up in the trap. If you overestimate your prey, it'll get you"

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a character in “On the Run-Part 1”, as played by Robbhus


Name: Jake Davis
Age: 22
Position: Tracker
Skill/power: Tracking
Personality: Jake can be violent and brutal at times. His past often bother him a lot, usually calling upon anger. However, he usually try to keep those bad emotions locked inside of him, which leads him to his rather silent personality. He don't talk a whole lot, and when he does, it's usually just a few words. When he's proving a point of his, he tend to use a stack of cards he painted himself. Despite how silly it sounds, it got an extremely convincing effect. He also got some weak feelings for Gracie, but try to keep them for himself, partly because of their age-difference, and partly because he don't want her "Weak" status to fall over on him.
History: Jake was born into a rich family. He had anything he could ever want, and ever need. He pretty much lived a glamorous life, getting what he wanted when he wanted it. However, when he was eleven years old, something happened. He didn't know, but his father had been involved in some business that had a negative influence over the company he owned. His father was apparently involved in some black market business as well as smuggling. And for one of the first times in his life, Jake Davis felt anger. Pure anger. He had a pure wish to kill his father out of anger. He had no idea why he suddenly had such violent feelings over his father, but in simple terms, he had bad thoughts about him. In his anger, he ended up lighting the house on fire. It started in the living-room, and spread in a horrifying speed. Too fast for Jake to manage to get out in time. One of the support beams fell over the fastest path outside apart from the windows. And Jake didn't dare to jump out through the windows in fear of cutting himself up. In panic, he ended up running towards the main entrance. But he caught on fire. The left sleeve of the jacket he had been wearing was gone in a matter of seconds. Jake barely managed to get out of the building and roll away the fire and throw away the jacket. But his entire left hand and parts of his chest was burned. The skin was red, most of it burned away. He started walking, crying in pain. He felt like an idiot. Weak. He didn't deserve to be treated. He only deserved to die. He started walking towards a nearby forest to die, but fainted before he got too far.

When he woke up again later on, he was in some strange cabin. There were trees surrounding it, and it appeared that it was made out of some light wood reminding of bamboo. There was an old man sitting by his side. And surprisingly enough, the pain from the wounds was gone. The marks still looked horrendous, but it didn't hurt so much anymore. And that was the most important. The man didn't ask him any questions. It was like if he read his mind. Jake didn't want to talk. Not at all. Time passed, and Jake's wounds got better. The old man thought him a few things as jake stayed with him, mostly based upon his own life in the forest and what he did to survive. When Jake was finally was good again, the old man asked him if he wanted something to hide over the scars. Jake nodded, and the man leaded him back into the cabin and drugged him down. When he woke up, all of the burned area was covered by a massive tattoo of a flame. Supposed to be a reminder to not do stupid things, as well as a piece of jewelry he could wear to represent his trials and the pain he went through. As time passed, Jake stumbled upon the trackers, and without really thinking, he joined them. He refused to talk at all about his past, but people seemed to let it pass.
  • He got some weak romantic feelings for Gracie.
  • Loves to be outside.
  • When people don't care about his past.
  • People who push on him and try to do his work faster because they don't got any patience.
  • When people dig all they can to try to find out more about his past. He hasn't even showed anyone the tattoo that covers half of hist chest.
  • Having to do things twice. He can't stand making wrong choices that result in having to do stuff over again.
Other: The tattoo goes from about his palm to his right shoulder on the top, and his left hip on the bottom.

So begins...

Jake Davis's Story