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[Lacey 'Alice' Liddell] Creator of Wonderland

Imaginary is a word to denote things that don't exist in your Reality.

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a character in “On the Wings of a Dream”, as played by Bani


"Imaginary is a word to denote things that don't exist in your Reality."

Full Name: Lacey Liddell

Nick Name: Alice

Age: Undetermined

Gender: Female (maybe)

Hair Colour: N/A

Eye Colour: N/A

The best way Alice can be described is a spray of red mist. It is the form she appears in to any Wonderlanders that meet her - none of whom are still alive (Alde can only communicate with her telepathically and has never seen her) - and no one knows her true form or appearance. It was guessed by Alde that she is a woman due to her name.


Alice's personality seems to change every moment, and thus its difficult to give it a definitive description.

However, for the most part her personality seems to provide a foil for Alde's, both playful and childishly cruel.


As the Creator of Wonderland, Alice has the power to appear anywhere she wants to, and her power manifests as either tendrils or wisps of red mist that reach out and cover her opponents. After it has cleared away, the ones caught in the mist are found to have disappeared, leaving only a broken clockwork doll in their place, and splatters of blood on the ground.
She can also 'rewrite' the 'reality' of Wonderland, meaning she can give rise to 'real' illusions that can fool everybody. This includes warping time and space.

(She rarely uses her powers directly, so yeah, I won't godmod with them. Its just that since she's like a God in Wonderland, it's only fair for her powers to be God-like too. But they won't be used directly, rest assured.)


Lacey Liddell was a normal human girl from a normal household. Her only talent was a strong imagination. As the second smallest child who was considered somewhat 'weird', she played by herself in a corner of their garden, creating an imaginary land that she called 'Wonderland', filling it with all beautiful things she could think of. She also sometimes included her youngest sister, Vivaldi, in her games, although the girl was really too small to understand anything.

When her parents and four of the seven siblings died in a bomb blast during the Second World War, she suddenly woke up from her imagined world, and took notice of the real world around her. Frightened by the bloody, mutilated corpses, she ran out into the streets, only to find more corpses and rubble. Sobbing, she had no idea when she fell asleep.

She dreamt of her little garden, still unharmed, still beautiful. And she dreamt of a little white rabbit with a golden pocketwatch, and she dreamt of herself following it down a rabbit hole in her garden.

When she woke up, she was in a beautiful garden, falling in disrepair. There were stone pillars overgrown with rose vines, and the sky flew like a broken chessboard. Under her feet, too, there was a chessboard, and when she stared hard, she could see that in the chessboard were inscribed two symbols : The faded red squares contained dark red 'heart's, and the dark red squares contained a pale red 'spade'. She smiled, a twisted smile. This was her Wonderland. The real Wonderland.

[The reason Wonderland appears several centuries old is because time in Wonderland flows quite differently than that of our Real World - the one they call the OutWorld]

So begins...

[Lacey 'Alice' Liddell] Creator of Wonderland's Story


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#, as written by Bani

♠ The 'Queen' of Spades ♠

Millace found the ends of his lips curving upwards in a sheepish smile, and caught himself just in time. This really was getting out of hand. He needed to get away and think for a moment, find out chinks in her armour that he could exploit. He didn't actually need to know what Alde was up to, but he might as well. It wasn't as if that could do him any harm, could it now? And as someone said so aptly, knowledge was power. Events in Alde's Wonderland Proper wouldn't directly affect his little Chess Board, but there was always that what if. Because as much as he hated to admit it, some of their kingdoms still overlapped ... something that was very, very unfortunate, but also unavoidable, if one asked Millace. He couldn't do anything about it as of now, and probably wouldn't be able to in the near future either.

This girl was a way into Alde's game.
The only problem was that he couldn't tell how exactly to go about manipulating her. And the fact that she was different from the people he had met so far, in that she was honest beyond logic, and completely baffled him.
Besides, there was the fact that she caressed the rose petals so gently, the look on her face one that he knw he had sported himself on several occasions ... it made him feel that little bit unwilling to use her.

"That's just how things work in Wonderland." he found himself saying, shrugging the 'Queen' remark off. In truth, there was just that little bit of a story behind it, but he had told her the bottom line : that really was how things worked in Wonderland. You didn't like it, you got the hell lost from there .... if you could, that is. If you couldn't, Alde took it upon herself to see to it that you 'vanished'. Though ... it wasn't really Alde he feared. It was someone else, someone much, much worse, and yet someone he held dear to his heart.

"Yes, you are right. This indeed is my garden. Say, Miss Aria, do you know why you were brought here?" he asked, watching the girl closely for any reaction.

My Name Is Alice

A red mist swirled inside the ice cavern, spiralling gently, flowing through the ice pillars, lending the whole cave and the stream that flowed out of it a pale red colour.

What was more, the mist was glowing. A red, hellish glow that looked entirely unnatural and fake, and yet beautiful and mesmerising at the same time.

It waited, and watched, biding its time, as it had been for centuries.

A voice laughed. It was difficult to tell if the voice belonged to a girl or a boy. It was more of a voice to be sensed than heard.

The laugh echoed off the cavern, shaking the pillars dangerously as everything changed.
The ice melded into glass, clear and transparent. The pillars melted away into thin air, and the red glow now, instead of seemed to be seeping in through the white walls, bounced off all directions, reflecting in the mirror-like glass.

Jabberwocky was free, and now the little fool of her brother seemed to be bent on entering the games.

My, my, this is going to be interesting. I wonder if you know what you are doing, foolish Brother.

❤ The Queen of Hearts ❤

Far away, Alde's eyelids flickered, thoughts racing in her unconscious mind.

As always, the subconscious and unconscious know of many things the conscious mind never notices or simply skims over. Alde, in spite of being the ruling Queen of Wonderland Proper, was no exception.

Something was wrong with her dear Wonderland.

There was something Alice was not telling her.

There was something she needed to know.

And her eyelids still kept on flickering, caught in an endless dream she couldn't wake from.

The setting changes from Wonderland to Down the Rabbit-Hole

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#, as written by Grahf

While the Jabberwocky's main self was away, it had not left the pit unguarded. A tingle, a warning- something was in it's domain.

With a sudden shift, perspective whipping back to the pit, the beast allowed one of it's 'pets' eyes to open. What looked at first to be three mounds of rotting flesh, set in a triangle around the pit's mouth, were in fact three guardians: Left over from the last time Jabberwocky had been free- Chains. Gryphon, Dodo and The Mock Turtle. The poor creatures had been taken by the Jabberwocky last time, and sealed away with it this whole time. Over the years it's whispers had driven them mad, made them break to it's will. Long thought dead, or lost..they had simply been cast off in the haste of sealing away the monster. They only knew hate now, and pain.

"A̡̙̯̖͗̈̾̊̉̆̒̋͠ͅW̬̠̤̯̝͓̗̽ͯ̈A͚̪̖̋ͧͧ̐̉̊K̞̮̖̘̗̭ͨ́E̫͍͒̋ͥ̑̆̏N̘̻̓̾̏̍.̣̒ͣ̒̅̚͞" the voice commanded- and echoed across the dead forest, every tree whispering the word, every blackened mouth on every creature. To take the blade, to free it's power, one would have to face the true power of the Jabberwocky- Alice or no..she would find herself at an impasse: Enter it's realm and face possible corruption, granting the creature her powers- which it would use to wreak havoc, or she could wait, and try to send a gathering of sane Chains in- even should they fail to free the blade..they may distract the creature enough to slip in. Either way...there would be no sneaking about, it knew all that entered it's lands- every tree was a spy, every creature a mouth. It saw the red mist through a thousand eyes, and grinned crooked teeth from a million mouths. "Ä́ͮͮ҉҉̨͔̥L̺̪̒̊̑͆̚Ḷ̛̬͔̱̜̺͇̳ͦ̐ͫ̐L̷̸͓̭̩̥͍͚̯̺̀ͭ͊̑Ĺ̡̺͔̦͇̦̣̲ͭ͢L̘̔ͭͦ͛͋̈́͜I̶͂̅̈́̈́ͣ̂̏̌͘͏̳̩͔̩͉͈̩C̬̹͚̰͂̄̎Ȩ̳̱̦̱͚͎̊̍ͪ̐̉̇ͧẼ̻̣̬̺̺̬̝̆͂̊̎̈͂̐E͍̮͇͕͔͈̻ͫ̈̎̀Ḛ̣̞̀͂ͯͩ̋̏̋̄͡Ẹ̝̯̟̪͚̠̎͑͒̌̉.̯̫̰̬̀ͦͣ̾.ͪ͆̔̍ͨ҉̫̩͕̥͕͉͇̬"

The girl's mind may be god in her Wonderland, but this was no longer hers, it was an extension of the pit- the Jabberwocky's realm. Every god has a devil, and in this case he was on his home turf. The three mounds stir, as a blackened beak, a bladed paw and a skeletal wing rip free from their casing. The three ancient Chains were clearly changed.

Gryphon was the first to free itself, it's beak allowing for a swift tearing of it's mound- what emerged however was hideous; filth encrusted, with tumorus growths sagging from various points. It's claws gleaming like black diamonds, while it's beak looked caked in burnt mess. Wild eyes scan the area, swimming with black goo. Deformed, it's wings mere stubs, now just ruined bones. With a sound of rage and misery it screeches into the sky.

The Turtle and Dodo follow in rapid succession, each spilling forth in a torrent of gore. Mock Turtle looked to be even more mixed up than it had in the past. It's head was a snakes, while it's arms looked to be those of a tiger. The shell had grown spikes, in the fashion of a Snapping Turtle, while the legs bore hooves. A long tail completes the mutant, scorpion, with a massive sting at the tip. Dodo however still was a bird, though with far less skin, and more bone showing. Of the three he seemed the least horrible- until it opened it's beak. With a sound like wet meat sliding across a parking lot it's tongue slaps outward, revealed as a skinless arm. As if it was over there, the hand opens, revealing both an eye and a mouth in the palm. Jabberwocky was madness, and it's minions displayed it.

The three furies waited- should the mind of Alice come towards the pit, they would be waiting- while the smaller creatures of the forest would pose no threat to the body-less mist, three of the oldest Chains infused with Jabberwocky's taint would be much harder to battle. Not to mention the beast would not stand idle while someone went after the Vorpal was not stupid mind you. It had planned ahead, leaving three of it's most powerful thralls behind as guards. It would do one well not to underestimate the beast- it was violent and crude..but ever so smart.