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Mad March

"As mad as a March Hare? Oh, right! I am."

0 · 410 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “On the Wings of a Dream”, originally authored by Aro, as played by RolePlayGateway


"As mad as a March Hare."

Full Name: Rebecca Olivia Caldwell

Role: The March Hare

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Marchie is loud, abrasiveness, and just a wee bit mad. Okay, a lot mad. She's always thinking about anything and everything at any given time so she finds it hard to focus on anything for too long and she will sometimes mutter her thoughts aloud. She is a kind person at heart but she's also very hyper and bouncy. She can't walk anywhere she has to run or hop and will literally bounce off of the walls if in an enclosed space for too long. She enjoys riddles even if she can't quite understand them herself. She just likes to let them knock around her head along with the other thoughts. She's a very curious Hare, very curious about people and things and such. Marchie can also get a bit snappy if her sanity is in question because to her she is one of the most sane people in Wonderland. Sanity is in. Insanity is in.

Hair Colour: Dark Orangey Brown

Eye Colour: Pale Greenish Yellow

● Curiosity. She wants to touch and see everything.
● Bouncy and hyper.
● She always wakes up grumpy and the only thing that will brighten her mood is tea.

Appearance Description: The March Hare's height may be the most adverage thing about her since she is only 5'6". She has long floppy ears on the top of her head and a slight overbite that reveals her abnormally sharp canines that sometimes hang lazily over her lower lip. She also has a short tail that she is always careful of when taking a seat anywhere.

[To be updated later, after RP-ing a little]

● Tea
● New things/people
● Keeping Time
● Talking
● Shiny Things

● Dogs
● Darkness
● The Red Queen
● Receiving Orders
● Having her sanity questioned

Powers: Marchie is one hell of a tracker. She can smell a scent once and track it down no matter how far the person/thing has traveled. She also has powerful hearing and even the slightest sound will echo loudly in her head which is one of the reasons she wears her hat. Because of her powerful ears and nose it's extremely hard to sneak up on her.

Contractor: None at the moment

Weapons/ Things They Are Carrying: An old sword, it was one of the first things she can remember getting. A top hat that she found some time ago in the forest. She thought that it looked nice and simply never felt the need to take it off. Also, the hat helps cancel out background noises.

Back Story: She can't remember much just a few scattered memories. She only remembers stumbling upon one of The Hatter's many tea parties and she quickly found herself engulfed in the madness. She befriended both The Hatter and the Doormouse and that is the extent of her background as far as she knows.

So begins...

Mad March's Story


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#, as written by Aro
With a leaf over her eyes the March Hare laid on a high branch sound asleep. It was roughly midday and she was not ready to see it. Her mind was at rest and everything was silent. She was able to think about the things she cared about. Or at least, she was, she heard the sound of voices beneath her and slowly turned her head so that the leaf would fall away from her face. She looked down at two of her friends as the thoughts started to flood her head. She was not ready for the thoughts. She never was. She rolled out of the tree and landed on the ground in a crouch. “It's too early!” She shouted before falling onto her bum and lifting her hat to reveal a cup of tea. “Just a spot... that's all a young hopper needs,” She spoke as fingerless gloved hands grasped the handle of the cup. She sniffed it for a moment before looking at the tiny drop of tea in the bottom of the cup. “A hopper could ask for more...” She frowned as she watched the cup fill, “Mmm... perfect,” She took only a sip before dumping the rest onto the forest floor.

“Oh!” She turned to her friends, “Dormy, Rabbit, what are the two of you up too?” She skipped over to the White Rabbit and touched his ears lightly knowing all too well how sensitive his ears were. “Hm...” She flipped over his short form and fell onto her back so that she was looking up at him, “It would appear that you, my friend are...” She pulled out her pocket watch and stared at it as it ticked counter clockwise, “Late,” She looked up with a serious expression, “very late, in fact,” She got to her feet and dusted herself off keeping her back to him, “I'm betting that you're up to something!” The madness quickly returned to her voice. “What has Red put you up too?! She want's my hat doesn't she?” She took a tight unbreakable hold of her top hat, “Well, we'll not be having any of that!” She quickly turned and ducked behind the nearest tree.

“Dormy! You'd better watch your back with this one!” She called to her friend, “He may be tiny and adorable but he is a vicious killer I assure you!” She couldn't wipe the smile off of her face as she taunted the rabbit. She didn't wait for Dormy and quickly ran to the Lake's edge and stared down at a fish finding herself quickly distracted. Her mind began to swim with anything and everything. The thoughts, words, and faces, swimming around slowly in her head making circles and swirls. She sat down and hugged her knees as she tried to calm the thoughts down, to organize them and make them make some sense in this senseless world.

She moved her hand under her hat and pulled out her empty tea cup. “Just a bit more then a spot...” She mumbled as it filled half way. She slowly sipped it down and turned her attention to the sky. “Where's Hatter? We're in desperate need of a tea party.” She snapped as she began to look around for one of the first people she befriended. She lifted rocks and searched behind trees. “It's his unbirthday too,” She pouted as looked around, “You help too Dormy. Rabbit!” She barked.

The setting changes from Lake Lacie to Down the Rabbit-Hole

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The setting changes from Down the Rabbit-Hole to Lake Lacie


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White Rabbit

Rabbit narrowed his eyes as he saw the Hare striding closer to them. Oh dear, it's Mad March. He thought sourly.
When the girl touched his ears, he did a quick step backwards and pursed his lips as tightly as possible; fighting over the temptation to burst into an angry rant. His body convulsed with the effort and it took all of him to choke out his reply, "Nice to s-see you again, March..." Said Rabbit through gritted teeth, "Haven't I told you to stop-touching-my-ears?"
The small albino spat out the last words and glared at the Hare once more, unimpressed by her theatrical movements; he had grown used to it years ago and knew it only wasted time. He snatched the golden pocket watch from the Hare's grasp and slipped it back into one of the pockets in his shorts.The Hare and the Rabbit were close in species - as most would understand - but even so, they were probably the most contrasting pair you would ever lay your eyes on. March's outlandish (Or should I say Wonderland-ish?) behaviour made it difficult to find anything common between them. Each of her steps were unpredictable, every motion emphasized dramatically. Rabbit couldn't get around how her brain ticked and this what irritated him the most; this kind of demeanour always led to trouble.

"Please don't joke about that, being late isn't something to joke about," Hissed Rabbit, "I am not up to anything, madam. And please don't call her Majesty, Red. She wouldn't approve."
He shook his head, clearly annoyed and watched as the girl quickly leapt behind a tree and then moved closer to the lake, her mind already elsewhere. Rabbit glanced at Dormouse for a brief second, just to show how peeved off he was.
"I'm more than certain that your hat is the last thing the Queen would want," He shouted bluntly, trying to grab the strange girl's attention,"Now do stop playing around, Hare. I've already given the message to Dormouse so now it's your turn."
He breathed out exasperated, before continuing.
"I've grown impatient, so I'll make this quick," Said Rabbit hurriedly, "Queen invites you to this new game and wishes to see your presence at the Palace, immediately."
The boy padded quietly to the girl's side, just as reassurance to know that he was being heard.
"There will be tea," Whispered Rabbit into her ear, before trotting back to his original position.

"Now, I don't believe that there are any other recipients," Muttered Rabbit, and gazed up at the sky, "So I shall just tag along with the both of you, yes?"
He understood that the Mad Hare wasn't exactly the best of company, but he figured that it wouldn't do him well if he was the last to know about this game. Rabbit shook his head once more before looking at each of the individuals expectantly.

Just what is the Queen planning?


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#, as written by Aro
Mad March whirled around when the rabbit stood over her taking in what he was saying and deciding if it was a trap or not. Knowing the Queen it most certainly was but she knew that White was a good rabbit and that he wouldn't try to hurt anyone intentionally... unless they made him late perhaps. “A game?” her ears perked some as she eyed him. The next thing that spilled out of his mouth had her to her feet in an instant, “Tea? Well, why didn't you say so?” She was grinning from ear to ear as she walked over to Rabbit.

“Well, then, enough talking let's go.” She said with a wave of the hand. “Lead the way now, don't just stand there.” She placed her hands on her hips as she waited for him. “Any idea what this game is about?” She asked as the thoughts flowed through her head of children playing on play grounds or talking to the flowers. Her head tilted a bit as she thought of whatever the Red Queen had in mind hoping that it would be something fun. Her tail twitched a bit and she began to skip towards any direction assuming that the white rabbit would correct her if she was headed the wrong way.

“Do we get a prize if we win?” She asked as she thought about it more. She was a formidable opponent and was very determined when playing games of all sorts. Hopefully the rules weren't too binding but knowing the Queen they just might be.

The setting changes from Lake Lacie to Down the Rabbit-Hole

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White Rabbit

The White Rabbit didn't bother to look behind him, he knew the Hare and Dormouse would follow him once he got the pace going. The albino jerked out his pocket watch and looked at it stricken. If he didn't speed up, he might just be late.

Oh dear, oh dear...

"Do hurry up, March!" Shouted Rabbit, his head turned towards his shoulder, "What will the Queen say when she sees that we're.. well, we're... late!"
He shuddered when he said the last word, dread sank into his petite being and the twisting sensation returned to the pit of his stomach. The Palace was only a few metres away, it was in the middle of Lake Lacie, but every minute walking felt like an eternity. Without a moment's warning, picked up his feet and ran towards their destination. Wind tangled about his limbs as the boy somersaulted in the air and landed back down on the earth; white fur had sprouted all over the surface of his extended ears and body, which was only about 30 centimetres long. He bounded towards the entrance of the Palace, transformed back and waited patiently for the Hare to catch up.

Once she did, Rabbit pushed open the large double doors and waved a hand towards one of the black butterflies that were fluttering all around the entrance hall.

"Where is the Queen and the Chains?"
"In the Tea Garden."
"Thank you, Kuro."

Once the quick conversation finished, Rabbit strided hastily in the direction of the desired room. The boy did not have any need for the butterfly's instructions, he knew the Palace of Hearts from the back of his hand. However, the one thing they he couldn't recall being on the back of his hand was the large square of white that seemed to be cutting out a chunk from one of the Tea Garden's dainty white walls. Light spilled from the image and poured into the room, making the room look that much brighter. Rabbit peered into the square and realised that several people had already settled themselves inside the strange room, this included a few chains who were already conversing with the others, they were strangers he had never seen before. If they were residents of Wonderland, Rabbit would've identified them almost immediately; There were no walls or ceiling to speak of. The albino's wide-eyed stare then turned back to the Queen who had still seated herself in the Tea Garden.

"Wha- What..?" Stammered Rabbit, and then glanced back towards the strange area.

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#, as written by Aro
The March Hare swung her arms lazily as she followed behind the frantic albino. He was always so hung up on time and tardiness that sometimes she wished that he would just forget about being on time and just waste time like she did nearly everyday. She stretched her arms over her head and paused for a moment before seeing the White Rabbit start to run. Her head tilted to the side and his words drifted over her ears and she sighed. Perhaps she could humor him just this once since they were meeting with the Queen.

“We're not late!” She called as she ran after him. Now the focus of her mind's swimming mess was of the Queen and how much the Hare really hated that woman. She tried to keep her mood calm but it grew more and more difficult. “I like that form better, Rabbit.” She grinned when she saw him transform. She didn't make him wait and quickly caught up and went through the doors after him.

Stepping into the Tea Garden was like stepping into the sun after being underground for far too long. Marchie winced for a moment as her eyes adjusted and she looked around at the people and spotted a couple familiar faces. “Hello!” She smiled brightly saving the Queen for last.

“So,” She turned her body to face the Red Queen, “What is this about a game?” She asked as her head tilted to the side, “And contractors? Why must we be contracted?” She asked curiously. She really wanted to know and rather or not she'd participate with the “game” would all depend on how interesting it sounded.

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#, as written by Grahf
Tea P̳̖͊ͦ͒̋ͬ̆A̝͆̓̐̓ͩ̀ͦ͒ͨ́Ȓ̸̴̜̭̙̱͎̱̏̊͋̓̎Ț̪͇͔̯͎̰͙͓̽ͣͫ̚̚͜Y̫̰͍̥̲̩̽̑̎̒

Hatter, Doormouse and March Hare had all returned to their domain after the meeting, seeking to resume the endless party, after WAS someone's Unbirthday SOMEWHERE. The three chains were so engrossed in swapping seats, pouring tea and eating plates rather than the cookies that lay scattered about, that then never even noticed the sky growing darker. The wind growing colder. It wasn't until the tea turned black and oily that they blinked and looked about. And by then it was far too late.

The first to fall was March Hare, her back had been to the forest, so as the bone-lance spears out through her chest in a red spray it coats the table. Before the others can do more than gasp the bone changes, the protruding end opening like a deranged flower, and Hare is yanked backwards into the woods. Her gasping screams cut short with a wet tearing sound. Hatter blinks, absently pouring tea into an overflowing cup. The whole thing had been over in seconds. The wet sounds continue for a moment, then stop..leaving the forest mute.

Realizing the pouring error, Hatter allows another cup to pour from the pot, and catch the flowing tea before calling out, "Hare? Your tea is getting hot, or cold. One can never be sure of these things." he pauses, and shakes the pot, allowing two cubes of sugar, a spoon and a bit of milk to all plop out into the cup. "Honestly, if you were going to go for a walk you could have cleaned up after yourself.."

Hatter was mad. That was not in question.

The mouse was awake. That much was suspiring. She looked wide eyed from the sprayed blood over to Hatter, a twitch ticking just under the skin below her left eye. "We must flee! Hatter, whatever that was it just killed Mad March!" she stands, drawing her sword and moving to defend her loony friend.

Hatter just sighs, abandoning the prepared cup, in favor of a plate of cake. "You are rather excitable today. What ever is the reason it can wait, March will be along shortly, she just had to hop off. Get it? Hop. Oh my." he chuckles some, lifting the cake, only to somehow drink tea from it like a cup. "I do crack myself up."

During the brief exchange the wet sounds returned, only softer..and coming closer. Doormouse, realizing Hatter was not even paying attention moves towards the sound, blade held ready. As the figure moves from the trees she lunges forward..only to stop short- almost running March through, "Oh my goodness! March! Are you-"

She stops, as the light reveals Mad March fully; the gaping hole where the bone impaled her now stuffed with a strange black goo, it beat like a heart- because that was what it was now. Jabberwocky liked to make it so it's hosts were dependent on it for life. Separation would mean Mad March had no heart...and death would be quickly upon her. Other damage shows in ripping wounds along the Hare's face- a mock grin made from exposed bone in the skull. She was quite changed from her usual self, now a shambling monster of black fangs and exposed bone talons.

Doormouse realizes to late her mistake in hesitating, only to have two objects ram into her from behind- coming neatly out through her eye sockets...darkness and pain are all she feels as the mist seeps in. In moments she too is enslaved. Her eyes now black masses of ooze, the balls themselves transplanted into the palms of her hands. Pink hair falls out in clumps, taking skin with it..she is soon just as deformed and monstrous as the rest of Jabberwocky's minions.

Mad Hatter sips his tea, blinking at the scene before him. In a way he knows they are gone from him, but his mind just can't handle something so...unhappy. He sighs, then, as a new figure enters the clearing- the other two backing away and kneeling. This new figure, one Hatter can remember slightly, simply takes a seat and pours itself a cup of tea. "So, it's that time already?" he asks, feeling a cold chill.

"Yes. Lets get going then. Your tea is getting C̢̗̼̝̼ͩ̓͂̆͑ͪͨ̽O̢̢̙̭̪̣͚͓̺̓͌̀ͯ͂ͥͤL̶͕̻͎͙̗͌̓͋ͫͫͪͥͤD̦̪̭̗̳̻̙̫̅̓̄ͥ̎̊ͧ͞." the figure nods, and slides the cup over. It's contents bubble and swirl, blackness with a faint haze of mist. Hatter sighs, and lifts the cup to his lips, and drinks.

Jabberwocky stands, the tea party over. With a nod it collects it's three newest additions and leaves the's taint already turning the table black, rotting the wood. Cups crack. A tea pot crumbles. The grass dies in a large circle expanding from where the beast had sat. The Endless Tea Party was over.

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#, as written by Grahf

The setting changes from Down the Rabbit-Hole to Wonderland


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Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia Character Portrait: Dormouse Character Portrait: Mad March Character Portrait: The Mad Hatter
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#, as written by Grahf
Bacon? MMm.

While the three beasts guarded it's pit, the three newest Chains were sent on an errand. Hatter and March were to wander- spreading the taint of Jabberwocky in their wake, infecting new realms and finding more Chains. Doormouse however had instructions of her own; she was to head towards the realm of pepper and pigs, Duchess' home. She would not go alone, with her strode minions of the two conquered realms- Spiderlike tea pots that dribbled steaming ooze from their spouts, large bear-beasts from the forests and a horde of smaller creatures. She lead a small army. Sword at her side she marched, the beings forming ranks behind her.

Jabberwocky itself would resume it's search for that cat; images and memories filled in gaps from the three newest Chains- they told a story of a mushroom land, secret houses that vanished from sight and singing-biting flowers. While none of the three knew EXACTLY where the home of Caterpillar was, they did know in a vague way where it was located. Gina had seen the Cat with the Green haired man, and Jabberwocky had a feeling Absolem may know where Cheshire had gone. Mentally praising the girl for noticing details, ones the beast was too busy to see, Jabberwocky sets off in the direction of the Mushrooms.


Hatter had changed since drinking the black tea; his gut had rotted right out, as if the stomach had filled with acid and burst. Deep inside his head he knew that it should hurt, but the Jabberwocky had taken away such concerns. Instead he found himself more and more thirsty- but no matter what he drank it just poured right back out through the hole. "This is just unacceptable. Nope. Just won't do." he mutters, trying in vain to hold a hand over the gaping wound as he drank straight from a pot; needless to say he failed, the liquid just running out through gaps. "How is a man supposed to enjoy his tea, when it just falls right back out again?"

March, who had been toying with the pulsing black filled hole in her chest shrugged and paused in her stride "Least you have a heart. I have this...ooze beating away in my chest. This was a nice jacket too." She shook her head, the voice of the monster urging her onward- the fresh Chains still had free-will to a degree, but Jabberwocky controlled how alive they stayed. Should it tire of them it could simply turn them into puppets. "We should never have invited that thing."

Hatter blinks and looks over at his traveling companion "That is most true. It will be removed from tomorrows guest list."

Some things don't change- Madness is one of them.


Doormouse didn't like her new eyes, they itched. Her old ones kinda worked still, but it was hard to see when she used them- being in her palms and all. The new ones were black, made from the Jabberwocky's own essence- they let her see not only from her point of view but from any of the monstrous horde she walked with. Unnerving, but interesting. She had initially hoped to go with Hatter on his easy walking mission, but the beast's voice in her head had other plans. SHe was to lead an army on Duchess' home.

Already the beast had filled her in on her army's abilities; the Pots would act as artillery- lobbing balls of steaming ooze down onto the area, while the smaller creatures would act as infantry and rush in to strike. The bears were her personally vanguard- heavy hitters that would wade into the thick of things to deal massive damage. She could either sit back or join the fray- Jabberwocky had left that upto her. "Duchess never did me wrong, but never did me good either." she yawns, looking about for familiar landmarks. It would be a long walk, she was already sleepy.


"Why do you wanna hurt everybody?" Gina asked the doll, sitting on her little beach. She had joined willingly with the monster, and had since been treated good. She saw some of what happened and heard most, but the beast's mind remained locked from her.

"I just want to go H͈̜̼͒ͫ́͆ͦ͒̀O̔҉̥̥̥̘̥͓̳͍M̼͔̟̏̀͂ͨ͌̑͞Ë́͏͕͙̹͉̦́." it replied, oozing through her fingers to pool on the sand like melted ice cream. "This world is not mine, it belongs to a S̸̶͔̪̩͎̔ͫP̜̞͕̮͖̦̭̀͐͗ͦͦ́͡Õ̱͚̘̥̟̲̠̬̗ͮ̈̀͜I͍̲̞͙̝̺̠̝̍̐̅̎́͘͢ͅL̢̙͔̘̙͇̻̮̳͋̇̈́͘͞E̸͔̝͔͚̺̣̐̈́̐Ḍ̛̻͙̪̳̝̺͎̑͊̎͐͆͂̅͟ ̵̘̟̪̥͚͍̙ͣ̊̍̂̅͆̚B͉͙̬͖̺̟̜͙̭̂̀R̝̰ͧ̀͑̅͗̊͐͡A̪͕̣͎̟̍T̳̙̝̝̮̼̤̬̙̍͗̍͡. She treats this as her personal T͇̖͖͙̣͚͌̋̿ͯ͂ͧ͑́O̼͕͊̎͐̑͊Y̨͙̼͎͖̫̫̰̜̍ ̸̢̭̰ͫ̍̐̾̍͛̄ͥB̠͌ͯ̾̽͋̓̈́̀͘O̫̝̲ͨ͒̀X̷̭̪̯̝̝̘̬̳͂͆̅͂͊̎ͯ̚." at times when emotion seeped into it's voice it scared Gina, sounding like a crowd talking all at once. It's voice was so odd, never the same- like it was made of thousands of people.

"I wanna go home too. I'll help you, so we can both go home." she smiled at the goo, as it reformed into her dolls again.