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Sinistra "Tweedle Dee" Lato

"I'm innocent, I swear!"

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a character in “On the Wings of a Dream”, as played by Orbweaver


If my Alice were to win then yours would lose

Full Name: Sinistra Lato
Role: Tweedle Dee
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Personality: Sinistra is a fun loving trickster, he like nothing more than playing a joke on someone and doesn't care if it's harmful or mean. He's a bit whimsical and gets excited easily, especially when thinking of a new trick to play. He has a strong dislike for his twin brother, Destra, and is constanly trying to think of ways to destroy him, however, despite this, the two will often work together for the sake of a prank. The two enjoy messing with peoples minds so that they never know how the twins really feel about each other. The one thing he dislikes more than his brother is the Tweedlee Dee and Tweedle Dum rhyme. He has a fondness for the Lion from "The Lion and the Unicorn."

Hair Colour: Redish orange

Eye Colour: Amber

Quirks: (if any)
● Has ornithophobia (Fear of Birds)
● Tends to dance when excited
● Overcomplicates his speech when talking with his brother

Appearance Description: Sinistra wears sleeveless black coat tails over a red waistcoat and white shirt. He wears a checkered belt slung diagonally across his hips, black dress pants and checkered shoes. Unlike his brother he wears an eight section cap. He's of a slim build and is quite tall.


● Jokes and Tricks
● Teasing people
● The Sun
● Dancing
● The Lion

● His brother
● The Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum rhyme
● The Unicorn
● Getting teased
● Being confused for his brother

Powers: Sinistra can summon swarms of crows to attack or defend, however, his fear of birds means he rarely uses this.

Contractor: [You might update this after RP-ing and finding out a suitable partner

Weapons/ Things They Are Carrying: Sinistra wields a catapault and has very good aim.

Back Story: : [You should update this slowly, revelaing a little bit of your story in the course of the RP, because that would make it interesting. But you might not want to do that, in which case you can write it out.]

So begins...

Sinistra "Tweedle Dee" Lato's Story

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Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Sinistra leapt from behind the tree, his catapault armed, he knew his brother, Destra, was here somewhere. Narrowing his eyes he looked around while taking a cautious step forward. He had to be careful otherwise it would give Destra a chance to attack. He wondered why they always fought out in this garden, he supposed it was because it almost looked like an arena, rings of trees surrounding a flat clearing, almost like a magic circle keeping the bushes and plants of the forest at bay.

"Come out wherever you are, Tweedle Dum" he shouted, grimacing at the reference to that horrid rhyme.

There was a whistling sound as a knife flew past his face, crouching low, he whirled in the direction the knife had come from and shot a stone towards the tall figure that stood half hidden by a bush, missing by a centimeter.

It looked like the trick had worked, if there was one thing he knew about his brother, it was the things that would anger him.

"What are you playing at, Destra?" shouted Sinistra, "You almost took my head off, only the Queen's allowed to do that."

Destra/Tweedle Dum

"Wonderful," thought Destra to himself, "Another witty remark from Sinistra."

He slowly stepped out from behind the bush, his cover had been blown after throwing that knife.

"Contrarywise," shouted Destra, "The only one allowed to do it is the Queen."

He began to walk towards his brother, ready for a full on fight. He had forgotten how long ago they had started fighting but he would never forget why. The Rattle. Thoughts of the Rattle brought the rhyme into his head that he hated so much, try as he might, he couldn't get the words to stop bouncing around his head.

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee agreed to have a battle,
For Tweedle Dum said Tweedle Dee had spoiled his nice new rattle,
Just then flew down a monstrous crow, as black as a tar barrel,
Which frightened both the heroes so they quite forgot their quarrel

"The stupid rhyme doesn't even explain what really happened," muttered Destra to himself.

As if by an unspoken command, the two began to run at each other, hate blazing within their eyes but then, before either of them could strike, a dark shadow flew past overhead causing them both to stop and look up. Fear gripped him as he realised what it was, the crow. Without think he grabbed his brothers hand and the two of them ran under the cover of a tree to collapse with their arms around each other as they shivered in fright.

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White Rabbit

Rabbit's whiskers trembled. His scarlet irises looked up at a crow as it cut through the sky above him, Rabbit followed the animals movement as it flew across a garden before disappearing into the distance. Rabbit bounded closer to the garden and slowed to a halt, realising that he was at his destination. He, once more, transformed back into his human self before striding confidently into the garden, deftly moving in between the trees and bushes. The garden was indeed a lovely place, Rabbit had previously thought it would've been a nice place to have a picnic. But then he noticed that it was used as some kind of battle arena by the two Tweedle brothers. He pursed his lips and shook his head, What a shame.

The albino boy walked into the centre of the clearing and scanned the area, he had expected the twins to be here but it seemed that they were nowhere in sight. He was about to give up and leave before he saw a glint of metal hidden in between the long blades of grass. Rabbit walked towards the knife and held it in his palm, he looked at it with regard. This was enough proof to convince him that Sinistra and Destra where still in the vicinity. It was just the problem of where exactly...
Rabbit quickly slid the knife into the backpocket of his shorts before walking the perimeter of the clearing, he sighed in relief as he found them huddled tightly together behind a tree out of the many in the garden.
"Tweedle Dum, do take more care of your knives." Said Rabbit, in a tone which he hoped was comforting. He handed the knife back to him before ushering them out into the open.
"I have a message from the Queen," Said Rabbit firmly, taking his time to look at both of them individually from behind his round spectacles, "She has invited all of the Chains to a game she is preparing. Since I have next to no information about it, I advise both of you to travel to the Palace in order to know more about it."

"Sinistra, Destra. I do hope to see you at the Palace later." He concluded," I must take leave."
A whirlwind wrapped around Rabbit's frail body as he bounded out of the garden, the pocket watch being dragged behind his fluffy white ball of a tail.

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Destra/Tweedle Dum

He watched as the whirlwind engulfed the boy before him, leaving behind a white rabbit which promptly ran off, leaving him alone once more with his brother.

"A handy trick to have that would be" he thought to himself, "But how rude of him to tell me to take better care of my knife when it was exactly where it wanted to be."

He soon became aware of of a pressure on his hand, looking down with disgust he realised that he was still holding hands with Sinistra. Furiously he wrenched his hand away.

"Did you hear that?" asked Destra, "An invitation from the Queen for the chains to play a game."

Adjusting the newsboy cap on his head, he turned away from his brother and began to head in the direction of Lake Lacie where the Palace of Hearts was to be found. As he walked, he soon lost himself in thought.

"Why was the Crow here of all places?" He wondered, "It only seems to follow me or Sinistra, could it be because of the Rattle?"

An interesting idea then popped into his mind, could it be that the Rattle was now the Crow? If so it would explain a lot but was that really possible? Pushing the depressing thought from his head with a shake he continued on his way.

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Sinistra rubbed his hand on the ground, he couldn't bear to have it contaminated by his brother.

"Contrarywise," shouted Sinistra as Destra got further and further away, "It's an invitation to play a game for the chains from the Queen."

With a sigh he hurried to catch up, travelling together was not going to be an enjoyable experience, however, it was unavoidable as they were going to the same place. The two continued in silence for a while, Sinistra was determined not to talk to Destra any more than he had to. Instead he tried to remember a time where they hadn't hated each other, it would have been a long time ago but he was sure they had once been friends and enjoyed each others company. The idea was almost laughable now but he supposed it would be nice to go back to the way things were before the incident with the Rattle. Sadly, time was not something he could control.

With a giggle he began to recite one of his favorite rhymes.

"The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown,
The Lion beat the Unicorn all around the town,
Some gave them white bread, some gave them brown,
Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town."

He began to dance excitedly as he thought of the Lion, he had always loved imagining the strong and majestic Lion beating the Unicorn around the town.

"It serves the Unicorn right too," he giggled, "Trying to take the crown from the Lion."

He knew that Destra of course, would disagree. After a while his giggles subsided and the twins were soon standing infront of Lake Lacie. The sight of the Palace of Hearts on the lake was enough to take ones breath away. Without a word, the two started making their way towards the palace.

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Duchess Sophie

"Well now," said the Duchess to her boy as she stood up, sending him to the floor, "How about that, the Queen wants to play a game."

She swept over to her bookcase, intending to replace Hopping Mad back amongst her other works of fiction but then decided against it.

"The poor rabbit, not having enough time to read my story," she said, twirling round, "I shall simply have to bring the book with me so he can read it at the palace."

She began to get a little excited as she picked her boy up off the floor, the prospect of hearing all the news made her happy. She'd have to hurry though, it wouldn't do to be late, fashionably or otherwise. Turning to ask the cook if she had seen her bonnet, she ducked just in time as a soup turreen came flying towards her head acompanied by an outraged roar for pepper.

"Oh do pull yourself together," said the Duchess calmly, pulling her boy closer to her, "It's in the pantry as it always is."

As she began to hunt for her bonnet, she spared a few moments to look at the book her son had been reading, she never knew where he got these from, they had the oddest of titles and they certainly didn't belong to her.

"He certainly is an enigma," she thought as she looked at him, "And a miracle."

At last she had found her bonnet which she quickly tied onto her head before rushing out the door in the direction of the Palace of Hearts, which was not too far away, luckilly.

"One must always look their best when appearing before the Queen," she explaind to her boy as he hurried to keep up with her.

Very soon she arrived at Lake Lacie with the Palace of Hearts in sight. A fair distance ahead of her were two figures, one wearing a newsbow cap and the other an eight section cap. The twins. She remembered with a smile, the story she had written about their forbidden love.

"Oh boys," she sang out, heading towards the two brothers, "Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee, wait for me."

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Sinistra turned at the sound of the voice calling him by "that" name to see a yellow and orange clad figure racing towards them, tailed by a smaller figure. It was her, the Duchess and her son.

"Oh dear," he muttered to himself, "Here comes the gossip hag."

He had never forgotten the time she had written a story about a forbidden love he supposedly shared with Destra, it had just added to the redicule he recieved.

"It wasn't even remotely believable either," he thought, "We hate each other too much."

As she drew closer he began to construct what he hoped was a pleasant and friendly look on his face and tried to imagine positive vibes emanating from his body. If he pretended that he liked her then perhaps it would come in useful for a trick later.

"My, if it isn't Duchess Sophie Vespre," he said, his voice dripping with syrupy sweetness, "I haven't seen you since that Caucus-race we had, its been far too long."

With a bow he swept his cap off, took her hand and kissed it.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

Destra rolled his eyes at his brothers obviously fake display of affection, he wouldn't be so quick to forgive the story she had written. Turning his attention to the Duchess's son he was surprised to discover the boy staring at him. He had always found the boy a mystery, surely he couldn't really be the Duchess's child, who would the father have been? Taking a step forward he crouched down to the boy's level and held out his hand.

"It's a pleasure to see you again," he said as the boy took his hand and shook it.

Destra remained there for a moment, as if in a staring competition, the boy just stood there silently, never blinking, as if trying to communicate with his eye. Come to think of it, he'd never heard the child say anything.

"Can you speak?" he whispered so only the boy would hear.

He boy still said nothing but looked down at the ground sadly. For half a moment, Destra thought that he was going to cry but then the boy looked up at him again, a look of sorrow and frustration in his eyes.

"It would appear not," thought Destra to himself, "He still seems to be quite intelligent though."

He smiled sadly at the boy before straightening up and adjusting his cap, turning to face the Duchess and his brother.

"Well then, Duchess, Tweedle Dee," he said with a smirk as a look of anger crossed Sinistra's face, "We shouldn't keep the Queen waiting any longer."

With that they all prepared to head towards the castle, as he was about to take a step forward he felt a small hand slip into his, looking down he saw the Duchess's son standing close to him.

"Looks like I've made a friend," thought Destra as he walked with Sinistra and the Duchess to the Palace of Hearts.

The setting changes from Down the Rabbit-Hole to Palace of Hearts

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Destra/Tweedle Dum

He stood before the entrance to the palace, the hand of the Duchess's son in his own, Sinistra and the Duchess herself on either side of him. It hadn't taken them long to get here but now, nobody wanted to be the first to go in.

"Do you suppose we wait for someone to show us in?" he asked. He didn't expect an answer, nor did he get one.

He supposed that he could always just walk in but the Queen might take offence to that and chances were that there would be a horrible punishment involved. No, he was quite content to wait here for as long as it took, let his brother find out what mood the Queen was in. With a sigh he let go of the boy's hand and sit down. After a moment, the Duchess's son joined him and pulled out a book. Silence engulfed the group as the waiting began.

Duchess Sophie

"Now just what is the Queen up to?" the Duchess pondered, "She usually always knows exactly when a visitor arrives."

It was true, she had never been able to work out how the queen did it, she had suspicions of course but needed confirmation.

"It's rude to keep a lady waiting," she said to herself with a giggle, "Then again, she's a lady herself."

She was about to ask Tweedle Dee, or Sinistra as he preferred to be called, what his thoughts on the Queens uncanny ability to know when visitors arrived when she was interupted by a sneeze. She looked over at her boy, glaring, her eyes full of fire and wasn't surprised to see him shift his gaze downward in shame.

"What have I told you about sneezing?" she demanded, storming towards the boy, only to stop as he hid behind Destra. The sight was so adorable her heart melted, with a squeal of delight she rushed towards the boy and swept him up.

"Oh my darling boy," she cried, spining around with glee, "You're just so adorable."

The setting changes from Palace of Hearts to Tea Garden


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Duchess Sophie

The Duchess paused in the middle of spinning her boy around as the doors to the palace opened, revealing a swarm of butterflies. Oh how she loved the way they flitted here and there, so whimsical and merry.

"Follow me if you please," came a voice from the center of the swarm.

"Oh, so very polite too," she exlaimed with delight, dropping her boy and proceeding to follow the butterflies down the hall.

It had been such a long time since she'd been here, she supposed that was what came from working on literary masterpieces at all hours of the day though. As her thoughts turned to new ideas for her stories, the butterflies led the group into the Queen's tea garden, the Duchess took note that the Queen was not alone, sitting with her were Cheshire and the Caterpiller.

"Oh no!" she scolded herself mentally, "I musn't refer to him as that. It's Absolem."

Having corrected herself she turned her attention to the garden surrounding her, it truly was a beautiful place, she pondered the idea of emulating it at her own home but decided that the pigs and momeraths would simply mess it up.

"Oh what a delightful place, your majesty," she said to the Queen with a curtsey, "It has simply been too long."

With a start she began to look for her son, she was sure he had been there when she had entered the palace. Turning round she saw him once again holding the hand of Destra.

"Of course you remember my son," she continue, gesturing at her boy, "I just couldn't bear to leave him at home."

Having finished the required plesantries she cu of the flow of her conversation, waiting for one of the others to say their bit.

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Sinistra gazed in wonder as the Duchess rambled on and on.

"How does she not run out of things to say?" he thought to himself, brushing an imaginary speck of dirt off his coat tails.

He began to think of ways he could trick the chains in the garden, a shiver of excitement running down his spine at the thought of a prank, but nothing came to mind.

"It's probably for the best," he considered, "The Queen might take offence to it."

Thinking of the kind of punishments the Queen would make him endure was enough to make him squirm with discomfort. it took a moment for him to realise that the Duchess had stopped speaking.

"Finally," he exclaimed in his head, "She must have run out of air."

Now was the time to suck up to her and possibly embarass his brother at the same time.

"How very nice to see you again," he said, with a bow, "We would have been here sooner but Destra refused to leave without his nightlight."

He had to stiffle a laugh as he watched the fury blaze within Destra's eyes.

"The White Rabbit told of a game your majesty wished to play with us chains," he continued, smiling.

He fell silent then, curious to find out what the game was. Knowing the Queen, probably something brutal.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

Destra bristled with rage at his brothers remark, hopefully the Queen wouldn't take such an obviously false statement to be true. Feeling the Duchess's boy squeeze his hand he took a deep breath.

"Contrary wise," he said with a quick glare at his brother before turning back to the Queen, "We were told your majesty wished to play a game with the chains by the White Rabbit."

For a moment he couldn't tell if his statement had mad him sound smarter than his brother of if it had just sounded plain stupid but then decided it didn't matter, the Queen wouldn't care about something as small as that.

"The truth of the matter," he said in a very serious tone, "Was that we encountered the Crow again and were in hiding when the White Rabbit found us so it may have taken him a while to discover our location."

Fear began to gnaw at his insides as his mind turned to the image of that black silhouette against the sky, drifting lazily in the breeze.

"I hope your majesty can forgive us for being late," he finished, turning his gaze away nervously to look at the Duchess's son.

The boy had stared at the Queen the entire time, never shifting his gaze, as if trying to read her mind. As soon as Destra had finished speaking he had switched back to Destra.

"It's odd," thought Destra, "But he doesn't seem to fear the Queen at all. I'm sure even the Duchess does to some degree."


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Absolem / Caterpillar

Absolem took note of Cheshire's reaction to him, simply withdrawing his hand. He wasn't one to press further into emotions if he didn't have to. He hated getting his hands dirty afterall, figuratively and literally speaking. He merely smirked into Cheshire's gaze. Absolem wasn't one to easily forgive being given the cold shoulder while trying to be civil either, but for the most part, he overlooked Cheshire's reaction to his statement, it probably sounded cruel and grotesque, not caring about dying, but then he just moved his hand to his teacup taking another calm sip. He was forever in a calm state, until one called him Caterpillar. It was quite preculiar how he managed to maintain this, even when it was obvious the Queen touching him made him uncomfortable, or anyone for that matter, yet he seemed to be able to compose himself, even then.

When the Queen mentioned not dying, his smile turned to a frown behind the teacup, the lower level.. it took everything inside the Caterpillar's being to keep from shivering. He'd heard stories, gruesome stories, but if no one escaped, how did these stories ever become rumors in the first place? He assumed they were exactly that, just stories that someone bored came up with.

"I don't plan on it, although having friends in this wonderful place we call Wonderland, I am not one to trust myself with a commerade, especially when the lower level is involved, too risky, too many things could go wrong having to fight eachother in the end would just be pointless, would it not? Too many emotions and setbacks, it's not quite my or Cheshire's scene if it's not rude for me to say so, but I am quite glad you mentioned it my queen, I shall definitely keep it in mind." He was talking less and less frequently, holding up less and less of his charming and flirty behavior. He was becoming his normal self slowly but surely. Tea seemed to bring out his natural side, it was just way too calming.

Then the Dutchess and those two twins came in, Destra and...oh yes, Sinistra. his eyes scanned them over, and as if he just knew the Dutchess was about to call him Caterpillar, his eyes simply narrowed warningly. He then turned his gaze back to the flowers and teacup, He too wouldn't mind remaining in wonderland if the Queen would merely grant him immunity to her antics.

The setting changes from Tea Garden to Down the Rabbit-Hole

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Boredom was never a good thing, especially when it came to Cheshire. He had been trying so hard to keep himself in check for fear of Her Majesty, but now things were getting dull. Questions were left unsatisfied and he was itching to find the answers for himself. He glanced at Absolem, choosing to let the man ramble. He could only imagine how his mind must be whirring.

His ears twitched at the abrasive sound of the Duchess and he watched the other Chains stumbled into the Tea Garden. He growled under his breath. He had been in the palace for far too long and was beginning to get fidgety. Knowing that the Queen was going to have to repeat herself he couldn't help but feel himself stir within. He loved change. Even if it wasn't always good, it was different. Change was a relief, never repeating, never mundane. Just knowing something others didn't was fun, until he was obligated to share that information. He floated into the air once more, leaving his full cup of tea behind. The air around him vibrated and colour swirled about him like ink in water.

He was completely lost in the swirling hues, only his bright yellow eyes visible. They looked at each character within the room with an almost insane gaze, happy to once again fall victim to his theatrics. His sudden bright smile broke through the mist and he followed it out to land before the newcomers. Now female, she bowed extravagantly, keeping her crazed eyes on the creatures before her. She understood the Queen may object to her..abruptness, but tossed the thought aside. She was finished playing the pawn, waiting in dread for the Queen to direct her horrid game. Now that she knew the stakes she would take matters into her own hands. "Welcome, creatures," Her grin seemed quite sinister. Thanks to these fools, she'll have to endure another bought with the Queen, "Thanks to your tardiness Her Majesty is now a victim of repetitiveness," She sighed dramatically, allowing her body to go limp and float into the air, "As well as poor Cheshire.."

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Absolem / Caterpillar

Absolem was drinking his tea when the Queen looked to him, raising his index finger instead of his pinkie, a subtle change, but it was his way of showing, he'd be quiet. He put the teacup back down. Watching the Tweedles, then Dutchess, she was so much like the Queen it made the sugar in the tea he'd previously drank turn sour. He however turned his attention to Cheshire. The cat was going through it's usual dramatics, so he simply watched, waiting for the Queen to finish her description. Rather nice how he can turn into a she within meree moments. Though, he can also do the reverse in mere moments. It's curious if I do say so myself, and in fact, I do. He tried to watch the transformation, but the mist made it impossible, a light frown on his face. How is it done..? He shook it off, his fixated expression switching to someone else, Destra and Sinistra. He looked between the two. If that one is Destra and that one is Sinistra, what is the defining feature that helps one tell these two apart? The hair is parted to opposite sides, I do see that, but hair is so fickle. Anything else..

Absolem sighed when he could no longer avoid talking, the Queen would want everyones answers, so he decided to go after Dutchess, "Well you can write my name down, either of them, as long as it's not put on a jersey." he cringed at the thought of having his team named, 'Team Caterpillar.' His mood instantly dampened, a shiver running down his thin physique, "I am definitely participating." If it means getting away from the likes of you, I'd cut off my own foot. You're not an ugly girl my Queen, why must you act so? His eyes narrowed as he tried to discover the reason behind her cruelty, something that has sent him chasing his own tail for decades.

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Destra/Tweedle Dum

Destra stared at the Queen blankly, disbelief running through his mind. The Lower Level, just hearing the name made him want to shiver. What on earth had made the Queen think that anyone would accept playing the game when that was the risk, they'd have to be mad. Then again, considering it was the Queen, he and all the other chains knew there was really no choice.

"Perhaps this isn't all bad," he thought with a smile, "It might mean that I get a chance to put an end to Sinistra, if not personally."

Just the thought of having a legitimate excuse to put an end to his brother sent adrenaline racing through his body. Finally he'd be able to get revenge for the Rattle.

"Well your majesty," he said, bowing his head, "It would be my pleasure to join in this game of yours."

Turning his gaze to Sinistra he wasn't surprised to see the same murderous fire blazing in his eyes that raged within his own. A force within him hungered for blood and only his brother's would suffice.

"I look forward to the games begining" he said with a smile, already planning out different situations in his head.

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

He shivered excitedly, trying his hardest not to get up and dance, finally he would be able to get rid of Destra and along the way he'd get to play tricks on all the other chains. The prospect of so much fun was almost more than he could handle.

"I'm definitely going to participate," he said, gripping the sides of his chair in an attempt to control the shaking, "When do we start? Where are the humans?? I can't wait any longer."

Taking a deep breath he calmed down a little, aware that his brother was looking at him. As the two locked eyes he tried to show as much rage and hate in his gaze as possible, trying to portray his intent.

"I'm going to destroy you," he thought. Never had he been more certain of anything in his whole life.

He knew that he could and would do this, for the Rattle. Ice flowed through his veins then as the Rattle appreared in his mind, sorrow always seemed to accompany any thought related to that incident and he wasn't surprised. Noticably downcast he returned his attention to the Queen.

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She continued to float higher, her body still limp. The words of the Chains were lost to her as she ignored everything below. She was irritated and bored and was almost to the top of the ceiling. She was preparing herself to leave, to disappear back to her tree when the Queen suddenly revealed The Great Hall. She twisted herself around, happily surprised at the change of scenery. Who had done it? Were they fighting already? She looked down upon the Chains with interest, but the new contestants caught her eye. They seemed lost, too uptight to be creatures from Her Wonderland, then again being in the Queen's company does that to people. She twitched her ears and flicked her tail, letting her jewelry sing to her as she studied them. They seemed 'normal', almost dreadfully so and this excited Cheshire immensely. She hadn't seen a 'normal' creature in her Wonderland for quite some time.

Allowing herself to fade, besides her manic eyes and wonderful grin, she makes herself known to the children. Appearing a nose length away before the first child she takes a few seconds to study before moving on to the next. A variously coloured mist follows suit, emphasizing her bright wide eyes and glowing teeth. "Well aren't you all dull," she croons in her ectasy, her eyes changing rapidly from yellow to blue to green and back again. She counted the children. Two males were present in this little crowd, which surprised her. Female's for some odd reason were more common to venture into her Wonderland. Interested in these two, she swept around them, taking note of their traits and composure (or lack of one). The young one with the long silvery hair, put her off, reminding her of that wretched White Rabbit. However, the other seemed boring as well, though the short blue hair was at least something fun. Her eyes widened looking over the blue haired child in sudden recognition. Her grin grew exceptionally larger. "Oh, aren't you the clever one?" she exclaimed, swirling around the kid, "You're not at all what you seem to be are you?"

She decided to try this one out. The surprise was refreshing and hopefully the child would be too. She jumped away from the trailing mist and landed upon the child's shoulders as a cat, nestling against the neck. Pleased to finally be resting against something warm and soft, she can't help but purr. The short hair was a plus. She wouldn't have to dig around to get comfy. Oh yeah, Cheshire decided, this one's a keeper.

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Ariana saw other people and creatures of the world she thought to be wonderland. Looking around the room, Ariana didn't make a move. She didn't like to jump into action without knowing what she was jumping into to, and on the other hand she did. Any thrill that was thrown at her she would face it head on. Seeing a cat and a man with mint color hair talking to two of the people that were there, Ariana put her ipod back in her pocket and wondered what was going on. "Last time I recall I wasn't in a room but on a hill...such a fickle world this is," Ariana mumbled to her self.

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Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Sinistra had been sitting around patiently sipping tea while all the other chains had rushed off to find someone to contract with. He wanted to wait until his brother made a move before making his selection but annoyingly, Destra had stayed perfectly still.

"No doubt he wants to see the type of person I pair with first." he thought to himself, "As if it would give him any sort of advantage."

He moodily swirled the tea round in his cup, it had long gone cold but he didn't care, he hadn't put enough sugar in it had no desire to finish it. Suddenly he saw a flash of brown out of the corner of his eye. There was a girl wandering around the hall that looked incredibly familiar.

"It can't be," he muttered, "Surely that's not..."

But looking at Destra, he saw the recognition growing in his brothers eyes. Without a word he began to race towards her, he had to get there first, he had no doubt that Destra would be right behind him. Finally he came skidding to a stop infront of the girl, panting.

"You!" he exclaimed, "You look just like the Rattle."

Destra/Tweedle Dum

Detra had followed his brother silently, he had to know if it was the Rattle or not. Standing behind Sinistra he began to examine the girl. Relief and disappointment swept through him as he realised that it wasn't her, though the resemblence was remarkable.

"Contrarywise," he said, "The Rattle looks just like her."

He wasn't sure what to do now although he was of the opinion that contracting with this girl would be in his best interests, even if it was just so he could have a head start on Sinistra.

"I hope my brother didn't frighten you," said Destra, taking the girl's hand, "It's just that you look amazingly similar to someone we both knew once. My name is Destra, might I ask what yours is?"

He smiled to himself, by playing the nice and polite guy he would be more likely to gain her trust, of course, the fact that Sinistra had gone rampaging up to her like a bandersnatch would probably help too.

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey nervously began to fiddle with his ponytail while humming the haunting tune again. He didn't know why but he was feeling panic starting to build up within him.

"I don't think I'm a people person," he whispered to Absolem, hoping that Rhia couldn't hear, "I'm not sure why but I'm feeling really scared."

Surely this wasn't logical, he had been expecting to feel nervous when meeting Rhia but this was just rediculous. Meeting a new person wasn't meant to overwhelm someone with fear.

"Absolem, I don't like it hear, something feels bad," he said, not bothering to lower his voice, he didn't care if Rhia or Cheshire heard him, he just wanted to leave.

He began to shuffle through his cards, trying to keep his mind occupied but his hands were shaking so badly that one of them slipped free. He watched in horror as it began to drift down to the ground. It was the Tower again.

"Danger," he said blankly just before screams began to ring out.

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You look just like the rattle. Moonlight frowned. What is a rattle? She looked at the two boys who had come up to her. One took her hand and smiled. Moonlight smiled back uncertainly. "Forgive me, I do not remember my real name. But I suppose you can call me Moonlight." She glanced at the other boy. He looked a lot like Destra, were they twins?

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Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

"The slimeball," he thought as Destra took the girl's hand, "Thinking a few smooth moves will win her over."

So the girl didn't know her name and had settled on calling herself Moonlight, how very tragic, he hated the moon and anything to do with it, unlike his stupid brother who seemed to draw inspiration from it. Under normal circumstances he would have prepared a trick to play on her using this information but lukilly for her, these were not normal circumstances, he needed her to trust him.

"I'm terribly sorry if I gave you a fright," he said sweetly, "It was the last thing I wanted to do, I was just so startled at seeing someone who looked like the Rattle."

Gently he took the girl's other hand and knelt before her and gave her his warmest smile, this would show Destra that he could be equally as sickening when he wanted to be.

"My name is Sinistra and it's a pleasure to meet you," said Sinistra bowing his head, "Moonlight is such a lovely name, it suits you very well."

He nearly gagged at this blatent lie, he couldn't think of any name worse than Moonlight, except maybe Luna. Would she see though his facade? He hoped not, his survival in this game depended on entering a contract and most of the other candidates had already been snatched up by the other chains.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

"That twisted snake" thought Destra to himself as Sinistra began another sickening display like he had for the Duchess, "He's clearly lying through his teeth."

Honestly, it was always the same, sometimes he got a little tired of the way they were always trying to outdo each other but perhaps in this case it would work to his advantage, Sinistra was clearly overdoing it and the girl would quite possibly see right through his brother. He thought it was very odd that the girl couldn't remember her name but thought she had made an excellent choice for herself in the name Moonlight. He loved the moon, it was so beautiful and mysterious, unlike with the sun, what you saw was what you got, a burning ball of gas in the sky, he could never understand why Sinistra liked it so much, no doubt his brother was wondering why the girl hadn't chosen to name herself Sunrise or something like that.

"Now that we all know each other there are probably some things we should tell you," he said, trying not to look at his brother in disgust, "No doubt you're wondering why you're here of all places, well the simple fact is, you're here to play sorts."

He wondered if perhaps he had been a little too direct, he was sure that if he'd been put in the same situation then he'd find the idea of playing a game quite rediculous, perhaps he should have substituted "game" with another word, but what? Battle? Skirmish? War? No, nothing seemed to fit quite right. he more he thought about it, the more the word game seemed to suit.

"Even if it is of a rather morbid sort," he thought, adjusting his cap.

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Moonlight smiled, oblivious of what was going on through the boys' heads. "Hi, Sinistra. Um, a game? Okay. What sort of game?" Personally, she thought they were creepy, yet funny, but she didn't say so. Being in the know of what was going on would be helpful to her, and hurting others' feelings was the last thing she wanted to do right now.

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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey squeaked as Absolem picked him up, he hadn't been expecting it and the position he was left in was a little embarassing, but he knew now wasn't the time to worry about whether he looked like a blushing bride or not. As Absolem began to run, levitating Rhia as he went, a pain began to grow in the back of Grey's mind.

"Is this what he's feeling?" thought Grey, "Surely it's not that bad."

Suddenly, the pain surged forward in a blinding burst before returning to its previous ache. It was then that he knew that he was only feeling a fraction of what Absolem was feeling, he could share Absolem's pain at a toned down level yet still know how bad it was for him.

"He'll kill himself if he has to do this for too long," he thought in a panic.

He knew that he'd be devastated if that happened, despite only having known the man for a short while, he felt that he had bonded with him, if the truth was told, Absolem was the closest thing he had to a friend. He was relieved when Absolem finally came to a stop.

"Absolem...I..." he said, voice shaking.

Silently he walked up to the man, taking his hands down from his head and holding them for a few moments before wrapping the man in a tight hug and clinging to him like a child, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He didn't care what Rhia thought, she could never understand what Absolem had done so they could get away, the man had definitely earned his trust now.

"I can't believe you were willing to go through so much pain for us to get away," said Grey, stepping away from the man, hoping he hadn't embarassed him, "Are you going to be ok to walk? Like you said, we need to keep moving."

In the distance he could still hear the din from whatever it was that had run out of the wood. He hoped that Cheshire was alright.

Duchess Sophie

"My word child," said the Duchess, shocked, "Have you never played croquet? This is a croquet mallet."

Sometimes the girl seemed so intelligent but then she couldn't even identify something as simple as a croquet mallet.

"Well now, not too bad," said the Duchess glided out of the way of the first slash, "Of course there's always room for..."

She broke of the sentence as she was forced to block the second of Belca's attacks with her mallet, it appeared the girl was a little faster than she anticipated. So the girl was fast and judging by the sound of the impact from the sword, she was reasonably strong too.

"Overall, rather decent on the offensive," thought the Duchess, "But lets see how well she defends."

Without a word she dashed towards the girl, twisting gracefully to the side at the last moment before jumping into the air and spinning around behind the girl.

"Behind you," cried the Duchess in a singsong voice, bringing the mallet down.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

"Well, there are others like you that have been brought here," explained Destra, "And as unpleasant as it sounds, you must eliminate them to win, it's the only chance you have for survival."

Destra wondered how the girl would react to this news, he wasn't sure if she would approve of the concept behind the game, but then again, she had no choice but to play, just like everyone else.

"I know it's a grim prospect but don't worry, you don't actually have to kill anyone," he said, hoping this would make it sound better, "And you get to have someone help you or perhaps protect might be a better word, all you need to do is enter a contract."

This was the moment, if she agreed to join him in a contract then he'd be in the game with a shot at winning.

"I know we've only just met but I was wondering if you might consider me," he said, shyly, taking off his cap and looking away bashfully, "If you contract with me, it'd be in both our best interests."

With luck the nervously cute display would have won her over, after that it'd be game on.

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

He watched on in disgust as his brother began to act all shy and bashful, if that was how he was going to do things then two could play at that game.

"Co-contrarywise," he stuttered, shuffling his feet nervously, "It'd be in both our best interests if you contract with me."

He was sure that the girl would overdose on cuteness any time soon, who could resist two insecure guys that were too scared to talk to a girl, he always thought this act was brilliant when trying to win someone over, the only thing that seemed to work better was the brotherly love routine that he had used to pull with Destra long ago. In any case, he was sure that he'd be the one she picked, he naturally had the warmer personality.

"Or n-n-not," he mumbled, purposefully stuttering again, "I don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring you or anythng."

He was satisfied that he had milked the act for all it was worth, soon she'd make a decision and then it would all begin.

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Destra/Tweedle Dum

He blinked at Moonlight as she suggested contracting with both of them, he didn't really like the idea of having to work with his brother but then again, it would eliminate the risk of losing to him in the game.

"Why that's a lovely idea!," he exclaimed, forcing a smile onto his face, "That means we won't have to fight each other."

Now that he thought about it, if there had been any person more qualified to work with him it would have been Sinistra, even though they couldn't stand each other, there was no denying that they made one hell of a team when they wanted to.

"Don't you think that's great Sinistra?" he said, letting his voice squeak, "Moonlight will be like a princess and we'll be her knights in shining armour."

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

This was the perfect opportunity, now he'd be able to keep an eye on his pesky brother easilly and without fear of getting eliminated in the game, he'd work with him now but wouldn't stop trying to find a way to cheat Destra out of the prize.

"It's a brilliant idea!" he said, dancing about excitedly, "Contrarywise, We''l ber her knights in shining armour and Moonlight will be like a princess."

He thought back to a time where the contradiction in each others words had been more to defend the other's statement and knew that Destra would be the perfect ally for him.

"We should get out of here though, you can come to our home in the woods," he said, grabbing Moonlight's hand.

He looked Destra in the eye to confirm that they now had a truce, for the time being at least.

Duchess Sophie

The Duchess smiled as Belca pushed her back, the girl had recovered from her awkward position quite fast. She was about to say something when she felt a sting on her wrist, the girl had smaked her wrist with the flat of her blade, causing her to drop the mallet.

"Oh, how rude," she said angrilly, "That hurt."

The girl was in for it now, she wasn't going to hold back any longer. Elegantly she threw her body backwards in a handspring, with luck it would drive a kick in to Belca's face but really, she didn't care if it connected or not. Picking up the mallet she proceeded to throw it at the girl before bringing out a giant pepper grinder.

"You're in trouble now," she said gleefully as she began to turn the handle.

Of course pepper grinder gattling gun wouldn't seriously hurt Belca, it was really nothing more than a distraction in it's current state, but the girl didn't know that, did she?

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey raised a questioning eyebrow as Absolem claimed that he was fine, he didn't look one hundred percent but he was definitely looking a little better.

"Do you think you could have done anything to help Cheshire if you stayed?" he asked, "You did the right thing, I don't think Rhia or I could have got away without your help, I know how hard it must have been for you to leave Cheshire behind and it was just as brave of you to do it as it was for Cheshire to stay behind."

As Absolem grabbed his hand again and set off, he grabbed Rhia's, urging her to move forward too. She looked distracted by something though. Cautiously he gave her hand a squeaze to get her attention.

"Cheshire's going to be ok and he'll come find you us all soon," he said soothingly, "You heard what Absolem said, it was important for the two of us to get away."

He was conflicted inside, he knew that he should be distancing himself from Rhia because eventually they would have to fight each other but seeing her upset coupled with seeing Absolem in pain was overwhelming him with the desire to help.

"Man, I'm really not cut out for this game, am I?" he thought to himself, "But I'm going to have to do what it takes so I don't let Absolem down."

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Moonlight will be like a princess... Moonlight grinned uneasily. Princess? Perhaps not. Sinistra grabbed her hand, and she allowed herself to be pulled off by the hand. Giggling like a little girl, she pretended that everything was fine, that she had not forgotten her name, that she, Destra, and Sinistra had only each other in the world.

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Destra/Tweedle Dum

They had arrived at the place Rabbit had found them previously, the garden which was like an arena, very soon they would arrive at the home that the two shared. He wondered why he still lived with his brother when they clearly didn't get along but now wasn't really the time to worry about such trivial things.

"You have to promise to keep this place a secret," whispered Destra to Moonlight, not bothering to mention that just about everybody knew where the house was, "We don't normally allow girls but seeing as you're our princess we'll make an exception."

Turning a corner he walked up to a cottage that was nestled between two large gnarled trees. A path led from the front door to a little bridge which rose over a brook. Flowers grew all along the sides of the path and house, bluebells and forget-me-nots were the most common to be seen.

"Come on in," he said merilly, he truly was glad to be back home, "We can have elevenses and you can try my cake."

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Snatching a wild rose from a nearby bush he offered it to Moonlight.

"For you, princess," he said, smiling warmly.

Even though the brothers had a truce going on they still wanted to outdo each other and right now, getting Moonlight to like them was the only outlet for their competitive streak.

"You'll probably find my pastries a lot tastier," said Sinistra, giggling, "I just hope you're hungry."

Duchess Sophie

The Duchess laughed darkly, she like the look of hopelessness on the girl's face.

"Well it serves her right for being such a rude creature," she thought desicively.

Suddenly she felt something approach. Surely it couldn't be...

"Cheshire!" she cried, throwing the pepper grinder down and running towards the prescence.

She had seen the cat at the meeting with the Queen but hadn't had the chance to catch up. How she missed the days where, had stayed by her side in the kitchen with her and her boy while the cook praised the wonders of pepper. At least she thought there had been days like that, now that she thought about it she couldn't quite remember, perhaps it had actually been a dream or a scene in one of her stories. She'd have to ask the cat when it arrived.