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The Mad Hatter

"A very merry unbirthday to you, and you as well!"

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a character in “On the Wings of a Dream”, as played by Walking-travesty


Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence. -Henrik Tikkanen


Full Name: Andrew Christian O’Donnell

Role: The Mad Hatter

Apparent Age: 19

Actual Age: Honestly can’t remember

Gender: Male

Personality: The Mad Hatter has always been viewed as a bit “eccentric.” Even before Wonderland, he was known to be a bit off his rocker. Most of his movements would seem very animated like being able to twist his head around 360 degrees. He’s a joker and loves to ask riddles that he may not even know the answer to. He’s lively and full of energy. He can get a bit snobby when he feels that what he said is something a perfectly sane person would get, but the other is just not using their brain to figure out what he said.

Hair Colour: Purple-ish red

Eye Colour: turquois-ish blue

● The only person he really makes sense to is his contractor.
● He feels that no time is a bad time to stop for tea. He can pull his hot teapot, cup, and saucer out of thin air.
● He’s an animated fellow.

Appearance Description:

The man stands about 5’9” with a tall and gangly build.


“One lump or two?”

● Tea
● Unbirthdays
● Hats
● Celebrating
● Alice

● Fighting
● Rude guests
● People not understanding him when he made himself perfectly clear the first time.
● The Queen of Hearts (she frightens him)
● People interrupting his tea time

Powers: The Mad Hatter has the power of distorting other chains’ reality. Sometimes, the chains see peaceful images and feelings, which might lead them into a disastrous situation, such as they feel tired, forgetting about the battle and they see a shady tree to lie under, but really they end up falling off a cliff while trying to reach the desired image. But, most of the time, there aren’t any cliffs around to lead them over, so instead, the Hatter makes them visualize horrifying images, such as melting faces and trees that turn into giant snakes. He can also have the chain hear voices urging them to kill themselves or exert themselves too much to hurt their contractor. The only thing is that the Mad Hatter is really a very peaceful chain, and will only use his powers if him and his contractor are in mortal danger.

Contractor: None. He’s still searching for Alice.

Weapons/ Things They Are Carrying: Nothing, unless you count his tea cup and tea pot.

Back Story:: To be updated

So begins...

The Mad Hatter's Story

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#, as written by Grahf
Tea P̳̖͊ͦ͒̋ͬ̆A̝͆̓̐̓ͩ̀ͦ͒ͨ́Ȓ̸̴̜̭̙̱͎̱̏̊͋̓̎Ț̪͇͔̯͎̰͙͓̽ͣͫ̚̚͜Y̫̰͍̥̲̩̽̑̎̒

Hatter, Doormouse and March Hare had all returned to their domain after the meeting, seeking to resume the endless party, after WAS someone's Unbirthday SOMEWHERE. The three chains were so engrossed in swapping seats, pouring tea and eating plates rather than the cookies that lay scattered about, that then never even noticed the sky growing darker. The wind growing colder. It wasn't until the tea turned black and oily that they blinked and looked about. And by then it was far too late.

The first to fall was March Hare, her back had been to the forest, so as the bone-lance spears out through her chest in a red spray it coats the table. Before the others can do more than gasp the bone changes, the protruding end opening like a deranged flower, and Hare is yanked backwards into the woods. Her gasping screams cut short with a wet tearing sound. Hatter blinks, absently pouring tea into an overflowing cup. The whole thing had been over in seconds. The wet sounds continue for a moment, then stop..leaving the forest mute.

Realizing the pouring error, Hatter allows another cup to pour from the pot, and catch the flowing tea before calling out, "Hare? Your tea is getting hot, or cold. One can never be sure of these things." he pauses, and shakes the pot, allowing two cubes of sugar, a spoon and a bit of milk to all plop out into the cup. "Honestly, if you were going to go for a walk you could have cleaned up after yourself.."

Hatter was mad. That was not in question.

The mouse was awake. That much was suspiring. She looked wide eyed from the sprayed blood over to Hatter, a twitch ticking just under the skin below her left eye. "We must flee! Hatter, whatever that was it just killed Mad March!" she stands, drawing her sword and moving to defend her loony friend.

Hatter just sighs, abandoning the prepared cup, in favor of a plate of cake. "You are rather excitable today. What ever is the reason it can wait, March will be along shortly, she just had to hop off. Get it? Hop. Oh my." he chuckles some, lifting the cake, only to somehow drink tea from it like a cup. "I do crack myself up."

During the brief exchange the wet sounds returned, only softer..and coming closer. Doormouse, realizing Hatter was not even paying attention moves towards the sound, blade held ready. As the figure moves from the trees she lunges forward..only to stop short- almost running March through, "Oh my goodness! March! Are you-"

She stops, as the light reveals Mad March fully; the gaping hole where the bone impaled her now stuffed with a strange black goo, it beat like a heart- because that was what it was now. Jabberwocky liked to make it so it's hosts were dependent on it for life. Separation would mean Mad March had no heart...and death would be quickly upon her. Other damage shows in ripping wounds along the Hare's face- a mock grin made from exposed bone in the skull. She was quite changed from her usual self, now a shambling monster of black fangs and exposed bone talons.

Doormouse realizes to late her mistake in hesitating, only to have two objects ram into her from behind- coming neatly out through her eye sockets...darkness and pain are all she feels as the mist seeps in. In moments she too is enslaved. Her eyes now black masses of ooze, the balls themselves transplanted into the palms of her hands. Pink hair falls out in clumps, taking skin with it..she is soon just as deformed and monstrous as the rest of Jabberwocky's minions.

Mad Hatter sips his tea, blinking at the scene before him. In a way he knows they are gone from him, but his mind just can't handle something so...unhappy. He sighs, then, as a new figure enters the clearing- the other two backing away and kneeling. This new figure, one Hatter can remember slightly, simply takes a seat and pours itself a cup of tea. "So, it's that time already?" he asks, feeling a cold chill.

"Yes. Lets get going then. Your tea is getting C̢̗̼̝̼ͩ̓͂̆͑ͪͨ̽O̢̢̙̭̪̣͚͓̺̓͌̀ͯ͂ͥͤL̶͕̻͎͙̗͌̓͋ͫͫͪͥͤD̦̪̭̗̳̻̙̫̅̓̄ͥ̎̊ͧ͞." the figure nods, and slides the cup over. It's contents bubble and swirl, blackness with a faint haze of mist. Hatter sighs, and lifts the cup to his lips, and drinks.

Jabberwocky stands, the tea party over. With a nod it collects it's three newest additions and leaves the's taint already turning the table black, rotting the wood. Cups crack. A tea pot crumbles. The grass dies in a large circle expanding from where the beast had sat. The Endless Tea Party was over.

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#, as written by Grahf

The setting changes from Down the Rabbit-Hole to Wonderland


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#, as written by Grahf
Bacon? MMm.

While the three beasts guarded it's pit, the three newest Chains were sent on an errand. Hatter and March were to wander- spreading the taint of Jabberwocky in their wake, infecting new realms and finding more Chains. Doormouse however had instructions of her own; she was to head towards the realm of pepper and pigs, Duchess' home. She would not go alone, with her strode minions of the two conquered realms- Spiderlike tea pots that dribbled steaming ooze from their spouts, large bear-beasts from the forests and a horde of smaller creatures. She lead a small army. Sword at her side she marched, the beings forming ranks behind her.

Jabberwocky itself would resume it's search for that cat; images and memories filled in gaps from the three newest Chains- they told a story of a mushroom land, secret houses that vanished from sight and singing-biting flowers. While none of the three knew EXACTLY where the home of Caterpillar was, they did know in a vague way where it was located. Gina had seen the Cat with the Green haired man, and Jabberwocky had a feeling Absolem may know where Cheshire had gone. Mentally praising the girl for noticing details, ones the beast was too busy to see, Jabberwocky sets off in the direction of the Mushrooms.


Hatter had changed since drinking the black tea; his gut had rotted right out, as if the stomach had filled with acid and burst. Deep inside his head he knew that it should hurt, but the Jabberwocky had taken away such concerns. Instead he found himself more and more thirsty- but no matter what he drank it just poured right back out through the hole. "This is just unacceptable. Nope. Just won't do." he mutters, trying in vain to hold a hand over the gaping wound as he drank straight from a pot; needless to say he failed, the liquid just running out through gaps. "How is a man supposed to enjoy his tea, when it just falls right back out again?"

March, who had been toying with the pulsing black filled hole in her chest shrugged and paused in her stride "Least you have a heart. I have this...ooze beating away in my chest. This was a nice jacket too." She shook her head, the voice of the monster urging her onward- the fresh Chains still had free-will to a degree, but Jabberwocky controlled how alive they stayed. Should it tire of them it could simply turn them into puppets. "We should never have invited that thing."

Hatter blinks and looks over at his traveling companion "That is most true. It will be removed from tomorrows guest list."

Some things don't change- Madness is one of them.


Doormouse didn't like her new eyes, they itched. Her old ones kinda worked still, but it was hard to see when she used them- being in her palms and all. The new ones were black, made from the Jabberwocky's own essence- they let her see not only from her point of view but from any of the monstrous horde she walked with. Unnerving, but interesting. She had initially hoped to go with Hatter on his easy walking mission, but the beast's voice in her head had other plans. SHe was to lead an army on Duchess' home.

Already the beast had filled her in on her army's abilities; the Pots would act as artillery- lobbing balls of steaming ooze down onto the area, while the smaller creatures would act as infantry and rush in to strike. The bears were her personally vanguard- heavy hitters that would wade into the thick of things to deal massive damage. She could either sit back or join the fray- Jabberwocky had left that upto her. "Duchess never did me wrong, but never did me good either." she yawns, looking about for familiar landmarks. It would be a long walk, she was already sleepy.


"Why do you wanna hurt everybody?" Gina asked the doll, sitting on her little beach. She had joined willingly with the monster, and had since been treated good. She saw some of what happened and heard most, but the beast's mind remained locked from her.

"I just want to go H͈̜̼͒ͫ́͆ͦ͒̀O̔҉̥̥̥̘̥͓̳͍M̼͔̟̏̀͂ͨ͌̑͞Ë́͏͕͙̹͉̦́." it replied, oozing through her fingers to pool on the sand like melted ice cream. "This world is not mine, it belongs to a S̸̶͔̪̩͎̔ͫP̜̞͕̮͖̦̭̀͐͗ͦͦ́͡Õ̱͚̘̥̟̲̠̬̗ͮ̈̀͜I͍̲̞͙̝̺̠̝̍̐̅̎́͘͢ͅL̢̙͔̘̙͇̻̮̳͋̇̈́͘͞E̸͔̝͔͚̺̣̐̈́̐Ḍ̛̻͙̪̳̝̺͎̑͊̎͐͆͂̅͟ ̵̘̟̪̥͚͍̙ͣ̊̍̂̅͆̚B͉͙̬͖̺̟̜͙̭̂̀R̝̰ͧ̀͑̅͗̊͐͡A̪͕̣͎̟̍T̳̙̝̝̮̼̤̬̙̍͗̍͡. She treats this as her personal T͇̖͖͙̣͚͌̋̿ͯ͂ͧ͑́O̼͕͊̎͐̑͊Y̨͙̼͎͖̫̫̰̜̍ ̸̢̭̰ͫ̍̐̾̍͛̄ͥB̠͌ͯ̾̽͋̓̈́̀͘O̫̝̲ͨ͒̀X̷̭̪̯̝̝̘̬̳͂͆̅͂͊̎ͯ̚." at times when emotion seeped into it's voice it scared Gina, sounding like a crowd talking all at once. It's voice was so odd, never the same- like it was made of thousands of people.

"I wanna go home too. I'll help you, so we can both go home." she smiled at the goo, as it reformed into her dolls again.