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On the Wings of a Dream

Down the Rabbit-Hole


a part of On the Wings of a Dream, by Bani.

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.

Bani holds sovereignty over Down the Rabbit-Hole, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

811 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

hnn ... not sure what links to put here, so i'm providing links to the wiki instead.


This is the place one lands in after falling through the Rabbit Hole. Its called the Great Hall or the Birthing Place.

Its dimensions are extremely unclear, but its large enough that nobody can see the walls or the ceiling, and the floor is golden in colour. There's water on the floor, a thin sheet that barely covers upto your calves, and you can see the golden glow of the floor under your feet.

Its almost like the floor is pulsing, sending out golden light, but that's just your imagination, right?

*Even if there're more than one person in the Great Hall, they can't see each other. Imagine it as each of them being sealed in their personal bubbles.
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Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


Down the Rabbit-Hole is a part of On the Wings of a Dream.

3 Characters Here

Belca [40] You wanna take this shit outside, brat?
Rhylea Tonneh [2] Bandersnatch Clan
[Lacey 'Alice' Liddell] Creator of Wonderland [1] Imaginary is a word to denote things that don't exist in your Reality.

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#, as written by Bani

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Belca spluttered as the boy suddenly caught her hand and began to lead her. Who did he think he was?!

But looking at the woman's retreating back, she decided to stay quite ... for now. What if she decided to leave her behind and vanish? How was she going to get out then? Well, at least this woman wasn't a complete pansy, even if she spoke like one. And dressed like one. And acted like one most of the time. But the fact she hadn't been intimidated by her behaviour must mean there was something else to her... besides, she was curious now. Abilities? What kind of abilities? Where was she?

"I'm Belca. You can call me Your Awesomeness if you want, but its all the same to me, really." she said confidently. She didn't know her real name and couldn't be bothered. She liked this one so all was well. "Where is this? And what's your name?" she directed the last sentence to the boy. The woman hadn't mentioned his name as far as she could remember.

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White Rabbit

"B-But..." Stuttered Rabbit before sighing in resignation, "Yes, Your Majesty!"

With trembling fingers, he fiddled with his tie - as an attempt to pull it up - before tentatively stepping into the Great Hall. Rabbit would always ponder about the Queen's sometimes reckless decisions but whenever the Lower Level was related, Rabbit understood that no wasn't an option. He had heard terrible stories about the Lower Level and that terrible Jabberwocky; a shiver ran down his spine by just thinking about it. He mentally shook his head, he thanked his tail and whiskers that he was blessed to be living in the more... civilised area of Wonderland.

Where was Hatter anyway? Rabbit knitted his eyebrows together, he couldn't help blaming the odd-bod but if it wasn't for him the small boy wouldn't have to deal with the Queen's game. Even Rabbit had to admit they haven't always been the most fun. If it wasn't for this, all of them could've spent this wonderful afternoon in a tea party. He scanned the area and saw that Absolem had already found his own Contractor - a boy with long silver hair - and watched as the Caterpillar dragged the unlucky fellow out. He had to suppress a chuckle before drifting his attention to the Duchess who was also conversing with another, a girl with a rebellious demeanour. They seemed to be... enjoying themselves. Cheshire was nowhere to be found. He's most likely brought his own child back to that wretched forest. Thought Rabbit.

Only a few where left to be claimed, however one girl brought his interest. She had placed herself quite far away from the rest of them. He strided closer towards her and pushed up the bridge of his gold-rimmed spectacles. Her whole being was themed on the colour white; what with her pale skin, snow-coloured hair and her simple dress. The only exception was her irises, they were a lovely shade of green. Unlike most residents of Wonderland, Rabbit didn't need to tilt his head up in order to look at her. She only looked about one inch taller than himself.

"Why, hello there child." Muttered Rabbit and tried to look as superior as possible; despite being shorter, "I am White Rabbit, it's a pleasure to meet you."
He paused for moment in order to brush minor creases from his shorts.

Now that he was at a distance where he could examine the girl properly, he came to realise that she looked extremely frightened; she was shaking and had kept a firm grip on her dress. Little Rabbit understood how she felt though, he had still managed to hold onto a drop of his humanity. Besides, how else could you react in such circumstances?
"Now don't be afraid." He said tenderly, "What is your name?"

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Character Portrait: The White Rabbit Character Portrait: Yumika "Ivory" Rae
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#, as written by Anise
Ivory it has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it?

Ivory's envy-green coloured eyes looked up at the boy, she was sitting down, so she kind of had to tilt her head up, but when she stood, they were practically eye level to eachother. She blinked, he wore shorts, however the rest of the boy in front of her was quite formal. His white hair looked soft and fluffy as if it were fur, and his eyes were red, oddly. She tried not to stare at the boy, her eyes changing their line of sight to the room they were in. I wonder what this place is, how I got here, and why I can't remember any of these things..

She turned her attentoon back to the boy, whom like the others, looked quite strange to be real, but he was far less intimidating, "Rabbit...?" she asked, leaning towards him ever so slightly to begin examining him with child-like awe, then it caught her attention, he was.. She withdrew, puzzled. How did I not notice these features before...? "I see..You are. Nice to meet you I-" she cut off, eyes softening. She didn't really know her true troublesome..

Ivory's eyes widened, her pale cheeks flushing pink, adding a healthy looking gloe to the girl's face when he mentioned her being aftaid. She instantly forced herself to stop trembling, nodding slowly, "S-sorry.." she stuttered. I wonder if he is bothered by it.. I probably made him fee like he's scary looking..

"Ivory I reckon, I don't recall my that was the best I could come up with..but whatever is easiest for you is fine.." She whispered with a small, kind smile, "Why did you call me a child...are you older than you look?" she asked curiously, "I-I hope that wasn't too rude..I just wanted to know also...are you a friend or an enemy?"

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#, as written by Aro
The March Hare swung her arms lazily as she followed behind the frantic albino. He was always so hung up on time and tardiness that sometimes she wished that he would just forget about being on time and just waste time like she did nearly everyday. She stretched her arms over her head and paused for a moment before seeing the White Rabbit start to run. Her head tilted to the side and his words drifted over her ears and she sighed. Perhaps she could humor him just this once since they were meeting with the Queen.

“We're not late!” She called as she ran after him. Now the focus of her mind's swimming mess was of the Queen and how much the Hare really hated that woman. She tried to keep her mood calm but it grew more and more difficult. “I like that form better, Rabbit.” She grinned when she saw him transform. She didn't make him wait and quickly caught up and went through the doors after him.

Stepping into the Tea Garden was like stepping into the sun after being underground for far too long. Marchie winced for a moment as her eyes adjusted and she looked around at the people and spotted a couple familiar faces. “Hello!” She smiled brightly saving the Queen for last.

“So,” She turned her body to face the Red Queen, “What is this about a game?” She asked as her head tilted to the side, “And contractors? Why must we be contracted?” She asked curiously. She really wanted to know and rather or not she'd participate with the “game” would all depend on how interesting it sounded.

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Character Portrait: The White Rabbit Character Portrait: Yumika "Ivory" Rae
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White Rabbit


White Rabbit gazed at her curiously, “Why ever would you be sorry, my dear?” He replied and peered at her from behind his glasses, “It’s hard not to be frightened in such a situation. From my guess, I would think you’re most likely wondering where am I? Who is this weird fellow? How do I get out?

He slowly treaded a circle around her during his explanation, Rabbit found it extremely difficult to talk without doing anything else. There was always that gnawing thought at the back of his mind that always told him that he was wasting his time or that there was always an important job to do.

His long ears perked up once she had introduced herself, “Ivory, ‘ey? Well, it does fit you almost perfectly,“ Said Rabbit and looked her up once more with a light chuckle, “You don’t remember anything else, you say? That does slightly worry me a bit...”

What has the Queen done to these poor children? He thought forlornly and shook his head. It seemed she has abducted them from their homes and then brainwashed the poor things so that they couldn’t remember even their name. Rabbit used a split second to probe any previous memories where Queen had mentioned such a game before realising that he had been spacing out. He blinked several times before continuing the conversation while still walking around the girl.

“Well, never mind. We can stress about it later. I still have so much to tell you!” Squeaked out Rabbit before coughing it down, “Yes, well, I have probably lived many more years in Wonderland than you have yet to experience as a human!”

That is if you manage to get out of here alive.

“Ho ho, I can assure you that I am as much as a foe than I am blue-eyed!” Said Rabbit and grinned, causing his spectacles to scoot down his nose slightly, “But in all seriousness, I believe I will undoubtedly be one of the most trustworthy companions you will come across around here.”

The albino did a brief glance around the spotless void before reverting his sight back to Ivory,” Hmm, there is still quite a lot to talk about; even I don’t know half of it. Why don’t we pop back in my house? It’ll be much cosier and I’m sure you must be hungry.”

With this, he carefully pressed his gloved hand into the air where it surprisingly melted into the white that was suffocating them from all sides. He reached out his remaining hand towards the girl, indicating that she should grab hold of it.

Once she did, the White Rabbit immediately pull her in along with him; out onto a winding cobblestone path that, which Ivory would soon come to realise, led to his modest abode.

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Duchess Sophie

"Belca?" questioned the Duchess, "What a curiously wonderful name."

The fact that the girl had relinquished her name gave the Duchess hope that she wasn't fighting a lost cause to make the girl into a lady. She paused for a moment as she heard the girl ask her son what his name was, come to think of it, she didn't even know. Not knowing the name of her own son was slightly unnerving but she pushed the thought from her mind. She reasoned that her boy had lasted without a name so far and could continue to do so but still, she couldn't keep the feeling that she had lost a precious part of her memory.

"My boy doesn't speak," said the Duchess, trying to keep a calm exterior "And oddly enough, I can't recall him ever having a name. Perhaps you'd like to give him one if it makes you feel better."

She continued on her way, leading the girl out of the hall, finding the way the water swirled around the bottom of her dress unpleasent.

"The place I found you is known as the birthing place but I'm unsure why," said the Duchess, "It's located within the Palace of Hearts but we shan't reamin here much longer."

Soon enough they had left the palace behind and were making their way along Lake Lacie and deeper into Wonderland till eventually her mansion was in sight. The Duchess's face broke into a wide smile as she saw the pigs and momeraths roaming around outside.

"This world is called Wonderland," she explained as she led the Belca towards her home, "Don't you agree it's a beautiful place? By the way, I suggest you duck."

This last piece of advice she offered to Belca as she opened the door to the mansion and was met by a scream of pepper from the cook and a block of knives flying through the air out the door. In fright her boy shimmered and once again became a pig.

"We shall have tea in the conservatory," she remarked joyfully, sidestepping the knives and walking inside.

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey smiled as Absolem answered the riddle correctly, he hadn't expected it to be a challenge for him, rather it was to test he taller man's skill at riddles and wasn't disappointed.

"I'm not actually sure," replied Grey, when Absolem asked if he was hungry, "Considering how long I've been here I should be hungry but I feel nothing, still, I should probably eat something to keep my strength up."

Grey continued along, trying to keep up without crushing anything as Absolem pulled him along. To keep his mind busy he began to think of his cards again, hoping that he might remember some more about each one but was frustrated that all he could recall was that the cards were called Tarot cards.

"This place is beautiful," he said in answer to the question of what he thought, "I feel like it should remind me of something, perhaps a book I read before turning up here."

He buried himself in his thoughts again but was once again disappointed to see that there were no answers to be revealed.

"If it's not to rude to ask, why did you say the others call you Caterpillar?" asked Grey before he could properly think the question through.

Instantly he regretted it, he felt that perhaps he had gone to far to satisfy his curiousity. Hoping to make amends he decided to change the topic to another question that had been burning in his mind.

"Never mind," he said hastily, "When I woke up here I wasn't in that hall where you found me, I was somewhere else, it felt...wrong."

He then proceeded to describe the wasteland he had been in upon waking, asking if Absolem knew anything about it hoping against hope that he would have an answer.

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#, as written by Anise
Ivory it has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it?

Ivory's eyes blinked for a moment before running his words as quickly as she could manage through her thought process, and she shrugged her shoulders as her only response, "An apology felt adequete." she she finally countered, and she finally giggled at him, "I didn't think the second one.." she replied back, wiping her eyes amused. You're a little strange, but you seem most normal out of the lot.. and she blinked around at the others people got contracted with. She felt lucky. She turned her head to keep her eyes on him, trying her best to not make herself dizzy in her attempts. She wasn't sure why he was exactly pacing, but if it helped him keep things going smoothly she wouldn't complain about it. She didn't know where she was, who she was, or why she was here. If he could tell her, mannerisms meant next to nothing.

She caught eye of his ears again, eyes widening and interest caught when they moved. T-They aren't fake!? She looked upon him baffled. He wasn't joking, it's the real deal, definitely not a costume, "I-It's fine with me if that's all I remember for now." She raised her hands defensively, trying to make a good, selfless impression.

Ivory seemed overly compliable, she agreed to pretty much anything if it seemed to cause a stir, or would change her view if she believed it to be wrong after seeing his reaction. She was getting a bit light headed trying to keep her eyes politely on Rabbit, but she didn't voice a complaint. She wanted to be likable. She herself wasn't even sure why she was trying so hard, but it may have been insecurity that followed her from her previous life. She bit back a smile when he seemed to squeak, holding her tongue and not calling him out on it, nodding her head to show she was listening, "Well.. if I was kidnapped...doesn't that mean my life is pretty much written in stone to be short?" she asks as she tilts her head at him, "At the very least..It seems it would be in danger." She was a pessimist without his thoughts being voiced aloud.

She nods slowly, then grins for the first time, "Then I guess that we're friends now." she chimes at him bubbly, emerald eyes staring upon his ruby ones, "Is that alright?" she asks curiously. She'd spoke the thought before she'd realized it would require his consent as well. She blushed whne he mentioned hungry, her stomach wasn't making noises thankfully, but she was sort of. She didn't want to admit it out loud, "Alright.. sounds like a plan.." she nods in a soft voice, then she felt something in her pocket pulling it out and looking horrorstruck. A knife?

She shook her heas trying to keep from overreacting, but Ivory couldn't help but feel afraid looking at her posession, "It's..a knife.. why do I have this...?" she asked him, wondering if the Rabbit knew, pocketing it before it seemed threatening. She hesitantly took his hand within hers. He had a lot of manners considering the people she'd seen in the hall before they began their journey out off the wretched hall. Her eyes looked around, taking in the sights once they were on the path, her expression brightening once they were outside, "Pretty.." she whispered happily. Anything is better than that never ending hall..

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Character Portrait: The White Rabbit Character Portrait: Yumika "Ivory" Rae
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White Rabbit

Once they were out of the Great Hall, Rabbit continued the conversation. He laughed wholeheartedly when he heard her question the friendship that they had already let to grow. "Of course, of course! What else would we be?" He replied, "You needn't be so cautious around me. The more comfortable you are, the more easier this will be. T-To understand it and such."

He hopped across the cobblestone path, the heels of his buckled shoes created a tapping noise every time it touched the floor. He stopped abruptly and crossed his arms. Rabbit narrowed his eyes and stared off at the distance before jerking his head towards Ivory.
“I shan’t think you should worry about that knife, child, “He said and eyed her pocket wearily, “Life is unpredictable here. It might come of a use... At some point.” The albino shrugged, “If you’re worried about constantly worrying about it you are free to store it somewhere in my house. If you want to.”

Crime was at a low-rate in Wonderland – there is a burglary every now and then – but the boy was smart enough expect the worst from the Queen’s game.

Rabbit then continued on their journey across the path and in next to no time they were at the front of the White Rabbit’s front gate. A fence ran the whole perimeter around the small bungalow in the shape of a rectangle; it left enough space to create a front-garden. From the gate onwards, a narrow path divided the land in two. On both sides was freshly trimmed grass – strictly no weeds – and on very far edges was a neat bed of daffodils. The colour of their petals followed a strict pattern, white to yellow to blue to white and so forth. They were each segregated in their own little space and each of them stood completely upright; as if they were taught not to bend at all.

Rabbit unlocked the gate and ushered the girl in with a flourish of his hand. He quietly closed it behind him and strided behind her, tutting one flower which had leant over. It immediately sprang back to stiffly pointing upwards. Rabbit then unlocked the front door of his house.
“Welcome, to my humble abode.” He said, rather grandly and looked at Ivory expectantly. It was safe to say that it humble, at the very least. A large round table covered the majority of circular room, several stumpy chairs surrounded it. It was modestly decorated, shelves full of books covered the vast surface of the walls and there was a small desk in the corner where Rabbit tended to do paperwork; there was a pot of ink, a peacock feather pen and a huge stack of blank paper placed on top. A brick fireplace had been built just beside it. A set of stairs spiralled to the attic, there was no second floor. A coat stand stood beside the front door, a pair of shoes had been placed beside it; they were identical to the ones Rabbit was currently wearing . There were two windows which filtered sunlight in, exposing each object with a summery glow. Two wooden doors with glace panes had been directly opposite the front door and stood side by side. Once both of them had stepped inside, Rabbit immediately flew into one of the doors, judging by the noise of a kettle hissing and the banging of porcelain, this was the kitchen.

“I’m sorry it’s a tad bit cramped,” Called Rabbit from the other room, “I don’t spend much time here. I'm usually in the Palace, doing jobs for the Queen and the sort."
There was a pause where the sound of a fluid being poured could be heart.
"I usually drop by to cut the grass," He added.

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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey tried to push thoughts of the wasteland out of his head as Absolem informed him that he should never go to places like it by himself but he couldn't help but remember its ruined beauty.

"Well I didn't exactly choose to wind up there," said Grey, "But I understand."

He knew he'd never succeed in removing the memory of the wasteland from his mind so instead tried to replace it with something else. It occured to him that Absolem's answer about being called the caterpillar had been very metaphorical and wondered if the man was a poet, he definitely had the right sort of mind to be one.

"I think I can handle fighting girls if there's such a risk involved," said Grey, "However, I'm not sure how good I'll be in a fight but I'll do my best and never give up."

He felt in his heart that he wasn't trying to be brave and tell Absolem what he wanted to hear. The truth was, he didn't want to let the man down. Despite the fact that Absolem had a certain coldness about him and the two hadn't known each other very long, Grey had grown to like the man and wasn't surprised to find he truly trusted him.

"You can count on me Absolem," he said, "I won't let you down and I know you won't let me down, I trust you."

He continued following Absolem wondering why the man had seemed so troubled when he had brought up the wasteland but didn't think that now was the right time to ask about it. Binging out his tarot cards he began to shuffle through them while humming the tune again. Suddenly, one of the cards flew out of the pack, without even thinking he reached out and caught it between two fingers before turning it round to see which one it was.

"Oh no," he whispered, "This can't be good."

He had remembered that if a card fell from the pack during shuffling then it held some significance but that wasn't all, staring at the card he began to remember its meaning, in his hand was...

"The Tower," said Grey, "Collapse, despair, defeat, danger, disaster, hostility, hate and destructive events."

Just looking at the ominous card filled him with dread.

"I hope this is just a warning rather than a prediction," he said to Absolem, "The future doesn't look so good."

Duchess Sophie

"Well that was an impressive display," said the Duchess, leading Belca into the conservatory, "You seem to know your way around a sword."

She didn't bother to offer an explaination for the violent greeting for she felt that it should have been clear that the cook was the one to blame.

"Oh look how the momeraths roam outside the window," cried the Duchess gleefully as the cook brought a tray of tea and cakes, muttering the word pepper, "They're simply so adorable and green."

With that she went to the bookcase and took out a book, she figured that she might as well start editing Hopping Mad now as she may not get another chance.

"I do so love literature," said the Duchess, "I wrote all these books myself about the other chains, feel free to read some if you like."

For the next few minutes she set about tidying up the story, pausing only to sip a cup of tea. Soon she brought her process to a stop, she felt like there was something else she should tell the girl infront of her.

"Ah. yes," she said, "We have three days for orientation before this game actually begins, I assume so you can get used to Wonderland and discover your ability as well as learning to work with me."

She had no doubt that the girl was strong, especially after seeing her skill with a sword. She wondered what Belca would think of her when she saw what she was capable of.

"In any case, there is time for that later," said the Duchess, "For now I insist you eat something as it will be a while before dinner and I can't have you wasting away on me."

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#, as written by Bani

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Belca hid a smirk on being complimented on her sword by the Lady. So the Lady was not a lost cause after all, she just seemed to be pansy.
Strangely enough, it also brought a small blush to her face. The feeling she got from being praised was that she wasn't used to being complimented. It felt ... foreign.

"Tch." she mumbled as a way of reply. "Its me, so of course I am."
Which didn't really make sense, but she felt the need to dismiss it as casually as possible.

"So, any more things I should watch out for? Say, like having a bazooka shoved at my face next?" she asked sarcastically, still not completely over her shock. She was pretty sure this wasn't completely normal in the real world ...

Damn, I really hope this isn't a dream. Because if it is, I have a screwed up mind. She thought to herself as the Lady went to the bookshelf and took out a book.


A book.

A book.

Something to read.

"I do so love literature," said the Duchess, "I wrote all these books myself about the other chains, feel free to read some if you like."

Belca found her respect for the Lady suddenly going up.

"Thanks." she mumbled before practically throwing herself at the bookshelf. Maybe she could promote her to .... the Duchess, was it?

.... or not.

She hadn't gone through more than ten pages of the first book when her eyes started twitching.

What ... was this?

"We have three days for orientation before this game actually begins, I assume so you can get used to Wonderland and discover your ability as well as learning to work with me."

L-learning to work with someone who wrote things like this?

"Is this just an index of all the scandal that goes on in here?" she asked, honestly hoping she would get a 'yes' in return. If someone could think up things like this .... she shivered. This Lady was really a formidable person.

She didn't dare disobey her, too traumatised to attempt a comeback, and nodded at her, mouthing a small thanks as she took up a tea cake, staring at it like it was a live cockroach.

How do I know she doesn't put virus or something in here which will turn me into a mindless .... trauma-inducing stuff-writer... as well? I swear death would be better than waking up one day and finding a manuscript like that by my bed, and knowing I am the

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He was happily trampolining atop the different mushroom tops when he saw the Caterpillar's frown in the distance. His smile grew as well as his laughter as the man and his child came closer. "I don't see why you don't do this more often, Abs!" he called at the peak of a jump, "This is so entertaining!" His voice rang out in childish glee as his cat form began trying new tricks, like flipping. He stopped when the pair arrived before him keeping a nonchalance about him, but remaining cautious. It was a two-to-one showdown and he would wait at a distance in case things turned for the worse. A shimmer camouflaged his body as his cat form strode over to the edge of the mushroom. Once he reached the edge he had the long legs of his male form hanging over the top. He leaned over to get a better view of the two. He chuckled upon seeing Absolem's choice of contractor. "How cute. So, you really do prefer men, eh?"

He chuckled a bit more, amused with himself, but stopped as Caterpillar continued. "Up to? You make me sound so calculating," he tilted his head to the side. He was feeling good. He didn't have to be on his toes when talking to a creature of his Wonderland. They already knew what to expect of him. He was relieved to have this time away from the girl, but..was it regret he was experiencing by feeling this way? or nervousness..? He wasn't too happy with the way he and Rhia were 'bonding'. Humans were more difficult than he remembered. They held so many emotions. Especially his child; fearful, almost reverent one moment then outright abrasive the next. It was amusing, but not very helpful. He found himself wondering how she was doing now or if she had wandered away. He perked up, shaking his thoughts violently. He wasn't worried. If she listened to him, then his tree would keep her safe, if not he would find out from his foliage. The phrase 'heard it from the grape-line' didn't come from nothing.

He forced himself to laugh at Absolem's taunts, and sighed, "Lover's quarrel? Why? Are you interested?" He playfully flexed his arms, this way and that, in ways that normally would cause others great pain, "I can see how one such as myself would seem attractive." He hoped down onto a lower mushroom, still keeping a safe distance away. He held a slight liking for Caterpillar, but he didn't trust him. He was conniving and kept his true emotions hidden. See! he mentally yelled at his girl, This is what a distant person is! He's a liar, not me!

He waited until they both made it inside, then he jumped to the ground. He squished his bear feet around the soft ground, he wasn't used to the earth of fungi, he rather liked it. He remained in the doorway of Absolem's home, still slightly nervous. Ignoring the offered drink, he decides to try a daring tactic, "If she knows what's best for her then, for now, my contractor is safe. What about yours, Absolem?" he looked around until his eyes locked on the child, "Is he safe?" He paused allowing his words to sink in, hopefully he had the man's attention, he didn't want him thinking he was just playing games. "Surely you've felt the change," His eyes were ablaze, changing rapidly from yellows to blues to greens. He had them locked on Caterpillar, "You know what it is."
His manic eyes caught Absolem's contractor, "Tell, me boy. Do you know of the Jabberwocky? My child does." He traced his eyes back to Absolem, "I need to know if the beast's still in the pit. I'm here to ask if you're up for a..walk." He cringed on his wording. He hated walks, but this was something that he needed to confirm immediately.

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Duchess Sophie

The Duchess raised an eyebrow as the girl asked if the books were just an index of scandal.

"Of course not, silly girl," she said in a dismissive voice, "That would make it non fiction and non fiction is a dirty and disgusting thing."

It did occur to her that perhaps the girl wasn't part of her target audiance, she had also noted that she had picked up the story about the twins which had been far more intense than what she usually wrote.

"If you don't like it though then you could always ask to borrow one of my son's books, they have interesting titles and I have no idea where they come from," she continued, "Sinistra and Destra aren't really like how I showed them in that story by the way but then again, nobody ever knows for sure."

She began to think of the twins and how they were always at war with one another, she was sure that they'd be loving this game very much. Another part of her wondered if they'd been contracted yet, she hoped so.

"They're really quite charming once you get to know them," she said, "Quite handsome young lads they are too."

Feeling she had said quite enough on the matter she reached for the teapot, tapping it twice before pouring it into her empty cup. Instead of the same tea pouring out as before, a pleasant smelling green tea flowed out.

"Ah, green tea with jasmine, how refreshing," she remarked, taking a sip, "I see you've grown tired of being a pig again, so soon."

It was true, despite the fact that he had transformed only moments before, her son was once again sitting on the floor as a boy, reading a book.

"What is it you're reading this time?" she asked, reaching for a cake.

Once the cake was in her hand though she'd lost the desire to eat it. Frowning she began to focus on it untill it became a block of chocolate which she hurridly began to eat. She knew that it would turn back into cake very soon. As the last piece disappeared she looked over to her son who was holding up the book for her to see.

"The Lord of the Rings trilogy," she read aloud, "How very perculiar, I bet it's as odd as it appears."

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

"Singing flowers?" asked Grey, tilting his head to the side, "Now I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before, what sort of things do they sing?"

He continued following Absolem, absent mindedly as he tried to work out what the concept of singing flowers was so familiar. Grey almost bumped into Absolem as the man came to a stop by a large mushroom, Grey opened his mouth to ask where they were but Absolem seemed to be preocupied with something else, with a start he realised there was another man sitting on top of the mushroom. As Absolem and the man began to talk, Grey soon got lost in thought. Had Absolem just called the other man Cheshire and what did the man on the mushroom mean by Absolem preferring men? The words made Grey blush but he wasn't sure why, no doubt it would make sense when he memory came back properly. Soon all three of them were inside the mushroom which struck Grey as odd.

"A room without doors or windows nor any walls or roof," he thought, remembering another riddle, "What else could it be other than a mushroom."

He was glad to see however that this mushroom was laid out like a house. Thoughts of caterpillars and mushrooms began to flow through his mid in an unstopable torrent.

"I'd greatly appreciate a drink," he replied when Absolem asked, "I didn't even realise how thirsty I was."

He went back to his thoughts as he began to hum the tune that felt so familiar. The message from the tarot cards had been a little frightening but like Absolem had said, the future was fickle, still, he couldn't help but feel uneasy, perhaps his cards would come in useful during this game. He gave a start as he realised that Cheshire was talking to him.

"Jabberwocky?" said Grey, "That sounds really familiar, it's like..."

Suddenly it all made sense to him. It was as if this last piece to the puzzle had unlocked the part of his memory that had been evading him for so long. That was why everything seemed familiar, it was like the book he had read about a girl falling down a rabbit hole as well as the other one where she went through the mirror. Unbidden, the words of a poem bew into his mind.

"Twas brilig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"
recited Grey.

He was sure there was more but it would take so long to say it all.

"I'm sure that it's probably nothing like the poem described but it made one thing clear," he said, "It's something to be afraid of. I remeber something about a vorpal blade too. Is any of this correct?"

He sat in silence, waiting for the other two to respond, hoping that he hadn't just made a fool of himself.

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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey sat sipping his hot chocolate as Cheshire and Absolem continued to trade witty remarks. Really, the way they acted around each other made them seem almost like siblings.

"Now there's a thought," said Grey, "I wonder if I have any brothers or sisters back wherever I'm from."

The concept didn't ring any bells though so he decided not to persue the matter further. Instead he turned his attention to Chesire. The person was so very enigmatic but still, Grey felt a liking for him. He felt like Cheshire probably just wanted friends despite the way he talked to people.

"Now who could have imagined that I'd ever be sitting in a mushroom and drinking hot chocolate?" thought Grey to himself, gazing around the room.

The place was quite nice but it was clearly set out with efficiancy in mind rather than style or comfort. Suddenly his cheeks behan to burn, he had just worked out what Cheshire had meant by his remark before.

"Clearly I'm a little slow on picking up innuendo," mumbled Grey, unsure whether he should be ok with this knowledge or not.

Now that he had worked it out he couldn't stop thinking about it. Absolem had denied being gay but looking at the way he moved and behaved, even sometimes the way he spoke, it wouldn't have been a far stretch for it to be true.

"It's not like it really matters anyway," said Grey quietly to himself, "There are certainly more important things to worry about than someone's sexuality. But then I can't help wondering what my preference is."

For the life of him he couldn't imagine whether he liked girls or boys or both or neither but like he had told himself, there were bigger things to worry about and this was soon proven when Absolem warned him to keep a strong will.

"Got it," said Grey, "Becoming a puppet doesn't sound like fun at all."

The more he heard about the Jabberwocky, the less he liked it but he didn't feel scared. He was certain that Absolem would protect him no matter what, even in the face of such a formidible sounding foe.

Duchess Sophie

"Oh, do you know of it?" said the Duchess as Belca repeated the name of the book, "I have no idea how he gets them, they just seem to appear. The Queen of Hearts is the one that brought you here but as to how I'm not quite sure, you'd have to ask her."

She smiled at her boy as if he was the cleverest thing in the world.

"He had one called Maximum Ride last week and another called Eragon the week before that," she continued, "I've never got around to reading them myself, I've always been too busy writing my own stories. I suppose it's the best I can do for company."

She smiled again as she took another sip of her tea and then frowned before a look of concern crossed her face. Trying to keep her face blank she willed herself to remain calm.

"It's just my imagination," she told herself.

But she couldn't help herself. Just then she had been sure she had smelt a faint whiff of decay as if it had been carried into the room by a distant wind. She prayed that it wasn't so because that smell could only mean one thing. Looking at her son she noticed he had sensed it too, even the cook had left of her screeching for a moment and out in the garden the pigs and momeraths were running around in a crazy panic. She looked at Belca wondering whether she should tell her or not, she didn't want to make the girl panic but then again, she seemed a sturdy sort and could probably handle it.

"Tell me, Belca," said the Duchess gravely, "What do you know of the Jabberwocky?"

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White Rabbit

He leaned on his elbows and knitted his delicate hands together, the albino’s scarlet eyes wandered towards the girl who seemed to be rather immersed in the racks. Once the girl had sat down, he straightened up and began preparing out the tea.

“Thank you, dear. After doing it more than a several times, I would hope so.” Said Rabbit cheerfully and chuckled. He pushed a teacup in front of Ivory and carefully, but swiftly, poured in some piping hot tea into the porcelain; it hissed out in a gentle waterfall. He did the same for himself and reached out for one of the small jugs.

He nodded while giving his own cup a generous amount of cream, “You are quite right. However, I think it would be of a great discomfort if you were not allowed to lean on the back of chairs in the 21st Century. But yes, it wouldn’t hurt to see someone clean up their crumbs afterwards.” He said curtly. Rabbit blinked several times before stretching his mouth into an awkward grin, “Of course, of course! In fact, I pride myself in having a vast collection of Dickens’s work. I’ll give it to you after we’ve eaten, shall I?”

He placed the cream pitcher back onto the tray and then snagged the bowl that was full of sugar cubes, “Haha, thank you once again. I guess it’s one’s habit. You can compliment them all you want but it’s not going to fill your stomach. In addition, most of these cakes were leftovers which I obtained from the Palace!” He laughed again before stopping abruptly as two cubes of sugar splashed into the tea; he returned the bowl back to its original place and started to absentmindedly stir his hot drink with one of the teaspoons. “But please, just grab anything on the tray! You wouldn’t want your tea bland, would you? Or is that how you like it?”

He smiled and nodded his head towards the tray. After a while, he cleared his throat.

“You said you wanted to know about the Queen, yes?” Said Rabbit with a monotone, it was his responsibility to inform this child after all. He took a sip from his tea before continuing, “Well, she’s a wonderful ruler! She’s the one who created all the laws and regulations for Wonderland. You’ll often hear other Wonderlandians complain about them and her, but I – being her personal assistant – can assure you that she cares for and loves everyone! She’ll never admit it but in her heart, she knows it as well.”

Rabbit tried to make his voice sound as cheerful and happy as possible, but no-one could mistake the strain in every word he uttered. Every now and again, the albino would doubt her Majesty and her ways. He could identify truth in what people said. But every time these thoughts would pop up, the boy would push it to the back of his mind. The queen had done a good job, that’s why people obeyed her. It was a weak argument but the once unbreakable string of absolute faith, which he had had harboured for the Queen, was cut just a little bit thinner when he had laid his eyes on the several children he found in the Birthing Place.

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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey hoped that Absolem would keep his promise of a swift return. He wasn't sure how many more new people he could handle meeting and the way Absolem had talked about Cheshire's contractor had sounded quite frightening, he didn't think he'd ever heard of someone being referred to as a hurricaine before but then again, he wouldn't remember if he had.

"I'm sure I'll be fine but it sounds like you're the one that needs to be careful," said Grey, "You're the one going into danger so I'll be hopeing you return safely, both of you."

This last bit he directed at Cheshire who was now a woman. Somehow this didn't surprise him, Wonderland had already proved that it was something different, clearly the inhabitants were going to be the same.

"Oh, by the way," added Grey, as an afterthought, "Thank you for the hot chocolate, it was very nice. I don't feel thirsty anymore."

From what Absolem had said about the Jabberwocky, it sounded like pain would be a small price to pay for a chance at escape, he was sure he'd be able to endure anything if it meant saving a life.

"Don't worry Absolem," he said, "If it comes to a situation like that then I don't care how much pain I'd have to go through if it means we both get away. I don't want to let you down."

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#, as written by Bani

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

"Know it? Its one of my favourites! I could recite the whole thing off the top of my head."
Belca paused, remembering the sheer amount of pages.
"Well, maybe not the whole of it." she conceded, "but the gist."

"Eragon..." she nodded, smiling one of her rare smiles at the boy. He had good taste in books.
That reminded her, she had to give him a name. She couldn't just keep calling him a boy for the rest of .... however long she would be here.

"It's just my imagination," she heard the Lady muttering to herself.

Trying to follow her thoughts - which was stupid since Belca may be many awesome, ass-kicking things, but she was not by any means a psychic - Belca suddenly got a very faint, almost not there smell of something rotting.

"Is there a burial ground or guard.


Where had she....

Hell no.

No way.

But it added up, didn't it?
Queen of Hearts, Duchess with an affinity towards pigs, Wonderland ....

Her head thumped on the table before her.

"Don't tell me." she groaned. "Seriously? Alice in Wonderland? Since when was that Wonderland something this twisted."

A possibility suddenly occurred to her.

Of course! This meant she was dreaming the whole thing up!

"The Jabberwocky is something fearsome? Like, the top of the food chain or something, right?" she asked, straightening up with a faint smile.

What was to be afraid of, if this was her dream, she could control it. And even if she couldn't, it was fine, because she would always wake up.

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Duchess Sophie

The Duchess looked on in alarm as Belca banged her head against the table.

"Good heavens child, are you alright," she asked in a slight panic, "Cook! Fetch the pepper!"

She found this to be very odd behaviour and wondered if the girl had experienced a seisure or something similar, the last thing she wanted was for the girl to come to harm, even if she was very rude and ill mannered.

"I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about," she said as Belca brought up something called Alice in Wonderland, "It sounds like something my boy would read."

Honestly, her she was trying to talk about something serious and the girl was spout some nonsense.

"I don't know about the Jabberwocky being the top of the food chain as such but it's definitely something to fear," she said darkly, "It's like a parasite or a disease and it spreads through living things. Rest assured, if it gets ahold of you then your life will become a nightmare you can't wakeup from so it would be in both our best interest to stay away as far away from it as possible."

She looked the girl straight in the eye, willing her to see that what she said was the truth. She hoped that she hadn't scared the girl too much but it was something she needed to know about.

"Believe me, I'll do everything in my power to protect you from anyone who means you harm," said the Duchess, "Jabberwocky or otherwise."

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey frowned, confused at himself, Cheshire had made an interesting point, why did he trust so easily?

"I don't really know why I trust either of you, maybe it's because neither of you have given me a reason not to trust you," said Grey, "Or perhaps I just see the good in people, I'm not sure."

He was a little alarmed by the harsh way Absolem was talking to Cheshire but he realised it was all part of the way their relationship worked, he supposed that neither would be happy unless one of them was trying to get under the other's skin. Grey wondered briefly why Absolem said he would have taken the first exit out of Wonderland if he was given the chance but soon gave up trying to work out the reason, the man, much like himself, was an enigma and no doubt he had a personal reason for what he said. He had noticed with a smile that Absolem had placed himself in the way of Cheshire so that he had Grey on one side an the woman on the other, it appeared that the man wasn't so cold and calculating as he let on.

"I'm glad I contracted with Absolem," he thought to himself, smiling at the man as he led him by the hand, "I don't think I'd feel as safe if I'd contracted with someone else."

But then again, was that simply because it was Absolem and he was the first person he'd met here or was it because of something else?

"Well it looks like I solved that riddle," he whispered, feeling heat rise to his cheeks.

Soon they had reached Cheshire's tree which the woman had made appear out of nowhere. Grey shifted nervously at the prospect of meeting someone knew, hopefully they'd get along.

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Duchess Sophie

The Duchess looked away from Belca as the girl claimed that she could defeat the Jaberwocky with ease.

"No, you couldn't," she whispered sadly, feeling tears begin to form in her eyes, tears she hoped the girl couldn't see.

She thought it was admirable that the girl thought she could take on the Jabberwocky and win but that just showed how much she was underestimating the fearsome creature, despite the fact that this girl had a rude streak in her almost as long as the Queen's hair, the Duchess knew that she would rather die than she her taken over by the blight that was the Jabberwocky.

"Fancesco!" exclaimed the Duchess, pulling herself together, "What a marvelous name, we can call him France for short. Now that reminds me of a song."

She absentmindedly began humming the Lobster Quadrille while nibbling on a cake, it really was a lovely song and was a spectacular sight when everybody danced.

"Well now, dinner should be ready soon," said the Duchess, "How about we train a little untill then."

Without waiting for an answer she opened the door to the conservatory and walked outside, picking up her croquet malet on the way. While she waited for the girl to follow she affectionately rubbed a momerath between the ears.

"I expect you to come at me with everything you've got," she called out, "Don't hold back or you'll regret it."

Looking forward to the match she readied herself, smiling. Belca would be in for a rude awakening she was sure.

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

"Well, I think so anyway," said Grey, a little doubtfully, "Sorry if I seemed obsessed with the subject, I just felt that it was an important part of who I am and wanted to know."

Grey looked away, still aware of the heat in his cheeks. He turned his mind to Absolem's riddle, it was a fairly simple one when you thought about it.

"An echo," he said, distracted by the cat jumping down from the tree with a girl in his arms.

He noticed that the girl looked a little scared, perhaps she was nervous about meeting new people too? But then again, he supposed that he would be scared to fall from that hight, especially in the arms of someone a odd as Cheshire.

"I know trust should be an issue," he whispered to Absolem, "But don't you think everyone deserves a chance?"

What was he saying? Absolem probably knew better so why couldn't he just accept what the man was saying but try as he might, he couldn't manage to block off his desire to trust Cheshire and the new girl.

"Rhia," he said quietly, trying to get used to the name, "Um, it's nice to meet you."

Wary of Cheshire's warning, he timidly held out his hand.

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Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Sinistra had been sitting around patiently sipping tea while all the other chains had rushed off to find someone to contract with. He wanted to wait until his brother made a move before making his selection but annoyingly, Destra had stayed perfectly still.

"No doubt he wants to see the type of person I pair with first." he thought to himself, "As if it would give him any sort of advantage."

He moodily swirled the tea round in his cup, it had long gone cold but he didn't care, he hadn't put enough sugar in it had no desire to finish it. Suddenly he saw a flash of brown out of the corner of his eye. There was a girl wandering around the hall that looked incredibly familiar.

"It can't be," he muttered, "Surely that's not..."

But looking at Destra, he saw the recognition growing in his brothers eyes. Without a word he began to race towards her, he had to get there first, he had no doubt that Destra would be right behind him. Finally he came skidding to a stop infront of the girl, panting.

"You!" he exclaimed, "You look just like the Rattle."

Destra/Tweedle Dum

Detra had followed his brother silently, he had to know if it was the Rattle or not. Standing behind Sinistra he began to examine the girl. Relief and disappointment swept through him as he realised that it wasn't her, though the resemblence was remarkable.

"Contrarywise," he said, "The Rattle looks just like her."

He wasn't sure what to do now although he was of the opinion that contracting with this girl would be in his best interests, even if it was just so he could have a head start on Sinistra.

"I hope my brother didn't frighten you," said Destra, taking the girl's hand, "It's just that you look amazingly similar to someone we both knew once. My name is Destra, might I ask what yours is?"

He smiled to himself, by playing the nice and polite guy he would be more likely to gain her trust, of course, the fact that Sinistra had gone rampaging up to her like a bandersnatch would probably help too.

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey nervously began to fiddle with his ponytail while humming the haunting tune again. He didn't know why but he was feeling panic starting to build up within him.

"I don't think I'm a people person," he whispered to Absolem, hoping that Rhia couldn't hear, "I'm not sure why but I'm feeling really scared."

Surely this wasn't logical, he had been expecting to feel nervous when meeting Rhia but this was just rediculous. Meeting a new person wasn't meant to overwhelm someone with fear.

"Absolem, I don't like it hear, something feels bad," he said, not bothering to lower his voice, he didn't care if Rhia or Cheshire heard him, he just wanted to leave.

He began to shuffle through his cards, trying to keep his mind occupied but his hands were shaking so badly that one of them slipped free. He watched in horror as it began to drift down to the ground. It was the Tower again.

"Danger," he said blankly just before screams began to ring out.

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You look just like the rattle. Moonlight frowned. What is a rattle? She looked at the two boys who had come up to her. One took her hand and smiled. Moonlight smiled back uncertainly. "Forgive me, I do not remember my real name. But I suppose you can call me Moonlight." She glanced at the other boy. He looked a lot like Destra, were they twins?

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Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

"The slimeball," he thought as Destra took the girl's hand, "Thinking a few smooth moves will win her over."

So the girl didn't know her name and had settled on calling herself Moonlight, how very tragic, he hated the moon and anything to do with it, unlike his stupid brother who seemed to draw inspiration from it. Under normal circumstances he would have prepared a trick to play on her using this information but lukilly for her, these were not normal circumstances, he needed her to trust him.

"I'm terribly sorry if I gave you a fright," he said sweetly, "It was the last thing I wanted to do, I was just so startled at seeing someone who looked like the Rattle."

Gently he took the girl's other hand and knelt before her and gave her his warmest smile, this would show Destra that he could be equally as sickening when he wanted to be.

"My name is Sinistra and it's a pleasure to meet you," said Sinistra bowing his head, "Moonlight is such a lovely name, it suits you very well."

He nearly gagged at this blatent lie, he couldn't think of any name worse than Moonlight, except maybe Luna. Would she see though his facade? He hoped not, his survival in this game depended on entering a contract and most of the other candidates had already been snatched up by the other chains.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

"That twisted snake" thought Destra to himself as Sinistra began another sickening display like he had for the Duchess, "He's clearly lying through his teeth."

Honestly, it was always the same, sometimes he got a little tired of the way they were always trying to outdo each other but perhaps in this case it would work to his advantage, Sinistra was clearly overdoing it and the girl would quite possibly see right through his brother. He thought it was very odd that the girl couldn't remember her name but thought she had made an excellent choice for herself in the name Moonlight. He loved the moon, it was so beautiful and mysterious, unlike with the sun, what you saw was what you got, a burning ball of gas in the sky, he could never understand why Sinistra liked it so much, no doubt his brother was wondering why the girl hadn't chosen to name herself Sunrise or something like that.

"Now that we all know each other there are probably some things we should tell you," he said, trying not to look at his brother in disgust, "No doubt you're wondering why you're here of all places, well the simple fact is, you're here to play sorts."

He wondered if perhaps he had been a little too direct, he was sure that if he'd been put in the same situation then he'd find the idea of playing a game quite rediculous, perhaps he should have substituted "game" with another word, but what? Battle? Skirmish? War? No, nothing seemed to fit quite right. he more he thought about it, the more the word game seemed to suit.

"Even if it is of a rather morbid sort," he thought, adjusting his cap.

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#, as written by Bani
[OOC: I know nothing about fencing / swords, so, yes. Bear with my ignorance? TT^TT Also, I haven't really roleplayed a non-crack fight with weapons ( and not magic or illusions or whatever else) so I'm not very sure how to properly do it. Just in case, if something appears unclear, I'm not trying to say any of those slashes - or anything in the future - hit their mark. I'm just trying to describe her movements.

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Noting the Lady had tears in her eyes that she obviously didn't want her to see, she rolled her eyes. "Well, aren't we a little ray of optimism and sunshine?" she snorted, trying not to give away the fact that she had noticed the Lady crying.

Hah! Never let it be told Belca was insensitive! Inconsiderate, but not insensitive! she mentally cheered, trying to shake off the gloominess. She hated this Jabberwocky, because he ... she ... it ... seemed to carry an aura of doom around it. Even its name made everyone go depressed and serious and whatnot.

"Maybe not right now, but we can try, right?" she waved a dismissive hand at the Lady. It was the closest thing to comfort she could come up with, without alerting the Lady to the fact that she was comforting her.

Actually, no, scratch that last part. It was the closest thing to comforting someone Belca could ever come up with. whether or whether not she was trying to be discreet. Comforting others wasn't exactly her forte. She was more of the hack and slash type than the hugs and wiping tears type. Which was perfect, since all that was for pansies anyway.

She watched her pull herself together, and blinked, feeling her respect for the other woman ( which had reached an all time low after the previous .... book incident which shall henceforth never ever be mentioned or though of because she wanted desperately to repress that memory ) go up again. No matter what else this woman was, she seemed like a fighter. Maybe not a warrior, but definitely a formidable woman if she set her mind to something.

Thank God, she would have committed suicide if she had to work together with a fancy, dainty little Goody Two Shoes.

She perked her ears at the song that was being hummed softly. She rather liked the tune. It was ... strange, but not really unpleasant. Rather catchy.

As the Lady beckoned her inside a large room thing which she was pretty sure had a fancy name ( because everything in a house as fancy as this would have to have some hard to pronounce, mouthful of a name ) but she wouldn't know it if her life depended on it, so it was good that it didn't. Because she wouldn't have a clue. She was pretty sure she had never seen something like this in her whole, un-remembered life.

"What's that?" she pointed at the ..... hammer? Was it a hammer? ... thing the Lady was holding up. Did she intend to fight with it? Well, she guessed everyone had their weapon of choice.

Noticing the little glint in the Lady's eyes, she shivered unwillingly. She would take back her earlier words. This woman most definitely seemed like a warrior right now.

"I'm not sure if I remember ..." she drifted off as she suddenly felt a jolt of something as she unsheathed her sword. It was as if the sword was a live being, leading her on.

Letting her instincts take over, she charged at the Lady, deftly performing two slashes once she neared the other.

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Moonlight smiled, oblivious of what was going on through the boys' heads. "Hi, Sinistra. Um, a game? Okay. What sort of game?" Personally, she thought they were creepy, yet funny, but she didn't say so. Being in the know of what was going on would be helpful to her, and hurting others' feelings was the last thing she wanted to do right now.

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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey squeaked as Absolem picked him up, he hadn't been expecting it and the position he was left in was a little embarassing, but he knew now wasn't the time to worry about whether he looked like a blushing bride or not. As Absolem began to run, levitating Rhia as he went, a pain began to grow in the back of Grey's mind.

"Is this what he's feeling?" thought Grey, "Surely it's not that bad."

Suddenly, the pain surged forward in a blinding burst before returning to its previous ache. It was then that he knew that he was only feeling a fraction of what Absolem was feeling, he could share Absolem's pain at a toned down level yet still know how bad it was for him.

"He'll kill himself if he has to do this for too long," he thought in a panic.

He knew that he'd be devastated if that happened, despite only having known the man for a short while, he felt that he had bonded with him, if the truth was told, Absolem was the closest thing he had to a friend. He was relieved when Absolem finally came to a stop.

"Absolem...I..." he said, voice shaking.

Silently he walked up to the man, taking his hands down from his head and holding them for a few moments before wrapping the man in a tight hug and clinging to him like a child, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He didn't care what Rhia thought, she could never understand what Absolem had done so they could get away, the man had definitely earned his trust now.

"I can't believe you were willing to go through so much pain for us to get away," said Grey, stepping away from the man, hoping he hadn't embarassed him, "Are you going to be ok to walk? Like you said, we need to keep moving."

In the distance he could still hear the din from whatever it was that had run out of the wood. He hoped that Cheshire was alright.

Duchess Sophie

"My word child," said the Duchess, shocked, "Have you never played croquet? This is a croquet mallet."

Sometimes the girl seemed so intelligent but then she couldn't even identify something as simple as a croquet mallet.

"Well now, not too bad," said the Duchess glided out of the way of the first slash, "Of course there's always room for..."

She broke of the sentence as she was forced to block the second of Belca's attacks with her mallet, it appeared the girl was a little faster than she anticipated. So the girl was fast and judging by the sound of the impact from the sword, she was reasonably strong too.

"Overall, rather decent on the offensive," thought the Duchess, "But lets see how well she defends."

Without a word she dashed towards the girl, twisting gracefully to the side at the last moment before jumping into the air and spinning around behind the girl.

"Behind you," cried the Duchess in a singsong voice, bringing the mallet down.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

"Well, there are others like you that have been brought here," explained Destra, "And as unpleasant as it sounds, you must eliminate them to win, it's the only chance you have for survival."

Destra wondered how the girl would react to this news, he wasn't sure if she would approve of the concept behind the game, but then again, she had no choice but to play, just like everyone else.

"I know it's a grim prospect but don't worry, you don't actually have to kill anyone," he said, hoping this would make it sound better, "And you get to have someone help you or perhaps protect might be a better word, all you need to do is enter a contract."

This was the moment, if she agreed to join him in a contract then he'd be in the game with a shot at winning.

"I know we've only just met but I was wondering if you might consider me," he said, shyly, taking off his cap and looking away bashfully, "If you contract with me, it'd be in both our best interests."

With luck the nervously cute display would have won her over, after that it'd be game on.

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

He watched on in disgust as his brother began to act all shy and bashful, if that was how he was going to do things then two could play at that game.

"Co-contrarywise," he stuttered, shuffling his feet nervously, "It'd be in both our best interests if you contract with me."

He was sure that the girl would overdose on cuteness any time soon, who could resist two insecure guys that were too scared to talk to a girl, he always thought this act was brilliant when trying to win someone over, the only thing that seemed to work better was the brotherly love routine that he had used to pull with Destra long ago. In any case, he was sure that he'd be the one she picked, he naturally had the warmer personality.

"Or n-n-not," he mumbled, purposefully stuttering again, "I don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring you or anythng."

He was satisfied that he had milked the act for all it was worth, soon she'd make a decision and then it would all begin.