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On the Wings of a Dream

Down the Rabbit-Hole


a part of On the Wings of a Dream, by Bani.

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.

Bani holds sovereignty over Down the Rabbit-Hole, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

1,050 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

hnn ... not sure what links to put here, so i'm providing links to the wiki instead.


This is the place one lands in after falling through the Rabbit Hole. Its called the Great Hall or the Birthing Place.

Its dimensions are extremely unclear, but its large enough that nobody can see the walls or the ceiling, and the floor is golden in colour. There's water on the floor, a thin sheet that barely covers upto your calves, and you can see the golden glow of the floor under your feet.

Its almost like the floor is pulsing, sending out golden light, but that's just your imagination, right?

*Even if there're more than one person in the Great Hall, they can't see each other. Imagine it as each of them being sealed in their personal bubbles.
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Down the Rabbit-Hole

You are standing in a large hall, so large you can't see the walls or the ceiling.


Down the Rabbit-Hole is a part of On the Wings of a Dream.

3 Characters Here

Belca [40] You wanna take this shit outside, brat?
Rhylea Tonneh [2] Bandersnatch Clan
[Lacey 'Alice' Liddell] Creator of Wonderland [1] Imaginary is a word to denote things that don't exist in your Reality.

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Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris
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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey hoped that Absolem would keep his promise of a swift return. He wasn't sure how many more new people he could handle meeting and the way Absolem had talked about Cheshire's contractor had sounded quite frightening, he didn't think he'd ever heard of someone being referred to as a hurricaine before but then again, he wouldn't remember if he had.

"I'm sure I'll be fine but it sounds like you're the one that needs to be careful," said Grey, "You're the one going into danger so I'll be hopeing you return safely, both of you."

This last bit he directed at Cheshire who was now a woman. Somehow this didn't surprise him, Wonderland had already proved that it was something different, clearly the inhabitants were going to be the same.

"Oh, by the way," added Grey, as an afterthought, "Thank you for the hot chocolate, it was very nice. I don't feel thirsty anymore."

From what Absolem had said about the Jabberwocky, it sounded like pain would be a small price to pay for a chance at escape, he was sure he'd be able to endure anything if it meant saving a life.

"Don't worry Absolem," he said, "If it comes to a situation like that then I don't care how much pain I'd have to go through if it means we both get away. I don't want to let you down."

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#, as written by Bani

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

"Know it? Its one of my favourites! I could recite the whole thing off the top of my head."
Belca paused, remembering the sheer amount of pages.
"Well, maybe not the whole of it." she conceded, "but the gist."

"Eragon..." she nodded, smiling one of her rare smiles at the boy. He had good taste in books.
That reminded her, she had to give him a name. She couldn't just keep calling him a boy for the rest of .... however long she would be here.

"It's just my imagination," she heard the Lady muttering to herself.

Trying to follow her thoughts - which was stupid since Belca may be many awesome, ass-kicking things, but she was not by any means a psychic - Belca suddenly got a very faint, almost not there smell of something rotting.

"Is there a burial ground or guard.


Where had she....

Hell no.

No way.

But it added up, didn't it?
Queen of Hearts, Duchess with an affinity towards pigs, Wonderland ....

Her head thumped on the table before her.

"Don't tell me." she groaned. "Seriously? Alice in Wonderland? Since when was that Wonderland something this twisted."

A possibility suddenly occurred to her.

Of course! This meant she was dreaming the whole thing up!

"The Jabberwocky is something fearsome? Like, the top of the food chain or something, right?" she asked, straightening up with a faint smile.

What was to be afraid of, if this was her dream, she could control it. And even if she couldn't, it was fine, because she would always wake up.

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Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris Character Portrait: Duchess Sophie Vespre Character Portrait: Belca
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Duchess Sophie

The Duchess looked on in alarm as Belca banged her head against the table.

"Good heavens child, are you alright," she asked in a slight panic, "Cook! Fetch the pepper!"

She found this to be very odd behaviour and wondered if the girl had experienced a seisure or something similar, the last thing she wanted was for the girl to come to harm, even if she was very rude and ill mannered.

"I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about," she said as Belca brought up something called Alice in Wonderland, "It sounds like something my boy would read."

Honestly, her she was trying to talk about something serious and the girl was spout some nonsense.

"I don't know about the Jabberwocky being the top of the food chain as such but it's definitely something to fear," she said darkly, "It's like a parasite or a disease and it spreads through living things. Rest assured, if it gets ahold of you then your life will become a nightmare you can't wakeup from so it would be in both our best interest to stay away as far away from it as possible."

She looked the girl straight in the eye, willing her to see that what she said was the truth. She hoped that she hadn't scared the girl too much but it was something she needed to know about.

"Believe me, I'll do everything in my power to protect you from anyone who means you harm," said the Duchess, "Jabberwocky or otherwise."

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey frowned, confused at himself, Cheshire had made an interesting point, why did he trust so easily?

"I don't really know why I trust either of you, maybe it's because neither of you have given me a reason not to trust you," said Grey, "Or perhaps I just see the good in people, I'm not sure."

He was a little alarmed by the harsh way Absolem was talking to Cheshire but he realised it was all part of the way their relationship worked, he supposed that neither would be happy unless one of them was trying to get under the other's skin. Grey wondered briefly why Absolem said he would have taken the first exit out of Wonderland if he was given the chance but soon gave up trying to work out the reason, the man, much like himself, was an enigma and no doubt he had a personal reason for what he said. He had noticed with a smile that Absolem had placed himself in the way of Cheshire so that he had Grey on one side an the woman on the other, it appeared that the man wasn't so cold and calculating as he let on.

"I'm glad I contracted with Absolem," he thought to himself, smiling at the man as he led him by the hand, "I don't think I'd feel as safe if I'd contracted with someone else."

But then again, was that simply because it was Absolem and he was the first person he'd met here or was it because of something else?

"Well it looks like I solved that riddle," he whispered, feeling heat rise to his cheeks.

Soon they had reached Cheshire's tree which the woman had made appear out of nowhere. Grey shifted nervously at the prospect of meeting someone knew, hopefully they'd get along.

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Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Duchess Sophie Vespre Character Portrait: Belca
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Duchess Sophie

The Duchess looked away from Belca as the girl claimed that she could defeat the Jaberwocky with ease.

"No, you couldn't," she whispered sadly, feeling tears begin to form in her eyes, tears she hoped the girl couldn't see.

She thought it was admirable that the girl thought she could take on the Jabberwocky and win but that just showed how much she was underestimating the fearsome creature, despite the fact that this girl had a rude streak in her almost as long as the Queen's hair, the Duchess knew that she would rather die than she her taken over by the blight that was the Jabberwocky.

"Fancesco!" exclaimed the Duchess, pulling herself together, "What a marvelous name, we can call him France for short. Now that reminds me of a song."

She absentmindedly began humming the Lobster Quadrille while nibbling on a cake, it really was a lovely song and was a spectacular sight when everybody danced.

"Well now, dinner should be ready soon," said the Duchess, "How about we train a little untill then."

Without waiting for an answer she opened the door to the conservatory and walked outside, picking up her croquet malet on the way. While she waited for the girl to follow she affectionately rubbed a momerath between the ears.

"I expect you to come at me with everything you've got," she called out, "Don't hold back or you'll regret it."

Looking forward to the match she readied herself, smiling. Belca would be in for a rude awakening she was sure.

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

"Well, I think so anyway," said Grey, a little doubtfully, "Sorry if I seemed obsessed with the subject, I just felt that it was an important part of who I am and wanted to know."

Grey looked away, still aware of the heat in his cheeks. He turned his mind to Absolem's riddle, it was a fairly simple one when you thought about it.

"An echo," he said, distracted by the cat jumping down from the tree with a girl in his arms.

He noticed that the girl looked a little scared, perhaps she was nervous about meeting new people too? But then again, he supposed that he would be scared to fall from that hight, especially in the arms of someone a odd as Cheshire.

"I know trust should be an issue," he whispered to Absolem, "But don't you think everyone deserves a chance?"

What was he saying? Absolem probably knew better so why couldn't he just accept what the man was saying but try as he might, he couldn't manage to block off his desire to trust Cheshire and the new girl.

"Rhia," he said quietly, trying to get used to the name, "Um, it's nice to meet you."

Wary of Cheshire's warning, he timidly held out his hand.

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Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris Character Portrait: Sinistra "Tweedle Dee" Lato Character Portrait: Destra "Tweedle Dum" Lato Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Eve V. Kimberly Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia
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Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Sinistra had been sitting around patiently sipping tea while all the other chains had rushed off to find someone to contract with. He wanted to wait until his brother made a move before making his selection but annoyingly, Destra had stayed perfectly still.

"No doubt he wants to see the type of person I pair with first." he thought to himself, "As if it would give him any sort of advantage."

He moodily swirled the tea round in his cup, it had long gone cold but he didn't care, he hadn't put enough sugar in it had no desire to finish it. Suddenly he saw a flash of brown out of the corner of his eye. There was a girl wandering around the hall that looked incredibly familiar.

"It can't be," he muttered, "Surely that's not..."

But looking at Destra, he saw the recognition growing in his brothers eyes. Without a word he began to race towards her, he had to get there first, he had no doubt that Destra would be right behind him. Finally he came skidding to a stop infront of the girl, panting.

"You!" he exclaimed, "You look just like the Rattle."

Destra/Tweedle Dum

Detra had followed his brother silently, he had to know if it was the Rattle or not. Standing behind Sinistra he began to examine the girl. Relief and disappointment swept through him as he realised that it wasn't her, though the resemblence was remarkable.

"Contrarywise," he said, "The Rattle looks just like her."

He wasn't sure what to do now although he was of the opinion that contracting with this girl would be in his best interests, even if it was just so he could have a head start on Sinistra.

"I hope my brother didn't frighten you," said Destra, taking the girl's hand, "It's just that you look amazingly similar to someone we both knew once. My name is Destra, might I ask what yours is?"

He smiled to himself, by playing the nice and polite guy he would be more likely to gain her trust, of course, the fact that Sinistra had gone rampaging up to her like a bandersnatch would probably help too.

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey nervously began to fiddle with his ponytail while humming the haunting tune again. He didn't know why but he was feeling panic starting to build up within him.

"I don't think I'm a people person," he whispered to Absolem, hoping that Rhia couldn't hear, "I'm not sure why but I'm feeling really scared."

Surely this wasn't logical, he had been expecting to feel nervous when meeting Rhia but this was just rediculous. Meeting a new person wasn't meant to overwhelm someone with fear.

"Absolem, I don't like it hear, something feels bad," he said, not bothering to lower his voice, he didn't care if Rhia or Cheshire heard him, he just wanted to leave.

He began to shuffle through his cards, trying to keep his mind occupied but his hands were shaking so badly that one of them slipped free. He watched in horror as it began to drift down to the ground. It was the Tower again.

"Danger," he said blankly just before screams began to ring out.

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You look just like the rattle. Moonlight frowned. What is a rattle? She looked at the two boys who had come up to her. One took her hand and smiled. Moonlight smiled back uncertainly. "Forgive me, I do not remember my real name. But I suppose you can call me Moonlight." She glanced at the other boy. He looked a lot like Destra, were they twins?

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Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

"The slimeball," he thought as Destra took the girl's hand, "Thinking a few smooth moves will win her over."

So the girl didn't know her name and had settled on calling herself Moonlight, how very tragic, he hated the moon and anything to do with it, unlike his stupid brother who seemed to draw inspiration from it. Under normal circumstances he would have prepared a trick to play on her using this information but lukilly for her, these were not normal circumstances, he needed her to trust him.

"I'm terribly sorry if I gave you a fright," he said sweetly, "It was the last thing I wanted to do, I was just so startled at seeing someone who looked like the Rattle."

Gently he took the girl's other hand and knelt before her and gave her his warmest smile, this would show Destra that he could be equally as sickening when he wanted to be.

"My name is Sinistra and it's a pleasure to meet you," said Sinistra bowing his head, "Moonlight is such a lovely name, it suits you very well."

He nearly gagged at this blatent lie, he couldn't think of any name worse than Moonlight, except maybe Luna. Would she see though his facade? He hoped not, his survival in this game depended on entering a contract and most of the other candidates had already been snatched up by the other chains.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

"That twisted snake" thought Destra to himself as Sinistra began another sickening display like he had for the Duchess, "He's clearly lying through his teeth."

Honestly, it was always the same, sometimes he got a little tired of the way they were always trying to outdo each other but perhaps in this case it would work to his advantage, Sinistra was clearly overdoing it and the girl would quite possibly see right through his brother. He thought it was very odd that the girl couldn't remember her name but thought she had made an excellent choice for herself in the name Moonlight. He loved the moon, it was so beautiful and mysterious, unlike with the sun, what you saw was what you got, a burning ball of gas in the sky, he could never understand why Sinistra liked it so much, no doubt his brother was wondering why the girl hadn't chosen to name herself Sunrise or something like that.

"Now that we all know each other there are probably some things we should tell you," he said, trying not to look at his brother in disgust, "No doubt you're wondering why you're here of all places, well the simple fact is, you're here to play sorts."

He wondered if perhaps he had been a little too direct, he was sure that if he'd been put in the same situation then he'd find the idea of playing a game quite rediculous, perhaps he should have substituted "game" with another word, but what? Battle? Skirmish? War? No, nothing seemed to fit quite right. he more he thought about it, the more the word game seemed to suit.

"Even if it is of a rather morbid sort," he thought, adjusting his cap.

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#, as written by Bani
[OOC: I know nothing about fencing / swords, so, yes. Bear with my ignorance? TT^TT Also, I haven't really roleplayed a non-crack fight with weapons ( and not magic or illusions or whatever else) so I'm not very sure how to properly do it. Just in case, if something appears unclear, I'm not trying to say any of those slashes - or anything in the future - hit their mark. I'm just trying to describe her movements.

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Noting the Lady had tears in her eyes that she obviously didn't want her to see, she rolled her eyes. "Well, aren't we a little ray of optimism and sunshine?" she snorted, trying not to give away the fact that she had noticed the Lady crying.

Hah! Never let it be told Belca was insensitive! Inconsiderate, but not insensitive! she mentally cheered, trying to shake off the gloominess. She hated this Jabberwocky, because he ... she ... it ... seemed to carry an aura of doom around it. Even its name made everyone go depressed and serious and whatnot.

"Maybe not right now, but we can try, right?" she waved a dismissive hand at the Lady. It was the closest thing to comfort she could come up with, without alerting the Lady to the fact that she was comforting her.

Actually, no, scratch that last part. It was the closest thing to comforting someone Belca could ever come up with. whether or whether not she was trying to be discreet. Comforting others wasn't exactly her forte. She was more of the hack and slash type than the hugs and wiping tears type. Which was perfect, since all that was for pansies anyway.

She watched her pull herself together, and blinked, feeling her respect for the other woman ( which had reached an all time low after the previous .... book incident which shall henceforth never ever be mentioned or though of because she wanted desperately to repress that memory ) go up again. No matter what else this woman was, she seemed like a fighter. Maybe not a warrior, but definitely a formidable woman if she set her mind to something.

Thank God, she would have committed suicide if she had to work together with a fancy, dainty little Goody Two Shoes.

She perked her ears at the song that was being hummed softly. She rather liked the tune. It was ... strange, but not really unpleasant. Rather catchy.

As the Lady beckoned her inside a large room thing which she was pretty sure had a fancy name ( because everything in a house as fancy as this would have to have some hard to pronounce, mouthful of a name ) but she wouldn't know it if her life depended on it, so it was good that it didn't. Because she wouldn't have a clue. She was pretty sure she had never seen something like this in her whole, un-remembered life.

"What's that?" she pointed at the ..... hammer? Was it a hammer? ... thing the Lady was holding up. Did she intend to fight with it? Well, she guessed everyone had their weapon of choice.

Noticing the little glint in the Lady's eyes, she shivered unwillingly. She would take back her earlier words. This woman most definitely seemed like a warrior right now.

"I'm not sure if I remember ..." she drifted off as she suddenly felt a jolt of something as she unsheathed her sword. It was as if the sword was a live being, leading her on.

Letting her instincts take over, she charged at the Lady, deftly performing two slashes once she neared the other.

Looking forwa

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Moonlight smiled, oblivious of what was going on through the boys' heads. "Hi, Sinistra. Um, a game? Okay. What sort of game?" Personally, she thought they were creepy, yet funny, but she didn't say so. Being in the know of what was going on would be helpful to her, and hurting others' feelings was the last thing she wanted to do right now.

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Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Cheshire Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris Character Portrait: Sinistra "Tweedle Dee" Lato Character Portrait: Destra "Tweedle Dum" Lato Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Duchess Sophie Vespre Character Portrait: Eve V. Kimberly Character Portrait: Belca Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia
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Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey squeaked as Absolem picked him up, he hadn't been expecting it and the position he was left in was a little embarassing, but he knew now wasn't the time to worry about whether he looked like a blushing bride or not. As Absolem began to run, levitating Rhia as he went, a pain began to grow in the back of Grey's mind.

"Is this what he's feeling?" thought Grey, "Surely it's not that bad."

Suddenly, the pain surged forward in a blinding burst before returning to its previous ache. It was then that he knew that he was only feeling a fraction of what Absolem was feeling, he could share Absolem's pain at a toned down level yet still know how bad it was for him.

"He'll kill himself if he has to do this for too long," he thought in a panic.

He knew that he'd be devastated if that happened, despite only having known the man for a short while, he felt that he had bonded with him, if the truth was told, Absolem was the closest thing he had to a friend. He was relieved when Absolem finally came to a stop.

"Absolem...I..." he said, voice shaking.

Silently he walked up to the man, taking his hands down from his head and holding them for a few moments before wrapping the man in a tight hug and clinging to him like a child, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He didn't care what Rhia thought, she could never understand what Absolem had done so they could get away, the man had definitely earned his trust now.

"I can't believe you were willing to go through so much pain for us to get away," said Grey, stepping away from the man, hoping he hadn't embarassed him, "Are you going to be ok to walk? Like you said, we need to keep moving."

In the distance he could still hear the din from whatever it was that had run out of the wood. He hoped that Cheshire was alright.

Duchess Sophie

"My word child," said the Duchess, shocked, "Have you never played croquet? This is a croquet mallet."

Sometimes the girl seemed so intelligent but then she couldn't even identify something as simple as a croquet mallet.

"Well now, not too bad," said the Duchess glided out of the way of the first slash, "Of course there's always room for..."

She broke of the sentence as she was forced to block the second of Belca's attacks with her mallet, it appeared the girl was a little faster than she anticipated. So the girl was fast and judging by the sound of the impact from the sword, she was reasonably strong too.

"Overall, rather decent on the offensive," thought the Duchess, "But lets see how well she defends."

Without a word she dashed towards the girl, twisting gracefully to the side at the last moment before jumping into the air and spinning around behind the girl.

"Behind you," cried the Duchess in a singsong voice, bringing the mallet down.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

"Well, there are others like you that have been brought here," explained Destra, "And as unpleasant as it sounds, you must eliminate them to win, it's the only chance you have for survival."

Destra wondered how the girl would react to this news, he wasn't sure if she would approve of the concept behind the game, but then again, she had no choice but to play, just like everyone else.

"I know it's a grim prospect but don't worry, you don't actually have to kill anyone," he said, hoping this would make it sound better, "And you get to have someone help you or perhaps protect might be a better word, all you need to do is enter a contract."

This was the moment, if she agreed to join him in a contract then he'd be in the game with a shot at winning.

"I know we've only just met but I was wondering if you might consider me," he said, shyly, taking off his cap and looking away bashfully, "If you contract with me, it'd be in both our best interests."

With luck the nervously cute display would have won her over, after that it'd be game on.

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

He watched on in disgust as his brother began to act all shy and bashful, if that was how he was going to do things then two could play at that game.

"Co-contrarywise," he stuttered, shuffling his feet nervously, "It'd be in both our best interests if you contract with me."

He was sure that the girl would overdose on cuteness any time soon, who could resist two insecure guys that were too scared to talk to a girl, he always thought this act was brilliant when trying to win someone over, the only thing that seemed to work better was the brotherly love routine that he had used to pull with Destra long ago. In any case, he was sure that he'd be the one she picked, he naturally had the warmer personality.

"Or n-n-not," he mumbled, purposefully stuttering again, "I don't want you to feel like I'm pressuring you or anythng."

He was satisfied that he had milked the act for all it was worth, soon she'd make a decision and then it would all begin.

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Moonlight hesitated. On one hand, Destra did seem really nice. On the other hand, she really didn't want to turn anyone down. "How about this?" she finally asked. "Is it okay if I contract with both of you?" Remembering what Destra had said about the 'game', she shuddered involuntarily. I hope I really don't have to kill anyone. I'd probably never be able to sleep again.

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Character Portrait: Absolem "Caterpillar" Pillars Character Portrait: Isaiah "Grey" Gris Character Portrait: Sinistra "Tweedle Dee" Lato Character Portrait: Destra "Tweedle Dum" Lato Character Portrait: Rhiannon Jakalyn Pierce Character Portrait: Duchess Sophie Vespre Character Portrait: Eve V. Kimberly Character Portrait: Belca
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Destra/Tweedle Dum

He blinked at Moonlight as she suggested contracting with both of them, he didn't really like the idea of having to work with his brother but then again, it would eliminate the risk of losing to him in the game.

"Why that's a lovely idea!," he exclaimed, forcing a smile onto his face, "That means we won't have to fight each other."

Now that he thought about it, if there had been any person more qualified to work with him it would have been Sinistra, even though they couldn't stand each other, there was no denying that they made one hell of a team when they wanted to.

"Don't you think that's great Sinistra?" he said, letting his voice squeak, "Moonlight will be like a princess and we'll be her knights in shining armour."

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

This was the perfect opportunity, now he'd be able to keep an eye on his pesky brother easilly and without fear of getting eliminated in the game, he'd work with him now but wouldn't stop trying to find a way to cheat Destra out of the prize.

"It's a brilliant idea!" he said, dancing about excitedly, "Contrarywise, We''l ber her knights in shining armour and Moonlight will be like a princess."

He thought back to a time where the contradiction in each others words had been more to defend the other's statement and knew that Destra would be the perfect ally for him.

"We should get out of here though, you can come to our home in the woods," he said, grabbing Moonlight's hand.

He looked Destra in the eye to confirm that they now had a truce, for the time being at least.

Duchess Sophie

The Duchess smiled as Belca pushed her back, the girl had recovered from her awkward position quite fast. She was about to say something when she felt a sting on her wrist, the girl had smaked her wrist with the flat of her blade, causing her to drop the mallet.

"Oh, how rude," she said angrilly, "That hurt."

The girl was in for it now, she wasn't going to hold back any longer. Elegantly she threw her body backwards in a handspring, with luck it would drive a kick in to Belca's face but really, she didn't care if it connected or not. Picking up the mallet she proceeded to throw it at the girl before bringing out a giant pepper grinder.

"You're in trouble now," she said gleefully as she began to turn the handle.

Of course pepper grinder gattling gun wouldn't seriously hurt Belca, it was really nothing more than a distraction in it's current state, but the girl didn't know that, did she?

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey raised a questioning eyebrow as Absolem claimed that he was fine, he didn't look one hundred percent but he was definitely looking a little better.

"Do you think you could have done anything to help Cheshire if you stayed?" he asked, "You did the right thing, I don't think Rhia or I could have got away without your help, I know how hard it must have been for you to leave Cheshire behind and it was just as brave of you to do it as it was for Cheshire to stay behind."

As Absolem grabbed his hand again and set off, he grabbed Rhia's, urging her to move forward too. She looked distracted by something though. Cautiously he gave her hand a squeaze to get her attention.

"Cheshire's going to be ok and he'll come find you us all soon," he said soothingly, "You heard what Absolem said, it was important for the two of us to get away."

He was conflicted inside, he knew that he should be distancing himself from Rhia because eventually they would have to fight each other but seeing her upset coupled with seeing Absolem in pain was overwhelming him with the desire to help.

"Man, I'm really not cut out for this game, am I?" he thought to himself, "But I'm going to have to do what it takes so I don't let Absolem down."

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Moonlight will be like a princess... Moonlight grinned uneasily. Princess? Perhaps not. Sinistra grabbed her hand, and she allowed herself to be pulled off by the hand. Giggling like a little girl, she pretended that everything was fine, that she had not forgotten her name, that she, Destra, and Sinistra had only each other in the world.

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#, as written by Bani

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Belca's eyes widened in shock as the Duchess suddenly threw herself back with ease and she tried to dodge the legs directed at her.

Unfortunately, the right one caught her on the cheek, throwing her off-balance.

Shit. This is what you get for letting your guard down. She berated herself belatedly. She had automaticallly assumed that after disarming the Duchess, the victory would go to her by default, and failed to pay attention to her opponent's movement. Thatt mistake could - and most probably would - have proved fatal had this been a real battlefield.

Lying on the floor, she was surprised to see the other hold up what seemed like a grinder and ... wait, how the hell was that even firing?

Not bothering to work out a logical cause, Belca rolled out of range of the gun, using her sword to deflect whatever bullets she could. Damn, now she knew why swords usually came with shields in a battle.

The continuous onslaught of bullets kept her busy, at least it wasn't very accurate in its aim. It almost made Belca wonder if the Duchess had finally lost her cool and was acting on an impulse, or underestimating her and hoping to take her down with this weak but consistent attack. Was she aiming to weaken her gradually? Wear her down?

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Destra/Tweedle Dum

They had arrived at the place Rabbit had found them previously, the garden which was like an arena, very soon they would arrive at the home that the two shared. He wondered why he still lived with his brother when they clearly didn't get along but now wasn't really the time to worry about such trivial things.

"You have to promise to keep this place a secret," whispered Destra to Moonlight, not bothering to mention that just about everybody knew where the house was, "We don't normally allow girls but seeing as you're our princess we'll make an exception."

Turning a corner he walked up to a cottage that was nestled between two large gnarled trees. A path led from the front door to a little bridge which rose over a brook. Flowers grew all along the sides of the path and house, bluebells and forget-me-nots were the most common to be seen.

"Come on in," he said merilly, he truly was glad to be back home, "We can have elevenses and you can try my cake."

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Snatching a wild rose from a nearby bush he offered it to Moonlight.

"For you, princess," he said, smiling warmly.

Even though the brothers had a truce going on they still wanted to outdo each other and right now, getting Moonlight to like them was the only outlet for their competitive streak.

"You'll probably find my pastries a lot tastier," said Sinistra, giggling, "I just hope you're hungry."

Duchess Sophie

The Duchess laughed darkly, she like the look of hopelessness on the girl's face.

"Well it serves her right for being such a rude creature," she thought desicively.

Suddenly she felt something approach. Surely it couldn't be...

"Cheshire!" she cried, throwing the pepper grinder down and running towards the prescence.

She had seen the cat at the meeting with the Queen but hadn't had the chance to catch up. How she missed the days where, had stayed by her side in the kitchen with her and her boy while the cook praised the wonders of pepper. At least she thought there had been days like that, now that she thought about it she couldn't quite remember, perhaps it had actually been a dream or a scene in one of her stories. She'd have to ask the cat when it arrived.

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Moonlight nodded. "Okay, who would I tell anyway?" Accepting the rose Sinistra offered to her, she tucked it in her hair and whirled around, smiling up at the sky. Seeing Destra and Sinistra walk further on, she raced after them, realising what she had thought earlier on was right. Like it or not, they were all she had.

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Duchess Sophie

"Oh dearest Cheshire, it's so wonderful to see you again," she exclaimed, hugging the man tight, "I see you've already met my contractor, Belca, she's a lovely girl deep dow..."

She froze, there was something wrong with the cat, looking down she saw blood smeared all over her dress and the stench of decay was all over him.

"Oh no Cheshire, not in my house you don't," she said darkly, "How dare you lead that thing here."

She wanted to slap the cat for doing such a foolish thing but refrained from doing so, it would set a bad example for Belca. Instead she helped the cat to his feet and led him inside, sitting him down by the tea and cakes.

"Although I'm furious at you for endangering my contractor and my son, I can see that you need help and I'm not one to refuse those in need," said the Duchess calmly, "With luck the pepper will keep it away for now."

She wasn't sure if this was true or not but at the very least she hoped that the smell of pepper would distract it long enough for them to get away. Silently her son appeared with a pile of bandages and a bowl of warm water which she used to begin cleaning and binding the cat's many wounds.

"Honestly, how do you get yourself into scrapes like this," she said, trying to cause him as little pain as possible while washing out the cuts, "In any case, you came right on time for dinner, at least we should have some time to discuss what to do."

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Absolem looked troubled but Grey knew that trying to read the man's mind would be like trying to thread an eyeless needle which was to say, impossible. Still, he didn't like to see Absolem worried. To take his mind off of things he began to sort through his tarot cards again, examining the details of each one. He was in the process of examining the ace of wands when he thought about how useful it would be to have a weapon like the staff depicted on the card. Before he knew it, the card was gone and in his hand was an elegantly detailed staff. Bewildered he looked from Rhia to Absolem and back to the staff.

"Umm...Absolem?" he said uncertainly, "What just happened?"

Was this the ability that Absolem had talked about or was it just the way the cards worked? He remembered back to the place where Absolem had found him, the cards hadn't been wet despite floating around in the water for several minutes. Maybe there was something magical about them.

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

Smiling he opened the door to the cottage, for some reason it always smelt of fresh baking, even if they hadn't made anything for weeks.

"Come on in and make yourself at home," he said heading towards the kitchen, "I'll make us all some hot drinks, do you like tea?"

The walls of the cottage were lined with all sorts of things, artwork, cross stitch, masks, all of which had been made by either him or his brother in an atempt to outdo the other. Sometimes it just seemed like everything was a waste of time, he wondered what he'd be able to accomplish if he wasn't always trying to best his brother, perhaps he'd have made friends with some of the other chains, then again, probably not, he was too fond of tricks for that to happen.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

Leading Moonlight inside he sat down on a sofa and gestured for the girl to take any seat she felt like. He wanted her to be as comfortable as possible before explaining the game further.

"I'm sure you must be really tired and hungry," he said, "We'll do everything to make you comfortable here,"

He considered telling her the story behind the Rattle but wasn't too sure if it was something she really needed to know, perhaps later on. For now it would just be best for the girl to relax and build her strength up. No doubt he would have to tell her exactly what he and Sinistra were capable of when it came to fighting but he wanted to avoid sharing that information for now incase she asked for a demonstration.

"Fate must think it's hillarious to give us an ability that we're too afraid to use," he thought grimly.

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Moonlight caught up to Sinistra. As she was right behind him, when he opened the door, the smell of fresh baking washed over her. Moonlight inhaled deeply, appreciating the sweet scent. I'll make us all some hot drinks, do you like tea? Hearing Sinistra, Moonlight turned. She nodded. "Yeah, tea is good. What kind of tea? Herbal?"

Looking around, she noticed the artwork and sewing that had been put up on the walls. They're beautiful, she thought. Destra lead her to the sofa and she sat, still looking around at the colourful walls. "Wow, you guys must be really artistic," she commented. "I love all the things you've put up."

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(Sorry that I didn't post earlier >A<)

White Rabbit

"Being a butler is just one of the duties I have to hold as Her Majesty's assistant, " He puffed out his small chest in pride and raised his chin slightly. "You're welcome, Ivory. Hoho, may I call you that? It's a pleasure to know that the current youth still pay attention to the past."
He watched curiously as she took extreme care with her tea, it seemed that she could be impressed by the littlest of things.This amused the Rabbit as there were much more in store for the child in such a place as Wonderland. A grin crept onto his face once more as she gazed at the girl as she eat a small portion of a cake good-mannerly. This girl was a wise choice. Thought Rabbit, maybe they could stand a chance in the Queen's game. She was intelligent, polite and took heed of his opinion. They were a strange pairing but it was certain that they could co-operate and work well with one another. The White Rabbit had never encountered a real human before, or at least, not to his memory. He had come to an assumption that they were very controversial little things, they could not adapt and they moaned about little things. It was a relief to know that at least one of them wasn't like that.

He obligingly listened to her as she made her own opinion about the Queen, "Well, y-you could say that... It's more of denial really. My manners? I couldn't say that I would still be me If I was rude!" His voice went up a notch when he said the last word before he burst into laughter once again. Indeed, the Rabbit could imagine how the others would react if they caught him slouching in his seat, "People would think I was some kind if alien. But I'm certain I'm not the only polite Chain here." He covered his mouth as he did a throaty cough before looking intensely at the girl, "Not neccasarily despise... More of how one can dislike a very strict teacher. Oho, some may not like her but I wouldn't say despise... It's far to early for them to make a proper judgement." His collar suddenly seemed to close to his throat as if to choke him and he nervously fiddled around with his tie.
"It's good to know that, hoho. Underlying thoughts? O-Of course I am loyal to the Queen!" Squeaked the Rabbit furiously, Ivory was a nice child but she didn't want her to fog his own opinion any more than it was before.

Trying to distract himself, the boy quickly glanced out of the window. His large eyes bulged and his eyebrows rose as she noticed the great difference in the appearance of the forest. The trees had once claimed bright and vivid shades, now they were black and grey positively omitting an aura of death. The flowers on the front-garden also seemed to notice these signs and were wilting at a fast rate. The Rabbit had never seen the forest look like this before since years and years ago...
No, it can't be... Thought Rabbit, as he trembled in his seat.

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Duchess Sophie

"Dearest Cheshire, you do speak some nonsense," said the Duchess as she finished bandaging up the cat, "As if my boy would make a suitable meal, look at him, he's skin and bone. No indeed, but I trust you'll find the pan fried fish that cook has been preparing to your liking."

She wondered where Belca had disappeared to, perhaps she was still outside practicing with her sword, the Duchess had to admit that she had forgotten about the girl for a few minutes whilst tending to Cheshire's injuries, still, it would be best to have the girl inside, chances were that they would have to leave soon if the pepper didn't work as well as she hoped. At least the pigs and momeraths would give her plenty of warning before the Jabberwocky arrived, they couldn't stand the thing and always rushed away in such a noisy panic as soon as they sensed its approach.

"Belca!" she called out of the window, "Come in here this instant, dinner is almost ready and you still need to wash up, besides, I want to lock all the doors for the night."

Satisfied that she had done her best and that it was all up to the girl now she turned her attention to the cat.

"So why did you come here Cheshire?" said the Duchess seriously, sitting her son in her lap, "Please tell me that you didn't leave your contractor out there all alone, what is the girl's name by the way?"

She figured that she might as well get some answers from the cat before they started comig up with a plan. The cat had endangered everyone around here so the least he could do would be to tell her what he knew.

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey looked at Rhia, equally as surprised as she was.

"I'm...not entirely sure," he said, gazing at the staff in wonder, "It sure surprised me."

If this was his ability then it would certainly be useful...provided that he could figure out how it worked.

"I am glad, I think we work well together," he said in answer to Rhia's question, "No offence to Cheshire but I don't think we'd get along quite so well, mind you, maybe that's the reason he didn't contract with me in the first place. You two will probably get along really well when you spend more time together, once he comes back to get you, I can feel it."

He meant this, he could just sense some sort of connection between Rhia and Cheshire, even if they weren't aware of it themselves he was sure they'd both discover it soon. He wondered if it was like this with all the contractors. Absolem's talk of food made his stomach rumble, he hadn't realised how hungry he was.

"Food sounds great now that you mention it," said Grey, "I didn't think it was possible for hunger to creep up on you."

Soon after he had entered Absolem's house the staff he had been carrying disappeared and in his hand was the Ace of Wands card again.

"Hm, how odd," he thought hazilly before realising that his strength was draining, "Oh dear, this can't be..."

He never finished his thought. Shadows seemed to rush in from the corners of his eyes as he lost collapsed, losing conciousness. It seemed that his new found ability had a drawback.

Destra/Tweedle Dum

He looked at Moonlight, the girl was full of surprises.

"You like herbal tea too?" he asked, "We have a mountain of different herbal teas, which is your favorite? I like rosehip and hibiscus."

Perhaps getting along with this girl wouldn't be so difficult if she kept on revealing these pleasant surprises.

"Oh I wouldn't say we're artistic nohow," said Destra, eyeing the artwork on the walls, "Rather that we dabble."

Sinistra/Tweedle Dee

"Contrarywise, if we were artistic we would be and if we would be we wouldn't dabble," piped up Sinistra from the kitchen.

He frowned to himself, how very odd, the two of them hadn't used that pattern of speech for a long time, the one where they backed up the other's statement rather than contradicted it.

"My favorite is pommegranate and grape," he said, heating the water.

Herbal tea he had to admit was the one thing that he and his brother could always agree on, of course they each had their favorites but both of them enjoyed it so much that they never bothered to fight about it, especially if it was sweetened with honey. It was nice to know that this girl was interested in it too, he found himself thinking that maybe she wouldn't turn out so bad, it wasn't like Moonlight was her real name, perhaps it was Sol or Sunny? He would have loved to find out right then but there was no way to rush that sort of thing.

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Moonlight considered Destra's question for a moment. "Hmm. I like almost all kinds of herbal tea, but I suppose I like coffee cherry tea, hibiscus, and mint best. What do you mean by dabble? It kind of sounds like dark magic..."

Suddenly, something stirred in the back of her mind. What did it mean? Moonlight blinked, remembering the question she had been harbouring for a while. "Sinistral, when we first met, you said that I looked like the Rattle. what is a Rattle?"

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#, as written by Bani

Belca ... ? That sounds about right ....

Belca stared confusedly as the Duchess suddenly ran away, leaving her on the ground alone.

Ah well.

What was it the Duchess said? Cheshire? How had she known someone was coming?

Lifting herself off the ground, she had just began dusting her clothes, when something - or rather someone - barrelled into her.
"Why you- " her voice died in her throat as she caught the stench coming from whoever it was. And then she saw the blood streaks all over his body.

Involuntarily taking a step back, she watched the exchange between the Duchess and this new person - Cheshire, apparently - slightly shaken up. She didn't mind the blood, in fact it was a beautiful colour, but this stink ....

She let them go inside, choosing to fall behind to scan the horizon. Yes, the faint, faint smell of decay had grown stronger, if only slightly. Did that mean Jabberwocky was close?

According to the Duchess, pepper put it off? That sounded silly even in her own thoughts, but the Duchess had seemed quite confident about it.

Hearing her name being called, she quickly walked in, not wanting to stay outside alone any longer than absolutely necessary. The smell itself seemed to sap away her strength and courage. She might be stubborn and arrogant and whatnot, but Belca was no fool.

❤ The Queen of Hearts ❤

"Your Majesty."

Alde opened one eye lazily, smiling her sweetest smile that promised death and blood to the person who had dared disturb her after she expressly instructed everyone not to.

Kuro flinched a little.
"Your Majesty, Jabberwocky's broken free of the Lower Level."

"And?" She asked in a bored voice, relishing the way Kuro's eyes widened.

"He's - "
"We fail to see why that should bother you, unless you want to take Its place in the Lower Prisons? Is that it, Kuro? Is that why you dare to disturb us, defying our orders to leave us alone?" Alde's sweet voice was like a whip lash now. Kuro immediately turned tail, only to be stopped.

"Seal the Palace of Hearts. See that no one outside can come in. Not even the Chains. If someone needs to contact us, we will meet them Ourself. Don't let anyone enter the Palace."

As interesting as Jabberwocky was, and was going to make things, she couldn't afford to put the Palace at risk.

Flopping down more like a petulant child than a Queen, she closed her eyes and glared at the image that was always on her mind, no matter what time it was. The only difference right now was that the image smirked back. Good, that meant she would get her answers.

Did you know this would happen?

Why do you think I would? You are the one who calls the shots here. Alde replied grumpily, sulking a little.
You are always doing things without telling me. If you keep on doing things like this, I won't play anymore. Were you the one who helped Jabberwocky get free?

The other smiled innocently, mirroring her own smile.

What makes you think that, Alde? Jabberwocky dosn't need my help. You're underestimating Jabberwocky if you think it needed me to get itself free.

She gritted her teeth.

This conversation isn't finished, Alice.

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Destra/Tweedle Dum

Destra swallowed nervously as Moonlight brought up the Rattle. Looked over at his brother for help but Sinistra had busied himself in the kitchen and clearly didn't intend to chime in any time soon. This situation was his fault, if he'd kept his mouth shut when they'd first met Moonlight then she wouldn't even know about the Rattle.

"Well, I guess I was expecting this," he said slowly, looking Moonlight in the eye, "But it's not an easy thing to talk about."

He remained silent for a few moments as Sinistra brought over a tray of pastries and cake along with a pot of green tea with mint.

"You see, a long time ago, we knew this girl," said Destra, remembering back to when they'd all spent time together, "She wasn't just any girl, she was our older sister, her name was R-R-R-Raven."

He cursed himself for stuttering but his pear of birds was so great that he could barely speak the names of them, even Sinistra had flinched a little.

"We used to spend so much time together and before we started dressing differently, she was the only one that could tell us apart," he continued, "We loved her and she loved us but then one day the incident."

Here was the hard part, neither he nor his brother had spoken about what had happened since.

"As I told you before, we dabble," said Destra, trying to keep calm, "This means anything from artwork and sewing to cooking and...matters of the occult. When we were little we'd try to do anything we could to impress our sister and outdo each other. One day we found a book that had a spell in it, we weren't entirely sure what it would do but it seemed like a big thing to accomplish so we wanted to do it in front of our sister."

He was nearly in tears now, it was so painful to think about.

"Part way through Sinistra and I got into an argument and our sister stepped in to stop us but I was so angry that I threw the bowl of ingrediants we had been using for the spell at her," said Destra, his voice shaking, "There was a big explosion and a ton of smoke, when it cleared, she was gone. We didn't even think the spell would really work but whatever it was, our sister wasn't there anymore. We rushed outside to see if she had gone out there to try and trick us as a lesson for being so mean to each other but we couldn't find her anywhere, we just got chased by a montrous crow and its been following us ever since."

He hoped that Moonlight would never have to see the crow, it was such a horrible sight.

"It's all my fault," he said, tears streaming down his face, "I should have never let myself get so angry."

Duchess Sophie

The Duchess watched as Cheshire wandered off.

"That cat could never stay in one place for too long," said the Duchess to her son, "It's a pity, he was nice to have about the house."

So he had left his contractor in capable hands? Well that had to mean Absolem. Who else would the cat trust? He didn't like Rabbit and the twins were often too busy arguing amongst themselves to think of anyone else. The point was that the girl was safe and Cheshire had escaped intact, she knew that she would have to eliminate them at some point in the game but right now all she cared about was everyones safety considering what was prowling around Wonderland at this moment. Silently she beckoned to a momerath and tied a note with a warning about the Jabberwocky around it's neck.

"Take this to all the chains," she said, waving it off, "Make sure they all read it."

She would have watched the green pig wnder off if Belca hadn't chosen that moment to enter the house.

"Ah, there you are, I was wondering what became of you," she said cheerily, there was no need to alert the girl to how close danger lurked just yet, "It would appear that dinner is ready, I hope you like fish."

Smiling she led the girl to the dining room, and then seated herself, prepared to eat.

"Belca, before we begin, I just want to warn you that we may have to leave at a moments notice," she said, trying to sound casual, "Can I trust you to be ready?"

Isaiah "Grey" Gris

Grey woke to the smell of soup cooking, he felt so out of it, like he was still half asleep. He wanted to see what was going on so he sat up only to have his head start throbbing and his vision swim.

"Ok, definitely not a good idea," he thought, bringing his hands to his face, "Too late now, I'll just have too deal with it."

Still, he figured it would be a good idea if he didn't try to stand just yet. The last thing he remembered was walking into Absolem's house and the staff disappearing.

"What happened?" he asked of nobody in particular, "Did I collapse or something? How embarassing."

He was sure that his cheeks would have been burning red if he didn't feel like he was going to fall asleep again at any moment. Everything seemed so hazy, the couch he was on felt as if it was going to melt away. Now there was a thought, how had he wound up on a couch.

"I bet it was Absolem," murmered Grey, "He'd protect me, I'm so glad it would be him, I like Absolem."

He was sure that he was half asleep now because that definitely didn't feel like the sort of thing he would normally say out loud. He could feel the heat rising to his cheeks as he grew more and more awake, despite his reluctance. He really hoped that Absolem and Rhia wouldn't tease him. He didn't know if he could cope with any more embarassment.

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By the time Destra's had finished, tears were streaming silently down Moonlight's cheeks. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked, I... It's my, fault. I'm sorry."
She could feel the pain behind their words. Picking up the teapot, she poured out three cups of tea and handed them to the twins. Cradling hers in her hands, she stared deep into its depths, willing herself to help the boys feel better. But she could feel nothing. Everything was numb.

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Character Portrait: Jabberwocky Discordia
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#, as written by Grahf
Nightmare March.

Jabberwocky owned the forest. There was no question of it. The smell of decay filled the air, the trees were blackened skeletons with claws reaching upwards. The animals, those that were not in thrall to the beast, lay in rotting heaps near the pit from which the being emerged. Booby traps. With the woods under control...the next area would be the Duchess' home. All was going according to plan, soon the castle would be under it's control. Then the way out of Wonderland would be in it's grasp.

A parade of degenerates moves through the woods, a mass of arms, teeth..screaming in a thousand voices. At it's head is the rider. For a moment it had thought of chasing the cat, then Gina, little innocent Gina had a wonderful idea. "Why not bring more of our friends? We could have a P̧͎̝͚̙̱̹̗̎ͬ̍ͮ͌͝͡͠͠ͅA̵̧͈̯͍̯̤̹̫͓͍̙̝̠̓̽̓̏̍̂́̒Ṟ̴̷͖̹̪͚̘̜̼̳̃͗ͣ̊̍̃̆̇̎̒̑̊̂ͪͬ̓̑ͮ̿T̢̢͓͓͓̞̞̭̺͉͔͚̗̣̬̺̯̫̲̝͛͑̉̈́̊ͧ̔ͣ̄̂ͭ͡͡ͅÝ̧̭̭̮̺̤̬̝̱͔̱̅̇̀͐ͬ̅̔̿͛͟!" Why not indeed? So, as the being waited, it's mental force swept the forest, gathering to it some of the largest beings it could control as well as a horde of smaller ones as fodder. Now the seething mass of corruption swarms towards the smell of pepper.

Jabberwocky, sitting astride the massive Tibbs reaches down and grasps the spinal column of a passing freak, and rips it free. With a flex of it's mind the vertebrae change, merging together into one long bone, tapered into points on the ends. The being repeats this until it has three bone-spears, each about four feet long. A whisper from it's mass, hissing as if steam escaped a valve somewhere in it's chest, and out flows the black mist again. This time the mist acts as fingers, grasping the bones, keeping them floating about the main body of Jabberwocky. "Perhaps...a spot of T͗̿̔͂̇̊̿̿̍͊͌͐͆̓ͦ̉̊ͬ҉̞͇͈̤̬͕̦͉͇͔̳̠̦̙͕͜Ė̩͚͔̩͎̝̜̭̝̠͒̈ͤͧ̈́̎ͫ͂ͥ̌ͦ́̀͘͠Ȃ̸̵̵̪̬̩̣̠̞̲̘͚̹̦͖ͬ̽ͯ̂͐̎̇̚͘̕ͅ first...then the pig-woman."

With a savage sound, thousands of voices as one, the being roars into the sky, and angles it's charge towards the location of the Endless Tea-Party. Home of Mad Hatter and the March Hare. The mass follows Jabberwock's blistering pace.