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Lilana Heights

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a character in “Once An Outsider”, as played by merthur



| NAME |
Lilana Heights

| NICK |
Lights [Li-lana Heights], strictly.

| AGE |
Twenty Two


| ROLE |
Lone Wolf

HUMAN: Height: 4'11" ; Weight: 115 lbs ; Hair: Dark brown, almost black ; Eyes: Caramel coloured
WOLF: Height: 85 cm ; Weight: 36 kg ; Hair: Rusty Brown ; Eyes: Golden yellowish.

Running and traveling to new places.
Testing authority.
Hunting is probably her favorite thing to do, alongside running the perimeter for threats.
In her human form, she likes reading and writing, listening and playing music.

When she loses.
Bright lights, daytime, loud noises. They all spook her or annoy her, and she hates both.
Arrogant or ignorant people, they bother her because well, she enjoys her intelligence and usual down-to-earth attitude.

Quoting things.
Harshly judging others outloud.
Using horrible analogies.
Caring only about what has to be done, and not about herself.
Overworking herself.

Her primary mode of living is focused internally, where she deals with things rationally and logically. Her secondary mode is external, where she take things in via her five senses in a literal, concrete fashion. She has a compelling drive to understand the way things work. Good at logical analysis, she likes to use it on practical concerns. Typically having strong powers of reasoning, although she's not interested in theories or concepts unless she can see a practical application. She likes to take things apart and see the way they work. Lights is fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make her own decisions about her next step. She does not believe in or follow rules and regulations, as this would prohibit her ability to "do her own thing". Her sense of adventure and desire for constant action makes her prone to becoming bored rather quickly. Although she does not respect the rules of the "System", she follows her own rules and guidelines for behavior faithfully. She will not take part in something which violates her personal laws.

She likes and needs to spend time alone, because this is when she can sort things out in their minds most clearly. She absorbs large quantities of impersonal facts from the external world, and sort through those facts, making judgments, when she is alone. Lights is an action-oriented person. She likes to be up and about, doing thing, which means she won't sit behind a desk all day and do long-range planning. Adaptable and spontaneous, she responds to what is immediately before her. She usually has strong technical skills, and can be a effective technical leader. She does not pay attention to her own feelings, and even distrust them and try to ignore them, because she has difficulty distinguishing between emotional reactions and value judgments. This may be a problem area for her.

When over-stressed, she may exhibit rash emotional outbursts of anger, or on the other extreme may be overwhelmed by emotions and feelings which she feels compelled to share with people (often inappropriately). When down on herself she will foray into the world of value judgments - a place which is not natural for the her - and judge herself by the inability to perform some task. Lights will then approach the task in a grim emotional state, expecting the worst.

So begins...

Lilana Heights's Story


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#, as written by merthur

The most shameful thing that could happen to an Alpha had happened to her. She hadn't been prepared for an attack, and it almost caused the death of every one of her pack members. That was rough, considering there were now far and few packs, the Valley Pack had been one of the largest because almost the whole entire town was filled with wolves. None of the wolves had actually died though, but she had to offer up herself to be taken as prisoner to avoid such. It took a long time for her to escape from them, but they never broke her spirit. What did was when she returned and they had replaced her, and shunned her completely.

Now she just traveled, going wherever the land seemed to bring her. Very hippie-like, actually. Though after losing her pack like that, she hadn't been entirely too crazy to find a new home, and she doubted she could join another pack. The first pack she had run into was six months after she lost hers, and they respected her decision to stay a lone-wolf, as long as she got off their land within a few days. The next, a few months after that, had been composed of mostly males and decided she was going to go along with them whether she wanted to or not. That time she fought for her freedom, and spent weeks running from them.

A year had passed since she left, and somehow or another she ended up in Pennsylvania, the opposite side of the country from where she was from. She could smell other wolves in the woods clearly, they must have taken their home here, but she found she cared little. If they actually found her, she could escape, she was sure of it. Dropping down underneath a large tree, she kept her ears open and listening as she closed her eyes, planning on resting a little bit before moving on.