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Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime


Make a family. Live your life. Whatever happens is up to you. (Always Open)

924 readers have visited Once in a Lifetime since KayEyeEmm created it.


In a small town called Pleasantville, life is good. There is 3 schools: Pleasantville Primary (K-3), Pleasantville Middle (4-8), Pleasantville High (9-12). School is 8-3 Monday through Friday. There is the Court Square Theatre, open Friday-Sunday from 5pm-midnight.


You must make a whole family, must have one parent, child is optional.

KayEyeEmm – Johnson’s
??? - Croteau's
AshtonWolf - Wilcox's
Crybloodredtears - Hale's
Adantas - Hyland's

Appearance: (image)
Family’s Name:
Personality: (traits)
History: (optional)

Toggle Rules

Can have only 1 family
Must use skelly
Romance is encouraged

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jackie Johnson Character Portrait: Raychel Johnson Character Portrait: Isabella Johnson Character Portrait: Lizzabell Johnson
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Isabella rushed the kids up. "Come one! We got last minute shopping to do!" Raychel rubbed her eyes sleepily, as her mother picked her up.

Lizzabell started to giggle and coo. Jackie woke up and picked up her joyful baby. "Hey Lizzie baby! You want some pears for breakfast?" The baby giggles. "I'm gonna get dressed and feed her while you and Ray get ready, Ok mom?"

"What? Oh yeah." She calls from the other room. Raychel doesn't want to get up. She keeps hopping back in bed and covering up.

Jackie sat Lizze down in the highchair and opened a jar of pears. "Here comes the airplane! Vrooomm!" The little bundle of bouncy baby opened her mouth giggling.


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Keith Hyland Character Portrait: Abigail Hyland Character Portrait: June Hyland Character Portrait: Tamsen Hyland
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#, as written by Adantas
It was a beautiful morning at the Hyland's were still peacefully lying in bed. June and Keith were sitting up in bed their bedroom curtains open so they could see the lovely spring day, each sipping a cup of tea. Their peace didn't last long as two squealing girls came flying into their room, one behind the other arms extended like planes.

"Quick! Look out!" Cried Tamsen as she did a quick three sixty then soared onto their bed. All read expecting the parents had placed their cups down on the bedside table. Abigail who was never far behind came up and leaned on top Tami. The girls burst into a giggling mass of limbs.

"Did you see, I did it! We saved the day." Exclaimed Abby. They had just watched Top Gun that night which the girls loved.

"Morning to you too." June chuckled, "Did you guys sleep well?"

The two nodded enthusiastically. It was a Saturday morning, the weekend, and the girls were excited about having no school. There were so many things that could be achieved for the two ten year olds. Keith smiled at his two gorgeous girls and decided to ask them what they wanted to do today.

"PARK!" both yelled back. The park was their favourite place to go in Pleasantville. Having their dad cook an amazing lunch for the picnic and bringing frisbees, balls and hula hoops. June and Keith chuckled at the obvious response.

"Right then. I think we'll have a nice pancake breakfast then get ready to go to the park. Sounds good?"

The girls didn't even respond, they were too excited and had rushed off to get dressed. Keith leaned over a kissed his wife before getting up and going to the bathroom to have a shower. While he was doing that June finished off her tea and also got up. She went to her wardrobe instead to see what to wear today.

All in all it was a normal Saturday morning for the Hylands.


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Character Portrait: Jordynn Isabel Hale Character Portrait: Danielle Annmarie Hale
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Jordynn walked into her bedroom and stopped short in the doorway, her eyes on the little girl who was laying in her queen-sized bed. Danielle had come into her room sometime around two in the morning, her eyes filled with tears and her head full of nightmares. But, today, she was fine. A small smile on her lips as she obviously had good dreams.

She hated to have to wake the child as Jordynn stepped over to the bed and sat beside the girl, her hand on her small shoulder.

" Dani, it's time to wake up. Come on sweetheart," the child roused from her dreams quickly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she sat up and looked at her mother. " Mornin' mommy," Danielle said quietly, her eyes happy as she gave her mother a hug. Jordynn couldn't help but smile as she swept the girl up in her arms and stood, walking out of the room. " If we don't eat now, we won't be having breakfast!" The young mother exclaimed as she maneuvered the child in her arms, bringing a hand up to tickle the child's stomach which set the girl off into giggles. " And we have a busy day ahead of us," she continued, snuggling her daughter before allowing the squirming girl to stand on her own feet and walk down the stairs with her.

" Busy?" The intelligent child asked, her brown eyes alert, as she gripped the railing in one hand and her mother's hand in the other before walking down the steps. " Yep!" Jordynn replied, " So, I was thinking some cereal fro breakfast today because we have some grocery shopping to do."

" Honey-Nut Cheerio's or Lucky Charms?" Dani asked as one foot followed the other until they reached the bottom of the stairs, she released the banister as mother and daughter made their way into the kitchen. The curly haired mother let out a laugh, " Whichever you want, baby."

" Cheerio's!" Danielle crowed as she went over to get the necessary cutlery, her mother opening a cabinet to get the bowls. The cereal was already on the counter and Jordynn easily measured out a good amount for the girl before pouring some in another bowl for herself. " Milk?" She asked but she knew the answer, " No thank you mommy, that's yucky."

The child was simple with what she wanted but always polite to which Jordynn smiled as she poured some milk in her own bowl. " More for me then," her melodious voice teased as she picked up her bowl and spoon and turned, leaning against the counter as she picked up a spoonful of the cereal and brought it to her mouth. Her eyes were twinkling as she looked over to the 4 year old who had placed her bowl on the table and was now climbing onto the chair. She chewed before swallowing and finally said,

" Want to see if we can get some Pop-Tarts while we're out?"

Danielle turned her head, her long wavy hair flying through the air at the sudden movement, and nodded excitedly. " YES, PLEASE!"


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Abigail Hyland Character Portrait: June Hyland Character Portrait: Tamsen Hyland
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#, as written by Adantas
The family were all present in the spacious kitchen. Abigail setting the table with place mats, cutlery and cups, Tamsen getting the maple syrup, some sugar and the orange juice. Keith was over by the stove skilfully flipping some pancakes with June slicing up some strawberries and apples. Everyone was busy and it wasn't long before the batter was all gone and there sat a steaming plate of fresh pancakes. The kitchen was filled with warmth, love and of course the aroma from the pancakes. Everyone was already at the table and with one hand the steaming plate of goodness and the other a spatula Keith waltzed over, dispositing one on everyone's plate before setting the remainder down in the centre of the table.

"I declare breakfast... Ready!" Keith exclaimed in his exaggerated kingly voice. Soon the kitchen was filled with the buzzing of talk, laughter and the munching of food. The pancakes disappeared quickly and soon everyone was leaning back in their chairs comfortably full. June glanced at the clock hanging near the door. It read 10.38.
They would probably head out at about half past 11.

"Righty-o guys. Lets get this mess cleaned up and yourselves looking pretty."

There was a little bit of moaning from them but they compliantly took their plates, knives and forks and cups up to the sink. June went over to the sink and began giving them a quick rinse before going in the dishwasher. The girls then proceeded to clear the table. Keith was a little slower at getting up and while Tamsen walked past she gave him a playful punch.

"Come on Daddy. You've got to help too!"

"Haha, alright my dear. Daddy's getting up."

He went over to the stove, grabbed the pan and batter coated bowl and took them to the sink. A quick kiss to June's cheek and she moved over slightly to allow him to give them a rinse as well before placing them in the dishwasher. The girls had disappeared back up stairs to go brush their teeth. When they returned down stairs Abigail was holding a brush and hair tie in her delicate hands.

"Mummy. Could you please tie my hair in a plait?"

June smiled, knelt down and took the brush and hair tie from her. She gently swivelled her around and started brushing softly. Once she had gotten the knots out she gather her short blonde hair at the base of her head and did a small braid.

"Look at that Abby. Your hairs getting longer, I can tie more of it up." She commented when she finished tying it off.

When she turned her daughter around she was greeted by a big smile and a hug in return.

"Thanks mum."

"You're welcome sweetie."

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Character Portrait: Max Wilcox
Max Wilcox

"Yay,were going to the ball game".

Character Portrait: Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson

"Forgive me for not being perfect."

Character Portrait: Raychel Johnson
Raychel Johnson

"Let's go play tea party!"

Character Portrait: Isabella Johnson
Isabella Johnson

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice."


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Re: Once In A Lifetime

@ Adantas,I think that would be quite intresting with the story and all

Re: Once In A Lifetime

I'm sorry I just can't be in this rp :/ have too much going on so I made all the characters and people can adopt them since there is a full family there anyways :)

Re: Once In A Lifetime

Ashton- you need an adult character too.

Adantas- i will start the posting now. It wil be sunday morning. Tomorrow is the first day back to school from summer break.

Re: Once In A Lifetime

Ashton. I have had a brilliant idea. The twins will have a crush on Max and that could be quite interesting and we can see how it plays out. What do you think?

Re: Once In A Lifetime

So when do you think we can begin posting?

Re: Once In A Lifetime

The last name will be McKnight!! :)

Re: Once In A Lifetime

Gonna submit a family soon :)

Re: Once In A Lifetime

hopefully I'll have my family up sooon

Re: Once In A Lifetime

Just to clarify for everyone, when I said parent is required, child is optional, it means your hosehold MUST have an adult. A 13 or 17 year old character cannot live alone. You can however only have a 20 year old with no kids if you like.

Re: Once In A Lifetime

You know, I'm vaguely confused. "Parent is required, child is optional". If you don't create a child, then how can you possibly be roleplaying a parent? :v

That aside, I will be submitting two characters. Neither of them are children, neither of them are parents. I hope that's acceptable.

EDIT: Nevermind on the submitting two characters. Nevertheless, good luck with this.

Re: Once In A Lifetime

There really isn't a need for reservation...But I guess I can keep the last name safe.

Re: Once In A Lifetime

um...can i reserve a family named the Wilcox's

Once In A Lifetime

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