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a character in “Once Upon A Fairytale”, as played by LostRiver




Nala, The Lion King

-Dying alone- Nala is not necessarily afraid of dying. She knows it will happen, but she is extremely afraid that she may one day die with no one around to console her.

-Betrayal- Not only does she dislike committing to anything, she is afraid of it because she is scared that she will be betrayed.

-Fire- It is quite beautiful to Nala, but it is frightening to think of how much destruction it can cause.

-She has been meeting up with Scar and some others from the Pridelands.

-Despite her loyalty to friends, Nala constantly moves from relationship to relationship because she is afraid of commitment. However, she tells people that she does it because it is fun.

Nala is the type of girl with two sides to her: the free-spirited, positive side, and the fiercely loyal side. On one hand she is the type of girl that can simply make a person laugh. She loves to make people smile and has the uncanny ability to brighten up anyone’s day. She has an easy-going attitude toward life and is able to change her entire persona to blend perfectly with the group of people she is with. However, on the other hand, making her angry has serious consequences. When Nala gets angry, she goes all out on her anger. Angering her may have consequences ranging anywhere from the silent treatment to complete social downfall.

Nala always seems to be friends with everyone. She is constantly waving energetically to everyone she passes and smiling at people whom she doesn’t know. However, consequently, this large amount of friends means that she never becomes too close to any singular person or singular group. Nala is always talking and laughing with someone different and she both enjoys that and hates it. She enjoys that she always gets to know new people, but she also hates that she is never really considered anyone’s best friend. If asked, she would say that Simba is her best friend, but she has doubts that he feels the same way.

The other side of Nala is the more frightening side. While Nala has a copious amount of friends, she is also passionately loyal to each and every one of them. If a friend is in need, Nala will drop whatever she is doing and go to their aid. Nala is all for friendly jibes, but she will not stand for anything that goes against her morals. That includes disrespect, boasting, and above all betrayal. Nala believes that if she or anyone was kind enough to trust you, betraying that trust is the worst thing you could do.

Nala is a playful, mischievous girl who is easy to be around and easy to get along with. She often speaks animatedly with many hand gestures and a twinkle in her eye. She makes people feel comfortable and accepted. She is faithful to anyone and everyone that lets her be, but is not afraid to let you know what she is thinking. If she thinks you are wrong, she will let you know. This seems hotheaded to most, but it is perfectly acceptable to Nala. She believes that you have the right and obligation to let a person know if you are angry with them.

Nala was born into a family of three: her, her mother, and her sister. Nala and her older sister, Toka, were a year and a half apart and had different fathers, but neither of those aspects ever mattered to either of the sisters. Not only did it not bother them, but it also brought them closer together because from a young age, they found a way to bond over their similar situations. Although Simba was always Nala’s best friend, Toka was Nala’s go-to person when it came to girl advice.

Nala and Toka’s mother was a caring woman who did not do such a great job at conveying those feelings. She had not planned either of the pregnancies, but still showed amazing affection when it came to caring for her daughters. She did whatever it took to keep the family together, but she was not very concerned with the happenings in either of her daughters’ lives.

When Toka passed away from a lung infection at the age of ten, she left eleven-year-old Nala and her grieving, depressed mother behind. After the initial mourning process, Nala’s mother became fiercely protective over her remaining daughter. Although Nala hated the strict rules and regulations her mother had set in place, she understood the reason why her mother was so overly-protective and often times, she cut her mother slack.

After Toka’s death, Nala had become infinitely closer with Simba. Initially, Nala had a bit of a crush on Simba, but due to her commitment issues along with several other factors, Nala opted to simply stay best friends with Simba. She did not regret the decision at all. It gave them the opportunity to be close to each other without anything being awkward.

Despite the underlying depression between Nala and her mother, they had a pretty great life until the battle began. Somewhere in the chaos of combat, Nala’s mother was caught in the crosshairs and Nala watched as her mother’s life was taken away from her. Immensely angered by the cruel death of her only remaining family member, Nala sided with Neverland and fought ferociously in the Great Battle. She was badly injured in battle, but refused to stop despite Simba’s attempts to get her to rest. When the fighting had finally died down, Nala dropped, on the brink of death. However, Simba was the one that tended to her injuries and stayed with her until she was back on her feet.

Nala still loves Simba like a brother, and doubts that that will ever change or evolve into anything more or different. She loves Neverland, but occasionally becomes nostalgic about their time in the Pridelands. Despite this, she believes that it is best to not dwell on the past for too long.

So begins...

Nala's Story