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beauty and the beast


Only so much can happen in a time and this is different then beauty and the beast but has similarities. But its different. A girl gets kidnapped from her home. By a man. Amazingly handsome. But as she learns she is there as his prisoner. He wants a wife to break a curse he has. Because once upon a time he was a nice guy he would never have kidnapped someone but now here he was kidnapping someone. He didn't ever want that. Back then he was in love and was to marry but it was broken off because he found out that she only wanted his money. So his curse was to become mean until someone loved his cruelty. He would only look human at night. And a monster in day. (Change is allowed) Will she ever love him? Will their marriage ever last?

The Kidnapped || FC: Barbra Palvin || Taken by SaxyLady15

The Beast || FC: Jay Ryan || Taken by Lvdwilt2000

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Belle smiled, nodding slowly. "Of course.." She looked down at him, slowly sitting up to give him the child.


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Vincent watched as he was handed his son Alexander. "Was there any other dreams you wanted Beauty?" He looked down at his son. This was something he never thought he would end up getting was a child that he would have to care for. But then again he never thought he would be fixed from the spell.


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"Just to live out my days with our family." Belle raised an eyebrow at Vincent curiously.

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