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Eclipse "Clip" Shadowfang

An honorable wolf samurai following the teachings of Bushido.

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a character in “Once Upon a Time”, originally authored by Talisman, as played by RolePlayGateway


Courtesy of ~chrissi-dinos of Deviantart.

The naked blade of the katana's has Luck and Chance on the blades. Under the kimono he had a layer of chain mail and under that, his bare skin is heavily scarred. His fur is a dark gray down his back and sides, but a snow white starting at his chin and going down his chest. The katanas are black in both hilt and sheath and the blades are polished sharply.


Despite his beastly appearance, he is a honorable being. He speaks with an educated dialect, although his tone is bestial in nature. He is extremely kind to all beings including humans, who others of his race despise. He has a high sense of honor, not tolerating disrespect, harm onto others, and abuse of those less fortunate. However when pushed, he can can become extremely angry devolving into a bestial blood-lust to which honor is but a bloody memory. He also has strange habit such as howling at a full moon. He is also extremely confident in his abilities and carries no fear with him.


The twin katanas, his clothes and various essential items like flint, needle, thread, bandages, and other things. He is also known to carry a number of throwing stars within the folds of his Kimono. Under his Kimono is an iron ring mail shirt that has been extensively repaired.


Born as a pup to a great hunter and huntress, he learned about hunting, tracking, and living off the land from them. As he grew up though, his village of wolves had to move constantly because of the threat of humans and one day then humans finally caught up. His entire village, including his parents was slain in front of his eyes. Alone and wounded across the eye, he set off on his own through the forest. Many years passed as he became more and more feral until one day he came across a human. The human was dressed in a Kimono and held a katana at his side.

Still hurt about what the humans had done to his family, he attack the man. Or rather, Tried to attack the man. The man easily held the beast off, but made no effort to slay him. After hours of struggle the beast collapsed from tiredness. The man stood over him and looked down upon him. "Kill me! That all you kind good for!" He said in fractured language. The man knelt by the beast and spoke softly and with conviction. "Those who kill for the sake of killing are worse than scum." The man placed a hand and petted the beast, noticing the scar on his eye. "I see.. You have learned this lesson well. You have great potential my son. Join me, I will see that you are rested and fed. And if you will, I would gladly teach you my way." Deciding it was better than dying outside and living like a feral animal, he took the man on his offer. "My name... Eclipse Shadowfang." The beast said. "And you may know me as Sensei Xhu."

Xhu had turned out to be a retired samurai. Xhu taught Eclipse in the way of the warrior, Bushido, and the ways of the katana. Xhu quickly found out that Clip, as he was came to be known by, excelled with wielding two blades instead of one. Xhu had distilled a strong sense of honor within Clip, who eventually swore to seek justice on those who dare to commit injustice. To help those less fortunate, and to spend his life working towards the greater good. Xhu came to see Clip grow up from a pup into a full fledged wolf. Clip ended up towering over his Sensei at seven and a half foot. This was when Clip was sent into the world by himself. He left without hatred in his heart towards man, for it was the nature of the beast.

So begins...

Eclipse "Clip" Shadowfang's Story


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Eclipse kept his paws up during the entire exchange. Of course the elf would be cautious, who wouldn't? Especially with one such as him. He stood at an even seven foot when fully erect, his beastly size however hid his speed and agility thanks to his wolf heritage. While it was true that smaller wolves would always be faster and more agile than him, he could easily out maneuver a human, and perhaps be a match for even an elf... If he could get close enough to one without being turned into a furry pincushion.

"And it's a pleasure to meet you, Lunqa. I am Eclipse Shadowfang, student of Master Xhu," He said in a bow. When he straightened he gave a rumbling chuckle. "Indeed. I haven't found many my size. So, where do you come from... If you don't mind my asking." He said respectfully.