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Kira (Reks)

A female wolf that wants to be accepted.

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a character in “Once Upon a Time”, as played by GenericUserName


Name: Kira (Fakes her name to be Reks)
Gender: Female (Pretending to be male)
Race: Wolf
Description: Kira is a maned wolf, and therefore very fox-like in appearance. She stands at six feet tall with an impressive look for a girl of her species. She has a skinny build, but still looks muscular enough to pull off being male. Her legs are long, allowing her to easily kick anyone who gets in her way. Her claws are long as well, adding even more to her kick. She likes to keep her claws sharp, even though she doesn't have much of a reason. Her fur is scruffy and dark red, with black on her scruff and around her neck in a mane. Her mane is long and looks almost strange. Her stomach is white, mixing into the red from the rest of her fur just a little toward the edges. The tip of her tail is white, like a fox, with a large line of black fur separating the white fur from the red. Her legs are all black as well, the fur seems to be just a little shorter on them though. Her eyes are a piercing green that adds to a frightening look. Her teeth are all sharp, due to her still young age, she hadn't chipped or worn them down any yet. Her voice is a little gruff sounding, but mildly human and sweet for her species. When she is under the personification of Reks, she drops her voice to a much lower, darker one. It becomes very gruff but still holds a slight amount of that female tint to it. She walks on two feet like most, but has a tendency to walk on all fours when she is tired or needs to move extremely quickly. Her movement is somewhat dainty, which she hates.

As far as clothing goes, Kira is always wearing her armor. She wears tight and thick armor, to hide the fact that she is a girl from any other wolves. She wears a tight kind of leather armor chest plate, that is thick and nice for battles. It is best when deflecting the attacks of other wolves though, seeing that she is used to that the most. On the back of this chest plate is a hook for her scythe. On her shoulders are two rusted metal shoulder pads. These belonged to her father, and she wears them almost all the time, which explains why they are so rusted now. They are plated downward, almost like samurai shoulder pads. On her hands is a simple pair of leather fingerless gloves. These aren't for protection, but more or less helping her to grip her weapons. They are hard to pull off, but it also hard for her weapons to go flying from her hands, so she quite likes them. As far as pants go, she is wearing tight black shorts that reach down to her knees. These have leather armor sewn onto them. The leather armor is sewn onto the outer thighs only, letting her stay comfortable when she needs to run quickly. On the left leg, the armor is not sewn to the very top, allowing her to stick her dagger here. On her feet is a pair of leather "shoes." These aren't really shoes at all, seeing that the toes and heel are cut off to allow her paws to not scratch them, but they do protect her feet from the ground in most cases. Above the "shoes" is two shin guards, also made of leather. They are only there to prevent her from hurting herself when she attempts to kick.

Now for some pictures....

With armor. Ignore the actual wolf though.

Without Armor


Personality: When Kira plays the part of herself, she is quite kind. She will help just about anyone that is in trouble, regardless of race or looks. Sometimes, she's a bit of a pushover, but she can fend for herself. She will often attempt to help, but end up hurting everyone else in the process. When this happens, she gets extremely depressed and goes off by herself. She never means to injure others, she just ends up doing so. she only wants to hurt enemies, so she tries to make up for hurting allies by tying bandages and apply medicines. Of course, she knows nothing of these traits, so she is more likely to cut of your blood circulation or put you in a medicine induced coma than actually treat your wounds... When she isn't in battle, Kira will smile and make jokes, not all of which are funny, but many are directed toward her own race, especially the males. She likes to tell the stories of Reks, and how he came to be. She's not bad to talk to actually, if you can get over the fact that she's a six foot tall wolf. Kira is the one in the group most likely to attempt to skip out on training or work, seeing that she would much rather sleep, but that doesn't mean that she won't fight. Kira really needs a leader to function correctly. When she is angry, she will growl, snarl, or snap her jaws together loudly. She isn't about to put up with anyone who insults her, because she knows that she can fend off any that try...

As Reks, Kira becomes a very smart tactical wolf. She'll think things out just a little, before barging in and attacking. She has a tendency to try and sound tough, which backfires in most cases. She gets angry at comments on her being girly or feminine, because she doesn't want people to figure out that she is female. Sometimes, she'll yell at you for what sounds like no apparent reason, but that's really just her being over cautious over her male form. She's much more likely to fight in this disguise, because it's what people expect. She is still rather friendly, almost acting like a little boy from time to time, but she often notices she's doing this and goes into a tough spurt again...


Weaponry: Kira has many weapons, but most of them are attached to her body. Her favorite kind of fighting is kicking her enemies mercilessly, but there are times where her best options seem to be her claws and fangs. She is quite skilled with maneuvering her feet to hit just right, but if all else fails, she uses the claws on her feet to deal even more damage. When she's not kicking, she'll lash out with the long claws on her hands. These are nice and sharp, just like those on her feet, so they can be quite damaging. She doesn't like to resort to biting opponents, but can. Sometimes she does feel snappy and bite, though this is only when the situation is dire. In the personification of Reks, she has a tendency to kick less and claw more.

Her actual weapons are two different blades that look like they wouldn't make a very good combination. One is an Ironwood Twist Dagger. It is long and easy to carry, so it adds to her light footed attacking style. The dagger itself is extremely light, therefore making it nice for throwing as well. She usually fight with the knife as as primary, holding it in front of her in her left hand. Her other weapon is a wooden-handled scythe. This scythe is only five feet tall, and its wooden handle makes it light compared to most scythes. She holds it behind her back with her right hand. She the swings it around with one hand, often missing, but it still works. As Reks, she seems to prefer attacking with the dagger only.

Wooden-Handled Scythe

Ironwood Twist Dagger


History: Kira was born a member of the wolves. Her odd look, mostly due to her appearance, made her a bit looked down upon by all of her comrades. She also was one to get into fights and battles, just like most other wolves, but her dear mum and dad wouldn't let her go out and fight for fear that she would hurt herself. The whole group treated her as though she was to weak to do anything, because she looked like a fox or she was a girl. She hated that more than anything, and soon enough, was trying to come up with a plan to stop it. The first plan was to roll in mud to make her fur dark brown, but her mum just got angry and made her take a bath...

The day that finally pushed Kira over the edge was the day that a group of males began to pick on her. She was only a young wolf at this point, but still wanted so much to be like the others. The males decided that they were going to start calling her a fox. They called her a fox female that was no good and useless. The insults weren't exactly clever, but they still hurt her. She wasn't a fox, she was a wolf, just like everyone else... She knew she was a girl, and that there weren't many of them, but that didn't make her weak. She began to train when her parents weren't home, attempting to grow strong so that they would stop teasing her... Unfortunately, that didn't work out. They still picked on her, telling her that she would be better if she just practiced magic like all of the other foxes or maybe if she would just cook and clean like women were supposed too. This only riled her up even more...

One day, there was a raid by a few loner wolves that had teamed up. They killed Kira's mum and dad, along with many of the other members of her pack. During Kira's grief, she also saw a chance. She decided that Kira was dead, she had been killed alongside her parents. Her body was just taken away by the loner wolves when they were kicked out. It was then she took on the persona of Reks, a hardy young male wolf that had been there the whole time, under everyone's noses. They only believed her ruse because she smelled so familiar. She was shocked to see that all of the male wolves that used to tease her were actually sad to hear that she was killed. She just tried to ignore this though. Soon, she was going on hunts with the boys and providing for everyone. She was a skilled fighter and an even better hunter. She would have lived with them forever if it wasn't for the conflicts.

She left after she watched her pack hunt down and kill a large group of humans. She didn't understand this, and therefore, left. She is now wandering around as a lone wolf, unsure of what to do with her life with no pack around... She couldn't figure out what life was like without a pack. Bored and with nothing to do, she began to sneak around and attempt to stalk others to listen for news. When she heard of the Ravagers, she thought that maybe she could come in and help... At least it would be worth something to find a group that might accept her. She decided it was best to remain under the disguise of Reks, in case something bad happened.

So begins...

Kira (Reks)'s Story