Owari Hihiiro

This is no Fairytale. This is my life.

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a character in “Once Upon a Time”, as played by Zix



HAtes the image human being evil. He is working to set the humans name right though most humans set him back. He has traveled the world for a year and is familiar with the worlds flaws. He has many friends in low and high places.


Weapon: http://i49.tinypic.com/igyq2s.jpg


A member of a royal family in the Capital of Anachrosia. He grew up thinking all species were weak compared to humans. He was taught by his uncle in the way of the blade. When he was only fifteen he watched his uncle violently slaughtered a tribe of elves. AFte rthis Max began reading up on the other species of the planet. He learned swiftly they were not as evil as he was told. He then began taking strong acts towards making humans see the error of there way. This swiftly led to him being disowned by his royal family. He then decided to travel the world trying to redeem the Human's bad reputation.

So begins...

Owari Hihiiro's Story