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Urvant, the Holy Juggernaut

A mighty crusader, whom is going to show that the humans are not just all talk. He is a renoun champion of the blade.

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a character in “Once Upon a Time”, as played by Vio-Lance


Full Name: Urvant Julius Archibald

Nicname/Title: The Holy Juggernaut

Gender: Male

Age: 44

Height: 6'8

Weight: 204


With Armor:
(Because the picture is too epic for this site...actually just too big)
(Minus the...simply odd looking green pants and gloves. Replace them with approaprate colors.)


Urvant is a no-nonsense fellow, completely warped around fighting. He is almost always seen training, or sparring. He is respectful though, of his foe, even when it is hell they go. At best, he's protective, and stalwart. At worst, he's overagressive, and overreacting.


Armor of Pelor: Armor said to be blessed by the god of life, Pelor, this steel skin offers boasting protection against blades and arrows, and decent protection against blunt attacks. It his full plate, so it does weigh quite some bit, but it is bound to him by straps, so it doesn't hamper him near as much as splint mail or other constrictive armors. It is made from steel. The kilt, a scalemail covering offers additional protection from arrows and slashes to his lower body. The light cloth cloak protects him from magical attacks to an extent, but by all means is no form of armor. The feathered just for decoration. This armor was crafted by a blacksmith over the course of 10 years, and people 10 feet from his steps can feel the ground quake as he moves.

Weapon: Shali os Aelor, Elven for "Bane of Evil". This massive claymore is made from steel and mithril. It weighs a monsterous 78 pounds, and is said to be able to cleave through stone with ease. In Urvant's hands, this wicked blade becomes even more leathal, as with his extreme strength, he can swing this deadly edge at least once every two seconds, and he can even swing with one arm! The blade's weight alone is enough to cut, and it can even be used as a club with it's blunt side. It is truly a blade of immaculate size.

Strengths and Weakness:

Extremely heavily armored- You're not going to hurt him unless you are very dedicated to your attack, and have an equally sufficent weapon.
Cleaving Power- It's completely understandable that if you're not wearing heavy armor, Urvant could cleave clean through you.
Unbreakable Will- Urvant is willing to fight to his last breath. He will take you down, even if it means the end of him.

Unbearably Slow- With such heavy armor and weaponry, it's no wonder! This literal fastest Urvant can move is a fast striding walk. It would be easily to escape this man.
No Ranged Weaponry- Self explainatory.
Vulnerable to Magic- Having very little magic defense, Urvant finds those pesky mages quite annoying.


Urvant was a noble growning up. He had the finest everything. Food, garb, knowledge...anything that a noble boy could want. But he didn't want to be a high-nosed noble. His dream was to be a knight. And so, his parrents had him training in the way of the knight by age 10. He was a squire at 12, and was one of the most stalwart fighters by age 16.

He stuck out as an individual, so he was called upon by the Order of Pelor: an order of Paladins dedicated to fighting in the name of the Great Creator. They saw his skill, and his respect for his opponent, and decided that if he so wanted, he could join their order.

He decided in a heartbeat.

For 30 long years he served the Order of Pelor, as their steadfast Champion, being the top fighter amongst their ranks. His body followed suit, becoming a muscular fortress of masculinity. He was honestly a juggernaut: A gigantic fighter, whom seemed to be unstopable.

However, at age 42, he decided to surrender his title. He was going on in years, and he knew some upstart new paladin would soon replace him. He said his farewells to the Order of Pelor, promising to keep the Great Creator in his heart for all time. He enjoyed this period of was nice to relax some, but he promised himself, even when he became old and wrinkled, that his skills wouldn't falter. He still trained every day, adorning his armor, and sparing with the Kingdom's army captains. He became a well known face around town, and was said to be quite the gentleman. But before long, he heard of this Kingdom, and the Ravagers. With the assumption that war would wash over his own kingdom, he donned his armor, and became once again the Holy Juggernaut that he was in his youth.

So begins...

Urvant, the Holy Juggernaut's Story