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Aletta Jensen

My collection isn't complete.

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a character in “Once Upon Tomorrow”, originally authored by phoenixheart, as played by RolePlayGateway


Aletta Jensen


Which fairy tale character your character is descended from:
The Little Mermaid

Physical Description:
Aletta stands at 5'6. She has an athletic build. Aletta has red hair and brown eyes. She generally wears tough, long lasting clothes, generally leathers and thick wools. She is rarely seen without her goggles.

Any other Background info:
Aletta is a skilled mechanic and prides herself on being able to fix just about anything that's thrown at her. She has a tendency to collect odd trinkets and old machines.

So begins...

Aletta Jensen's Story


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Aletta put down the soldering iron and lifted her goggles to inspect her handiwork. Turning the board over in her hand, she made sure that the wire was touching the metal labyrinth and that the solder had no bubbles. Satisfied with her work, Aletta put the board aside and turned to the casing. It had once been a music box, battered to pieces, but still a music box nonetheless and she was determined to see it restored.

Aletta ran her hand over the tools she had laid out, instinctively reaching for a small hammer to tap out the dents. Slowly, Aletta began working on the largest dent in the silver case. While she was working, the screen above her desk lit up. Aletta lifted her gaze to look at the screen, still hunched over her desk. "Your presence is requested on the deck." Godmother's electronic voice was tinnier than usual. I'll have to look into that. It was possible that she was imagining things but the last thing the ship needed was the AI failing on them.

"Noted." Aletta said, still tapping at the silver case. Aletta wasn't sure how much time had passed when the screen lit up again.

"Report to the bridge." Godmother said more forcefully.

"Considering I know how to shut you down, I would have thought that you would be nicer to me Godmother."

"I am artificial Aletta. Anything passing for 'nice' is a quirk of my programming, not a personal choice."

Aletta put her hammer down. Maybe she look into reprogramming Godmother. It might make her more bearable than she was now. Aletta tidied her desk, purposefully taking her time. The screen lit up again. "I am tidying my work area before I report in the interest of safety Godmother. I am not a child."

"Hook and Gale are waiting for you."

"I know."

Aletta rose from her desk and stretched out before leaving her room on the ship. She headed down to the bridge. Thomas and Hook were stood waiting for the rest of the crew. "What's happening?"


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Always an early riser, Nathan got up early and took in his surroundings. He having worked under a military man, he'd been on ships before, but not one like this. It was very interesting to compare and contrast. This one was designed more for cargo carry rather than the more weaponized battle ships he was use to. Oh it still had defensive and offensive capabilities, from what Nate had seen in the past few months. He learned how to fix and work many types of weapons from hand to hand to ship mechanisms, and loved every minute of it. Needless to say he was impressed. He made a habit to train early before his charge woke up and had his own shield device around her when she slept. Looking over he saw her passed out still with her blankets everywhere. She had had another nightmare last night about that day again. He had hope by now the dreams would stop plaguing his friend, but they hadn't. Still Abielle continued to live on despite loosing her family and love. It would be nice to see Abielle give a genuine smile again, but he could tell that her current smiles weren't real.

Shaking his head, he quickly closes the curtain separating his quarters from hers and gets dressed.

By the time he's done training, he gets the memo from Godmother to head for the bridge.

"Roger that. Thanks." he told the AI.

Funny name for an AI system, he thought before heading to his room. When he got back, he noticed Abielle was still asleep. He takes down her shield generator and shakes her elbow, ready to move in case she accidentally hits him again like that other time.

"Abbi, wake up!" he said.

Instantly her arm comes up and Nate moves out of the way just in time.

"Abbi, come on now." he tries again.

Abielle groans and slowly opens her eyes.

"Morning sunshine." chuckles Nate.

"What? It's too early." Abielle grumbles.

"Um, we are needed on the bridge, like right now." he said.

This got Abielle's attention and she instantly sits up. They weren't often called to the bridge so it had to be important. Not wanting to be late, the white hair woman gets up and starts getting things to wear. Seeing his cue, Nate immediately goes to his side of the room and clothes the curtain to give her privacy.

"Thank you." he hears her say.

He also changes out of his training clothes and uses a device to give him a quick 'clean up' before changing again.

It wasn't long before the two walk towards the bridge where they saw the others. Abielle looks at the screen and sees a planet before them.

"Is that Earth?" she asks.


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“Glad to see that everyone has made it.” Dr. Hook smiled as the last of the crew members made their way to the bridge. “Now that we’re in orbit around Earth, I can brief you all on the mission. As you all should be aware I’m a collector as well as an educated historian well-versed in the ways of ancient Earth.”
“Yeah, yeah quit blowing your own horn and get to the part where any of us should care.” Thomas interrupted.
“Yes… well I’m also quite wealthy as a result of my collection and that wealth, for many of you, will be the sole incentive on this mission, especially after we retrieve what’s down on the surface. However, I do hope for all of you to take home an intellectual reward from this experience as well.” He said with an accusing glare cast at Thomas.
“Anyway, back to the mission. This ship is equipped with a multi-terrestrial transport, or MTT, that will serve as our way down to the surface and as a means of transport on the surface if needed. You have all been selected specifically for your unique individual …talents. There’s no telling what kind of security may be down there, but you can bet that what we’re after will be heavily guarded. Just because there’s no life signs, doesn’t mean there’s no danger so stay alert at all times. You all have two hours to get prepared, double check your suits to make sure they fit properly, make sure your oxygen tanks are filled and then meet back at the MTT. So, if you have any questions now’s the time, otherwise you’re all dismissed.” Dr. Hook paused and waited so the crew could ask any questions they might have about the mission as he knew the detail he had given were sparse.


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Abielle and Nathan listened carefully. Abielle could feel adrenaline coursing through her veins. She couldn't wait to get started. She wondered what they would find exactly? Unlike the some of the others, she nor Nathan didn't need the money. Well, she felt Nathan deserved some of money for years of service, but he was insistent that most of the money he would receive would go towards the Orphanage they opened. Having been an orphan himself, she understood his need to help those who were in his situation.

Nathan could see how eager Abielle was to get going. She always held her heart on her sleeves. Her late father had seen to it that she lived a normal life, which was hard considering all of the issues and conflict that happened. As he listened to Dr. Hook, he glanced at the others on the bridge. He made sure to get all of their names down quickly. Communication would prove critical soon. Having been in hostile and unknown places before, he would make sure to do his duty to help protect the group. Having eagle eye vision, he couldn't recall the last time he missed a shot. It also helped he was agile, but he could adapt also.

When Dr. Hook asked for any questions, Abielle found herself asking one, "Just what exactly are we looking for?"

Nathan smiled at Abielle. She had the tendency to ask the most direct questions.


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Character Portrait: Abielle Sumerton Character Portrait: Galina Vlaskis Character Portrait: Alice-Louise Isla Character Portrait: Dr. Maxwell Hook Character Portrait: Nathan Locksley Character Portrait: Cpt. Thomas Gale
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Dr. Hook could feel every eye on him after Abielle asked the simplest question. Simple, yes, but he couldn’t explain right now that he was using one fairy tale artifact to find the rest of them and that he had no idea what artifact they’d find. Thinking fast, he came up with an excuse.
“Well… You see, I have a… device. This device is an ancient locator that has been calibrated to lock onto a unique radiation signature that only these specific artifacts put off. The radiation is harmless. So basically I follow this device and we don’t know what we’re getting until we find it. But I’ll know it when I see it.”
“Seriously?!” Gale interrupted. “You dragged us all out to this wretched planet and you don’t even know what it is we’re looking for!?”
Dr. Hook pulled out his enchanted compass and showed it to Gale. “This thing will lead us all exactly where we need to go. If you have a problem with that, we can turn around and go back …empty handed. However, if I don’t get my artifact, nobody here gets paid and while you may be okay with that, I doubt the rest of the crew here would agree. We’ve got the best protective gear. There’s nothing to worry about.”
“Fine, but if you get yourselves killed no one get paid either, remember that.”