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Once Upon Tomorrow

The Chariot


a part of Once Upon Tomorrow, by SugarNspikeS.

Welcome aboard, now sit down and shut up.

SugarNspikeS holds sovereignty over The Chariot, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Cpt. Gale's Ship run by the AI, Godmother.
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The Chariot

Welcome aboard, now sit down and shut up.


The Chariot is a part of Once Upon Tomorrow.

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Galina“Red” Vlaskes [0] "I can find anyone...for a price"

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Dr. Hook / Thomas Gale

Maxwell made his way down the corridor to the bridge, curious as to what was taking his crew so long. He got to the bridge to see Captain Gale staring at the monitor by his chair with a look on his face that showed he was running countless equations and calculations in his head.
“Something wrong?” Maxwell asked.
“Just running a few numbers. The radiation levels are a bit higher than I expected, but it shouldn’t be anything the suits can’t handle. Aside from that, all the readings are as expected; no flora, no fauna, not a drop of water left in the oceans… completely lifeless.” Thomas sighed.
“So did you locate the co-ordinance I gave you?”
“Well it was difficult, but based on the geographical data downloaded from the satellites still in orbit, Godmother was able to pinpoint the location you were looking for.” He said as he punched in a few buttons and the view screen zoomed in on the planet to show a dilapidated building and a bunch of old jets in the surrounded by nothing but a bunch of sand. “What did you say they used to call this place?”
“Area 51, I think. “ Maxwell answered. “So is the transport vehicle ready to go?”
“Everything’s all ready to go and I’ll monitor you and the crew from orbit. We’re just waiting for the crew and then you can brief all of us on the mission details.”

“Yeah, what’s taking them so long?”