Christian Jean-Claude Belizaire

I'll look around, have a good time, it's summer after all.

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Name: Christian Jean-Claude Belizaire
Nickname: Chris
Age: 20
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Likes: Looking good, women, money, hockey, making money, partying, making others look bad, exotic expensive food, France, his picture taken
Dislikes: Poor people, fried food, when his accent is made fun of, sweets, rainy weather, cheap clothing, being ignored
1. Fears that he’ll disappoint his family (father)
2. Disownment
3. Scared of his older brother
4. Pitch black darkness

1. Inherit Belizaire Inc
2. Being recognized
3. Retiring to a remote village near the sea in China
He thinks he may be attracted to both genders…
But he has not yet admitted it to himself

Personality: Christian is a cocky, arrogant play boy that loves to flirt and play around with girls’ hearts. He enjoys partying and fooling around. He’s tried a bit of drugs and drinks regularly. However, despite his irresponsible side, Christian is an ambitious young man that will take what he needs to by any means possible without regrets.

History: Christian comes a very traditional, well-off family of conservative French aristocrats. He is the younger of two sons of the esteemed Belizaire family. His father and mother are the co-founders of a business that produces almost everything to toilet paper to automobiles.
He was spoiled but at the same time, he was unable to get away with things like bad table manners or disrespect. He had to learn many languages and is fairly fluent in most of them with only a slight accent. His parents were always comparing him to his seemingly “perfect” older brother and has a lot of built up resentment over that. He is visiting Maui to observe on whether it would be worth extending his family’s company to the island.

Place of Origin: France

Theme Song: Power by BAP
Anything else: He’s a nice guy once he decides the person is worth respecting but other than that, Christian’s a complete jack as*.

So begins...

Christian Jean-Claude Belizaire's Story


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Christian Jean- Claude Belizaire

Christian woke up with a splitting headache and a an empty bottle of wine in his lap. His spacious living room was messy and trashed. He'd thrown a party last night for the richest people in the state. Many young heirs had come instead of the older more respected presidents to Christian's disapointment. He had been hoping to meet some of the more powerful, influential people there and fall into some good graces. However, most who came had been snot-nosed brats just wanting to have a good time. They guzzled up all of his best wines and champagnes. The blond man seethed just thinking about the failure of the night. All that trouble for nothing! He threw the bottle angrily on the ground, flinching as it shattered loudly on the hard wooden floor.

Nevermind the hangover, none of the Kealohas had showed up. They were probably one of the most important families on the island, in the state! Christian stood, dusting off his slept in jeans with his hands. He stepped around the broken shards of glass. Heck, it wasn't like this was his house. He'd call the cleaning people and they should take care of this right up. He went to the kitchen, took out a freezing water bottle out of the fridge and drank it down thirstily. The icyness made him feel more alert and he stomped into his room to change into something cleaner. An hour later, Christian was dressed in a ironed red swim shorts along with a custom made collared button down that was freshly laundered and pressed. he had
He slipped on some leather sandals, grabbed his money and the keys to his rental car. It was shiny and sleek and it had an open top just how Christian Jean-Claude Belizaire the fourth liked it. He flipped open a compartment and slipped on some expensive shades that probably costed more than a microwave or a small laptop. He liked having the best.

Anyway, he had heard from some other tourist that a bunch of Native were taking some tourists out for an outing. He couldn't really get himself to be thrilled about what was planned.... but Kealohas would be there. Best way to create business was to get close. And with his obvious good looks, money, and powerful name, who wouldn't want to get close to him?

He drove to some weird studio of some sort and sat in the car, waiting until he saw some familiar faces. It was really annoying to get up so early for some silly little trip, but business was important and this was business. He lowered his shades and winked at a couple of young joggers running in short booty shorts and sports bras. They blushed and tittered, and Christian grinned, feeling absurdly confident. He loved himself, seriously. If anyone was perfect, it was him. Maybe he'd find some naive gullible Native to seduce tonight.


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Hiwalani-Noa bent over and placed her forearms on the wooden floor, looking straight ahead as she began to curve her lower body, bringing her legs over her head until her feet were firmly on the ground beside her head. She glanced over by the door as it opened to see her cousin (or at least one of them) walk in. “Aloha kakahiaka.” She greeted him with a dazzling white smile, bringing her legs back while pushing up with her forearms and sliding to place her hands down. Walking on her hands, she approached him before fluidly bringing herself into an upright position, wrapping him in a tender hug.

A smaller head peeped inside the door, being one of Lani's eight younger sisters. This one was Aikane. Her big brown eyes were wide as she whispered rather loudly. “Lani! There's a haole in a fancy car outside. That one that's been hanging around you. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. The one you called a ule.” Lani peeked over from Kai's shoulder and made a soft "tsk tsk" before releasing her cousin. “Aikane - Go work on your hula for the junior pageant in mom's studio. You know she'll be there soon. Kai, I'll be back in a second.”

She offered a devious smile before shimmying past him and her sister. She fluffed her hair some more and adjusted her bikini top a little more to show just a bit more cleavage before walking out the front door with her natural seductive sway in her elegant strut, flipping her hair in that rich-girl way. “So, you are...mmm. Stalking. Yes. You are stalking me?” With her thick native accent, Hiwalani struggled to find the proper word in English. She knew the language well, but often forgot a few words.

She leaned against the car, crossing her arms over her chest with a light grin, an upbeat hum coming from her. She could see males passing by stopping with floored jaws, drawn to her melody. She ended it abruptly and watched as they waved bashfully before scurrying off to work. She glanced over a bit, curious of Christian's reaction. She knew he would be affected by it, of course, but every guy had their own way of expressing attraction. She didn't like the guy at all and had been enjoying pulling his strings since the day they met, but her game had only just begun.


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Christian Jean-Claude Belizaire

The Natives here were so fun to play around with. Christian had already received four different numbers from attractive female individuals. Hopefully, none of them were the clingy, emotional type that wanted commitment. He hated sleeping with the same girl twice, though he had some exceptions once in a while. The day was really bright and Christian grumbled, swiveling his head toward the entrance of the studio. This was irritating. Then Chris's eyebrows rose as the gorgeous Kealoha exited, coming straight toward him.

She was tan and curvy. Lot's of leg, he noticed with appreciation that were toned from all the swimming. That was one sexy lady, Chris couldn't help but stare. She had some tattoos that added to her appeal. She flipped her hair and Chris smirked at the confidence she displayed. His lips pulled back even further as she leaned against his car, giving him a nice view of her chest. Damn, she was hot.

“So, you are...mmm. Stalking. Yes. You are stalking me?”

Christian just smirked at her for a second. "I was merely waiting for your lovely self to show up." He spoke in that slow husky drawl that had girls blushing and stuttering. "In fact, I wanted to ask if you'd like to go sailing with me today." The French aristocrat pushed his glasses up into his messy blonde hair, his blue eyes twinkled invitingly.

Though in the corner of his mind, he couldn't help but wish it was that little blonde girl he met a few days before. Brunettes were a nice second choice but Christian preferred the petit blondes. What was her name again? Emily was it? Christian raised an eyebrow at the Kealoha questioningly even as he made plans to find the blonde afterwards.

Kai Kealoha

Kai smiled with mild awe as his cousin expertly walked on her hands. He returned the hug warmly. The young man was really glad that Hiwaloni-Noa had decided to stay for the summer. He was about to reply but his younger cousin Akane popped her round face in.

"Lani! There's a haole in a fancy car outside. That one that's been hanging around you. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. The one you called a ule.” Lani peeked over from Kai's shoulder and made a soft "tsk tsk" before releasing her cousin. “Aikane - Go work on your hula for the junior pageant in mom's studio. You know she'll be there soon. Kai, I'll be back in a second.” After his Hiwaloni-Noa left, Kai crouched down to give Aikane a tight bear hug.

"Morning, Kiddo. How's your dancing coming along?" He asked as she giggled and wrapped her arms around his tan neck. It was moments like these, that Kai wished he had a larger family. Everything was so much more lively with more people.

"Great! We have pageant soon!" She chattered excitedly, large eyes glowing with energy. He listened a few more moments about all her dances and how hard she had to practice before he let her go to his aunt's studio. Kai walked back outside to see what what taking Hiwaloni-Noa so long. Blonde hair, blue eyes... Kai's normally smiling lips pulled back into a straight line. It better not be who he thought it was.

Stepping out the door, Kai's mood instantly soured. His black eyes narrowed as his cousin and Christian Belizaire conversed. That man had been calling their house nonstop inviting them to a party or whatever. It disgusted him.

"Morning," Kai grinned at the tourist though it didn't particularly reach his eyes. He straightened his sturdy shoulders and tilted his head in a disdainful attitude at the stocky blonde. Then he turned to the slightly older young woman, "Ready to hit the beach Hiwaloni-Noa?"


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Hiwalani lifted a brow, sure that maybe he just hadn't heard her - She didn't let it bother her though because she had plenty of future chances to serenade him into madness. “I was merely waiting for your lovely self to show up. In fact, I wanted to ask if you'd like to go sailing with me today.” The young woman lifted a brow and tilted her head side to side before parting her lips to reply. Before she could, her cousin came out and intervened. He didn't seem happy; At least his eyes didn't. “Morning. Ready to hit the beach, Hiwalani-Noa? She smiled softly as Kai made no qualms about abruptly stealing her away from the Frenchman that had been blowing up the Kealohas' phones for a party. She was swimming and babysitting last night so she had blown him off completely after promising to be there.

“Yeah, let me just get my bag.” She smiled as her mother pulled up in a large SUV, the doors immediately opening on all sides as girls and boys poured out of the vehicle. Hiwalani-Noa was one of fourteen children; Her mother seemed to give birth to litters at a time. Her older sister Lilo was the eldest and only one born single; Hiwalani-Noa was a quadruplet, the other three being males. Her mom waved and blew a kiss. “Pehea ’oe, ipo?” She moved over to kiss both her daughter and nephew on their cheeks. “Maika ’i, makuahine. Actually, mister Belizaire was asking me to go sailing with him later.” She smiled and turned to the blonde, muscular male. “I have a few things to do but I can certainly try to pencil you in. If I can't make it, why don't you come camping later?” She winked and moved away from him, heading inside with her brothers and sisters only to get her bag and keys.

Kai smirked and turned his face away, hiding it. The spoiled blond prince was glowering, his eyes narrowed at Kai with annoyance and dislike. The Native was rather amused by this whole ordeal. His cousin could definitely hold her own at least, putting the pretty boy back in his place in a heartbeat.

Then the SUV pulled up and out came his auntie whom he adored. She made him feel like another son with her motherly attitude towards him. He accepted the kiss graciously and laughed as the kids pranced around him for Kai's attention. When the group headed inside, the tall Islander gave one final salute to the fuming blonde man and grinned when Frenchie sent him a pathetic glare.

He got in his van without looking back and revved up the engine waiting for Hiwa. He'd cruise around town a bit, looking for any friends that might need a ride then they'd head to the beach for another great day.

Hiwalani snatched up her bag and keys, locking her studio behind her before bidding her siblings goodbye. “Aikane, here. You can have the four-wheeler for today.” She grinned at her sister before heading outside once more. Her gaze fell on Christian and she sauntered over to him. Placing the tips of her fingers against his chest, she leaned up and against him with her lips against his ear. “I'll see you tonight under the full moon light.”

Her voice was soft and eerily beautiful as she sang into his ear, using her Siren Song to transfer her will to him, ensuring that he would seek her out that night. She took a moment to admire the usual dazed and hypnotized, love struck look that went into a man's eyes when she used her ability before kissing his cheek to seal the deal and quickly jumping into the passenger seat of Kai's van. She had yet to reveal to anyone about her Siren Song, so she just gave Kai a sheepish smile. “Don't worry. I'm not even mildly interested. I'm just setting the pieces in place for a slow descent into madness. Now, let's go hit the beach!” It was likely too early for any tourists to be too far out so she could swim for a little while. She pulled out her phone and quickly ran her fingers across the keyboard.

To; Doug
Hey babe ;D Wanna take an early morning swim? I got breakfast and booze!

She smiled as her cousin drove out to their usual spot, both of them singing "Wheel in the Sky" horribly off key to the point of practically screeching, often unable to finish a verse because of bursting into laughter. She was becoming happier with her choice to stay home for the summer. As they pulled up to the beach, she was the first to hit the sand, laying out her towel and slipping off her pants, stretching out and enjoying the view. “So - I've got this really great plan for later tonight. Especially concerning one Mister Belizaire.” She called out to her cousin, a smirk on her face.