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Name: Douglas Moore

Nickname: "Doug, oh and not to forget Blondie!"
Age: 19
Power: Douglas' ability is Earth Manipulation. He can shape, create and manipulate earth, sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, metal (only to a certain extent) and other earthen minerals. He can compress and liquefy any earthen minerals. He can create weapons, walls, and incredibly strong armor. He can even cause earthquakes, mudslides, quicksand and avalanches. "Quite a cool power I'd say!"
Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Surfing
  • Volleyball
  • Star gazing
  • Affection
  • Music
  • Deep conversations
  • Working out
  • Sea food
  • The sound of thunder
  • Singing
  • His guitar
  • Flirting
  • Reading "I'm somewhat a bookworm yeah."
  • Parties
  • Alcohol
  • Prejudice
  • Death
  • Fake people
  • When others are hurt
  • Close-minded people
  • Drugs
  • Uptight people
  • When people are rude
  • People with no sense of humor
  • Negativity

  • Death
  • Not doing anything with his life
  • Losing friends and family

  • To find the love of his life
  • To become a successful and well-known musician
  • To make the world a better place

Secrets: Five years ago Douglas was approached on the street and was shot three times. He was placed in a coma for three months, but made a miraculous recovery. This experience is the reason he fears death.

Personality: Douglas is genuinely kind, he wouldn't do anything to hurt the ones he loves. He also has this great peaceful manner, its this huge aura he brings that makes him appear joyful and relaxed. He is very calm even under difficult circumstances. Douglas can be very quiet, but when he actually does talk he's says the most funniest things in the world. When he is around people he knows, he's energetic and quite the social butterfly.

Douglas is big on affection, he shows affection in every way possible by doing the most caring and thoughtful things. He's a old fashion gentlemen and will still hold the door for any woman. He's a flirt a big one at that, but he really wouldn't lead you on unless he had real feelings for you. That truly is the best thing about Douglas, he's real. He enjoys deep conversations, he enjoys getting to know people. He is genuine and that's the best quality about him.

If your actually starting to believe that Douglas' has the best personality here are his flaws. Douglas is incredibly stubborn, he will not change his attitude towards something at all and it can get quite irritating. His curiosity can get in the way of things and he usually gets sucked into problems that weren't even his to start with. Though whatever these problems might be, he usually comes up with a solution so his curiosity isn't really that bad. Douglas can get competitive at times but he knows not to be a sore loser.

History: Douglas Moore was born on April 3rd, 1994 in England along with his twin sister Emily Moore. Douglas was born into a wealthy family. His father John Moore was an architect and his mother Rose was a doctor so they both cashed in a lot of money. They were both very loving parents though they both were incredibly busy and never had time for their children. Douglas on his very own 15th birthday was placed into a three month coma from being shot three times. He made a miraculous recovery and he gained the attention of both his parents when he recovered. They were very much happy he was still alive and Douglas only requested that they would spend more time with each other.

Their parents both decided that it was time to stop, stop over working and just escape. They told both Douglas and Emily that they were all going to move to the small island town known as Lahaina in Maui. Their parents were going to retire from their tiring jobs and retreat as a family to this wonderful island. The location was quite random but their parents said that the island was beautiful and filled with adventure. They moved to Lahaina when Douglas and Emily turned 16. Both Douglas and Emily were thrilled, they had their parents back. Douglas and Emily were gifted with abilities since birth but since arriving to the island of Lahaina they noticed that not only did they have a abilities so did others. They wanted to fit in with the Natives and for a long time they did not. The Natives couldn't really understand why they moved here but discovering that they had abilities they soon accepted them both.

Place of Origin: England

Theme Song: N/A

Anything else: Douglas is a incredibly gifted when it comes to music. He has quite the unique voice, he does small gigs every now and then.

So begins...

Douglas Moore's Story


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Douglas shifted in his queen-size bed, his brain already mindfully aware that its a new day. Douglas grunted in exhaustion and stretched weakly. Douglas moved his head to where his great sized window would be, sunlight was beaming through his closed gray blinds. The bed sheets soared to the side as Douglas quickly got up. He moved slowly to the side of his blinds and pulled them up. Light swarm the spacious room giving it colour and Douglas weakly smiled to himself. He had the nicest view of Lahanina, the view of the mountains, the entire town, and the beach which wasn't far away from his home. Looking at the beach and taking note of the warm weather encouraged Douglas to not let this beautiful day go to waste. His plan was to go surfing and the thought of riding waves gave his heart a little thud of adrenaline.

Douglas hurried to the washroom and striped himself of his briefs. He jumped into the shower but before doing so he played his Ipod player which echoed music rather loudly through the entire house. He sang along to his favourite song, Douglas' indie voice was synchronized with the lead singer's voice. Their voices both mended well but their little sing off came to a end as soon as Douglas was done washing his hair. He dried off and stared at his naked body through the mirror. “Wow” Douglas exclaimed, he smirked, he was some what proud of his good physique. He ran his fingers through his messy beach dirty blond hair, he truly did look like a typical surfer dude. With a wink to the mirror Douglas wrapped a towel around his waist and left the washroom to scavenge his room for a pair of swimming trunks. “Aha!” throwing himself back from behind a armchair, he was holding his Hawaiian swimming trunks. He slipped them on and threw his towel towards the washroom and went straight to the kitchen to get a quick bite.

Douglas poured himself down a bowl of Lucky Charms but doing so he happened to notice a note left on the counter. Emily had left the note, Emily had left Douglas the car. Douglas smiled, his day was seemingly getting better and better. When he was done with his cereal, he went straight to the garage to get his things ready for the day. The garage door sled open, there was an all black Jeep and in the far back of the garage was Douglas’ surf board. It was long and narrow and pearly white with a beige outline. It almost felt like the board itself was calling him out, to take it out for a ride. He attached his surf board to the top of the Jeep and went quickly into the house to retrieve his wallet, phone and the car keys. Back, he entered the car, opened all the windows, tuned to his favourite radio station and was finally off to the beach.


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Hiwalani lifted a brow, sure that maybe he just hadn't heard her - She didn't let it bother her though because she had plenty of future chances to serenade him into madness. “I was merely waiting for your lovely self to show up. In fact, I wanted to ask if you'd like to go sailing with me today.” The young woman lifted a brow and tilted her head side to side before parting her lips to reply. Before she could, her cousin came out and intervened. He didn't seem happy; At least his eyes didn't. “Morning. Ready to hit the beach, Hiwalani-Noa? She smiled softly as Kai made no qualms about abruptly stealing her away from the Frenchman that had been blowing up the Kealohas' phones for a party. She was swimming and babysitting last night so she had blown him off completely after promising to be there.

“Yeah, let me just get my bag.” She smiled as her mother pulled up in a large SUV, the doors immediately opening on all sides as girls and boys poured out of the vehicle. Hiwalani-Noa was one of fourteen children; Her mother seemed to give birth to litters at a time. Her older sister Lilo was the eldest and only one born single; Hiwalani-Noa was a quadruplet, the other three being males. Her mom waved and blew a kiss. “Pehea ’oe, ipo?” She moved over to kiss both her daughter and nephew on their cheeks. “Maika ’i, makuahine. Actually, mister Belizaire was asking me to go sailing with him later.” She smiled and turned to the blonde, muscular male. “I have a few things to do but I can certainly try to pencil you in. If I can't make it, why don't you come camping later?” She winked and moved away from him, heading inside with her brothers and sisters only to get her bag and keys.

Kai smirked and turned his face away, hiding it. The spoiled blond prince was glowering, his eyes narrowed at Kai with annoyance and dislike. The Native was rather amused by this whole ordeal. His cousin could definitely hold her own at least, putting the pretty boy back in his place in a heartbeat.

Then the SUV pulled up and out came his auntie whom he adored. She made him feel like another son with her motherly attitude towards him. He accepted the kiss graciously and laughed as the kids pranced around him for Kai's attention. When the group headed inside, the tall Islander gave one final salute to the fuming blonde man and grinned when Frenchie sent him a pathetic glare.

He got in his van without looking back and revved up the engine waiting for Hiwa. He'd cruise around town a bit, looking for any friends that might need a ride then they'd head to the beach for another great day.

Hiwalani snatched up her bag and keys, locking her studio behind her before bidding her siblings goodbye. “Aikane, here. You can have the four-wheeler for today.” She grinned at her sister before heading outside once more. Her gaze fell on Christian and she sauntered over to him. Placing the tips of her fingers against his chest, she leaned up and against him with her lips against his ear. “I'll see you tonight under the full moon light.”

Her voice was soft and eerily beautiful as she sang into his ear, using her Siren Song to transfer her will to him, ensuring that he would seek her out that night. She took a moment to admire the usual dazed and hypnotized, love struck look that went into a man's eyes when she used her ability before kissing his cheek to seal the deal and quickly jumping into the passenger seat of Kai's van. She had yet to reveal to anyone about her Siren Song, so she just gave Kai a sheepish smile. “Don't worry. I'm not even mildly interested. I'm just setting the pieces in place for a slow descent into madness. Now, let's go hit the beach!” It was likely too early for any tourists to be too far out so she could swim for a little while. She pulled out her phone and quickly ran her fingers across the keyboard.

To; Doug
Hey babe ;D Wanna take an early morning swim? I got breakfast and booze!

She smiled as her cousin drove out to their usual spot, both of them singing "Wheel in the Sky" horribly off key to the point of practically screeching, often unable to finish a verse because of bursting into laughter. She was becoming happier with her choice to stay home for the summer. As they pulled up to the beach, she was the first to hit the sand, laying out her towel and slipping off her pants, stretching out and enjoying the view. “So - I've got this really great plan for later tonight. Especially concerning one Mister Belizaire.” She called out to her cousin, a smirk on her face.


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The car engine roared before Douglas turned it off. He was finally here, the beach glimmered with magnificent colour. The glistening sand was the greatest gold, the water was a clear blue, the waves would rise but fall as soon as it touched the edge of the beach. There was only a couple of people who were walking along the side of the water and Douglas frowned. Maybe it was yet too early in the morning but he was really looking forward to seeing someone he knew. About to exit his car Douglas’ phone went off, vibrating uncontrollably, he quickly opened his phone. Hiwalani, he whispered under his breath. When first arriving to Lahaina, Hiwalani warmed up quicker than the other natives did. So she was the one he spent most of his time with. With that, everyday spent with her made Douglas realize how wonderful a person Hiwalani was and Douglas cannot deny that his feelings for Hiwalani are real and still continuously remain to grow.

To: Hiwalani
I was wondering when I was going to see you again! I’m already at the beach beautiful, I'm about to go surfing. Get your cute bum over here, food and alcohol sounds good (;

Douglas quickly sent the text and exited his car. Douglas untied the ropes that held down his white surfboard on the top of his Jeep. He wrapped his arms around his board and ran off not wasting another second go by.

Douglas stared off to the horizon as the water touched his toes. There were waves every now and then but Douglas was seeking a big one. Douglas began walking into the water, holding his board at his side. The water was cool, the weather warm so it equalled each other out. When he was deep enough he let go of his board and it floated beside him. He pulled himself on top of the board and laid flat on his stomach. He paddled for a while but stopped to notice that the ocean was rather calm and that the waves had died off. I guess I just have to make the waves than, Douglas thought. Douglas concentrated, his thoughts only towards the oceans ground floor and trying to make it move. After a long second, everything shook. Douglas tried his best not to fall off his board. The water near him rose and Douglas began to paddle towards the rising water, it grew in size. Timing he remembered Roselani telling him once when giving him surfing lessons. Douglas waited, it only got harder to balance on his board but he managed. At that, Douglas sprung himself up on his board, the rising water slowly beginning to turn into a wave. It happened all so quickly, a wall of water stalked behind him and Douglas roared with excitement, he knew he had succeeded. The wave was curling in and Douglas speeded up. He threw his left arm slightly just to skin the water, this right here might have been the best moment. If only Roselani was here to see this for herself, it was incredible, the wave itself was the biggest Douglas had ever ride.


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Hiwalani played with her hair until her phone vibrated against her side. A smile crossed her features as she read Doug's text before taking a look down the beach some seeing him hit the water with his board as she grabbed her backpack and things, turning to call out to Kai. “I hate to ditch but I've got a date with Doug!” She apologized as she took off down the beach, receiving a number of whistles as her features moved with her, showing off her healthy lifestyle. She neared the other side of the beach soon enough and laid out her towel before heading for some rocks where she ensured her phone was safely sealed in its cover before slipping off her bottoms and shoving it into her backpack. Shouldering her backpack once more, she looked around to ensure none were watching before sliding into the water. She kicked her legs, propelling herself out into deeper water before feeling that familiar vortex around her lower body. Her legs had been replaced by a massive mermaid tail of several shimmering and bright colors that seemed to change with every movement she made.

Long and thick ebony locks floated all around her as she breathed in, taking in the familiar feel and taste of salt water before smiling and propelling herself out towards Doug. She couldn't deny that Doug was one of the main reasons she had chosen to stay home this summer; A lot of the bonds she had with the others weren't as strong as she wished they could be but she always felt Doug was closest to her besides her cousins. Perhaps that perfect summer romance she had been looking for had been right under her nose. She watched as he caught a big wave, grinning happily for him. She ducked her head back under the water and made her way close, thumbs under the straps of her backpack. She longed to dive deeper and return to the surface, breaking the water and vaulting into the air. But people would see - Being as she was now satisfied her enough as she swam underneath Doug's board as the wave died down. A playful and mischievous smile curled on her lips as she quietly grabbed one of his ankles before yanking on it.