Hiwalani-Noa Noelani-Mano Kealoha

"Come as my voice bids you."

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Hiwalani-Noa Noelani-Mano Kealoha

Lani, Noe, Noel, Noa, Shark Queen, and Ariel


Hiwalani inherited a power that was once her great grandmother's; Mermaid Physiology. When her legs touch salt water they become a long, heavy, and colorful tail fin that enables her to move through the water faster than humanly possible. Hiwalani has the ability to breathe underwater as well as withstand extreme underwater pressure that normal humans would find themselves crushed under. She can also understand and communicate with sea dwelling animals, forming bonds with many so that they aid her. Along with the physiology, she also holds the sacred and legendary Merfolk ability of Siren Song. The music she creates with instruments and her voice is hypnotic and irresistible. She can create a beacon that draws those perceiving it or only the one targeted towards her. This ability is irresistible, forcefully causing the target or targets to come even closer. It also gives her normal speaking voice a hypnotic charm that compels people to listen to her. She can't hypnotize people by talking to them, but she can charm them and cause them to become infatuated with her for a short while. When she sings, however, her target(s) will obey her as they fall under her spell. She can also help her friends, as the different melodies she plays/sings can have different limited effects. (Enhanced strength, confidence boost, emotion manipulation, etc)

Heterosexual - Questionably Pansexual

| Music | Romance | Swimming | Singing | Dancing | Eating | Pranking | Traveling | Cooking | Fishing | Animals | Musicals | Acting | Tricking Tourists | Running | Parkour | Tanning | Self-Expression | Body Art | Art | Being admired | The beach | Diving for pearls | Sushi | Sports | Surfing | Cooking | Sharks | Comics | Orcas | Video Games | Sunsets | Chicken sandwiches with sugar and chocolate syrup | Food | Luaus | Checkers | Leis | Flower arranging | Energy drinks | Almonds | Fruits | Dancing around terribly half naked while singing horribly off key for no reason | Skinny Dipping | Collecting treasure and seashells | Bikinis | Speaking Hawaiian around tourists to confuse them | Flash mobs | Being free | Being independent | Motorcycles | ATVs | Cheap but chic fashion | Making jewelry | Getting gifts | Poi | Lau Lau | Kalua Pig | Smirnoff | Vodka | Opihi | Saimin | Poke | Mai Tais | Okolehao | Margaritas | The beach at night | The rain | Archery | Flirting with Doug | Paintball wars | Camping | Her pets |

| Rudeness | Haole (Outsiders) | Being bossed around | Pickles | Ocean Pollution | Her beach being taken over | Horndogs | Being underestimated | Being seen/treated as a "Barbie" | Bratty kids | Bad parents | Loud people | Wool blankets | Bad diets | Bad hygiene | Bad hair days | Creativity being stifled | Bullies | Snotty rich people | Being grabbed at | Betrayal | Bottlenose Dolphins | Being told what to do | Being stereotyped | McDonald's | Being overlooked | Pitch black nights | Having things decided for her | Water parks with captive sea creatures | Haole going out to her island | Haole crashing parties | Waking up to loud tourists outside of her window | Haole demanding to take part in native traditions/rituals/celebrations |

| Being caught in a fishing net | Not finding the perfect romance | Losing her powers | Hawai‘i being lost due to the high number of mainlanders moving to Hawaii each year | Hawaiian culture being lost or mainstreamed |

| Finding the perfect guy | Having the perfect summer | Being forever young |

| She hates Bottlenose Dolphins | She's a complete comic book and video game nerd | Wraps her legs in cellophane to surf | She punches Bottlenose Dolphins | She doesn't want to be a famous singer like everyone assumes | She sneaks into Water Parks and rescues the animals | The group doesn't know about her Siren Song | The tourists don't know about her secret island hangout |

When people first look at Hiwalani all they see is a sexy young woman with nothing going on in her head. She's actually a lot smarter than she looks even if she can be a bit of an airhead sometimes. She's a wild child who believes that life should be lived to the fullest extent. She's always been allowed to do what she wants and go where she wants whenever she wants. She dropped out of school so that she would have more free time on her hands, not caring much for a sheet of paper stating that she was as smart as the average human. She loves helping people in the community and can often be found running errands if not swimming about. Her life is all about the now, though she does think about the future. Her plans for the future mostly revolve around being self-employed. Her love for nature bids her to spend most of her time there and she often expresses her wish to live in the jungle or on a boat.

While not an extreme nature activist, she does well to politely remind people not to litter - Though her temper concerning littering is shorter with the Haole. Ah, concerning mainlanders. She doesn't hate them all. Just the rude ones. Which generally means the Americans. She loves to travel and prides herself in her knowledge of and ability to respect other cultures. Most mainlanders who come to her home get under her skin because of the way they act; They litter, they take over the group's special beach, and they make fun of their culture while bossing around the locals. While normally a sweet woman, Hiwalani does not stand for such disrespect. She often shows bitterness towards the mainlanders. She loves to pull playful and harmless pranks on locals but she has been known to drive a mainlander or two into insanity using her powers since staying home for the summer. She is very defensive of her home and her culture and her friends.

Around the natives, she's known for being very happy and outgoing. She loves getting attention from admirers though she's known among the guys as hard-to-get because she seems to be quite picky and still clings to the idea of the perfect romance, dying to meet the one guy that is going to change her world forever. About her issue with Bottlenose Dolphins - Since she was young she has always hated Bottlenose Dolphins and how the media portrays them as gentle creatures of the sea. She has witnessed first hand their attacks on newborns, humans, and other innocent sea creatures. Nobody knows but she often picks fights with them when she's swimming around.

Born to Leilani and Kaleo Kealoha, Hiwalani was a rather spoiled (but polite) child. Her mother's side of the family owned Hiʻiaka Studio where many people went to learn Hula among other dances as well as how to play several instruments, sing, act, and paint, being the best Arts school on the Island. Her father's side of the family owned the Kealoha Beach Bar&Grill, the biggest and most successful restaurant/Bar&Grill on the island. Both businesses were nearby each other and the beach. Lani was allowed to do whatever she pleased so long as she stayed out of trouble, as money was of no object to her parents. She was five when her powers manifested, shortly after her maternal grandmother's death. She kept her powers a secret from everyone, even going so far as to wrapping her legs in cellophane and wearing a wetsuit so she could surf without being discovered, not wanting so much attention and unsure if it was normal.

She was fifteen years old when she dropped out of school and begged her parents to let her travel in the summer - She had an older sister who left the island to become a singer and her parents agreed to let her join her sister's summer trips as long as she was home for the pageants. Her summers were spent with Lilo, performing as a backup dancer/singer when she wasn't searching for the perfect summer romance. She had many small sparks, but nothing that was ever perfect, so she would soon fly back home to work for her parents and soak up the sun. She wasn't always close with the group she hangs out with now; They once ostracized her for her jetting off in the summer and she never understood why. One night she left out late for a swim and headed for a small island where her secret lagoon was located. What she didn't know was that her cousin Kai was there exploring. He didn't see her go into the cool lagoon waters, but he did see her massive tail as she dove deeper and soon ran to tell the others.

Of course they thought he was lolo, so they sort of staked out the lagoon the next night and saw that what he said was true, though they were shocked to see it was Hiwalani-Noa. They approached her and most of them apologized for being jerks, informing her about the issue with tourists and why they didn't like her abandoning the locals during the worst time of the year. She didn't know because her parents never talked about it and the few tourists that came around during other times of the year weren't that bad. They asked her to stay the following summer and help them deal with the troublesome Haole. She didn't mind at all and agreed to help stir up some trouble.

Place of Origin
Lahaina, Maui

Theme Song
#Beautiful - Miguel & Mariah Carey
Obsessed - Mariah Carey
We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

Anything else
Family - Kai, Roselani, and 'Marlon' are all her cousins.

Champion! - Not her, but her father. Lovable as he is, the man has an ego and has reigned as Surf King for the past twenty-two years.

Tattoos - Both of her arms are covered from shoulder to wrist. Her left arm is decorated with several Hawaiian deities: Kāmohoaliʻi the Shark God, Nāmaka the Sea Goddess, Ukupanipo another Shark God, Hiʻiaka the Hula Goddess, and Kuula the Fish God, the blank spaces filled with designs such as waves, leis, and sea creatures. Her right arm features a more ancient tattoo, one denoting her family, rank, and social status. Her others include one on her belly, left hand, and right thigh. As well as a Hibiscus plant stretching up the right side of her body.

Piercings - Her piercings include her bottom lip (on both left and right sides), her right eyebrow, her tongue, her navel, and her ears from tip to base.

Creative - Hiwalani has made a point to excel in dancing and and music related activities; She has mastered the piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, and the ukeke. Her dance forms include hula, fire dancing, freestyle, swing, ballet, samba, tango, and belly dancing.

Language - Lani has picked up on several languages during her past summers including Spanish, French, Greek, Japanese, and Portuguese. Her initial languages, however, are Hawai’i, Polynesian, and Samoan. She used to and sometimes still struggles to find the right word in English due to hardly speaking it.

Jobs - She has few set jobs and as Lahaina is a tight-knot community, she offers help to everyone. She has her own studio to teach dance and vocals at during the weekdays from morning until noon, she sometimes stops by her father's place to help out there, she has now been asked to give boat trips for whale watching and diving for the tourists. She resents the job, but the last guy quit.

Her Beloveds
Kealoha Family Board

Pele the Scalloped Hammerhead

Jezebelle the orphan Orca

So begins...

Hiwalani-Noa Noelani-Mano Kealoha's Story


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Saturday - June 1st, 2013 @ 7:30am

| Outfit | I Gotta Feeling |

Hiwalani-Noa smiled in her sleep, rolling over as her dream went on; Her dreams were basically reality as she dreamed often of basking in the rays of the sun on her island, Ukupanipo. She had been visiting the small island since she was a child and nobody else ever went there - With the recent exception of her friends and cousins. She had named it after her favorite Hawaiian God - And her father's nickname. But her dream didn't last long, being rudely awakened by her little sister pouncing on her at the same time her alarm clock went off. “Ho`âla, kaikua'ana! Ho`âla, Hiwalani-Noa!”, Lulua‘ina screeched. The brunette groaned and rolled over, taking Lulua‘ina with her as she hit the floor.

“Waiho!” She grunted, grabbing the chubby little girl by her feet and dragging her out, quickly running back into her room and slamming the door. Her day was starting early - She looked over at the clock and shook her head. What eight year old was up and screaming at seven thirty during the summer?! At least she was going back home today and Lani could get some stuff done without Lulu in her way. She was in and out of the shower in a flash, slipping on her favorite black bikini and a pair of capri sweats before scanning her dresser.

Most women her age had loads of makeup scattered across their room - Not her. She hardly had any hair ties. Her dresser was covered with pictures and piercings - Of which she grabbed a few. An anchor for her navel, a light up one for her tongue, her favorite industrial barbells, and a glow in the dark pair for her shark bites. Admiring her piercings and tattoos, she ran her fingers through her hair and fluffed the knee-length locks before grabbing her Jericho backpack while sliding on her lucky bracelet and heading out, calling out to her father. “A hui hou! Aloha au la ‘oe Makuakane!” She was out the door before her father could reply, knowing he was there to pick up Lulu and was probably fixing her breakfast.

She grabbed the keys to the blue four wheeler parked in the dirt driveway, soon peeling out and heading away from her home on the beach into town. She stopped at several stalls and small shops to pick up things that were placed carefully into her backpack; a couple of apples, some sandwiches, a bottle of whiskey, and a container of cherries. All that she needed to start her morning. She made a few other stops to deliver a few things to the elders as well, but she had one ultimate destination in mind.

Now? Off to Hiʻiaka Studio to meet the others before heading out for the day - She was really hoping to go camping on Ukupanipo tonight after the big beach bash. Her last two weeks were spent babysitting her little sister and working at both the Studio and her father's restaurant and she finally had free time that she intended on spending well. She parked outside, unlocking the doors and slipping inside where she headed directly for Studio Mano where she taught and began her stretches.


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Kai Haku Kealoha

The tall young man cracked open an eyelid as the sun's rays sneaked its way into the spacious dark room. He was curled up at the bottom of the queen sized bed, wrapped in blankets despite the typical warm weather of Lahaina. His body felt stiff and the now-eighteen year old groaned quietly. At the moment, the last thing Kai wanted to do was go outside for some activity that required a lot of movement. Yet... it may be just what he might need. Blankly, Kai bit his lip and began to unravel his lean body from the blankets and the bed, stifling a curse here and there. When the Native was finally standing right side up, Kai walked slowly to his closet, dark eyes searching for something suitable inside. He rolled his shoulders, trying to loosen the soreness.

Reaching in, Kai grabbed a long sleeved t-shirt that was an off white in color with a black smiley face in front. Then Kai grabbed some black swim shorts printed repeatedly with white flower of all sizes. Dressing gingerly, Kai poked his head out the door of the room, his black hair was all messed up and with one hand, he brushed a comb through it hurriedly. It was a big house, especially for just two people, but one could never be too sure. Glancing around quickly, Kai made his way carefully and quickly across the hallway, he slipped into the bathroom. There, his hand pulled his tooth brush out the holder, brushed his teeth, washed his face and peeked out the door again.

Usually after one of his... tantrums, his father slept in well into the afternoon and it was only seven. Stepping out, Kai Haku Kealoha grabbed his keys and his wallet before silently going down the stairs. Beer bottles and cans were everywhere so Kai looked before he stepped, trying to make as little noise as possible. It was second nature to the young man now. Thankfully, Kai would be moving out soon. He was blessed that money had never been a problem in his life.

Kai took a deep breath as the sun hit his face, stretching out his arms and tilting his head back. He was glad he hadn't stayed in. After inhaling deeply and stretching the soreness out of his body, Kai got into his great big white van. He started driving toward the grocery store. The cooler in the trunk would have to be filled. And since his father owned about a third of the businesses here in Maui, Kai felt that he should pick up some slack and get the goodies for the trips the group went on occasionally. He didn't mind. Pulling into E 'ai Kakou owned by Erewaka Kealoha, he ran in, smiling cheerfully at the other customers and waving to familiar faces. It wasn't like he actually paid, there really wasn't any need to, so he grabbed three bags full of snacks, ice, and drinks. Threw the ice and drinks into the cooler, and went back to driving. He was a bit early, but it should be fine.

He wondered what they were going to do today. Something dangerous would be awesome. he could use some of the adrenaline now. Kai pulled into the studio Hiʻiaka Studio and grinned as he saw the shine of blue of Hiwaloni-Noa's car and sauntered inside. She was a pretty cool person and Kai was glad that she wasn't traveling this summer. It would be some nice quality family and friend time. He really had no problem with any of the gang. It was just that they had invited some tourists and whenever they were concerned, Kai was slightly wary. Though so far, he thought most of them were pretty cool.


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Hiwalani-Noa bent over and placed her forearms on the wooden floor, looking straight ahead as she began to curve her lower body, bringing her legs over her head until her feet were firmly on the ground beside her head. She glanced over by the door as it opened to see her cousin (or at least one of them) walk in. “Aloha kakahiaka.” She greeted him with a dazzling white smile, bringing her legs back while pushing up with her forearms and sliding to place her hands down. Walking on her hands, she approached him before fluidly bringing herself into an upright position, wrapping him in a tender hug.

A smaller head peeped inside the door, being one of Lani's eight younger sisters. This one was Aikane. Her big brown eyes were wide as she whispered rather loudly. “Lani! There's a haole in a fancy car outside. That one that's been hanging around you. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. The one you called a ule.” Lani peeked over from Kai's shoulder and made a soft "tsk tsk" before releasing her cousin. “Aikane - Go work on your hula for the junior pageant in mom's studio. You know she'll be there soon. Kai, I'll be back in a second.”

She offered a devious smile before shimmying past him and her sister. She fluffed her hair some more and adjusted her bikini top a little more to show just a bit more cleavage before walking out the front door with her natural seductive sway in her elegant strut, flipping her hair in that rich-girl way. “So, you are...mmm. Stalking. Yes. You are stalking me?” With her thick native accent, Hiwalani struggled to find the proper word in English. She knew the language well, but often forgot a few words.

She leaned against the car, crossing her arms over her chest with a light grin, an upbeat hum coming from her. She could see males passing by stopping with floored jaws, drawn to her melody. She ended it abruptly and watched as they waved bashfully before scurrying off to work. She glanced over a bit, curious of Christian's reaction. She knew he would be affected by it, of course, but every guy had their own way of expressing attraction. She didn't like the guy at all and had been enjoying pulling his strings since the day they met, but her game had only just begun.


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Christian Jean-Claude Belizaire

The Natives here were so fun to play around with. Christian had already received four different numbers from attractive female individuals. Hopefully, none of them were the clingy, emotional type that wanted commitment. He hated sleeping with the same girl twice, though he had some exceptions once in a while. The day was really bright and Christian grumbled, swiveling his head toward the entrance of the studio. This was irritating. Then Chris's eyebrows rose as the gorgeous Kealoha exited, coming straight toward him.

She was tan and curvy. Lot's of leg, he noticed with appreciation that were toned from all the swimming. That was one sexy lady, Chris couldn't help but stare. She had some tattoos that added to her appeal. She flipped her hair and Chris smirked at the confidence she displayed. His lips pulled back even further as she leaned against his car, giving him a nice view of her chest. Damn, she was hot.

“So, you are...mmm. Stalking. Yes. You are stalking me?”

Christian just smirked at her for a second. "I was merely waiting for your lovely self to show up." He spoke in that slow husky drawl that had girls blushing and stuttering. "In fact, I wanted to ask if you'd like to go sailing with me today." The French aristocrat pushed his glasses up into his messy blonde hair, his blue eyes twinkled invitingly.

Though in the corner of his mind, he couldn't help but wish it was that little blonde girl he met a few days before. Brunettes were a nice second choice but Christian preferred the petit blondes. What was her name again? Emily was it? Christian raised an eyebrow at the Kealoha questioningly even as he made plans to find the blonde afterwards.

Kai Kealoha

Kai smiled with mild awe as his cousin expertly walked on her hands. He returned the hug warmly. The young man was really glad that Hiwaloni-Noa had decided to stay for the summer. He was about to reply but his younger cousin Akane popped her round face in.

"Lani! There's a haole in a fancy car outside. That one that's been hanging around you. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. The one you called a ule.” Lani peeked over from Kai's shoulder and made a soft "tsk tsk" before releasing her cousin. “Aikane - Go work on your hula for the junior pageant in mom's studio. You know she'll be there soon. Kai, I'll be back in a second.” After his Hiwaloni-Noa left, Kai crouched down to give Aikane a tight bear hug.

"Morning, Kiddo. How's your dancing coming along?" He asked as she giggled and wrapped her arms around his tan neck. It was moments like these, that Kai wished he had a larger family. Everything was so much more lively with more people.

"Great! We have pageant soon!" She chattered excitedly, large eyes glowing with energy. He listened a few more moments about all her dances and how hard she had to practice before he let her go to his aunt's studio. Kai walked back outside to see what what taking Hiwaloni-Noa so long. Blonde hair, blue eyes... Kai's normally smiling lips pulled back into a straight line. It better not be who he thought it was.

Stepping out the door, Kai's mood instantly soured. His black eyes narrowed as his cousin and Christian Belizaire conversed. That man had been calling their house nonstop inviting them to a party or whatever. It disgusted him.

"Morning," Kai grinned at the tourist though it didn't particularly reach his eyes. He straightened his sturdy shoulders and tilted his head in a disdainful attitude at the stocky blonde. Then he turned to the slightly older young woman, "Ready to hit the beach Hiwaloni-Noa?"


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Hiwalani lifted a brow, sure that maybe he just hadn't heard her - She didn't let it bother her though because she had plenty of future chances to serenade him into madness. “I was merely waiting for your lovely self to show up. In fact, I wanted to ask if you'd like to go sailing with me today.” The young woman lifted a brow and tilted her head side to side before parting her lips to reply. Before she could, her cousin came out and intervened. He didn't seem happy; At least his eyes didn't. “Morning. Ready to hit the beach, Hiwalani-Noa? She smiled softly as Kai made no qualms about abruptly stealing her away from the Frenchman that had been blowing up the Kealohas' phones for a party. She was swimming and babysitting last night so she had blown him off completely after promising to be there.

“Yeah, let me just get my bag.” She smiled as her mother pulled up in a large SUV, the doors immediately opening on all sides as girls and boys poured out of the vehicle. Hiwalani-Noa was one of fourteen children; Her mother seemed to give birth to litters at a time. Her older sister Lilo was the eldest and only one born single; Hiwalani-Noa was a quadruplet, the other three being males. Her mom waved and blew a kiss. “Pehea ’oe, ipo?” She moved over to kiss both her daughter and nephew on their cheeks. “Maika ’i, makuahine. Actually, mister Belizaire was asking me to go sailing with him later.” She smiled and turned to the blonde, muscular male. “I have a few things to do but I can certainly try to pencil you in. If I can't make it, why don't you come camping later?” She winked and moved away from him, heading inside with her brothers and sisters only to get her bag and keys.

Kai smirked and turned his face away, hiding it. The spoiled blond prince was glowering, his eyes narrowed at Kai with annoyance and dislike. The Native was rather amused by this whole ordeal. His cousin could definitely hold her own at least, putting the pretty boy back in his place in a heartbeat.

Then the SUV pulled up and out came his auntie whom he adored. She made him feel like another son with her motherly attitude towards him. He accepted the kiss graciously and laughed as the kids pranced around him for Kai's attention. When the group headed inside, the tall Islander gave one final salute to the fuming blonde man and grinned when Frenchie sent him a pathetic glare.

He got in his van without looking back and revved up the engine waiting for Hiwa. He'd cruise around town a bit, looking for any friends that might need a ride then they'd head to the beach for another great day.

Hiwalani snatched up her bag and keys, locking her studio behind her before bidding her siblings goodbye. “Aikane, here. You can have the four-wheeler for today.” She grinned at her sister before heading outside once more. Her gaze fell on Christian and she sauntered over to him. Placing the tips of her fingers against his chest, she leaned up and against him with her lips against his ear. “I'll see you tonight under the full moon light.”

Her voice was soft and eerily beautiful as she sang into his ear, using her Siren Song to transfer her will to him, ensuring that he would seek her out that night. She took a moment to admire the usual dazed and hypnotized, love struck look that went into a man's eyes when she used her ability before kissing his cheek to seal the deal and quickly jumping into the passenger seat of Kai's van. She had yet to reveal to anyone about her Siren Song, so she just gave Kai a sheepish smile. “Don't worry. I'm not even mildly interested. I'm just setting the pieces in place for a slow descent into madness. Now, let's go hit the beach!” It was likely too early for any tourists to be too far out so she could swim for a little while. She pulled out her phone and quickly ran her fingers across the keyboard.

To; Doug
Hey babe ;D Wanna take an early morning swim? I got breakfast and booze!

She smiled as her cousin drove out to their usual spot, both of them singing "Wheel in the Sky" horribly off key to the point of practically screeching, often unable to finish a verse because of bursting into laughter. She was becoming happier with her choice to stay home for the summer. As they pulled up to the beach, she was the first to hit the sand, laying out her towel and slipping off her pants, stretching out and enjoying the view. “So - I've got this really great plan for later tonight. Especially concerning one Mister Belizaire.” She called out to her cousin, a smirk on her face.


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The car engine roared before Douglas turned it off. He was finally here, the beach glimmered with magnificent colour. The glistening sand was the greatest gold, the water was a clear blue, the waves would rise but fall as soon as it touched the edge of the beach. There was only a couple of people who were walking along the side of the water and Douglas frowned. Maybe it was yet too early in the morning but he was really looking forward to seeing someone he knew. About to exit his car Douglas’ phone went off, vibrating uncontrollably, he quickly opened his phone. Hiwalani, he whispered under his breath. When first arriving to Lahaina, Hiwalani warmed up quicker than the other natives did. So she was the one he spent most of his time with. With that, everyday spent with her made Douglas realize how wonderful a person Hiwalani was and Douglas cannot deny that his feelings for Hiwalani are real and still continuously remain to grow.

To: Hiwalani
I was wondering when I was going to see you again! I’m already at the beach beautiful, I'm about to go surfing. Get your cute bum over here, food and alcohol sounds good (;

Douglas quickly sent the text and exited his car. Douglas untied the ropes that held down his white surfboard on the top of his Jeep. He wrapped his arms around his board and ran off not wasting another second go by.

Douglas stared off to the horizon as the water touched his toes. There were waves every now and then but Douglas was seeking a big one. Douglas began walking into the water, holding his board at his side. The water was cool, the weather warm so it equalled each other out. When he was deep enough he let go of his board and it floated beside him. He pulled himself on top of the board and laid flat on his stomach. He paddled for a while but stopped to notice that the ocean was rather calm and that the waves had died off. I guess I just have to make the waves than, Douglas thought. Douglas concentrated, his thoughts only towards the oceans ground floor and trying to make it move. After a long second, everything shook. Douglas tried his best not to fall off his board. The water near him rose and Douglas began to paddle towards the rising water, it grew in size. Timing he remembered Roselani telling him once when giving him surfing lessons. Douglas waited, it only got harder to balance on his board but he managed. At that, Douglas sprung himself up on his board, the rising water slowly beginning to turn into a wave. It happened all so quickly, a wall of water stalked behind him and Douglas roared with excitement, he knew he had succeeded. The wave was curling in and Douglas speeded up. He threw his left arm slightly just to skin the water, this right here might have been the best moment. If only Roselani was here to see this for herself, it was incredible, the wave itself was the biggest Douglas had ever ride.


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Hiwalani played with her hair until her phone vibrated against her side. A smile crossed her features as she read Doug's text before taking a look down the beach some seeing him hit the water with his board as she grabbed her backpack and things, turning to call out to Kai. “I hate to ditch but I've got a date with Doug!” She apologized as she took off down the beach, receiving a number of whistles as her features moved with her, showing off her healthy lifestyle. She neared the other side of the beach soon enough and laid out her towel before heading for some rocks where she ensured her phone was safely sealed in its cover before slipping off her bottoms and shoving it into her backpack. Shouldering her backpack once more, she looked around to ensure none were watching before sliding into the water. She kicked her legs, propelling herself out into deeper water before feeling that familiar vortex around her lower body. Her legs had been replaced by a massive mermaid tail of several shimmering and bright colors that seemed to change with every movement she made.

Long and thick ebony locks floated all around her as she breathed in, taking in the familiar feel and taste of salt water before smiling and propelling herself out towards Doug. She couldn't deny that Doug was one of the main reasons she had chosen to stay home this summer; A lot of the bonds she had with the others weren't as strong as she wished they could be but she always felt Doug was closest to her besides her cousins. Perhaps that perfect summer romance she had been looking for had been right under her nose. She watched as he caught a big wave, grinning happily for him. She ducked her head back under the water and made her way close, thumbs under the straps of her backpack. She longed to dive deeper and return to the surface, breaking the water and vaulting into the air. But people would see - Being as she was now satisfied her enough as she swam underneath Doug's board as the wave died down. A playful and mischievous smile curled on her lips as she quietly grabbed one of his ankles before yanking on it.