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When life gives you lemons...

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Name: Kai Haku Kealoha
Nickname: Koko
Age: 18
Power: Lunar Manipulation
Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Ice cream,
Spicy food,
Anything that triggers adrenaline,
Helping others,
Cloud Watching

Anything sour,
Giggling idiots,
Root Beer,
Cigarettes/ smoking,
Control freaks,

Becoming paralyzed
Closed spaces

*Dreams to become a doctor
*Of world peace ;)
*Wants to travel to at least thirty other countries
His father is a mean alcoholic and Kai tries to keep it hidden from everyone.

Kai really is a sweetie. Lots of people come to him for nonjudgmental advice and they all know he will listen until they’re done ranting without interrupting. He likes to make people feel better about themselves, so he’s very generous with the compliments… which sometimes, people take a bit too seriously, causing Kai to have a reputation for- “flirting” -with both sexes. Kai teases and pokes fun, but it’s all in affectionate humor.
He’s also a very laid back individual. He will never do something just because everyone else is doing it. Kai tends to take things in stride and go with the flow and observe before making his decisions. He always has his own motives for doing something. His personality could be described as “chill” and befriends most people fairly easily. He has sense to be logical and calm when most are in a panic. Kai is basically the peacemaker of the group, not taking sides.
He isn’t as hostile as his friends or suspicious toward strangers, but he is still protective of his home land.

Kai Haku was born to two rather wealthy parents. He was their one and only child so they did take to fussing over him a lot, but Kai was a sweet kid, he liked having fun and making friends, he didn’t ask for much.
Kai did well in school with little to no effort and his parents were so proud of him. He wasn’t a genius, but came close. Of course, little Kai nearly gave his parents heart attacks by doing things that children should never be allowed to do such as bungee jumping, sky diving, and leaping into the ocean from rocks about 150 meters high.
Then he became a young teen and almost every girls and a few boys had a crush on him at least once. He was just so sweet and charming.. and daring. He stuck up for the bullied and got hurt for it. He stood up to unfair teachers and got in detention for it. Kai played pranks that were harmless but hilarious.
He was a carefree happy child… until his mom died when he was sixteen by a drunk driver. He and his parents were so close, so very close. She was gorgeous and kind in which he inherited her traits and rather a feminine face. She was devoted to her baby and when she was gone, Kai didn’t know what to do. He had felt so lost, and his grades had started to slip. However, his friends helped him through it. They were there for him and Kai treasure each and every one of them in their own way.
Except… around the time Kai was picking up his bearings and returning to his typical cheerful self, his father took up drinking. His father soon became a full blown alcoholic and a violent one at that. Kai always took the beatings without complaint. He loved his father and the understood the pain of losing the one woman who they both loved so dearly. Because of his bruises or wounds, Kai doesn’t swim as often as he used to anymore. He swims at night, alone.

Place of Origin: He was born and raised in Maui.

Theme Song: He dislikes giving up. Kai suffers but he still keeps smiling. There's only one life, why should he waste it pitying himself?
Anything else: His compassion for others made him want to become a doctor, and because of his wealth and good grades, he was able to get into a prestigious university far away from his home. Kai always makes it a habit to come back for the summer though.

So begins...

Kai Haku Kealoha's Story


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Kai Haku Kealoha

The tall young man cracked open an eyelid as the sun's rays sneaked its way into the spacious dark room. He was curled up at the bottom of the queen sized bed, wrapped in blankets despite the typical warm weather of Lahaina. His body felt stiff and the now-eighteen year old groaned quietly. At the moment, the last thing Kai wanted to do was go outside for some activity that required a lot of movement. Yet... it may be just what he might need. Blankly, Kai bit his lip and began to unravel his lean body from the blankets and the bed, stifling a curse here and there. When the Native was finally standing right side up, Kai walked slowly to his closet, dark eyes searching for something suitable inside. He rolled his shoulders, trying to loosen the soreness.

Reaching in, Kai grabbed a long sleeved t-shirt that was an off white in color with a black smiley face in front. Then Kai grabbed some black swim shorts printed repeatedly with white flower of all sizes. Dressing gingerly, Kai poked his head out the door of the room, his black hair was all messed up and with one hand, he brushed a comb through it hurriedly. It was a big house, especially for just two people, but one could never be too sure. Glancing around quickly, Kai made his way carefully and quickly across the hallway, he slipped into the bathroom. There, his hand pulled his tooth brush out the holder, brushed his teeth, washed his face and peeked out the door again.

Usually after one of his... tantrums, his father slept in well into the afternoon and it was only seven. Stepping out, Kai Haku Kealoha grabbed his keys and his wallet before silently going down the stairs. Beer bottles and cans were everywhere so Kai looked before he stepped, trying to make as little noise as possible. It was second nature to the young man now. Thankfully, Kai would be moving out soon. He was blessed that money had never been a problem in his life.

Kai took a deep breath as the sun hit his face, stretching out his arms and tilting his head back. He was glad he hadn't stayed in. After inhaling deeply and stretching the soreness out of his body, Kai got into his great big white van. He started driving toward the grocery store. The cooler in the trunk would have to be filled. And since his father owned about a third of the businesses here in Maui, Kai felt that he should pick up some slack and get the goodies for the trips the group went on occasionally. He didn't mind. Pulling into E 'ai Kakou owned by Erewaka Kealoha, he ran in, smiling cheerfully at the other customers and waving to familiar faces. It wasn't like he actually paid, there really wasn't any need to, so he grabbed three bags full of snacks, ice, and drinks. Threw the ice and drinks into the cooler, and went back to driving. He was a bit early, but it should be fine.

He wondered what they were going to do today. Something dangerous would be awesome. he could use some of the adrenaline now. Kai pulled into the studio Hiʻiaka Studio and grinned as he saw the shine of blue of Hiwaloni-Noa's car and sauntered inside. She was a pretty cool person and Kai was glad that she wasn't traveling this summer. It would be some nice quality family and friend time. He really had no problem with any of the gang. It was just that they had invited some tourists and whenever they were concerned, Kai was slightly wary. Though so far, he thought most of them were pretty cool.


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Hiwalani-Noa bent over and placed her forearms on the wooden floor, looking straight ahead as she began to curve her lower body, bringing her legs over her head until her feet were firmly on the ground beside her head. She glanced over by the door as it opened to see her cousin (or at least one of them) walk in. “Aloha kakahiaka.” She greeted him with a dazzling white smile, bringing her legs back while pushing up with her forearms and sliding to place her hands down. Walking on her hands, she approached him before fluidly bringing herself into an upright position, wrapping him in a tender hug.

A smaller head peeped inside the door, being one of Lani's eight younger sisters. This one was Aikane. Her big brown eyes were wide as she whispered rather loudly. “Lani! There's a haole in a fancy car outside. That one that's been hanging around you. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. The one you called a ule.” Lani peeked over from Kai's shoulder and made a soft "tsk tsk" before releasing her cousin. “Aikane - Go work on your hula for the junior pageant in mom's studio. You know she'll be there soon. Kai, I'll be back in a second.”

She offered a devious smile before shimmying past him and her sister. She fluffed her hair some more and adjusted her bikini top a little more to show just a bit more cleavage before walking out the front door with her natural seductive sway in her elegant strut, flipping her hair in that rich-girl way. “So, you are...mmm. Stalking. Yes. You are stalking me?” With her thick native accent, Hiwalani struggled to find the proper word in English. She knew the language well, but often forgot a few words.

She leaned against the car, crossing her arms over her chest with a light grin, an upbeat hum coming from her. She could see males passing by stopping with floored jaws, drawn to her melody. She ended it abruptly and watched as they waved bashfully before scurrying off to work. She glanced over a bit, curious of Christian's reaction. She knew he would be affected by it, of course, but every guy had their own way of expressing attraction. She didn't like the guy at all and had been enjoying pulling his strings since the day they met, but her game had only just begun.


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Christian Jean-Claude Belizaire

The Natives here were so fun to play around with. Christian had already received four different numbers from attractive female individuals. Hopefully, none of them were the clingy, emotional type that wanted commitment. He hated sleeping with the same girl twice, though he had some exceptions once in a while. The day was really bright and Christian grumbled, swiveling his head toward the entrance of the studio. This was irritating. Then Chris's eyebrows rose as the gorgeous Kealoha exited, coming straight toward him.

She was tan and curvy. Lot's of leg, he noticed with appreciation that were toned from all the swimming. That was one sexy lady, Chris couldn't help but stare. She had some tattoos that added to her appeal. She flipped her hair and Chris smirked at the confidence she displayed. His lips pulled back even further as she leaned against his car, giving him a nice view of her chest. Damn, she was hot.

“So, you are...mmm. Stalking. Yes. You are stalking me?”

Christian just smirked at her for a second. "I was merely waiting for your lovely self to show up." He spoke in that slow husky drawl that had girls blushing and stuttering. "In fact, I wanted to ask if you'd like to go sailing with me today." The French aristocrat pushed his glasses up into his messy blonde hair, his blue eyes twinkled invitingly.

Though in the corner of his mind, he couldn't help but wish it was that little blonde girl he met a few days before. Brunettes were a nice second choice but Christian preferred the petit blondes. What was her name again? Emily was it? Christian raised an eyebrow at the Kealoha questioningly even as he made plans to find the blonde afterwards.

Kai Kealoha

Kai smiled with mild awe as his cousin expertly walked on her hands. He returned the hug warmly. The young man was really glad that Hiwaloni-Noa had decided to stay for the summer. He was about to reply but his younger cousin Akane popped her round face in.

"Lani! There's a haole in a fancy car outside. That one that's been hanging around you. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. The one you called a ule.” Lani peeked over from Kai's shoulder and made a soft "tsk tsk" before releasing her cousin. “Aikane - Go work on your hula for the junior pageant in mom's studio. You know she'll be there soon. Kai, I'll be back in a second.” After his Hiwaloni-Noa left, Kai crouched down to give Aikane a tight bear hug.

"Morning, Kiddo. How's your dancing coming along?" He asked as she giggled and wrapped her arms around his tan neck. It was moments like these, that Kai wished he had a larger family. Everything was so much more lively with more people.

"Great! We have pageant soon!" She chattered excitedly, large eyes glowing with energy. He listened a few more moments about all her dances and how hard she had to practice before he let her go to his aunt's studio. Kai walked back outside to see what what taking Hiwaloni-Noa so long. Blonde hair, blue eyes... Kai's normally smiling lips pulled back into a straight line. It better not be who he thought it was.

Stepping out the door, Kai's mood instantly soured. His black eyes narrowed as his cousin and Christian Belizaire conversed. That man had been calling their house nonstop inviting them to a party or whatever. It disgusted him.

"Morning," Kai grinned at the tourist though it didn't particularly reach his eyes. He straightened his sturdy shoulders and tilted his head in a disdainful attitude at the stocky blonde. Then he turned to the slightly older young woman, "Ready to hit the beach Hiwaloni-Noa?"


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Hiwalani lifted a brow, sure that maybe he just hadn't heard her - She didn't let it bother her though because she had plenty of future chances to serenade him into madness. “I was merely waiting for your lovely self to show up. In fact, I wanted to ask if you'd like to go sailing with me today.” The young woman lifted a brow and tilted her head side to side before parting her lips to reply. Before she could, her cousin came out and intervened. He didn't seem happy; At least his eyes didn't. “Morning. Ready to hit the beach, Hiwalani-Noa? She smiled softly as Kai made no qualms about abruptly stealing her away from the Frenchman that had been blowing up the Kealohas' phones for a party. She was swimming and babysitting last night so she had blown him off completely after promising to be there.

“Yeah, let me just get my bag.” She smiled as her mother pulled up in a large SUV, the doors immediately opening on all sides as girls and boys poured out of the vehicle. Hiwalani-Noa was one of fourteen children; Her mother seemed to give birth to litters at a time. Her older sister Lilo was the eldest and only one born single; Hiwalani-Noa was a quadruplet, the other three being males. Her mom waved and blew a kiss. “Pehea ’oe, ipo?” She moved over to kiss both her daughter and nephew on their cheeks. “Maika ’i, makuahine. Actually, mister Belizaire was asking me to go sailing with him later.” She smiled and turned to the blonde, muscular male. “I have a few things to do but I can certainly try to pencil you in. If I can't make it, why don't you come camping later?” She winked and moved away from him, heading inside with her brothers and sisters only to get her bag and keys.

Kai smirked and turned his face away, hiding it. The spoiled blond prince was glowering, his eyes narrowed at Kai with annoyance and dislike. The Native was rather amused by this whole ordeal. His cousin could definitely hold her own at least, putting the pretty boy back in his place in a heartbeat.

Then the SUV pulled up and out came his auntie whom he adored. She made him feel like another son with her motherly attitude towards him. He accepted the kiss graciously and laughed as the kids pranced around him for Kai's attention. When the group headed inside, the tall Islander gave one final salute to the fuming blonde man and grinned when Frenchie sent him a pathetic glare.

He got in his van without looking back and revved up the engine waiting for Hiwa. He'd cruise around town a bit, looking for any friends that might need a ride then they'd head to the beach for another great day.

Hiwalani snatched up her bag and keys, locking her studio behind her before bidding her siblings goodbye. “Aikane, here. You can have the four-wheeler for today.” She grinned at her sister before heading outside once more. Her gaze fell on Christian and she sauntered over to him. Placing the tips of her fingers against his chest, she leaned up and against him with her lips against his ear. “I'll see you tonight under the full moon light.”

Her voice was soft and eerily beautiful as she sang into his ear, using her Siren Song to transfer her will to him, ensuring that he would seek her out that night. She took a moment to admire the usual dazed and hypnotized, love struck look that went into a man's eyes when she used her ability before kissing his cheek to seal the deal and quickly jumping into the passenger seat of Kai's van. She had yet to reveal to anyone about her Siren Song, so she just gave Kai a sheepish smile. “Don't worry. I'm not even mildly interested. I'm just setting the pieces in place for a slow descent into madness. Now, let's go hit the beach!” It was likely too early for any tourists to be too far out so she could swim for a little while. She pulled out her phone and quickly ran her fingers across the keyboard.

To; Doug
Hey babe ;D Wanna take an early morning swim? I got breakfast and booze!

She smiled as her cousin drove out to their usual spot, both of them singing "Wheel in the Sky" horribly off key to the point of practically screeching, often unable to finish a verse because of bursting into laughter. She was becoming happier with her choice to stay home for the summer. As they pulled up to the beach, she was the first to hit the sand, laying out her towel and slipping off her pants, stretching out and enjoying the view. “So - I've got this really great plan for later tonight. Especially concerning one Mister Belizaire.” She called out to her cousin, a smirk on her face.


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Laylani had already Had her clunky shoes off, tied together by the laces and tossed carelessly in her bag. Gold chain sandals now adorned her feet. She felt her iPhone, in it's chocolate bar(also chocolate scented) case, vibrate violently. She pulled it out, sniffed it, and glanced at the screen. Before she could respond she heard her old friends voice.
"Hey Lay. Which one sounds more fun to you? Helping people or hanging out with me and a cute guy? "She said with a smirk on her face. Laylani did a obnoxious fake laugh before saying "Darling do you even have to ask?" in a very well imitated Jessica Rabbit voice.

She did a generic model pose. She turned and looked over her shoulder, smoldered her eyes, and pout her naturally plump pouty lips "Now about this cute boy..?" she smirked before adding " Speaking of cute how's Kai?" She said mischievously while fluttering her eyes. She had to admit she had a tad of a crush on him. Could you blame her? "Maybe I'll see him today? Like if his amazing cousin made sure he came to the beach today?"

She kept this up for a minuet longer before busting out laughing. "Ok seriously was up?" She asked running a hand through her hair.

She loved being goofy with Rose. She could be herself with Rose since Rose knew her since they were kids. Rose knew about her mom as well, but she also knew that Laylani hated pity so she never brought it up. "And if you want I will gladly help you set up for the festival. "Feeling the sun on her and her outfit constricting her she stopped pulled out a pair of black cotton short shorts with her name spray painted across the but. She pulled off her top and skirt and continued walking as if nothing happened. This was normal behavior for her. Anyone who knew her knew she's been exposed to many cultures. Being naked never phased her, she was proud of her body so usually she didn't care. A guy started guy cat calling her to which she laughingly flipped him off. "God I missed this place, Cali is a drag. Do you know I could get arrested for that there. And waves like this," She said half joking about the first part. But as she stood there in her bikini top and shorts, she never felt more free. She sighed motioning to the waves "We get these on a good day,"


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Eun Hee had finally managed to open her eyes after she had practically thrown her alarm to the wall as soon as it started ringing non stop, she would have had mercy on the practical device but seeing how it wouldn't stop even after turning it off she opted for what she thought was the best choice. Even though it had already been around 2 weeks since she arrived from Soul, the time difference was killing her. She mumbled a bit as soon as her phone went off seeing that she had left it in the night stand and that she would probably had to reach out for it, so when she did her voice came off as irritated with a mix of tiredness to it, "Yeoboseyo" she said in Korean. "Jane" said Aria unsurprised that her most recently new friend was still in bed knowing she had gotten up late pretty much every other day that they had tried going out for breakfast or that they had tried getting out around midday.

Eun Hee had always been a fan of waking up early to make breakfast for herself and her father but with the time zone difference it was a whole different story… It also took her some time to respond to Aria who had just called her by her English name. Truth was she wasn't used to it yet; back home she was just called Eun Hee, but here she was Jane, only a few would call her by her Korean name which made her feel more comfortable. Although, honestly she didn't quite mind if they called her Jane. She would have to get used to it along with many other things that were still new to her.

The reality was that she had traveled to the island to mark a change in her life, it marked a whole new life that she finally had a chance to pursue. With her mother's passing, her life had taken a 180 degree turn, there was nothing holding her back now and she could finally pursue her dream to become successful in life by her own merits. Being it having her own pastry shop, publishing a book or any other dream tat she had.

Finally, after hanging up the phone with Aria, they had decided to meet up at a small shop nearby the beach. Eun Hee finally gotten, she decided to wear her new bikini that she had bought last time with Aria. Before heading out, she stepped outside her balcony and took a deep breath letting the wind touch her face and play with her straighten out hair. She grabbed her small bag and headed outside, she would take a walk to the beach, after all it wasn’t that long of a walk and she enjoyed walking in the mornings especially when there was a weather as nice as the one that very same day.

She wished she could bump into more people in the beach, perhaps some natives or other tourist like herself. She searched on her phone for the other person she liked most out of the ones she had gotten to meet so far. Finally, after finding the name on the screen she started writing:

"Hey, Aria has plans to go to the beach today. Do you have any plans today? "

She finally clicked the sent button, somehow hoping that he was already there.