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Name: Karsten Elias Dahl
Nickname: Kary
Age: 22

Sexuality: Bisexual – Likes both sexes equally.
Likes: + Illicit Substances
+Women and men of all sorts and shapes.
+Well-tailored clothes.
+The Beach
+Trying everything at least once, sometimes twice.
+Nakedness, his own and other people's
Dislikes: + People reading his work before it's finished
+People who are uptight.
+Being Ignored
+Sitting Still and being patient
+Most American music.
+Being unkempt
Fears: +Never Being Published, his dream is to become a world famous novelist and if that doesn't happen he doesn't exactly have a contigency plan.
+ Being cut off financially by his family + Dying without ever leaving a reason to be remembered, he's not afraid to die and finds it rather glamorous, as long as there's a mystique about it. The one thing he fears is being boring and forgettable.
Dreams: To be a famous and well-respected author. + To never do a hard day's work in his life. + To be in control of his own life and never having to answer to his family again.
Secrets: Karsten surprisingly is a father, when he was seventeen years old he and his then girlfriend found out that she was pregnant. Karsten, not one for responsibility pretty much laid the whole thing at the feet of his wealthy family who still and will always provide for his four year old son. He doesn't necessarily keep it a secret but doesn't really see the need to bring it up to most people.

Is a massive coke head, he doesn't take great pains to hide this but isn't exactly open and up front about it.

Personality: Karsten is his own biggest fan and makes no bones about it. He has a very healthy, perhaps too healthy, sense of self-esteem and an endless well of confidence. He's always been allowed a lot of freedom to express himself and to do as he pleases so much so that it has made him a bit spoiled. At times he can come off a bit overwhelming in his need to dominate the situation in a bid for attention, but he never comes off as desperate. If Karsten can sense someone doesn't care for him he will immediately flip a 180, turning into a cold, grim, dismissive version of himself.

He's never afraid to ask questions, or speak his mind. Karsten has an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge, at least for information he sees as useful which probably stems from his background as a writer. He views everything as potentially something that can be incorporated into the written word. For Karsten his whole life is one big experiment, he throws himself into situations regardless of whether he thinks they'll be beneficial for him at the time. For him every experience, good or bad, is new material to work with.

He loves to be surrounded by loud, boisterous people and is always game for a party. Karsten is an undeniable flirt, using his 6'4" frame and Swedish accent to charm whoever seems to tickle his fancy that evening, girl, boy it doesn't really matter to him. Karsten is an equal and avid fan of either gender although he has come to the conclusion that men are less hassle, considering they can't call him up two months later and proclaim pregnancy.

History: Karsten was born the youngest of three children to model Ava Dahl and famous photographer Armie Dahl. He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden where he and his family rarely spent time. Although it was their home base, the Dahls were a traveling family, usually due in part to Armie's career, Ava having long ago given up modeling after the birth of her first child. Their children were exposed to a vast and stunning array of different cultures in their youth and as a result all three of their children were multi-lingual and quite accepting of local and native customs. Karsten and his two sisters were never ones to turn their noses up at questionable local delicacies offered up to them and were usually well behaved children for the most part.

By the time the children reached the double digits it was decided that it would probably be better if they were sent away to boarding school to receive the finest education that their parents could buy. Thoroughly unaccustomed to the rigidity of boarding school Karsten began his rebellious streak, a streak which hasn't come to an end. He was often in trouble for breaking curfew, smuggling in cigarettes and other illicit substances and for being caught a few too many times in a dormitory that wasn't his. By the time he was fifteen he's been kicked out of at least four different boarding schools. His parents exhausted by their only son's behaviour decided to take him out of boarding school and instead enrolled him in a prestigious private school in Gothenburg. He spent a good majority of his time on his own at this time seeing as his parents still traveled a good majority of the time, his only guardian being the housekeeper and a distant aunt that he had to visit every other Sunday.

It was soon realized that this arrangement wasn't going as swimmingly as his parents had hoped. He was constantly skipping class and getting caught doing all manner of obscene things. Finally when he was seventeen and his on-again, off-again claimed that she was pregnant his parents put their foot down. After the child was born and a paternity test concluded that Karsten was indeed the father his life changed somewhat, albeit not as much as one would think. completely unready for the burden of fatherhood he instead let his parents take on the financial responsibility for his son and decided that in order to figure out who he was and what he really wanted he needed to get out of Sweden. Proposing to his parents the notion that he needed to figure out his life and come to terms with his new purpose in the world Karsten soon left Sweden and has been traveling ever since. He relies on the fact that his parents feel guilty about sending their children away to school and plays on that fact constantly, which explains his lavish and extravagant lifestyle, something which he has now brought with him to Hawaii. here he hopes to add a few more chapters to his novel and find as much trouble as one can.

Place of Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden

Theme Song: The Smiths - This Charming Man
Anything else: Karsten is multi-lingual. His native language is Swedish but he is also fluent in English, French and Italian. Passable understanding of Spanish.

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