Roselani Kealoha

"Oh, come on. A little adventure never killed anyone!"

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“Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.”

General Knowledge

| Nicknames |
She mostly goes by her name, seeing that her father hated when people gave her nicknames saying her name was beautiful the way it was. But, of course there are a couple nicknames she liked over the years; Rose, Rosie, Lani, and Ke-Ke made from her last name.

| Age |
Nineteen "Yea, I'm the baby."

| Birthdate |
July 14th, 1994

| Gender |

| Sexual Orientation |
She honestly is so confused about the whole sexuality thing. So, she just says that she's... undecided.

| Power |
Rosie has the ability to manipulate the ocean. Meaning she can control the oceans and and everything in them, including all the aspects of the oceans, from the purely physical ones and also mythical/conceptual ones. She can create tidal waves when she wants. Which has happened when when she was furious at someone. She can also sink islands, something her father has warned her to never do unless she wanted her powers to be taken away. Rose can create water spouts and hurricanes, again something her father has warned her about. She can also generate water out of thin air as long as she's not in dry air.

Things You Want To Know

| Hair Color |
Her natual hair color is the exact same color as her brother's but once she turned sixteen she decided to dye her hair red with the help of her girl friends. All without asking or even telling her father.

| Eye Color |
Light Brown

| Height |

| Weight |
109 pounds

| Tattoos |
None. If she even thought about getting one her father would leture her about how she shouldn't ruin her body and blah, blah, blah.

| Piercings |
None. She used to have her ear pierced before she decided it was too much work when she was just going to end up losing them when she went surfing anyway.

| Scars |
Nope none.

For Better Or For Worse

| Personality |
{ Stubborn, Adventurous, Cynical, Idealist, Strong, Optimistic, A Dreamer}
On another note, this girl was never or could never be just one thing, she has many different parts of her personality that make her who she is. To some, she comes off as adventurous and naive girl, like a girl who knows basically nothing and is too trusting in these times. And doesn't really know what she wants in life other then to protect animals. To others, she's the competitive, sarcastic, and overall cold-heated surfer who judges people souly on their beliefs being different from her own, unable feel an empathy for others. Willing to do close to anything to save the things and people she cares about. However, the "surfing-closed off-ocean controlling freak" isn't one or the other. She's both. Rose is true to her heritage and the way she was raised even if she isn't loyal completely to her "parent" and family. She is as passionate, caring, and strong as her mother, who she sadly never got to know personally. She's a dreamer just like her mother was and in some cases, she's far more curious than she should be. She is open and adventurous. And she is not afraid of the unknown like a lot of other people are which may make her sound like crazy person. But, she welcomes it, she think without it, even now, than we would still be living in caves. So yea, She could be called a dreamer.

She loves to dream! The nineteen year old loves to believe that if she wants to do something then maybe, just maybe.... she can actually do it. Some people believe that she is a little.... Out There and maybe she is but, hey that's her. Along with this, She's an Idealist who loves and always pursue high hopes, and dreams, and goals. Never shooting down another person's dreams no matter what they are. Again like her mother, she is optimistic, sue her; But the way she sees it it's better to feel everything and think everything is possible than to feel nothing at all and think nothing can be better. It makes her believe that, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. This fact leads her to sometimes thinks too much, a habit she's been trying to break. But, for the last nineteen years it has not been able to be broken. But like her father was she is determined, protective, and a leader. She is not one to take pity from anyone about anything and isn't above snapping on someone who sees her as inferior to them. And, she lives to prove those types of people wrong. Which has made her father very proud. Something that she has always wanted to place from him; pride and acceptance.

The Hawaiian girl is, in two words, cynical and sarcastic. She's got a sharp tongue, and is always ready with a quick comment or a sarcastic quip, though she never means to cause real harm to anyone even if they hurt her first. The girl is also one to always throw herself into everything she does even if that means having to keep at it for hours on end. Like her protest she has done ever since she was able to think for herself. And with those years, she has always hated to lose or being shut down, just thinking about losing makes her pissed off no matter what it is. But, with having good quality she does have a few bad ones just like every other human being who has ever walked the Earth. She is a very cynical person. Never believing that someone is a true and honest as they tell her. She believes that everyone is always out to hurt her or find out/expose the secret that her life depends on. She thinks that people only want something from her and then are going to leave her high and dry which is something she is not okay with. So, she tries to push them away. Most of the time it works to an expense but other just stick to her because they prove themselves. Another rather unlovely quality of hers is that she has a strict schedule for herself. Which has made her stricter on herself than how her parents were which is hard to believe but it is true. She has much control over herself and her decisions, always being the one to think of the outcomes. This is the part of Rosie that she needs to feel as if she has done something with her life and that everything that happened to her in her life means something.

Thus leading into the part of her no one ever sees: the insecure girl, the one who fears being forgotten and who second-guesses every decision she makes because it might not be good enough for the people around her. This is the part of herself that she hides from the world, not wanting to look weak especially in front of the people in this place with her. They all have something about them and if some people knew just how insecure she was... They might just use it against her. Even those close to her only rarely get glimpses, never the full truth. Except maybe her best friend and maybe her brother. She has changed a lot during the years from that rebellious, disrespectful sixteen year old girl. Little did she know that, changing herself was the best thing she ever did. She is now a young lady who just wants to have all her hard work lead up to... something, anything that is worth remembering in history. Whether it's known by the entire world or just the family she hopes to start one day.

| Hobbies |
Surfing Singing and Playing the Ukulele Dancing Practicing Her Power Being With Her Girl friends and Best Friend Swimming Watching Old Movies; West Side Story, Grease, Etc. Exploring

| Habits |
When she's reading, she always crosses her legs and bites her lip She loves humming when she's in awkward situations dealing with family, hoping to lighten the mood When she's forced to show the tourists around, she rolls her eyes... A lot When someone asks her on a date, she always saids either: "Me?" or "Are you sure?"

| Oddities |
She is terribly allergic to Spam She must have a macadamia nut cookie everyday with her coffee before she goes surfing She feels a sort of... "withdraw" if she goes a day without stepping foot in the water.

| Likes and Dislikes |

Surfing and Longboarding Being Treated Like a Child
Her Family Smoking
The Ocean Talking About Her Mom
Her Pug, Kiko Fast Food
Freedom and Adventure Romance and Relationships
Her Close Group of Friends The Tourists
Singing and Dancing Losing
Playing Guitar and Ukulele Cheaters
Indie Films and Music Arguments
Video Games Over Protective People
ChildrenThe Color Orange
Poi Not Being Allowed To Drive
Night Surfing/Swimming Drinking
Midnight Walks Being Compared To People
Her Hair Stereotypes
Smiling and Smirking Distractions
Her Necklace Having To Show the Tourtist Around
Tattoos on Guys Bad Singing
Pineapple Repeating Herself
Piano Music Her Father's Girlfriend
Being Outside Reality Television
Salt Water TaffyWork
Crime NovelsPeople Underestimating Her

Stuff You Shouldn't know...


Strengths and Weaknesses

Roselani's Skills/Talents:
She is good at making people like her and think that she knows what she's talking about. Not matter what it is.
She has very good persuading people.
She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Hawaiian
Anything doing with the water she is amazing at. Surfing, Swimming, Controlling it, everything.

Roselani's Flaws/Weaknesses:
She is quite cynical and un-trusting in a relationship which may be why she doesn't like them.
She isn't the best when it comes to cooking or cleaning
She is a bit too curious and adventurous sometimes
Her family is a major weakness of hers. She is terrified of losing her brother or her father.

She may just be falling in love with someone... Not that will admit it to anyone, herself included.

When she was seventeen, she was out with her boyfriend of the time and he raped her. She only told Lani and [Lily Loveless]. Making them swear not to tell her brother.

She's never told her father but, she honestly can't really remember anything about her mom except from what she sees in photos and videos.

Dishabiliophobia-Fear of undressing in front of someone: Yeaaa, she can barely look herself in the mirror when she is undressing. Why would she be okay with others looking at all her?

Genophobia-Fear of sex: She has never had it when she wanted to, it was out of rape the one time she did. She's just is terrified that it'll do two things: She afraid of that it'll always be out of rape and she'll never have it mean anything and she also afraid of it not meaning anything to the person she does it with...

She has a deadly fear of sharks.

Remembering The Past



| Place Of Origin |
She was born and raised in Lahaina, Maui in the beautiful state of Hawaii

| History |
In the process of finishing....

| Happiest Memory |
“It was the first time I learned to surf. I kept whining about it to my brother and dad until they finally gave in. My father was being completely over protective, not wanting me to go too far out to the point that him or my brother couldn't see me... To be honest he was being smothering from the second I stepped foot in the water. I never got why until later in life, but you'll find out about that later. Back to the story, while my brother, being Mr. Perfect he is, was surfing, catching waves no problem. I was struggling to stay on my board whenever a wave came my way. I was so pissed off that I stormed off and vowed to never surf again... That is until that night when I woke my friend, [Boo Boo Stewart] and asked him to move the moon so that the waves would be big enough for me to actually surf. Thank God, it worked and I caught my first wave that night.”

| Saddest Memory |
“I guess it was when my father started comparing me more and more to my mom and asking why I wasn't more like my brother. I mean, I get that I wasn't perfect and yes I did get caught trespassing a few times but there is no need to compare me to Prince Perfect. We are two completely different people, it's not my fault I didn't have a mom to guide how to be the perfect daughter. Speaking of my mom, he would ask me things like; "Your mother was never this bad.", "Your mother was always respectful to her parents and so was your brother.", and a bunch of other stuff about my mom being this perfect person that I should be more like. Even if I never really met her for myself. Anyways, once I turned eighteen, I'm not in the house much to hear it. So, I guess you could say the comparisons have stopped...”

Theme Songs

Dream | Priscilla Ahn
I was a little girl
Alone in my little world
Who dreamed of a little home for me.
I played pretend between the trees,
And fed my houseguests bark and leaves,
And laughed in my pretty bed of green.

I had a dream
That I could fly
From the highest swing.
I had a dream.

Long walks in the dark
Through woods grown behind the park,
I asked God who I'm supposed to be.
The stars smiled down on me,
God answered in silent reverie.
I said a prayer and fell asleep.

I had a dream
That I could fly
From the highest tree.
I had a dream.

Now I'm old and feeling grey.
I don't know what's left to say
About this life I'm willing to leave.
I lived it full and I lived it well,
There's many tales I've lived to tell.
I'm ready now,
I'm ready now,
I'm ready now
To fly from the highest wing.

I had a dream.
I Want Crazy | Hunter Haynes
I'm booking myself a one way flight
I gotta see the color in your eyes
I'm telling myself I'm gonna be alright
Without you baby is a waste of time

Yeah, our first date, girl, the seasons changed
It got washed away in a summer rain
You can't undo a fall like this
'Cause love don't know what distance is
Yeah, I know it's crazy

But I don't want "good" and I don't want "good enough"
I want "can't sleep, can't breathe without you" love
Front porch and one more kiss, it doesn't make sense to anybody else
Who cares if you're all I think about,
I've searched the world and I know now,
It ain't right if you ain't lost your mind
Yeah, I don't want easy, I want crazy
Are you with me baby? Let's be crazy


I wanna be scared, don't wanna know why
Wanna feel good, don't have to be right
The world makes all kinds of rules for love
I say you gotta let it do what it does

I don't want just another hug and a kiss goodnight
Catchin' up calls and a date sometimes
I love that we're rebels, and we still believe
We're the kind of crazy people wish that they could be, yeah

Oh, I know we're crazy, yeah

But I don't want "good" and I don't want "good enough"
I want "can't sleep, can't breathe without you" love
Front porch and one more kiss, it doesn't make sense to anybody else
Who cares if you're all I think about,
I've searched the world and I know now,
It ain't right if you ain't lost your mind
Yeah, I don't want easy, I want crazy
You with me baby? Let's be crazy

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

No, I don't want "good" and I don't want "good enough"
I want "can't sleep, can't breathe without you" love
Front porch and one more kiss, it doesn't make sense to anybody else
Who cares if you're all I think about,
I've searched the world and I know now,
It ain't right if you ain't lost your mind
Yeah, I don't want easy, I want crazy

Yeah, look at us baby, tonight the midnight rules are breaking
There's no such thing as wild enough, and maybe we just think too much
Who needs to play it safe in love?
Let's be crazy!

Who cares if we're crazy? We gotta be crazy
I know that we're crazy, so let's be crazy

So begins...

Roselani Kealoha's Story


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the outfit| the song

Laylani awoke to sun glaring into her bright green eyes. She turned over trying to shield her face to no avail. She wondered how her grandma dealt with it everyday, or how she had dealt with it. She yawned as she sat up in her bed. She leaned over and pushed aside the billowy curtains covering all sides of the bed. she glanced around the room, her room. She had to admit it was weird staying in her grandmother's house while her grandmother couldn't.

She stood up and stretched her long tan arms. She tossed her legs over the side of the bed, and ran her hand through her wild mane of curls hanging down to her butt. She walked outside to her outdoor shower and turned on the hot water. She let the water surround her. She finished her long hot shower wrapped herself in a thick soft towel and returned to her room.

She walked over to her dresser and pulled on an outfit. First she slipped on a floral string bikini,and coated herself in bronze sunscreen before putting on the rest of her outfit. she combed her hair, slipped on some jewelry, and rubbed some coconut and vanilla oil. She placed a flower crown atop her hair, which was now dying into soft waves. "k, now I'm ready," She said slipping on her Rayban wayfers before grabbing the keys to her teal rented moped.

She headed to the beach and sat on the edge of the pier. She pulled out her phone and opened a new text message.
Hey you up yet? I'm so bored please tell me you have something planned


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Avery, being the girl she had had stayed up most of the night to read and finish this love story she had gotten from the local library the day before. But, she couldn't put it down, every page she read made her have to keep going. And made her want to know the ending even more than most books. But, as most books end. It had to end on a cliff hanger, making the reader decide what happened to the couple, if they lived "happily ever after" or if they ended up like most couples today. Not being one to believe in fairy tails, she sighed and set the book on top of the large pile of books on her nightstand before sinking deeper in her bed and snuggling up to her blanket. Drifting off to sleep.

She didn't know how much sleep she got until she heard a repeat banging on her door. Before hearing some man shout through the door, "Avery!" Aidan Frost. A boy she had just met a little over three weeks ago and he already pushing to do things against her will. Saying that she had a "pole up her ass" and she should really live a little more. "If you're not awake, dressed, and front and center within the next fifteen minutes, I'm breaking in and pulling you out here as you are. You and I have a date with the beach, so let's go, baby!" She scoffed and turned her back towards the door before closing her eyes once more. "Oh, please. Break in my ass."
Was the one thought in her head while hearing the banging stop. "Tick tock, Avery, I know how to lockpick." She heard him tell her through the door. Letting out a groan, she reluctantly got out of her bed and walked towards her door kicking it back. She leaned on the door before speaking to Aidan. "There are hundreds of other girls in this town, in this hotel and yet you choose to annoy and irritate me... Why is that?" She walked away from the door and towards her dresser to pick out an outfit for the day. She grabbed a pair of jean shorts, a white tank top and a vest to wear over the shirt, just to make sure her scars were completely hidden and unable to see. She turned her hazel gaze over to the bathroom, wondering if she has enough time to shower. But the more she thought about it the more she realized she probably be finished showering, having her towel wrapped tightly around her body right when Aidan unlocked the door, carrying her out in nothing but a towel with her hair drenching the floor. Shaking the thought out of her head and slipped her gray sweatpants and black tank top, tossing them in the open dresser drawer.

She slid her clothes on, taking a brief look at the burns an scars running along her back, stomach, and sides that tainted her porcelain skin. She of course, just shook it out of her head as she slipped her top on and turned toward the full length mirror, making sure everything was somewhat decent. She looked a then time; five minutes until Aidan was supposedly going to lockpick her door. Part of her wanted to see if he was serious about what he had said but the other part felt like he was lying in order to see if she would actually hurry up so they could get to the beach, a trip she never even knew she agreed to. She walked towards the restroom, knowing good well she wasn't about to go anywhere without wearing her makeup and she wasn't about to step foot in the water and show to word her scars. She return to Boston before doing something like that. She quickly did her makeup and looked at the time, just in time... But, for some reason she froze where she was standing and got a smirk on her face. Seconds later, she was leaned against her door once more and chuckled. "I have a hard believing that you can break in to this room. If you can lockpick this door, then fine I'll go. I'll go out partying with you tonight. If not, I'm staying right here while you can go mess with some other poor girl." She smirked as she quietly bolted the top with a chuckle. "Oh and since you rushed me. Three minutes. Tick tock, Aidan."

Rose's will be up soon.


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She rolled her eyes as Aidan began speaking, "Oh, come on. If it weren't for me you'd be sitting around this hotel room, missing out on the awesome waves, the sunshine, and the hot guys...or girls--I don't know what you're into." She scoffed and mumbled under her breath. "Oh please."

"If you're going to keep bitching at me then you'll only be encouraging me to force you into having more fun, so suck it up, babe." It wasn't worth the oxygen arguing with him about this, especially in the morning when she was at her crankiest. And it never helped that he had pounded on her door to wake her up instead of just calling her or saying her name through the door like a normal person... Then again Aidan wasn't what she called normal. A normal person wouldn't even do all of this crap to get a random stranger, that he just met not even a month ago, to "slide the pole out of her ass". She looked at him in annoyance as he wrapped his arm around her waist, leading both of them out of her hotel room. But not before grabbing the book in her hands while she was looking the opposite way. She watched with her mouth open as her book landed on her queen size bed with a thud. And right when she was about to say something to him, she was lifted up and put over her left shoulder. "Now, Avery," She felt him pat her backside before speaking to him as she looked down the long hallway. "Yes, Aidan?" She said in sarcasm before he began to speak again. "You should know better than to think I'd let you read while we're out together. Haven't three weeks of utter annoyance taught you anything?"

"I don't know, maybe your stupidity is rubbing off on me." She shrugged as the pair entered the elevator that was empty. Thank God, she did not feel like having Aidan "explain" just why a girl was over his shoulder. She was waiting for him to say something to her while they were in the elevator but all he did was listen to the calming elevator music and patting her butt to the beat. "Do you mind? You already have me over your shoulder, don't push it." The elevator made a high pitch "ding" sound before the doors opened to the lobby only to have the pair getting some quite bizarre looks. Not that she could blame them all for being curious. As they walked packed the front desk and the maid that had let Aidan into her room, she gave her a fake smile before releasing a sharp sigh as soon as they were out in the sun and outside of the beach. "Great, we're outside. Now can you put me down? People keep staring.


"Rosie, it's time to wake up." This was the first thing the small red head heard as she was waking up with the sun shining into her small room. "C'mon Nani, you've been asleep for hours! That's what you get for going moonlight surfing last night. Her father said to his still sleeping daughter, who refused to wake up. But, of course she had to give in to her father, Mano's request. "I'm awake, dad." Her head still buried in her pillow. Her father was right, she should have went surfing last night but it was almost a full moon and she had to practice for tonight's surf off between the natives and the tourists or "pests" as most natives called them. She looked up at her father who was leaning on her door frame with a colorful red and yellow shirt with tropical flowers all over it. Seeing that he was an owner of a surf shop, most didn't judge him for it.

Besides, he was one of the most well known people on the island along with his two children so most people didn't care what they did. She waved at her dad with a smirk. "Bye dad. Have a good day at work." Mano rolled his eyes before closing the door behind him. She fell back into her bed, hoping to get a few more hours of sleep. That was until her black Pug, Kiko ran into her from under her bed, barking his little head off. Rose groaned and sat up on her twin size bed letting her eye adjust to the sunlight in her small room. "What do you want, Kiko?" She asked him before seeing a note on his blue and white collar. As she read the small note she couldn't help but roll her eyes, her father of course telling her to get up. Great, now she was going to have to help at the festival that the natives were having to celebrate the full moon tonight. Not that she didn't like helping them but now the tourist get to come. Which is something she is not okay with.

She just exhaled and threw the yellow sticky note in her blue plastic trash can. After a second her dog ran outside into his dog house. Leaving Rosie alone yet again. "Alright then, be that way." She got up from her twin size bed and walked to her sliding closet picking out a simple outfit and her two piece since all she was going to do was lay on the beach and obviously surf. It was in her blood to surf and take pictures, sue her. She grabbed her purse which held her light blue iPhone, her matching headphones, and her baby, longboard before grabbing her surfboard and running out of her door, seeing her dog start walking the other way. He had a collar and mainly everyone knew it was her dog, so she didn't think much of it. As she skated down the street she heard her phone vibrate with a text message. She stopped her board and looked at her message from her friend, Laylani. She sent her a quick text before heading to where Laylani probably was:You can help me set up for the festival tonight or you can come to the beach with me and a friend.

She sent another text to her new friend, Jackson. Sure he was a tourist but he was her in guy form. What wasn't to like? She sent him a text before slipping her phone into her messenger bag. Hey Jackson, wanna head to the beach with me and a friend?

She skated to the peir and saw Laylani. She picked up her board and walked over to her with her black sunglasses on. "Hey Lay. Which one sounds more fun to you? Helping people or hanging out with me and a cute guy? She said in sarcasm with a smirk on her face.


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Laylani had already Had her clunky shoes off, tied together by the laces and tossed carelessly in her bag. Gold chain sandals now adorned her feet. She felt her iPhone, in it's chocolate bar(also chocolate scented) case, vibrate violently. She pulled it out, sniffed it, and glanced at the screen. Before she could respond she heard her old friends voice.
"Hey Lay. Which one sounds more fun to you? Helping people or hanging out with me and a cute guy? "She said with a smirk on her face. Laylani did a obnoxious fake laugh before saying "Darling do you even have to ask?" in a very well imitated Jessica Rabbit voice.

She did a generic model pose. She turned and looked over her shoulder, smoldered her eyes, and pout her naturally plump pouty lips "Now about this cute boy..?" she smirked before adding " Speaking of cute how's Kai?" She said mischievously while fluttering her eyes. She had to admit she had a tad of a crush on him. Could you blame her? "Maybe I'll see him today? Like if his amazing cousin made sure he came to the beach today?"

She kept this up for a minuet longer before busting out laughing. "Ok seriously was up?" She asked running a hand through her hair.

She loved being goofy with Rose. She could be herself with Rose since Rose knew her since they were kids. Rose knew about her mom as well, but she also knew that Laylani hated pity so she never brought it up. "And if you want I will gladly help you set up for the festival. "Feeling the sun on her and her outfit constricting her she stopped pulled out a pair of black cotton short shorts with her name spray painted across the but. She pulled off her top and skirt and continued walking as if nothing happened. This was normal behavior for her. Anyone who knew her knew she's been exposed to many cultures. Being naked never phased her, she was proud of her body so usually she didn't care. A guy started guy cat calling her to which she laughingly flipped him off. "God I missed this place, Cali is a drag. Do you know I could get arrested for that there. And waves like this," She said half joking about the first part. But as she stood there in her bikini top and shorts, she never felt more free. She sighed motioning to the waves "We get these on a good day,"


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Jackson had barely gotten rid of that stale beer - which he swore the after taste would come back to haunt him - when he felt his pants buzz. Only slowing slightly, he pulled out his phone to read the text from none other than Roselani herself: Hey Jackson, wanna head to the beach with me and a friend? Jackson smirked as he swerved to evade a few pedestrians before thinking about what she had said, lowering his phone. A friend, huh? Sweet dude. New people to hang and crash with. Jackson wasn't entirely concerned if it was either a girl or a guy, as either would be freaking fantastic. After all, he needed more people to hang with for this trip, or else he would be pretty damn bored. Not to mention lonely: he had Matthew back home to game, hang and crash with, but on this island? A few acquaintances, with a few exceptions being Rose and Dougie.

Slightly picking up speed, he began to text in his painfully slow manner - he was still pretty new to texting, with this being his first phone and all. He never stopped moving, however, since if there was one thing he was good at, it was multi-tasking on a longboard. On a skateboard, hell no, but a longboard had the mobility and control needed to make things work. As if you need to even ask, Teacher ;D. Yes, found the idea of emoticons absolutely awesome, so quite a few texts that he sent usually had at least one. Random obsession he got with his phone.

He carefully put his phone into his backpack this time, and maneuvered around another person before thinking about where he was for a second. If he recalled correctly, there was a slight downward hill up ahead, with three ways to the pier - which he guessed was where Lani would be. Two of them were standard and boring, with the third having stairs: he liked stairs, so he headed towards them. However, as soon as he popped back into his head, he passed a coffee shop where a blonde with a cup was walking. Jackson's instinct was to simply evade her to continue on his own path, but something made him slow down slightly as he went around her. She looked familiar, like he had met her before. As he passed her, Jackson turned back to see a face that looked almost identical to Doug's, only of the feminine form: if Jackson remembered correctly, that was Emily Moore, Doug's twin sister. His face lit up some as he gave her a wave and a smile before turning back around to evade another pedestrian. Sure, he could have went up and talked to her, asked her where Doug was, if she wanted to come, blahdie blah: Jackson didn't think that far ahead. Smiling and waving was the first action he took, so he did.

He was nearing in on the stairs leading down to a section of the pier, so Jackson reached for his skateboard on his backpack and loosened it off. Jackson then proceeded to jump off of his longboard into a sprint, to which he did a pretty cool trick of picking up his longboard while getting onto his skateboard, laughing as he successfully pulled it off. Now closing in on the stairs, he did his next trick to cut down time: ollying down the stairs. Why, you ask? Because why not! Jackson liked to make sure his skills were in tiptop shape at all time, so getting a set of stairs to practice on was always fun.

He landed gracefully - as gracefully as one could on wood - and noticed Lani with her friend not far from his landing spot. With not much room to really maneuver, he pulled up on his skateboard to come to a quick stop. After all, the wooden planks would get pretty hazardous if he decided to attempt more boarding with all the gaps. It was really a wonder that he had landed without catching a lip. So he slipped his skateboard into his backpack as he walked over, a chill yet goofy smile on his lips from the massive amount of adrenaline that he just got from probably pulling off one of the sickest moves he had in a while. It was like cheating death, he was that pumped. Gradually, however, his adrenaline high slowly copped out, and he was not far from Lani and her girlfriend, who seemed dressed for the weather already.

Jackson finally got a good look at Lani's friend, who he didn't know how to react. She was pretty hot, he couldn't lie, but he wasn't sure about how she would react to a guy like him. Sure, you can have a smoking body, but so did a bunch of the cheer leaders he went to school with, and they were either sluts, bitches or snobs. However, Roselani called her a friend, so she couldn't be all that bad: her confidence was easily presented, that much was for sure.

"Well, Teach, I hadn't expected a party this early." His natural posture came into effect instantly as he came to a stop: if he looked anymore relaxed, he'd be asleep on his feet. He leaned on his longboard, slouching forward slightly, as he nodded towards the mystery lady. There weren't any signs that Jackson gave that he was uncomfortable with a new person here, as he made it his motto to always be open minded about other people. His reasoning was pretty simple: if people could accept him knowing he was a former drug addict, than who was he to judge others? Though, nobody on this island knew that, so really that was a pointless point.

Moving on, Jackson gave a lazy smile, turning his head back to Lani. "So, you going to introduce me to your friend here, or do I have to do it myself?" He lazily threw a small joke at Roselani. If anybody thought there was any innuendos in that statement, they would only be half right: Jackson really didn't like having to do much himself, so he always went through others first. He just hoped that she didn't introduce him as her trainee at surfing: he didn't need his pride to be attacked this early in the morning.


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The car engine roared before Douglas turned it off. He was finally here, the beach glimmered with magnificent colour. The glistening sand was the greatest gold, the water was a clear blue, the waves would rise but fall as soon as it touched the edge of the beach. There was only a couple of people who were walking along the side of the water and Douglas frowned. Maybe it was yet too early in the morning but he was really looking forward to seeing someone he knew. About to exit his car Douglas’ phone went off, vibrating uncontrollably, he quickly opened his phone. Hiwalani, he whispered under his breath. When first arriving to Lahaina, Hiwalani warmed up quicker than the other natives did. So she was the one he spent most of his time with. With that, everyday spent with her made Douglas realize how wonderful a person Hiwalani was and Douglas cannot deny that his feelings for Hiwalani are real and still continuously remain to grow.

To: Hiwalani
I was wondering when I was going to see you again! I’m already at the beach beautiful, I'm about to go surfing. Get your cute bum over here, food and alcohol sounds good (;

Douglas quickly sent the text and exited his car. Douglas untied the ropes that held down his white surfboard on the top of his Jeep. He wrapped his arms around his board and ran off not wasting another second go by.

Douglas stared off to the horizon as the water touched his toes. There were waves every now and then but Douglas was seeking a big one. Douglas began walking into the water, holding his board at his side. The water was cool, the weather warm so it equalled each other out. When he was deep enough he let go of his board and it floated beside him. He pulled himself on top of the board and laid flat on his stomach. He paddled for a while but stopped to notice that the ocean was rather calm and that the waves had died off. I guess I just have to make the waves than, Douglas thought. Douglas concentrated, his thoughts only towards the oceans ground floor and trying to make it move. After a long second, everything shook. Douglas tried his best not to fall off his board. The water near him rose and Douglas began to paddle towards the rising water, it grew in size. Timing he remembered Roselani telling him once when giving him surfing lessons. Douglas waited, it only got harder to balance on his board but he managed. At that, Douglas sprung himself up on his board, the rising water slowly beginning to turn into a wave. It happened all so quickly, a wall of water stalked behind him and Douglas roared with excitement, he knew he had succeeded. The wave was curling in and Douglas speeded up. He threw his left arm slightly just to skin the water, this right here might have been the best moment. If only Roselani was here to see this for herself, it was incredible, the wave itself was the biggest Douglas had ever ride.


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As Aidan looked at her, she did that exact same thing. She wasn't about to let this man give her all the criticism and in his words "have to make her presentable" without him doing something as well. That wasn't about to happen. Not with her. And, sure maybe Avery was a nice girl but she was observant as well. She could tell when something didn't make sense and Aidan, being as confident as he seemed and not taking his shirt off every five minutes didn't add up to her. Most attractive boys loved to show off their muscles but for some reason Aidan wasn't one of them.

As he squared his jaw, she tilted her head to the side with a cocked eyebrow showing that she wasn't about to back down to him. "One more condition," She smirked before seeing the smile creep across his tan face. "Since I'm paying, I get to pick the bikini and I want you to model it for me." She could feel her smirk fall off her face. She was about to say something before he pulled her into the surfing store.

"Welcome to Surf's Up! How may I help you today?" The store employee asked the pair. As Aidan spoke to her, Avery just looked at the swimsuits just cursing in her head. "This is not going to end well."
She sighed before looking at Aidan as he continued to speak to the short native girl. "I'm trying to make her sexy because I'm a good person and whatnot. I want you to take her to the dressing rooms and make sure she stays in there while I gather some choices. We have a deal and I want her to stick to it. Do we have an understanding?" She scoffed, not saying a word as the other girl hesitated... That was until Aidan handed her a ten and she was more than willing to hold Avery against her will.

She felt Aidan's hand push her lightly towards the store employee as he winked towards her. "I'll see you on the other side, babe." She gave him a smirk before walking towards the dressing room with her arms across her chest. "Here you are, I'll be back to check on you shortly." The employee, who's name tag said Alex smiled toward Avery before walking away to go and help another girl in the dressing room next to her. Avery rolled her eyes before locking the door to the dressing room and groaning. "This is a nightmare." She told herself with another groan before looking up at the painting on the ceiling. "Oh, maybe if I pay I won't have to do anything. Because there is no way in Hell I'm modeling anything for him." She told herself before checking her bag for her wallet. Then of course she had to remember, how was she going to pay for anything? The only money she had was from her old orphanage who gave it to her once they kicked her out on her 18th birthday. And she wasn't about to spend any of it on a swimsuit she had no intention on ever wearing.


"Darling do you even have to ask?" Rose smirked before shrugging. It was an obvious choice but she knew that later in the day her dad would guilt her into helping, saying that he has no one to help him. Even though the whole town and even a few tourist were helping him set up. Before Rose could add anything or say anything about Laylani's impression before she asked about the cute guy Rose had brought up. "Now about this cute boy..? Speaking of cute how's Kai?" She rolled her eyes with a small smirk on her babydoll face. Her and Kai were close and he was like another brother to her but of course the cousins had their rivalries every once and a while.

Not like Rose's rivalry with her other cousin, Hiwalani. Who didn't even know about the 'rivalry' But, it was there along with the bitterness the red head held for her spoiled and rather popular cousin. "He's fine. Probably with his favorite cousin right now." She said with sarcasm in her voice. "Ok seriously what's up?" Rose shrugged before exhaling deeply. "Nothing, I've been hanging out with this guy named Jackson. Teaching a mainlander how to surf like a native. Other then that? The usual, avoiding any contact with most of my family as possible." It was true, most of the island were probably made up of Kealoha relatives if not half. And they always were close but this might be Rose's last summer on the island before leaving for the states and she didn't need anyone finding out because when one person knew a secret, everyone knew a secret and would try and talk her out of it. "And if you want I will gladly help you set up for the festival." Roselani smiled before thanking God in her head. She wouldn't be setting up alone.

"Oh thank God, I won't be alone." As the pair walked on the beach and Laylani revealed her swimsuit, Rose just smirked at her friend. Still as confident as ever. Which was something that Lani loved about her friend. Not long after their walk on the beach, Rose heard a voice "Well, Teach, I hadn't expected a party this early." She chuckled before looking up at Jackson.

"Hey, Jackson. And, it's not a party. It's more like an excuse so I don't have to help people this early." She raised an eyebrow towards him as he slouched and sent a lazy smile towards the small native. "So, you going to introduce me to your friend here, or do I have to do it myself?" Rose nudged the man before looking towards her friend. "Jackson, this is my friend Laylani. Lani, this is my new friend, Jackson." She told the two before looking towards the water, seeing two people in the water and looking back towards the two tourist that didn't piss her off.


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As Aidan walked in and shut the door behind him, Avery bit her lip out of nervousness. She rarely showed people her scars but the people who did see them always seemed to pity her over them which was something she didn't want from people, only because she knew it was fake. The second they left, they wouldn't give a damn about her, her scars, or her story. When Aidan's eyes met hers, she sighed deeply and cleared her throat as he stood there, shocked. And it seemed like the longer he looked at the multitude of scars and burns on her body, the more she felt him either judging her or pitying her in his mind. She, being the very cynical and pessimistic person she is, she wanted to kick him out of the dressing room. She wanted to just bitch at him even more than she already has, telling him that this was exactly the reason she didn't want to do this. But, before she could do any of the things she wanted to do, he put a hand on her shoulder which made her quite puzzled as she turned her eyes from the wooden floors to his. "it looks good on you,"

The girl gave him a small smile. "Thanks." That was the only thing she could say, she was speechless. He was the first person to actually not be bothered by her imperfects. "Is this why you didn't want people to see you?" Avery shrugged looking away from the man in front of him before hearing him chuckle which made her quickly look back at him, furiously. "That's a relief. I thought you had a hairy mole that resembled a second head or something." As much as this annoyed her, she couldn't help but break a smile before softly pushing his shoulder. "That's not funny, Aidan." She told him, the small smile still on her face before looking as him as he turned his back to her and pulled up his shirt, revealing his own 'battle scars'. The longer she looked at them, the longer she couldn't believe it. He seemed as if he came from a perfectly fine background, sure maybe he could have been a foster kid but she just assumed he was one of the lucky ones to end up in a good family who actually cared about their new child.

"The perks of having a drunken dickhead as a foster parent, I guess." She knew the pain better than anyone, being thrown into an abusive family wasn't a fun situation especially when you weren't old enough to protect yourself. As much as she wanted to agree, she couldn't bring herself to do it. She didn't want to get overly attached to Aidan, or attached at all and telling him about her past was just another way for her to let him in even more than he allowed himself to. "You're the first person I've ever shown them to...feel honored, Avy." For the first time this whole trip, she was speechless. Nothing came to mind as he pulled his shirt down and turned to look back at her. She could see the blush in his cheeks and to be honest, she was blushing too. This was the closest she's ever let someone get and to be honest, she kind of liked it. But would he ever find that out? No, not at all. "Guess we've found something in common. We're both messes."

She scoffed at him before rolling her eyes, Avery was back. "Please, 'mess', is an understatement for what I am. Now, if you don't mind, I have a few more swimsuits to try on. So get out before we start crying like we're in a dramatic soap opera or something." She said as she shooed him out with a smirk on her face the whole time as she shut the door after him.

8:34 p.m

After trying on the rest of the swimsuits and showing Aidan, from inside the dressing room of course. She actually wanted two, sure she wasn't the definition as 'perfect' like some of the native; tall, tan, and beautiful. But, Aidan has his scars too and together, it wasn't so bad. She didn't even go near the water but, it was fun. Yet, there was this one red headed native who kept looking at Aidan as if the two had met and she wasn't a fan of him. It wasn't hard disliking Aidan, but it wasn't hard to like him either. Once the pair had their fun, the sun began to go down, and the natives began setting up for some sort of party they were. Avery decided to make her way back to her hotel room to be able to relax for the night. She was pretty sure Aidan was going to pull her out on the town with him as he has done for almost a straight month but, until he began kicking her door again, she was going to enjoy the peace and quiet she had left.