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Kharygos the Fierce

"Your idiocy amuses me. Please, continue, before I have to kill you."

0 · 251 views · located in a fantasy like earth of the past.

a character in “One day they will return”, as played by Lurelle


Name: Kharygos the Fierce (alternatively Kharygos the Feared)
Age: 437
Gender: Male
    It was often said that Kharygos was himself fire. The flame that never gave out, and will not for a long time.
   His scales are scarlet, though a few have been blackened and charred, beyond the natural healing processes' power. Leading from his tail up to the base of his skull are thin spikes, each with frayed membrane connecting them. Around his face are more, and two black horns. His wings are a lighter shade of red, and when he flies, the membrane becomes very, very hot. 
     Kharygos's eyes are orange, constantly moving like fire itself.




((His history and personality  is very important, I'll explain both in one.))

   Kharygos was born Narygos, in the center of a volcano. He had two sister eggs. Male eggs were different from female eggs because they had a lighter coloration.
    Close to his hatching, his father stole his egg and flew off with it while his mother was asleep; resting after caring so long for her eggs.
  His father was an ash dragon, and was not looking forward to having another male compete with him for food and mates. So he planned to 'get rid of' Kharygos. So still in his egg, helpless, he was placed in a very slow-moving creek. The cold waters would slowly kill him. Since he was so close to hatching, his father knew that if he did hatch properly, he would die soon after. It was all planned. 

   He did hatch eventually, shivering and weak, open to predators of all sorts. Unlike his father had expected, he managed to shakily crawl to dry land where he lay for a long time. He was dangerously cold, and began to blindly call out for his parents, a loud 'meep' sound. Of course, no dragon came to his aid, but he did attract several birds. Crows waiting for him to die, to feast upon. Like most dragons he had the ability to speak with the birds, and was begging them unknowingly for help. 
    And help they did. It took a songbird, a pigeon, and two owls to carry him to where they thought he would be safe. The elves.
    The elves were particularly unpredictable, and didn't take kindly to this unwanted visitor. The birds hd brought him, however, and some saw this as a sign. So he was accepted, raised, fed and was even taught to fly. He, however, taught himself to hunt (as he would not eat vegetables nor fruits, and they could not bear to kill). He was renamed Kharygos, khær meaning "fire" in elven. He did not know who he was, nor why he was there, but he gladly accepted this easy life.
He lived with them for 50 years before skirmishes began to rise. Fights between two elf tribes over something ridiculous.
    He was not expected to fight, although he did once. An elf maiden he was rather fond of was killed by a wolf, under the command of another elf from a different tribe. He snapped the wolf's neck and tore the other elf to pieces, roaring in fury.
He went on a rampage then, feeling for the first time grief and pain, destroying everything in his path, including those from his own tribe. After those who had fled had disappeared, he rose to the skies. He roared several times, each more angry and pain-filled than the last. 
     He lived alone, not daring to return to the forests. Kharygos  had even been captured and imprisoned for a number of years by humans, forced to work as a simple farm animal. They tied his legs and mouth shut, beat him when he refused work, and poked sharp things at his sensitive wings. He was freed by a lowly peasant girl, fed up with his treatment. He left without thanking her, vowing never to return to those foul beasts. Life continued.
    At age 104, had to learn by himself what his mother should have taught him, as he was skilled only in the forest areas. He didn't know he was supposed to have found and claimed  a territory by now, and gathered a hoard.   
     Whilst wandering the volcanic areas by his old home, he spotted a female, older then himself, curled around a chuck of obsidian, sleeping. He landed on a nearby ledge and called out to her.
   The female raised her head and looked at him, recoiling in shock. She could pick up the scent and see the similarities, and rushed toward him. They spoke. She was his mother. She told him of his past, after what his father had done, believing that he had died. It was a short reunion.
  His mother would not allow him to stay. It was her territory, after all. So she drove him out, and he left, just as angry as before. He had promised himself that once he was strong enough, he would find his father and rip him limb from limb. He needed revenge, and he would get it.
Since then he has gotten his own territory, between the mountains and volcanoes, only leaving to catch prey and go on looting raids. He enjoyed tormenting the humans. He enjoyed their pain. 
    He is angry, often, has fits of rage. He is rather unstable by himself, and nothing wants to stay by him, because of his uncontrollable emotion. He tends to lash out sometimes. When he is doing this, he will blindly attack something without thinking first, and can be very dangerous when he does this.
    That is one side of him. Because he was raised by elves, he has retained some of their nature. When not angry, he is quite calm and relaxed, lazy even. Like the elves, he naps out in the sun. He has an appreciation for all things shiny or beautiful. He will protect what he cares for, and he cares for very few things.

Affinity: Fire
Nest: Mountainous/volcanic
Other Notes:
  -He is skilled at aerial battles
  - Can fly very fast for short amounts of time. He needs to rest often.  
  - He is weaker on the ground
  - Has a phobia of water
  - Always suspicious of everything around him, alert all the time
  - At this age:  desire for a mate and a large hoard

    ((The theme song is, yes, you guessed it, from Two Steps From Hell. The beginning song represents his loss and grief from his family and time with the elves. It continues for his vengeance to find and destroy his father, and overall anger.))

So begins...

Kharygos the Fierce's Story