One In A Million Chance

One In A Million Chance


Star-crossed lovers get another chance to meet after 5 years of not knowing where the other was. Now that Mr. Romeo has found his Juliet, can he make her realize it's him in time?

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One In A Million Chance

"Hey guys," 10 year-old Addison asked her friends. "Hey Addison," her best friend replied. "Did you hear," a girl from a nearby group came over, with gossip so juicy you had to share. "Robert Ford was finally caught! After so long of running, he was finally caught! And you'll never guess who was hiding him." Addison looked excitedly at the girl and asked, "Who! Who was hiding him?!" The girls infront of Addison giggled and one said, "Who isn't here today?" Addison looked around, and noticed a few people were gone today. "Let's see," she pondered for a moment, "James, Rodney, Jacob, Ethan, Derek, Chase, and ..." Addison looked around frantically, in an almost panicked state. "That's right, Chris isn't here today, is he? Well guess what, he's the one who helped hide that stincking murderer," one girl said, her voice full of venom. "Well, you see, his mom and aunt actually helped hide him, so technically, he's clean," another girl corrected. "Then where is he? If his mother and aunt were introuble, then where did he go?" Addison, even though she had always been tough, wasn't prepared for what was said next at all. "Him and Angel got put in a Foster Home. They won't come here anymore, we won't see them again," another girl butted in. Addison noticed her, she was Angel's friend. "W-what do you mean, we'll never see them again," she asked the smaller girl. "Angel called me last night before her and Chris were taken," the girl began as she teared up, "And she said that the police told her that the chances they ever come back are very small." Addison coldn't take hearing any of this, so she ran through the playground, searching for Chris, searching for Angel. Nothing ... She couldn't find him anywhere. She ran quickly to the classroom, ignoring the yelling teachers on her way, and hoped that he was there. "Mrs. Ware! Is Chris in here?" The teacher looked from her work, looking confused, then clarity flooded her face. "No, Addison, he isn't here. Do you know what happened? Is that why your here before your supposed to be?" Addison could think straight. The one boy that made her feel special, the one that made her smile when no one else could ... he was gone. And the odds of ever seeing him again were one in a million ... That's when everything went black and white.

It's been over 5 years since Chris had been taken away from Addison, her world still in black and white. Addison ended up moving to Colorado, her mother hoping that it might help her daughter recover. But Addison is still in the dark, pretty much oblivious to all those around her. Her mother began to stress to much about her daughter's well-being, that she made herself sick. After seeing what was happening to her mother, Addison decided to put on a facade, a total lie to cover up who she really was. They ended up moving to a different area of Colorado, giving them a chance to start over again. Her new life consists of a new name, Juliet, a new look and a new attitude. Addison's mother is still sick, so it pushes Addison to try even harder. Now, she is starting her junior year of high school, at the top.

Little does she know that Chris did go back to the small school in Missouri, looking for the love of his life. When he finds out that she moved, he instantly had his new foster parents move him to Colorado. Now, after 5 years of searching, he has finally found her. But he's worried, worried that she won't remember, worried that she will laugh in his face for still loving her. Chris begins to go to the school with Addison, under a new name, new look and new personality, hoping she can figure out it's really him. Chris makes it his mission to make her notice him, make her fall in love with him again. Some people say that one in a million chances are not real, but now these star-crossed lovers have one more chance to light an old flame that they still both hold in their hearts.

Of course, there are those who get in the way of their love. There are those who want them, there are those who wish them dead. Teenage drama doesn't even begin to describe it. All is fair in love and war ...

Character Spots:
Addison 'Juliet' Harris - taken by NasiaWords

Chris (Create your own last name and fake name.) - open

The Friends - as many as apply.

The Enemies - as many as apply.

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2. Writing and grammer is important. Don't cuss like a sailor either, all I want is correct spelling and grammer, please.
3. No shirt, no shoes, no service. In other words, please keep romance to the site rules. Anything dirty, take to PMing please.
4. I'm not one of the main character's because I'm the GM. It's because this RP is based on a part of my life that actually happened. Except me and the boy I knew not been reunited.
5. No god modding. This is a RP about normal life, nothing super about it. You can be good at something, but you can't be the ultimate master at it.
6. Please enjoy this RP with all yor might! ^_^ I try to make sure everyone is part of it. Be quick to make a character or characters. I hope to get this started in a few days.

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Addison looked up at him, happy he wasn't arguing. But then again, she had a feeling that he wasn't going to. "Well, once their done fixing you up, maybe ... If you feel better, we can go see my mom. She wanted to see you." Addison let out a long breath that she hadn't realized she had been holding in. Everything was almost perfect, except for the fact that Chris was currently 'banged up'. Maybe her mom would start feeling better and maybe ... just maybe, things could go back to how they used to be.

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Chris smiled. "That would be nice, I would like to see another familiar face from my past," he said. Chris gently held her hand and they arrived at the hospital and the officer got out and opened the door, helping Chris out. "I think I can walk on my own for now," he said to the officer as he went to help him. The officer nodded and walked next to him just in case as he needed help. Chris waited for Addison to get out before he started to walk towards the hospital.

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Addison scurried out of the police car and walked close behind Chris. Then she turned her attention to the officer. "You better not let that man out of jail ever again! I swear if you do ..." She was quickly interrupted by the officer. "Are threatening a police officer young lady." "Yes," she said, "Not just you, but the entire criminal justice system."

"Young lady, I hope you know it's illegal to," he began.

"Yeah, I do. I'm planning on working for the CIA. In fact, I practically already do. So don't think you can tell me what is and isn't illegal." Addison was tempted to stick her tongue out in victory, but then he really wouldn't believe her.

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Chris chuckled quietly. "You haven't changed much, I'm surprised you didn't stick your tongue out at him," he said, smiling. Chris walked into the hospital and the officer spoke to a receptionist and she nodded as Chris sat down in a chair as he waited.

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"I was about to," she whispered. "But I decided to take it down a notch. I probably would have ended up punching him, so I think I made the right choice." Addison smiled and rested her head gently on Chris' shoulder. "Haha, and the last thing I want is to be in Juvie right now." Plus, it would make mom even sicker, she thought.

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