Sam Winchester

"I was going to join the marines, but being a vampire hunter just sounded a lot cooler"

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a character in “One Last Bite”, as played by Endgame


Full Name: Samuel Jackson Winchester
Nickname: "Fallout boy"
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Theme Song: (Optional, I guess) Fallout by Alter Bridge
Other: Sam is very durable and can take a lot of punishment


Personality: Sam has always been his brother's shadow, and has been always in it. He has grown up half resenting his brother because of this, though he will always come to him in his time of need. Sam is the kind of guy who is reasonable and loyal to a fault and is still having trouble getting used to the vampire hunter lifestyle. He is also very protective of the other hunters knowing how many of them they have lost and that one could die any day, he also hates making sacrifices but will do them if utmost need be. He is also a good person preferring to stop and help someone in need and this can be used as a weakness by the vampires.

He is very athletic in build and is a natural born athlete and can do things most other can't do. He also suffers from nightmares about losing the other hunter to vampires and such and will put his life on the line to defend another hunter or person. He also secretly thinks he can do a better job of leading the vampire hunters than his brother, but he would never say that out loud. Though he tries to be realistic he tries to look on the brighter side of things. Though he can be a team player he will sometimes do lone wolf things to prevent from anyone other than himself from losing their lives. He is a more rational side of his brother and will play mind games to beat the vampires if necessary unlike his brothers more aggressive style.

Likes: The outdoors, fast cars, sports, animals (he really likes birds), music, fighting arts (I.E Boxing)
Dislikes: Killer vampires, liars, childish people, in closed spaces, demons

Thoughts about the vampires?: Sam is unsure about vampires because of the conflicting sides in his life. His brother believes all vampires should be destroyed, his best friend believes they should be studied, so he is unsure. Though if you ask him about it he will say that he wants to stop the vampires at all costs and stop them from hurting anyone else.

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Sam Winchester's Story