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Danny Peterson

"Oh, right, almost forgot. It's my job to care."

0 · 398 views · located in James Thomas High

a character in “One Last Chance: Highschool”, as played by Mr. V1D3O G4M3




Ha, yeah, I don't think so.


Full name:
Daniela Cay Peterson




Birth Date:
July 4th


Sexual Preference:



A faded few faded ones on her forearms then various ones from childhood accidents.

She has two sayings running up each forearms, a dagger on her right forearm, and a lion on her upper left arm above her elbow, and a few more here and there.

She has a nose pierced and that's it.

Danny has slightly tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and long dark brown - almost black - hair. She keeps her hair mostly pulled to the right of her head with it going down in her face. She looks skinny, but she not anorexia skinny. She, unlike most people she knows, wears little makeup, the most of it being eyeliner and maybe a little lip gloss. Her clothing style is that of a laid back rocker. She likes loose fitting and soft tee-shirts or tank-tops with a pair of her - usually black - jeggings and some converses that are a size too big.



Danny is that person that acts strong. She's not a troublemaker, nor is she anywhere near a bitch. But she isn't the most innocent. She's not really the type of person that when your parents first see her will be like "Oh, look at that girl, she looks nice. Go be friends!" No, they'd probably look at her and turn the other way. She likes to think it's the tattoos and her hair, which is true. A lot of people do that, so that doesn't really bother Danny. What does bother her is when people close to her hurt her.

She may not seem the type, but she is really sensitive. She can be happy one minute and pissed the second because of something someone said. She wouldn't seem or act upset though. She always puts on a mask - to say - that she's fine even if she isn't. Danny had this problem when she was a Junior. Someone close to her hurt her and she nearly killed herself because of it, being sent to say in the hospital for the rest of her Junior year. Since this happened, she's been weary of getting close to people in general. But she's dealing with it, even if she breaks down sometimes.

Other than all that, Danny is probably the most hilarious and sweet person you'd ever meet. She's very passionate of what she loves, wither it be people or a hobby. Just like she cares about the people she loves greatly. Even if she doesn't know someone - even if she hates them - she can't stand seeing someone upset. She'd end up being the first person over there and cheering them up by saying one of her famous cheesy jokes and laughing her head off at it - that usually cheers them up.


Judging people
People with too much pride

To graduate happy and successful and be successful in life.

To go down old roads again.

Writing, Playing guitar, Drawing


Relationship Background:
Danny was best friends with {Girl 5}. Because they both liked {Boy 2} and ended up arguing all the time about. The argument went too far one time and Danny nearly ended her life because of it. She ended up staying in the hospital the rest of her Junior year with Jackle by her side. After she got out, Jackle moved away leaving her with her parents who worry about her all the time. She now hates {Boy 2} but still considers {Girl 5} her best friend.

Mother - Alive; Lives in same house
Father - Alive; Lives in same house
Older Brother, Jackle - Alive; Moved away after incident

Spoken Languages:
English, French


Theme Song(s):
Bad Blood | Blood On The Dance FloorI Refuse To Sink | Blood On The Dance FloorLion | Hollywood Undead
Sample Post: {Didn't have a sample post on hand at the moment so I took an exert of a story I had written awhile back. Of course, this was written in first person, but I'd be writing my posts in third person. I hope this can qualify as a sample.}

The ship shifts again. We're gaining speed. You can almost see orange – like fire – going over the window more and more as we pass into earths atmosphere, gaining speed as we go. Chris reaches over and grabs my hand. I have to turn my head and look at her. She looks scared. She looks like a child. Her eyes wide and wet under her glasses, her lip quivering slightly like she's about to cry. I'm almost shocked. I'm so used to her, of all people, looking strong and bitchy.
We hit turbulence and go through something soft looking and white or gray. I shake forward and my head bangs back. I feel dizzy. Everything's spinning. I hear screaming. Is it me or Chris? I listen, it sounds like Chris, is she crying? I don't know what's going on. The ship hits something hard, I hear more screaming, the shattering of glass. Then everything stops and all I see is black.

When I start to come to, I hear people talking. Someone's holding me, talking softly and rubbing my face with gentle, soft hands.
“Emily, oh, Emily,” The voice says in an almost sing-song way and I can tell it's female. I hear someone else in the background, another female.
“Emily, oh, Emily! Wherefore art thou, Emily? Deny thy father and refuse thy name! Or, if thou wilt not, I sworn my love and – Ouch! What the hell was that for!”
“For being an idiot, that's what!” It's a mans voice, deep and irritated. I open my eyes, blinking a few times as I try to adjust to the light.
I see brown and the orange-yellow flickering of fire. My eyesight clears and I see Jordan above me, holding me close to her. She see's my eyes open and smiles. I start to smile before I notice two things. One; she's way too close. And two; she's touching my face. I sit up and push myself a little ways away. Did I over react? Maybe. Yes, I did. I look around. We're in a cave of some sorts, the opening near by, it's dark. There's a fire in the middle of the cave, the flames small but big enough to light the area. I see Chris on the other side of the fire, she seems normal again and is glaring at Henry while rubbing her arm and Henry's glaring right back at her and holding a stick. But someone's missing.
“Where's Peter?” I ask. I almost feel sick to my stomach. I just woke up from whatever and instead of thanking those who matter about not leaving me to die and instead of asking Chris if she's alright and instead of asking what the hell happened, I'm asking where some douche is.

So begins...

Danny Peterson's Story