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James Garfield

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a character in “One Last Chance: Highschool”, originally authored by phoenixheart, as played by RolePlayGateway





Full name:
James Arthur Garfield
Birth Date:
February 17th
Sexual Preference:


Small one on the back of his left hand
Dresses like this most of the time. Has mid-brown hair that he wears wept up off his face. He has an average build for someone of his height.


James is pretty self-confident and rarely doubts his own abilities, although he has been known to question himself on rare occasions, particularly when relationships and feelings are involved. His sense of humour is pretty sarcastic and dry. James places a high value on loyalty within a group and is loyal to the people he deems to be worthy of his loyalty and respect, once you have that, he's an incredibly loyal friend and it takes a lot for him to leave a friend. James is fairly laid-back for the most part, but certain things really rile him up, like certain people criticising his sexual orientation. James is pretty open minded about most things and isn't quick to judge anyone. He is a good listener and tries his best to give good advice to his friends, although he may be slightly biased when certain friends and partners are involved.
Writing, Listening to music, Cheesecake, Walking, Rain, Comics
Spiders, Clowns, Homophobia, Racism, Coffee, Athletics
A good career and getting the courage to tell him how he feels
Failure, Loneliness, Rejection
Writing, Card games, Reading Comics


Relationship Background:
James Has been in love with [Boy 4] ever since middle school but he doesn't know this. [Girl 3] is going out with [Boy 4] and knows that James is homosexual and disapproves of it. She tries everything in her power to break James and [Boy 4's] friendship, and James knows this. James doesn't want to hurt His friend's feelings, knowing that he truly loves [Girl 3] but he is tired of hearing her talk bad about his sexual preferences and almost tells [Boy 4] about his feelings for him at a party while drunk but bottled out at the last moment. Now [Boy 4] is suspicious of James and still wonders what he had wanted to say after that day.

Carol Garfield- Mother
Thomas Garfield- Father
Emma Garfield- Younger sister
Spoken Languages:
English and Spanish


Theme Song(s): Black Cloud- Morrissey Raise Your Glass- Pink Wish for Something More- Amy McDonald

Sample Post: So this is from a fanfiction I'm writing based on the Thor movies, comics and the Mythology

Loki grabbed Sigyn by the wrist, effectively stopping her exit, “You cannot marry him.”
Sigyn’s shoulder’s slumped. She looked down at Loki’s hand gripping her wrist. Although she would never admit it to him, Loki’s grip had sent a pleasant spark of something through her, although his hand was icy cold. “And why,” She started, speaking slowly, giving herself time to gather her wrists, “Would that be?” She twisted her wrist from Loki’s grip, missing the connection and longing for his touch again, but she would not give him the satisfaction of being right, “Is he a liar? A traitor? A murderer? No, I do not believe he is, Loki Laufeyson.” She spat his true name although she gained no pleasure when Loki recoiled from her.
Loki looked at the young woman before him. Gone was the innocent child he had grown up with, gone was the naivety, the willingness to listen to him. No, now she was every inch a fine young woman, more than ready to rule a kingdom, even if it was without him by her side. Had so much really changed so quickly? Did her heart truly belong to Theoric now? Was it ever his to begin with? He had thought… but now? He knew nothing of Sigyn’s mind now. He raised a hand to her cheek, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. He felt Sigyn stiffen at his touch. Undeterred, Loki let his hand cup Sigyn’s neck, “No, he is none of those things Sigyn, none of those at all. He is a good man.”
“Then why-”
“You do not love him,” Loki said simply, answering the question before Sigyn had a chance to finish it. Sigyn glared up at him, slapping his hand away from her neck.
“Do not think to tell me who I do and do not love Loki! You may rule Asgard, but that does not give you the power to decide who I can and cannot marry! Whether you like it or not Loki, I love Theoric. Like you said, he is a good man, the sort of man I need at my side when I come to the throne.”
Loki laughed. Sigyn looked at him, now she saw the madman her friends had warned her of, “Oh, Sigyn. My dear sweet Sigyn,” Loki sighed dramatically, “You may love him, but I doubt you are in love with him.”
“What makes you so sure?” Sigyn asked defensively, folding her arms.
Loki bent slightly at the waist, “Look me in the eyes Sigyn,” he waited until Sigyn’s gaze held his own, “and tell me you are no longer in love with me.”
“If I do, will that satisfy you?”
“That all depends on if you tell the truth. Now tell me you do not love me.”
Sigyn raised herself up onto tiptoe, “I do not love you.”
Loki smiled. He knew it. “You always were a terrible liar.”
“What! I am no-” Sigyn never got to finish her protest of innocence. Loki pulled her towards him, claiming her lips with his own. A whirlwind of emotions coursed through her. She shouldn’t want this, but she did. No, the only man she should want was Theoric. Theoric, who had always loved her but never demanded anything from her. She realised then that Theoric was the man she needed. Loki was the man she wanted. She let herself melt into Loki’s embrace, running her fingers through his hair.
She pulled away from Loki, head bowed, “We can’t.”
Loki held Sigyn’s shoulders, “Why can’t we, Little One?”
Sigyn blinked back the tears. Why must the Norns be so cruel? “Theoric, he… he is a good man, he does not deserve to be hurt like this. I can’t do this to him,” She stood up straight, looking Loki straight in the eye, “I will not do this to him. Whatever you may think, I do love him and I belong with him, Loki, not with you. “
“But you kissed me back.” He would not lose her again.
“A momentary lapse in judgement, that was all. Now,” She smoothed out her dress, “If you’ll excuse me, Your Highness, I have guests to attend to.”

Hope that's ok.

So begins...

James Garfield's Story