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Madison Jennifer Huntsman

"Perfection is my second name"

0 · 405 views · located in James Thomas High

a character in “One Last Chance: Highschool”, as played by mermaidlegend





Full name: Madison Jennifer Huntsman

Nicknames: Maddie, Mad, Jen, Huntsman

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Birth Date: July 27

Nationality: Canadian

Sexual Preference: Straight


Height: 168 cm

Scars: there is one small one on her leg from a scratch, when she slept with Boy 1

Tattoos: none

Piercings: both ears are pierced

Appearance: She has long brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her hair would be in different hair styles depending on the occasion. But She always dresses in classic, preppy stores like Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Lacoste, and Lilly Pulitzer and wears ballet flats for shoes.



Personality: Madison is a perfectionist, she expects everything be perfect and can get pretty demanding depend on the situation. She can also be really self-centered sometimes and requires a lot of attention. However, she is also pretty quiet when it comes to talking to people, since she avoid blabbering on about unnecessary information. She would be very social and well-connected willing to approach people, but again she wouldn't approach anyone who is outside of her league.

  • Flowers
  • Romance novels
  • French/Vintage Films
  • Coffee
  • Sports(Tennis, Horseback ridding, golf)
  • Shopping
  • Classical music

  • Messes
  • Bugs
  • Bad grades
  • Noises
  • Bad Manner

  • Get into an Ivy league college
  • Find the perfect boyfriend

  • Failing a class
  • Messy hair
  • heights
  • Snakes and Spiders

  • Reading
  • Novel Writing
  • Playing the Cello
  • Sports




Relationship Background:
Boy 1: Slept with him by mistake, when she got drunk for the first time. Now she really regrets it
Girl 1: Her childhood friend, who she hasn't talked to, but after her mistake about sleeping with Boy 1. Both broken girls became great friends
Boy 3: She has a crush on him, but she is unaware of his sexual orientation
Girl 3: Best friends before she slept with Boy 1, but afterwards she feels guilty and gradually parted from their friendship
Boy 4: She absolutely hates him for breaking her best friend up with her brother, but she has to cop with it since he is Boy 3's good friend
Girl 4: Best friends before she slept with Boy 1, but afterwards she feels guilty and gradually parted from their friendship
Boy 5: Her twin brother who protects her a lot, with him around she feels safe. However, she didn't tell her brother about how she slept with Boy 1 because she is scared that he would get super angry and then go do some thing aggressive

  • Mother: Katrina Huntsman, Dead
  • Father: John Huntsman, Alive
  • Twin Brother: Marcus Huntsman, Alive

Spoken Languages: English, French, Spanish



Theme Song(s):B-e-a-utiful- Megan Nicole Baby, I Love You- Tiffany Alvord
Sample Post: This is a "novel" I started working on several years ago about several teenagers who each has their musical talent but it mainly about the role of music in their life... I never ended up finishing so I have only posted the first 5 chapters on my Chinese blog, this is the second chapter.
Moving to this house on Royal Park Street with the Ford family was the
worst part of this year, not that my friend James Ford is bad or anything, but
the part about being on this street with all the riches, away from my friends,
away from the little house on victoria street. I carefully set the drumsticks
on my drum set, and quietly crept out of the garage, the living room was filled
with brown paper boxes, the smell of fresh paint filled the area. I don't know
how long I’ve been in the garage, 1 hour? 2 hours? But all I can think of is
that tomorrow will be Endless Generation’s last concert before my brother, Alex
Anich graduates or to be exact it will be the last concert forever.

Endless Generation has been a part of my life since 2nd
grade, at that time James was 3rd grade, Alex was 4th
grade. I remember the first time walking on that stage like it was yesterday, the
crowd was small but yet encouraging, that is how we become the Endless
Generation we are today, the most popular rock band in Sherlock High School.

Each time there was the lighting that blinds my eyes, the loud guitar
amp that creates the sound that vibrates though the whole stadium, but those
things don't matter at all. There was one girl, she was the valuable thing to
me, her long dark black hair, and her big eyes the sparked liked the stars. I
noticed her at every time in the front roll, alone, quietly enjoying the music
as if the rock music was a piece of calm flowing tone. However soon after that,
she had disappeared, the same time my father, Julio Anich said he had hired us
a personal band manager. No one knows who it will be, James actually thought it
was one of his good friends from school, but then on the day of the meeting, my
heart pumped nervously as my father opened the door, there she walked in,
dressed in a blue school uniform as if she was just any normal student.

“Hello, I am Ella Smith and I will be your band manager starting today”

That was all I can remember her saying. Starting that day she began
hanging out with us a lot, band practices, concert preparation, or just any
normal weekend. She treated me like a good friend but she never notice, the way
I treated her with the care more than any good friend can give. Once I decide that I was going to confess this
feeling to her, I showed up with three roses, but what I saw was the complete
opposite of anyone’s expectance. I saw was her head turned back on me far, far
away, she walked slowly with Alex, looking closely I notice their hands tightly
locked together.

That day I locked myself inside the old garage on Victoria Street,
playing the melody of Patience on my guitar, no one knows exactly why I have
done that but Alex can tell that I have been rejected, but he never found out
by whom.

(Patience-Take That)
Just have a little patience
I'm still hurting from a love I lost
I'm feeling your frustration
Any minute all the pain will stop.

Just hold me close inside your arms tonight
Don't be too hard on my emotions.

Cause I
Need time
My heart is numb, has no feeling
So while I'm still healing
Just try and have a little patience.

I really wanna start over again
I know you wanna be my salvation
The one that I can always depend.

I'll try to be strong
Believe me I'm trying to move on
It's complicated but understand me.

'Cause I
Need time
My heart is numb, has no feeling
So while I'm still healing
Just try and have a little patience.

'Cause the scars run so deep
It's been hard but I have to believe
Just have a little patience
Just have a little patience

'Cause I
Need time
My heart is numb, has no feeling
So while I'm still healing
Just try and have a little patience.

Have a little patience
My heart is numb, has no feeling
So while I’m still healing
Just try and have a little patience

“Who ever she is, she is not worth it,” Alex had said knocking outside the
door, but in my heart she is worth it no matter what.

Starting that day I had began avoiding her, but not long after that she
disappeared. I clearly remember that day. It was misty rainy day. I heard the
loud screams and shouts from my brother’s room, I walked into the hallway to see
what was happening. I saw her slam the door shut behind her, glancing back with
hateful tears, as she ran down the stairs. I motioned to chase after her, but somehow something
had stopped me, instead I walked into my brother’s room. That day, I did
something I never thought I would ever do, I slapped him real hard on the face,
we began in to a great fight, that was when he found out who it was, but then
this loud crashing noise came from outside the window.

There she lay, in the middle of the streets, unconscious, right next to
her parked a blue lotus car. Clearly she has been hit, but all I could do for
her was call the ambulance. 10 minute later, I watched as the doctor lifted her
into the white van, and watched it disappeared into the rain. That was the last
time I ever saw her, I heard her friends say that she has died in that car
accident, but she will always live in my heart.
Now, 2 year has passed, my family moved from that old house on Victoria
Street to this new mansion on Royal Park Street, along with that the last sign
of her has disappeared, no more imagining one day she would walk back into that
old garage and join us for any practice.

On my first night here, I laid on my new bed looking up there was no
more familiar cracks on that ceiling, the walls has been painted blue instead
of the usual white. I rolled from side to side trying to fall asleep, but
somehow there was always a thought stuck in my head, that she will come back
even when we moved.

Then this thought was interrupted by a deep cello tone from next door, I
tried covering my ear with my pillow but that I didn't help at all. So I made
up the decision to knock the door to ask them to stop. As I walked down the
empty street there was only the dim light from streetlight, every single house
was dark and blended into the night.

As I got closer to the yellow mansion next door, I was going to knock on
the door unsure of whether it is right, I still quietly knocked the handle
against the metal door. The door swung
open, as a girl with black hair, her eyes sparkled, my first reaction was it’s
her, she is back, but then a moment later I realized it wasn't her.

“Excuse me, how may I help you?” that was the sentence that woke me from
that imagination

“Will you please stopping playing the cello, it has become extremely
annoying when someone is trying to sleep”

she apologized as I walked off back into my house. I noticed one thing,
although she wasn't Ella, they still looked extremely alike....

So begins...

Madison Jennifer Huntsman's Story