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Marcus Benjamin Huntsman

Romance is nothing, because nothing is something

0 · 988 views · located in James Thomas High

a character in “One Last Chance: Highschool”, as played by mermaidlegend





Full name: Marcus Benjamin Huntsman

Nicknames: Mark, Huntsman

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Birth Date: July 27

Nationality: Canadian

Sexual Preference: Straight


Height: 173 cm

Scars: none

Tattoos: none

Piercings: One on the left ear

Appearance: He has brown eyes and short brown hair. He enjoy athletes and different sports however he isn't that strong physically. He Changes his style of clothing depending on what occasion it is, but unlike most guys he has no problem wearing a suit as long at it isn't dirty.



Personality: Marcus has a great sense of humor and often makes alot of funny jokes but he also has a serious side and that usually comes out when it comes out to take care of Madison seen as she often gotten into trouble for that. Most of the time he is very quiet, not that many close friend where he could be super random. Comparing to his sister, he tends to stick with his group rather than communicating freely with among other.

  • Chocolate/other sweets
  • Sports
  • Parties
  • Animals
  • Painting

  • Mud/dirty
  • Being abandoned
  • Alcohol
  • Homework

  • Get girl 3 back
  • Protect Madison
  • Get a good job and have a great famil
  • Getting his shirts dirty
  • Never getting girl 3 back

  • Playing the Guitar
  • Songwriting
  • Traveling




Relationship Background:
Boy 1: Used to be great friends but after a fight with Boy 1 about cheating on girl 4, their friendship clamped. Boy 1 now hates him, but now Marcus kind of regrets their fight and want to be friends again.
Girl 2: Used to be great friends since freshman year. Dated during Junior year but now tends to avoid her because she slept with her "best friend" (Girl 4)'s boyfriend
Girl 3: Used to date, but after him not being their for her during the summer when something really tragic happened in her family, they broke up. However, he still loves her deeply and want her back
Boy 4: Marcus absolutely hates Boy 4 for stealing Girl 3 from him
Girl 4: Great friends since freshman year, he had always been there for her. Even when she was so devastated by the cheating of her boyfriend
Girl 6: They are twins, he has always been very protective of her, no matter what.

  • Mother: Karina Huntsman, Dead
  • Father: John Huntsman,Alive
  • Twin Sister: Madison Huntsman, Alive

Spoken Languages: English, French, Spanish



Theme Song(s): Not Just You- Cody Simpson Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney
Sample Post: This is the first three scenes from a screenplay I wrote last year about a woman who face has been destroyed during a car accident and end up getting abandoned by his boyfriend. However, he meets Justin, young plastic surgeon who transforms her life, hope you enjoy :)

Prolog: Darkness

The streetlights quietly lit the sidewalk along the road,
As the stars gathered in the sky.
It seems as if they were all laughing
Laughing at my failure,
My distress.

Seems like just yesterday,
I had everything I needed,
But now it’s just me dragging a suitcase along these lonely streets,
Toward the darkness in life,
The darkness in myself.
I want to head back,
But there was nothing,
Just darkness.

Why I am in this darkness?
Funny you would care because my parent never did,
They threw me in front of the orphanage,
Where kids would get into bloody fights for a single piece of candy,
Where kids will put on their best “masks” waiting to be chosen
But many returned,
They where simply laughed at and then beaten up.
I hate my parents
I hate them for leaving me with horror,
With fear.

The moment I stepped out of those metal gates,
I seem relieved,
Finally I am out,
It seems like exiting the darkness and entering the bright sun.
Finally I am out,
The world outside seems,
So wide,
There are so many things to discover.
My life seems to fall back on track, and road to the future is long but everything bad is over and that from here on it would be bright all the way!

Then he showed up,
He gave me the shoulder to lean on,
But he was the one that dragged me from the top all the way back to my original position, from brightness all the way into darkness…

Scene 1: Memory
The flask shattered as it hits the wall next to me,
but it wasn't just the flask that shattered,
it was my heart,
the heart that was torn into a million pieces,
the heart that was stabbed right through by a thousand sharp knifes
and the heart that froze with the cruelty and cold blood of this world.

Leave now,
I don't want to see you ever again,
Rosy Evans,
why do you think you even have the right to show your face around here,
we are over

before I could realize it,
I was pushed out of the door as the door slammed shut in front of me.
With each pound I grew weak until I finally slipped onto the ground,
watery eyes filled with tears,
as they rolled down,
it’s all because of it,
as I reached up to feel my cheek but all I could feel was the bumpiness of a burned scar.

it's because of this scar,
now that it has ruined my life.
Those horrors of that night still return in my dreams,
haunting me.
Scenes of our car speeding down the road still play repeatedly in my head,
they always end with me screaming in horror in my room.
I guess now I am alone in the streets,
I am nowhere close to my room.

Scene 2: Hope

As I walked along the St. Helena Bridge an idea came to mind
Stepping onto the edgy of the bridge,
I looked down,
that clear river,
where I will die,
I have nothing in this life to live for,
and dying will be the only escape.
Just as I was about to take another step forward,
someone forcefully pulled me back

Justin: What do you think you are doing?

Rosy: making a conclusion my life, why do you have to save me?

Justin: Why would you want to die? There are so many people out there, trying fight for one more day of their life, but how could you say you just want to end it

Rosy: With a face like this, do you think anyone can help me?

Justin: Is it only about this?

Rosy: You are not going to understand

don't do anymore foolish things,
I can help you.
I am Justin Murphy,
a plastic surgeon,
here is my card,
call me if you need me

I watched as he walked away and gradually disappeared into the lights of the city,
I don't know why but it seemed like,
it might have been a way out…


So begins...

Marcus Benjamin Huntsman's Story