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One Last War, a roleplay on RPG

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One Last War

One Last War


Who shall be the last standing?

580 readers have visited One Last War since Silent Rain created it.



A Long.. Long time ago, three races all lived together in harmony in the world of Eteriven:
-The Sorrows.
-The Jokers
-The Deceased

For a long time, the three races settled together, having three King's. Each King was a different race so they could all come to agreements on what each race wanted.

It became clear that the three races began to separate their own ways as years turned into decades and decades grew into centuries and that the King's were not doing a good job of keep to their agreements, which turned into many arguments.

One particular argument shook the world of Eteriven as the three King's walked off in their own directions, making themselves each a separate Kingdom with their races to live in harmony away from the two other races.

-Kingdom Of Bydric (The Deceased)
-Kingdom Of Tiaviel (The Jokers)
-Kingdom Of Sothien (The Sorrows)

More disagreements still went on between the three Kings as they were unhappy with the amount of land they were given each. The Deceased seemed pretty happy with their amount of Land and kept out of the argument but The Sorrows and The Jokers became worst enemies and a war began...

For Centuries, there have been wars on and off between the three Kingdoms, the Deceased trying their best just to live a peaceful life but that seemed impossible with two fighting Neighbours. Even as the old King's died, their sons and Daughter's replaced them and carried on the war until one Kingdom gave up...


Current Affairs:

The three Kingdom's had come to some sort of treaty to prevent any more wars from occurring. For several years, there had been no war and all seemed peaceful. An up-roar appeared as the first Princess of the Sorrows was announced that she was to become Queen of Sothien.

The two other Kingdom's, certainly the Sorrows did not agree that a female should ever be able to become Queen without a King. It was wrong that a female could have so much power in her hands... It seemed like a waste and disastrous. But, there were opportunities and they saw these.

Never-the-less, the two other Kingdom's weren't going to allow their Neighbour Kingdom to have a female to rule. Another war started but this time, it wasn't going to stop until one species ruled.

The Last War began... But how would it end?


Characters needed.

-King of Bydric (Becoming very old.): Available.

-Queen of Byrdric: Available.

-Prince of Bydric (Heir of the Kingdom): Available.

-Princess of Bydric (Not Heir.): Available.

-Any other character's of the Deceased? : Available.

-Prince of Tiaviel (Heir of Kingdom. His Father already deceased.) :Available.

-Prince of Tiaviel's right hand man. : Available.

-Any other member of The Joker's? : Available.

-Princess of Sothien : Taken by Silent Rain.

-Princess' closest Friend: Available.

-Old King of Sothien: Available.

-Any other member of the Sorrows? : Available.

Some character's may be Non-Player Character's (NPC) if they are not taken and feel free to add character which you would like to play and this would suit this RP.

~Different Species Appearance:

The Jokers are Gothic looking Humans with appear as a Typical Joker would look like.

The Sorrows are Angelic looking creatures. Mainly saw with wings but some appear without.

The Deceased are Dead looking creatures. Very pale yet slightly human looking. Some are very disfigured though.

~ Species Abilities.

The Jokers are a master of trickery and lying. Over the years, they have also learnt a few magic tricks which serve them well. They are sly yet charming when they want.

The Sorrows say nothing but the truth. It is impossible for them to lie. They have a few abilities such as flying if they have their wings, they are quick and quite skilled with magic.

The Deceased want nothing but to live in peace. They can be scary creatures but only to get what is right. If peace means they need to tear bodies apart, then they will. They are very skilled with weaponry.


Character Skeleton:







Personality: (Be Descriptive.)

Biography: (Be Descriptive.)

Likes: (At least three.)

Dislikes: (At least three.)

Other: (Leave if you think you have covered everything.)

Rules- Read Carefully.

1)Must be active: At least one post a day. More is great!
2)Must inform me if you are going to be absent for a few days/ weeks.
3)All OOC is to remain in the OOC forum.
4)Must write at least 250+ Words in a post. I understand sometimes it is not possible but I expect to see at least 250 in most posts.
5)Must be literate and have good grammar. I don't mind a few spelling mistakes, these thing happen but please try and correct them.
6)Must write 'Stunning Hammer' at the bottom of your character profile, just so I know you have read this page and rules.
7)If you have any questions, PM me or ask in OOC. I am very friendly.
8)Romance is fine, but I do not want soppy love scenes everywhere I look. I expect this RP to be about Death, Blood, War and Romance. Not just the latter.
9)Fill in the character skeleton.
10) If you reserve a character; your reservation shall last 24 hours. Reserve by PMing me or in the OOC.
11)Oh, and have fun! :]

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