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Clarice Adelaide Phaedra

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a character in “One More Chance”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full name: Clarice Adelaide Phaedra (fay-drah)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Morality: evil (human)
Class: was originally a peasant, but married a wealthy man he "accidentally" died leaving her with all his money


Clarice's looks are what just about every man wants. Her blonde hair falls to her mid back and naturally has voluptuous waves that frame her face perfectly. She outlines her icy blue eyes in dark liner and paints her full lips bright red. She isn't a head turner, she is a neck breaker. Her small waist is accentuated by her full bust and perfect hips that lead to her long smooth legs. Her complexion is pale, but a any amount of sun will lightly tan her skin; she is always found wearing corset dresses with no sleeves (quite scandalous for the time period) and adds matching necklaces and earrings to everything. Her nails are always painted a crimson color to reflect her venomous personality.


Personality: Clarice is the woman everyone has you warned about, but you just cannot avoid. From her enchanting laugh and her perfect looks, it is almost impossible to not want to be her, or to be with her. She is sly and cunning and her silent monologue with herself shows her self infatuation. Clarice is a vixen and loves to play with guys hearts which she is very good at. In addition she could care less what any body thinks of her and expresses it by wearing risqué clothing and doing things not suitable for a woman. She made her money by marrying a rich man and then killing him, but everyone thinks it was simply an accident. Clarice is drawn to anything prohibited, whether that is a married man deeply in love or a room that is strictly off limits. She has a tendency to use her body to get exactly what she wants, and it has worked so far. To outsiders she can appear innocent. Clarice can be nice, you just have to earn her respect. Once she trusts you she would stick up for you or protect you until the earth ends. Clarice has an incredibly dry sense of humor and cannot help but be sultry. She enjoys men.. probably a little to much, and could be classified as a tramp. On top of it all she can take any kind of punch (probably from all the women who want her dead) and can throw any kind of punch and most likely knock a guy out.

She also has been a dancer since she was a tiny child, whether it be ballet or exotic dancing every move she makes is graceful.

Theme song and extra facts:

Likes: boys, doing inappropriate things with boys, stealing men, chocolate, showing off her body, dancing, laughing, money
Dislikes: pitiful girls, people who can't hold their own, smoking

Soul mate: TBA


Clarice wears a necklace with a small (about one inch) diamond shaped gem filled with a clear liquid, so it just looks like a solid stone. Inside of the clear stone is a clear poison used to secretly kill or harm people who get in her way.


Clarice was never the child any father wanted, sneaking out was part of her daily routine since she was thirteen and meeting boys was only the half of it. Maybe it had been because her dad drank a lot, or that she never really had a mother figure in her life. She lacked the structure (and the sex talk) any girl had to have. Even as a young teenager all the boys went wild after her, but she only went wild after one. In the end he never spoke to her, thought she was worthless, and ever since then she never knew why she shouldn't refrain from something so... enjoyable.

When she turned nineteen she found a suitor, a very rich man from the countryside who wanted her for his wife. She married him and was soon spoiled with riches she was never lavished with as a child. From diamonds to show horses anything she wanted she could get, but she wanted it all. Coming up with the fantastic idea to poison her husband he died, and all his money was left to her. Clarice sold the huge estate he lived on and has been in her new house ever since.


Clarice had been married once before in a previous life. All went well until he was found sleeping with her sister. Since Clarice has never been able to be able to break out of the rut of just pulling at heart strings of suitable men.

Perhaps one of the men here will be able to change that... or maybe not.

So begins...

Clarice Adelaide Phaedra's Story