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Lapin Lodora

0 · 218 views · located in One Piece

a character in “One Piece: Another Voyage”, as played by Maria-Chan


Appearance: ... .jpg?o=154

Name: Lapin Lodora

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Pirate or Marine: Pirate

Powers: Rai Rai Fruit / Zap Zap Fruit : Lapin ate a fruit that allows her to convey electrical shock's to her enemies so basically her body's made of electricity this allows her many skills but because she 's not use to her abilities yet she can only use them to a certain extent before running out of energy if she runs out of energy she will fall asleep and stay unconscious until she has recharged...

Skills: Lapin is a Chef she can make a variety of foods and this comes in quite handy

Weapon: She normally fights with her powers or hand to hand combat but if she can she will use small knives or a hand gun

Personality: Lapin's one for a good laugh she has a tough fun personality and can even be a bit of a flirt she is loyal to her crew mates and refuses to ever back down no matter what she has a soft spot for animals and children but aside that she can be ruthless she is fun loving and caring but a bit lazy always falling a sleep everywhere...

Bio: Lapin was never expecting to become a pirate until the day her brother dissapeared everyone said the marines got him she was only 15 at the time when she was old enough Lapin got on a small ship and headed out but her bad sense of direction got her stuck on a small island where she met a young captain soon she joined his crew as a fighter and as there chef...

So begins...

Lapin Lodora's Story