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Ferant D. Strum

"I wanna be the world's strongest!"

0 · 208 views · located in The Grand Line

a character in “One Piece: Chronicles”, as played by Bbgun50


Name: Ferant D. Strum
Age: 19
Devil Fruit: Doro Doro No Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil fruit Ability: The Doro Doro No Mi allows the user to soften the ground by physical contact (commonly with hands ore head) and can then manipulate the soften ground to his whim so he can create walls and fists out of the ground.

Species: Human
Haki type(s): Armament and Conquerors Haki
Equipment: Ferant is Most commonly seen with a staff what he uses for combat Ashe dislikes using his devil fruit abilities.
Occupation (marine,pirate etc.): Pirate Navigator
Appearance (either describe or image...or both if you want too): Look at Icon
Personality: Ferant is a very calm and relaxed person with him casually walking towards opponents who could possible kill him. Besides that he is often shown to be very passionate about his dream of becoming the strongest man in the world, so much so that he would actively go out of his way to ask someone to fight him (though most cases he doesn't ask and randomly attacks them). Ferant also has a strange habit what he had developed over his childhood what involved him falling asleep when angry or excited what can be either a upside if he has been annoying his fellow crewmates or a downside if he is needed in a certain situations.

Bio: Ferant was born a orphan after his mother died during childbirth and his father dying during a marine conflict against the Golden Lion pirates. Soon Ferant was put in a orphanage but wukcly ran away from the orphanage at the age of six. A year after leaving the orphanage he became a petty thief,stealing from others when they least expect it and it quickly attracted the attention of a local bandit leader, causing Ferant to quickly join them out of desperation of getting more money to feed himself. For the next 6 years Ferant began to work his way up the chain of command for the bandit group as he began to do petty jobs for them for money until one day the bandit leader managed to get a devil fruit off of the black market. As the bandits began to celebrate in a other room,Ferant noticed the fruit on a table and quickly ate it without anyone seeing him however when the bandits realized what happened they began to chase him out of the town in anger,Ferant barely escaping on a small dinghy.and slowly sailing away. As Ferant began to sail away from his former home he took a oath that he would not be weak anymore and be the strongest their ever was while living his life the way he wants to live it.

So begins...

Ferant D. Strum's Story