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Kaza Mizore Dragon

Picture and History left.

0 · 129 views · located in East Blue

a character in “One Piece: Dark Age of Piracy”, as played by jigokunoshinzo


How about we forego the anesthetics? I promise it won't hurt too much..

Current Location On the sea traveling to Loguetown
Starting Location/Origin An island of the North Blue

Basic Information

Full Name
Kaza Mizore Dragon

Hands of Death
Dragon Claws
Doctor Kaza
Miracle Worker






Personal Information


Kaza likes almost all things but doesn’t really love anything in particular. She swore to herself to never get attached to anything. However, she favors spicy food and enjoys the way it makes her tongue burn, and the taste of course. She also likes to dissect things and the feeling of warm blood on her hands. For some reason, it thrills her to have so much power over a life. There were so many instances where she never felt in control... even this small form of power gives her confidence. Or it could just be because she’s kind of sadistic... In her free time, she likes to take baths and swim. She absolutely loves the water. It’s the one thing that’s constant in her life. Kaza also likes to sing, not that she would ever admit it. It lets her get any stress she has off her chest, it reminds her of once a long time ago. Manipulating and schemeing are a part of her past time. She likes to play with people’s minds and plan to get her way. It just makes everything more fun.

She hates it when people touch her without permission or without good reason. She does not stand for groping hands. Cross her boundaries and she won’t hesitate to attack. Her pride is a fierce thing and if she thinks that someone looks down on her.... well she will certainly make her talents clear, not the medical kind. For a doctor... Kaza is extremely violent. Sweet foods give her a headache and make her teeth hurt. She was raised in a home filled with doctors of all sorts so she’s never really grown fond of sweets. Oh, and respect. Kaza demands respect. Not the personal kind but at least as a woman. She will definitely lose her temper if an idiot guy makes cat calls at her or says something foul. That goes for others too. If she sees a person being mistreated, Kaza will step in for sure.

Kaza has a terrible fear of darkness. It really clashes with her normally tough front but... she’s had this fear since she was very young. It’s probably because the day she was responsible for a life happened at night. No matter how bright and clever of a child she was, Kaza was unable to save her best friend from death. There was so much blood... Strangely, blood doesn’t scare her but the darkness does and probably always, seeing how it marks her first failure. No doctor forgets the first time they let someone die. She also fears getting close to someone again. What if they get hurt and they don’t make it? She doesn’t want to feel the pain of losing a loved one again. It hurt more than any flesh wound Kaza’s received.

Goals and Dreams
Truthfully, Kaza doesn’t really have a specific goal in mind. She’s definitely not looking for a cure for all diseases. She doesn’t believe its possible. She just wants to learn more and explore. She has an undying curiosity for all the things that haven’t been explored.

Kaza is an amazing doctor. Her precision for detail is almost painful at how exact she is. Surgery is a strong point. Her slender fingers are quick, nimble and graceful. She’s also good at acupuncture and pressure points. She prefers them over medicine. Her other skill is that she’s very clever and good at interrogating and retrieving information. She knows how to use threats and weaknesses. Black mail is good too.

She loses her temper very easily. It doesn’t take much to set her off. When that happens, she can go on a violent rage or... be very cold and apathetic. So... no one really tries to befriend her. Kaza doesn’t want friends but on the inside, she is kind of lonely. She pushes others away and they let her. No one’s actually tried to stick around. And during the night, Kaza can’t think or act with a level head. She’s always so overcome with worry.

When Kaza is uncharacteristically relaxed, her face blushes. Usually it’s dead pale but being relaxed means being happy and the blood just flows to her face making it all blushy. When she gets annoyed, she usually takes out an acupuncture needle and fiddles with it.

Kaza, on the outside, looks like a pretty ordinary woman. However, get her angry, and you’ll wish you were never born. Her temper is almost famous but thankfully, her medical skills give her a better reputation. She quite enjoys inflicting pain and will always try to persuade her patients to not take anesthetic before a surgery... not that anyone has ever let her. Sadistic is a good way to describe her. Or maybe it’s just the powerful feeling she gets. Anyway, insulting her will probably end up with a needle stuck in your neck, paralyzed for a few days, or weeks... She knows that others probably don’t like her much but it doesn’t bother her. She’s very independent and hates needing other’s support. Her pride stops her from asking for help even if she really needs it. However, sincere compliments make her really happy and Kaza will probably like you even if it’s a simple “You’re hair is pretty”. If she dislikes someone, then she will dislike that person forever. First impressions are everything to her. Despite the anger she feels, it will usually go away while she fights. Combat gives her a thrill like nothing else. It’s probably the adrenaline pumping through her veins and the feeling that the person was hurt because she wanted to hurt him. It gives her a sense of control. No one’s ever won her loyalty before but... if she makes a decision, she will follow through with it to the end. Her stubborn streak will refuse to change her mind and no matter how hard or complicated she will finish it even at the cost of her life.


Eye Color and Shape Her eyes are larger than average and a bit slanted up at the ends. The eyes are a dark green.
Facial Structure Her face is slightly rounder but still angular near her jaw.
Complexion She’s pale as a sheet with flawless smoothness and no dryness at all.
Height and Weight Five feet 5 five inches
Body Type Willowy and with a lean strength to her limbs.
Her voice is not too high pitched but it isn’t deep either. Sort of in between.

This whole section is self-explanatory.




None at the moment

Her fighting technique focuses more on pressure points and her weapons are needles. Her medical study has been thorough. She’s memorized all the known points of the body and it’s a very efficient way to fight. It requires close combat and agility. Kaza is fast and flexible her arms are long and her fingers are quick. She knows how to cause a body immense pain with a single touch. The needles are for more stealthy attacks. She can throw them with amazing precisions. This is when she’s being professional. Her attacks focus more on destroying her opponent from the inside out. It hurts much more that way, after all. She knows where to hit to cause an organ to burst. However, she can only do this when she is locked in close physical combat. She must be able to hold her own against an opponent. .

Give me detail about your character here - Where were they born? What were they like as a child? Where did they learn the things that they know now? What lead them to being where they are today?


Weapons Needles
Supplies Bandages, medicine, herbs, salves, needles
Sentimental Value
Her hair ribbon was a gift from her best friend.

This whole section is self-explanatory.


Theme Song
Dialogue Color Dark blue

So begins...

Kaza Mizore Dragon's Story