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Lennox Grimm

The Fishman

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a character in “One Piece: Dog Days”, as played by Firespawn12


One Week-Barenaked Ladies â™Ļ All My Best Friends Are Metalheads-Less Than Jake
{"They saved my life, and if I can bring some joy to their's then I'll be satisfied. After all, one's value as an entertainer, comes from the smiles he brings with his performances."}


Full Name
Lennox Grimm

Len, Lenny, or Nox. Whatever's comfortable.

Starting Location/Origin
Fishman Island




Fishman: Pelagic Thresher


Lennox has a fondness for people of all races, choosing to want to see what is inside an individual as opposed to the racial differences each person has. He believes every individual is entitled to their own freedom and way of life, as well as their own choices. As such, he hates to see others forced into the service of another. He enjoys seeing large crowds of people, but oddly enough, display's an odd awkwardness when he is himself thrown into the middle of them. While normally calm, intelligent, and gentle, he is quite rowdy and playful once he feels comfortable enough to cast aside his rather polite nature. Easily excited and swept up into a mood, he enjoys drinking and parties, regardless of any risks involved from acting recklessly. He loves expressing himself and watching the joyful expressions his comrade's exude, and as such, he challenges them to drinking and dancing contests to keep a fun atmosphere going for as long as possible. Due to his odd awkwardness, he worries about offending others to the point of sleeplessness, should he feel he hurt a comrade's feelings.

Despite his people-loving attitude, he has trouble properly speaking with strangers. His awkwardness mostly comes from his own instinct, as Thresher's are commonly solitary creatures who hunt on their own and rarely come together. Being with too many people at once sends his instincts into a state of unease, even though he enjoy's it. As such, and because he believes in the freedom of others, he at times has problems following orders and requests, and believes that if you don't agree with the request of another, be it your superior or your equal, you don't need to perform it. His contradictory nature and nurture sometimes clash with each other, leaving him in a position of uncertainty.

Drinking- Getting him drunk is difficult since he has a high alchohol tolerance, and after he gets drunk he becomes rather friendly, completely losing all of his shyness and flirting with anyone who will grace him with their time.

Playing his Guitar- He is a Musician by trade, and thus enjoys his beautiful Guitar. There is nothing that brings him more joy than singing and dancing.

Seeing others smile- He lives to entertain. Bringing a smile to someone's face makes all the struggles of life worth something.

Cooking- It's a personal hobby of his. He has a strong sense of smell and has taken to enjoying the fragrance of food. As a result, he uses his nose to judge what ingredients he should use in a dish and experiment. A hint of spice can even be smelled on his fingers from time to time.

Swimming- He loves the feeling of being surrounded in water. When bothered, he will most definitely swim around a calm sea to think.

Others touching his guitar without permission infuriates him. He doesn't mind sharing with or teaching others, but his instrument is how he expresses his dreams. Others disrespecting that is an insult greater than mocking his dream.

Others fearing him- Racism or hatred/fear of fishmen makes him feel extremely uncomfortable and agitated. Seeing others regard him with disdain makes him feel deserving of the hard stares he receives.

High pitched sounds- Particularly high pitched sounds like a fiddle or loud sounds like cannon fire greatly agitate him and makes him slightly paranoid.

Candy- He absolutely can't stand how sweet it is. He almost instantly spits out raw sugar like cotton candy.

As a fishman, he is a natural swimmer, quick and capable of breathing underwater. He has a positive attitude and is quick to support his allies, both morally and physically. He has good balance and a strong instinct that make him an excellent fighter. Due to his love of swimming he makes for an excellent ally during ship battles. Like an average fishman, he is naturally very strong, and underwater, his abilities are even more incredible, increasing his already impressive speed. He can communicate with fish, and even larger beasts of the sea due to his Fishman heritage. His sense of smell is also great, allowing him to smell the slightest twinge of a scent up to over a mile away.

With his knowledge of Fishman Karate, he is capable of fighting effectively on both land and sea, having specific techniques for both habitat's. In addition to the electro receptors in his body due to being a shark, being a thresher shark allows him to speed up his metabolism or produce muscle shivering to release heat and regulate their temperatures, letting him deal with colder climates easier. A thresher shark like him also possesses the ability to 'breach' the water, and make wild turns while in mid air.

Due to his easily excitable nature, he can be a bit of a joker when fighting if his opponent is playful. He tends to take fights more seriously when his opponent is serious. As a result, he can end up forgetting he is in combat, and instead end up simply having fun with them. Another problem is that, due to his solitary hunting nature, he has trouble fighting with his allies. Most times, he can end up accidentally attacking allies without meaning to if he isn't careful. Because of his self conscious nature with people regarding fish men, he fights with a constant worry that his actions will condemn his people in some way, shape, or form. As a result, when fighting and put under pressure by a crowd, he starts losing his will to keep fighting.

When he fights, he also uses his body as a means to combat his opponent, such as using his arm fins as scaled blades. This of course is a double edged sword as he can hurt and damage his fins mid fight, greatly impacting his ability to fight and swim. They will, of course, heal with time, though he would have to remain out of combat until they were. In addition, a sound that's loud enough and high pitched enough will cause him massive physical pain. While he is in the water it doesn't bother him much though. In addition, like all fishmen, he can drown or suffocate if he doesn't breath correctly upon exiting or entering the water.

Goals and Dreams
He dreams to Master a wide manner of instruments, learning from other musicians from all over the world and recruiting them in the hopes that one day he can hold a grand concert, in which people from all races and cultures can overcome their bias and differences to come together and appreciate music. Eventually though, he wishes to use his nose and through hard work and practice, create a blend of spices that can make a professional cook cry with joy.

He is deathly afraid of Termites. Having no termites in the ocean, when he was told of them, he thought that given the opportunity, termites could single handedly sink their ship, thus drowning a majority of their comrades. On a more serious note, he is incredibly afraid of losing the smiles of his crewmates. He fears that one day, they may have no need of him, or simply consider him a nuisance, and as a result, they'd kick him out of the crew or abandon him. The only thing he fears more than that, is his dream going the opposite way of what he hopes, thus causing a feud or war between all the races and cultures.

If he smells something odd or peculiar, his nose will twitch repeatedly, much like a hamster, which will cause him to either sneeze or lightly scratch it. If he is nervous, or worried, his Pony 'Tail' will start to become agitated and sway from left to right. When ever he becomes impatient or upset, if he hasn't gone for a swim, he'll start tapping on his guitar case.


Lennox is a rather well built Fishman, slim, compact, and athletic. He usually sports the lower half of a tunic, fastened onto him with a studded, red leather belt. On his neck is a matching collar. To complete his outfit, he wears a pair of Leather boots and matching leather, finger-less gloves.

Eyes and Hair
His eyes are a lovely crystal blue, almost reflecting the beauty of both the glistening sea and shining sky in them, giving them an odd life. His hair meanwhile, is actually a Thresher 'Tail' that is as long as his body is, hence, it is a Pony 'Tail' taking on a greener tone as you look further down it, matching his outfit.

He is 6 feet and 10 inches tall, which is on the smaller end of his species height.




As a young boy, Lennox had been subjected to the same lessons of prejudice that many young fishmen before him had been subjected to. From a young age, his father, a merman always warned him about the humans from above. His father had always had a great fear and hatred of humans, especially after the death of the great hero, Fisher Tiger. His father, though loving of his son, wanted to make sure that he was wary of the threats and dangers that humans posed to those who lived within the ocean. Whenever his father could, he told Lennox of the cruel deeds that humans would subject onto fishmen. Lennox heard tales of murder, torture, and slavery, sometimes even from the mouthes of ex-slaves or people who had first encounters with humans. As each and every encounter came to pass, Lennox's thoughts began to change. Slowly but surely, he began to also hate and fear the humans, much like his overprotective Merman father.

However, one person gave him a brief respite from his lessons with his father. That would be, of course, Lennox's mother, the Thresher Shark Fishwoman. She was a very different kind of person from Lennox's father. His father was gentle, while she was much more rough in playing with him, as she wanted him to grow up with a strong body. She was harder on him than his father ever was, and far more strict than his father too. She taught him lessons through force that his father's boundless patience and caution would never teach him, and often times, she pushed him to do things beyond his current abilities. His mother loved him though, that much showed, as she always watched him, for anything that would dare to harm under her watchful eye would feel her ire. However, his mother's feelings toward humans were much less aggressive than those of his father's by a long shot. When he asked his mother about her feelings, she almost acted as if she didn't care. Lennox, still young, was upset at his mother's insensitivity. Yelling at her and lashing out with tears in his eyes, he began to recount the stories of hatred and pain their people had suffered through, as well as the murder of the peaceful queen Otohime. His mother simply sat and watched him lash out, surprised at his sudden outburst, as he normally was never this outspoken with her. When he finished, she took him in her arms and began to sigh. As she looked at her son, she simply left him with these words of advice.

"The world is made of all kinds of beings. Good or bad, we can't tell unless we meet them and know them first. Every group has their bad bunch. What makes a human bully any different from a fishperson or merperson bully? I can tell you this much, only two of the three will survive under water a long period of time. You have yet to go out into the world for yourself. When you do though...take the strides to learn before you judge, or you won't be any better than the people you hate. You'll end up a bully. Me? I don't care one way or the other about humans. Your father is different and that's okay. By the same right, you have to decide for yourself."

Hearing these words, they stuck with him into his teenage years. As he grew, his parents lessons stuck with him, and he became a rather agile and strong young fishman. When it was finally time to set off on his own, he did so with no tears, hugging his parents and deciding to take both his mother's and his father's words of advice into his heart. As he continued down his path of life for the next few years though, he encountered a rather peculiar thing. He had seen ships of all shapes and sizes before. Pirates, Marines, Cargo, and Passenger ships had passed him by plenty of times, and he avoided them as much as possible, not wanting to deal with the humans onboard. But on this ship, he heard a particular sound that he had never heard before during the nights. Well, to be more precise, he had heard it before, but it sounded completely different than what he had heard all of the other times. The alluring sound made his body sway in the water. After a while, he decided to follow the sound, and each night, when the sounds started up again, he'd jump out of the water and try to see what the special sound was. Finally, on one night, he decided to be far more gutsy than before, and got far too close to the ship. In moments, he was ensnared by a fishing net, and was dragged out of the water as his fins became stuck.

At first, he was terrified, thinking that he was going to be murdered, or sold as a slave. The crew yelled and screamed for the captain, who sat calmly on deck with an odd object held within his hand. It was a plain old guitar. He had seen it before, he just didn't know how the sound was so different from all of the others he had heard from before. The captain calmly stood up and walked over to Lennox with a lantern, illuminating his terrified face. After a moment, the captain simply burst into tears laughing. As the rest of the crew questioned the captain, he simply waved them off and told them to release the young fish man. Confused, Lennox simply dived into the ocean to escape the potentially dangerous situation. Questions stirred in Lennox's heart as he was left with nothing but utter confusion. After a moment, he remembered the words his mother had left for him.

" Take the strides to learn before you judge..."

After remembering that, he followed the pirate ship even still, wrestling with the thoughts in his mind. After building his courage, he again approached the ship, this time, boarding the ship himself. As he was faced with the captain, the man simply stopped playing his guitar, watching the fishman with a brow raised. Wary, Lennox asked why he was released from his bonds a few days prior. Recalling the events that occured, the captain again, burst into laughter. It annoyed Lennox, but he simply wait to see if the man would respond. After his fit of laughter ended he finally spoke.

"My crew was panicking for weeks. They were going mad, dribbling going on and on about a Grim Reaper appearing and vanishing out on the Sea. Crazy lads thought that we were cursed to die or something stupid like that. Turns out you and your fins were what they saw in the air. They do look like a mean pair of blades. I gotta say, ye gave me a good chuckle at scaring the wits out of my crew. I let you go because you probably didn't mean any harm. If you did, you would have done something to the ship by now. What's yer name kid? I'd like to know, course, I could always just call ye Grimm to scare my crew a little more."

Looking at his fins, he was astounded that the crew was scared of him. At first he didn't take it seriously, but after thinking about the shape of his silhouette clashing against the black sky, it suddenly made sense. He sat, talking with the captain and giving his name. Before he knew it, hours had passed, and he stood among humans, laughing and telling stories of fun and merriment. Deciding he was interested in these humans, he continued following them, with the captain's blessing. Every now and then, to help protect the captain's ship, Lennox would go toward approaching ships and repeat thhe actions that scared the first pirate crew. He protected them like this, and as time went on, he and the captain grew closer. Finally feeling comfortable enough to ask, Lennox spoke to his new friend.

"Captain, what is that you carry with you? It doesn't sound like any guitar I've heard before. It's why I came close to this ship to begin with. I keep hearing it at night."

Blinking at him, the captain simply looked down at the instrument dumbfounded.

"Ye don't even know what a spanish guitar is lad? Alright, first off, ye need to stop calling me Captain. Miguel is fine. Secondly, ye need to know some music if you wanna be friends here lad. Music is a beautiful thing indeed, brings people together it does. I've got a few instruments here onboard. I'll teach ye the art of music, under one condition. Ye catch fish for my hungry crew. Help the cook out onboard the ship, and I'll teach you music. Bars, scores, measures, rhythm, all you need to know, I'll give ya."

Mulling it over, Lennox nodded, agreeing to his new friend's proposal. He stayed with the captain for years, learning all he could about music, and through his time in the kitchen, he learned to really hone both his sense of smell, and obtain a love for experimenting with dishes. Over time, he grew to consider them a family, and he would do anything to keep them safe. He treasured that time together, and they, as a token of their friendship, gave him his own guitar and case, made of fishbones and coral. The captain freed him from his fear, and he learned that humans were better than he gave them credit for.

However, one night, as the crew slept. A group of pirates boarded the ship, murdering the members left and right. Though he and the others fought bravely, everyone was slain, and Lennox found himself on a new pirate ship, lacking a will to live. These pirates weren't like his kind friends, they set off to sell him to the world nobles. He was going to end up a slave. In a single stroke of luck though, a miracle happened. The pirates he was with attempted to stupidly rob another ship.

They attempted to board the Stray Dogs, and in theiresulting clash, the stray dogs ended up coming out on top. The captain found Lennox bound in seastone chains. The old man was told everything by Lennox, who half expected them to sell him as well. Instead of selling him, he instead brought him aboard the crew, giving him a new home if he wanted. That's how he came to be a part of the stray dogs, and that, as they say, is that.

Previous Crew-Role


0 beri


Fishman Karate: Water manipulation

Keen sense of smell

Electro receptors: Allows sharks to detect electrical impulses from living creatures




His arm fins act as blades.
His 'Tail' acts as a whip.
He can use his guitar case as a blunt weapon, but very rarely if at all.

Little bottles of powdered spice.

Sentimental Value
His prized fishbone guitar is something that he almost always keeps with him.



Face Claim
Zora Link- Majora's Mask

Portrayed By


So begins...

Lennox Grimm's Story


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#, as written by Kirsche
Navigating the streets of Lougetown brought Ayano some comfort; it was a more familiar task getting around the city that let her forget about what was going on with her life. The fact that there was someone attempting to evade her only made it all the better for forgetting about everything. Money making opportunities were extremely limited due to the near dissolution of the Stray Dogs and the death of the captain. Dmitri was spending his days drinking away his sorrows and she never bothered to figure out where the fish Lennox ended up after they arrived in Lougetown. Although she didn't understand any concept of economics, she could understand that the more money you had the better it was. In order to make some more, Ayano decided to go back into the alleyways and slink around the underbelly of the city. There were always some unsavory tasks to be done in any city, and it was always good to be back in the saddle.

Today's client was a little shocked that the girl he hired was young, much to Ayano's annoyance; these people would gladly see someone ruined or dead, but a kid doing it made suddenly appalling. Eventually she was given the task to burn down a warehouse and bring only the owner back alive. It was a fairly simple job--most of the workers and hired thugs there were unaware that a seemingly lost teenager would suddenly pull out swords and burn everything to the ground. Most of the hired workers fled as soon as the fighting started, but the thugs to their credit held their ground long enough for the owner to run out. It took awhile to finish up the mess of thugs trying to both kill her and put out the fire, but it wasn't long enough for the owner to escape the hunt. He ran as fast his legs could carry him, away from the warehouse and away from the demon that was burning down his operation. She had finally caught up to the owner after a length chase through the alleyways when it the skies begin to pour down. The torrential rain was very new to her as such an occurrence was extremely rare in the cells of Impel Down and the Archipelagos. Ayano struggled to find her mark through all the rain that began to limit both mobility and visibility. Luckily for her the target decided to take shelter, confident that the demon would have been forced to give up its chase. The moment he saw her was the last moment he would ever see.

" Now you see me, and now you don't." Ayano giggled as she slashed one of her blades through his eyes and stabbed the other into a leg. The client had said that the target had to be brought in alive, but he never specified that there couldn't be any bodily harm. As fun as the chase had been, the rain was starting to make her cold and damp and it wasn't a remarkable enough hunt for her to consider it worth it. The rush of adrenaline was already wearing off, even with the stimulants she had consumed earlier. The target had started moaning and she snapped at him " Oh come off it. Walk it off. Oh..wait." She pulled her blade out of the mans leg and was rewarded with another cry of pain. Her client eventually found her and looked rather green at the scene before him. " I said alive..."

" Well he isn't dead now is he?" Ayano questioned with an annoyed glare. The client threw a wad of cash to her and muttered something about the increasing number of psychopaths cropping up near the Grand Line. She wordlessly walked back torwards the Drowning Wench where Dmitri was likely drowning himself in booze. Ayano didn't know what a wench was, but she felt as if it would describe her new 'captain' very well. On her lonely tread back, she could still hear the Papa gently chastising her for being overly...excessive in her actions. She gritted her teeth and tried to shut out those memories and eventually yelled out to the rain
" And you're dead so stop it. You died and that's all there is to it." Something salty dripped down her cheek which was strange; she didn't know rain was supposed to be salty.

Eventually she reached the inn and as soon as she ,a man was missing a nose, Demetri seemed like he was trying to pet a dog woman, and some munchkin was pointing a gun at Demetri. By the time she could react to the sudden turn of events, the gun had already gone off and she nearly chucked a knife at the munchkin if only for the terrible joke. Sighing, she walked up to Demetri and shoved the wad of money in his face, or as high as her arm could reach anyways.

" Here's my paycheck for today oh great captain. Want to drink more of it away?"


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#, as written by Kirsche
The actions of her drunk captain never failed to exasperate Ayano. Now that she thought about it, his actions always never failed to exasperate her. Somehow, no one had tried to kill him yet for all his actions, and that surprised her quite a bit. After Demetri took the money, she was expecting him to make some other inane drunken comment, but when he mentioned punishment, she flinched; it had been a few years since then but it still brought back some unpleasant memories. Much to her own chagrin, Ayano almost started to immediately apologize and grovel. She took a deep breath and stuck her tongue out at him and said,- " Is that all the thanks I get for selling myself out to people, shitty captain?" If the drunken fool was going to as inane and use that annoying nickname, then she would get some fun out of seeing everyone else's reaction to her comment at Demetri's expense.

After grabbing the money back from Demetri, she walked a short distance over to the bartender who looked understandably annoyed and stressed by the whole situation. He didn't even so much as look at her until she brought out some money and one of her blades. Wordlessly she grabbed his rag and began to wipe the bloodstains off the blade, and then she brought the blade down onto the countertop with a cold smile. " Please do ensure that the shitty captain of mine doesn't drink anymore tonight, or any night at your fine establishment. Also, what can I get for this money?" She threw a few bills at the bartender who looked like he was about to have an aneurysm. It was probably too much money for the glass of milk he eventually gave her, but what did she know.

Now that she was sitting down in a more comfortable position, she swung herself around to measure up the other patrons of the bar. There was another kid called Xander who looked to be about her age who performed some stupid magic tricks and like some stupid seal Demetri was lauding him. While the guns seemed to be only part of a magic trick, Ayano got the queasy feeling that he could very well kill her like a coward with guns. Then there was a seemingly very drunk woman a rather large rack which made Ayano feel rather like a washboard. It was hard to make out anything about this lady really, except she liked to drink, had a large chest, and her name was Marigold. After her was the lady who seemed like she was the leader of the trio that Demetri had an odd obsession with and was feeling up a lot more than he should be. The fact that this one had a lab coat and fox ears led Ayano to come to the conclusion that she was some sort of scientist/doctor devil fruit user. That last tidbit of speculation would cause her significant problems if it came down to a fight; an unknown devil power could put her at real disadvantage in a tavern brawl.

Demetri made another drunken quip about her during this time and in an instant she threw one of her knives at him. It landed in the doorway .behind him of course; she didn't want him dead--yet. " I can still bring you down to my level you shitty captain." What he said afterwards through caught her by surprise. She didn't know or really expect him to start recruiting for a new crew of strangers how might just kill them all this soon. However having a new ship and maybe people to boss around would be nice, and a pet fox would be nice since it would shut Demetri up. While all of this was going on, she realized a distinct lack of the last crew member who had stuck around. " Speaking of crew, I don't smell any fish now. Have you seen him recently?"


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As the storm continued, waves rolled about in the sea, slamming into the port and sending water crashing down onto the docks. Nonetheless, boats of all manner still came both in and out to conduct their business. Fishing boats, Passenger boats, Marines, Pirates, regardless of how great the sea's anger seemed to be, people set out as they pleased to do whatever it is they wished. However, while the sea up above was chaotic, the sea deep beneath the surface was still as tranquil as ever. A single fish-man lay at the bottom, lifelessly drifting along the sea floor. He was limp and depressed, having swum to the bottom from the moment he had arrived at Loguetown.

At first, he simply wanted to get away and clear his head. As he swam though, he remembered a wide array of memories, both terrible and pleasant. With more friends and family he had a great many adventures filled with sad and happy moments, but with so many cherished ones, it hurt so much more when he lost them. Two father figures in his life were now gone. Two dear friends, he failed to protect. This left him feeling hopeless and drained.

After another moment of laying there though, he opened his eyes to look around him. Though, the sea floor was dark, he could still see the numerous fish swimming about as if nothing was wrong. He found himself almost envious as they swam around. They enjoyed themselves, and though the surface of the sea was chaotic, the deep would remain tranquil. As he felt these feelings, he sighed at himself and a school of fish, thinking he was simply an object, swam right past his body, their fins tickling him as they brushed past his skin. He laughed a little, and that sent the fish rapidly swimming away. He adjusted himself so he now sat, and looked around at himself. With a wistful frown, he sighed.

"What am I doing down here? C'mon Lennox, you have to pull yourself together. It isn't like last time, you still have people who are alive, you can't let yourself end up like some kind of sad dolphin. You know what, Demetri is probably drinking, and I doubt he or Ayano have eaten. You know what? I need to cheer up. They are probably feeling just as bad anyway. I'm gonna catch us a large fish and we'll have us a huge meal. That might just cheer them up a bit!"

Having come to his senses, he set off to catch the largest fish he could find. Upon seeing a nice, round fish, he gave a toothy grin as he slowly crept up to it, trying to move as little as possible, lest the fish notice he is there. After getting within a few feet of it though, he dashed off toward it, hunting the creature down. When he was finally close enough, he cut it using his arm fins, both shocking and killing his prey. Having killed his prey, he latched onto it with his arms, and began to swim toward the docks. As he swam toward the docks, he picked up his coral guitar case and put it on his back. Now having all that he needed, he began to swim up towards the surface. As he came closer and closer to the top, he felt the effects of the storm on the surface, the water becoming increasingly difficult to swim through. Once he finally got close enough, he picked up his pace even more as he flew out of the water, fish and all. He landed on the dock, but due to the weather, he slipped and fell as he landed. He let out a happy laugh as he picked himself up off the dock.

He felt stares after a moment, and when he looked around he noticed fisherman staring at him with wonder. Laughing nervously, he took off to find the tavern, muttering an apology to the fisherman as he did so. When he found the tavern, he took a deep breath, nodding to himself in self assurance. "You can do this Lennox...You can cheer them up. you. Be the cool Thresher Shark you know you are inside."

He gives a wide smile as he kicks the door to the bar open, still carrying the large fish on his back. "Hola Mi Amigos! I hope you are hungry because I come bearing fish in the name of food! He pauses as he looks around, seeing his captain drunk and petting someone's ears. Looking to the side, he notices a blade sticking out of the wall next to him. He next looked at the bartender, who seemed rather annoyed, and then the poor person who no longer had a nose. "Oh...Um...Did I, uh, come at a bad time?"


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((OOC-Timeskipping to the following morning!!-))

Fluffy white clouds drifted across the sky as gull screeched out morning greetings across the harbor as Tali cracked open a single eye as her head began throbbing as if it was being danced upon by enthusiastic elephant as Tali attempted to sit up only to notice a heavy weight across her lower body. Outrage and shock sealed her throat shut as the unwelcome weight became recognizable as the upstart captain from the tavern the night before..if her fuzzy memories were serving her right. Finally clasping her mouth shut as she unceremoniously pushed the dozing captain off her form as bile crept up her throat. The sea was foam green as it got just a touch greener as Tali puked out the vile liquid from her binge drinking.

As her shuddering subsided, the thought of her location finally came to the forefront. Apparently at least she and the other captain were aboard this strange ship, the others could be anywhere. Letting out a growl of exasperation at the possible mouse hunt that would be conducted, as she rummaged through her pockets for a desperately needed cigarette along with her lighter. Said blessing was found along with a crumpled paper as choked gasp came from lips as her eyes narrowed as each line was read. In simple terms it was a Bill of Sale for a caravel at the cost of...something out of the Diamond Pelican's price range, that mystery was solved as she read the apparent owners of said caravel..Tali Ruwi and one Damascus D. Demetri along with the respective crew members. What the hell had she said last night that would have led to such an agreement. Exhaling the smoke in her mouth in a huff as she slowly felt the memories as blurry as they were return.

Hands fondling something..a tingling sensation down her spine? A warmth spreading her face as well as her insides followed by cheerful talk by the boisterous Demetri. An equally good-natured Xander reassuring a worried Marigold that striking this deal was a sign of their luck changing for the better. A continuous enjoyable feeling down her body...what the hell had she done last night? Rubbing a hand across her weary face to refocus her mind as she recalled the dozing captain's curiosity about her fox ears. Scowling at the sleeping man as if the offending action was currently happening at this moment, she was HUMAN, not some pampered pet to doted upon and fond over. How much alcohol was consumed before her crew mates wisely took the bottle away from her. Apparently not soon enough as another shiver went up her spine as the ghostly touch on her fox ears resonated throughout of her body. Her hands clenched as she fought the urge to go kick in the man's intestinal tract, or at least drop her lit cigarette on him.

Resisting the impulsive thoughts as she urged herself to continue down memory lane. Apparently the two groups came into one as a merry Demetri was urged by her drunken compliance to find themselves a worthy ship merchant. By worthy, it was the first seedy ship merchant in a rickety shop that eagerly welcomed their offer in exchange for the current ship. The blame would have be shared between the two well as if their compatibility would even work out as becoming a singular crew. Finishing off her cigarette with one final pull as Tali resigned herself to fate before none to gently nudging the dozing captain with the front of her boot as she growled out "Oi, Demetri if that is your true name, wake the hell up unless set you on fire. Trust me if there is any sort of medical bay, there is bound to be some spare medical fluids that are plenty flammable. If one doesn't work..let's call it trail and error. This hangover isn't a way to find out answers."