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Tali Ruwi

"Now remind me again how you hurt yourself?"

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a character in “One Piece: Dog Days”, as played by SilverInk


Let You Down-The Material ♦ Lies- Marina and the Diamonds
{"There is only one way out of this situation.You do as I say"}


[font=Garamound] Full Name
Tali Ruwi

Doc. Or if people want to piss her off, Ears given the bat-like ears that appear on the occasion given her consumption of a Devil Fruit.

Starting Location/Origin

South Blue-St. Briss Kingdom






There is a singular word that would describe Tali's overall personality that word being short. Her temper especially seems to stress this as there are few traits that seem to set her off like a gun. Her patience with childish individuals in surprisingly long given she can be quite snappish around others. Perhaps, childish natures seem to soothe any frayed nerves that lurk underneath a stern demeanor. There are boons to her quick nature as she can be quite trustworthy if giving her word to someone and is quick to trust others with her own feelings. This can be a surprising trait although some may say this ease is the inner animal inside her having to decide quickly between who is the prey and who is the hunter.

Those that refuse to heed advice are stress points for her as she cannot help but sometimes worry over reckless crew mates. This anxiety seems to have deepened after the passing of her Captain. While her bedside manner was once considered somewhat bearable, this woman isn't afraid to pin a fidgety patient from even stepping a toe out of medically ordered bed rest. While she can be quite frosty towards if she has any sort of off-feeling about them, she can be easily be soothed into relaxing every once in awhile. That being said, her high strung personality can be difficult to deal with despite her constant dismissals of her being a mother hen. That being said, her blunt nature can be refreshing if one truly needs advice as she won't try to skirt around an uncomfortable topic preferring to just express her feelings that moment. This bluntness is something people just tend to get used to over time.


-Cigarettes, it helps sooth her nerves and can make her feel quite relaxed.

- Reading




-Rain, it dulls her senses just a bit too much.

-Stubborn people.


-Medical Knowledge. What good doctor wouldn't know how to treat a wound?

-Persuasive. Finds it quite easy to have people to follow her orders unless said individual is particularly stubborn or knows this woman well enough to avoid lies and cleverly worded requests.

-Heightened senses- In her human form her sense of smell and hearing is a touch better than that of a normal person's. If her fox ears are out, her hearing is increased dramatically. This can be either a boon or a curse given the situation as she is more sensitive to louder noises such as gun-fire, cannons etc..however if on the look out for something it can be a wonderful gift.

-Heat Tolerance- Can easily be found curled up in her fox form on the deck of the ship even in the hottest of weather. High temperatures just seem to make her sleepy and more agreeable to various suggestions.

-Control Freak- Can easily become too overbearing if her own stress exceeds its limits. This build up can result in an even quicker temper and much faster throwing arm at some unfortunate victim with the nearest object in reach.

-Can't Swim- Her consumption of her Devil Fruit has left her unable to swim in the slightest.

-Low Cold Tolerance- Her Devil Fruit Powers make her body susceptible to the cold unless she is bundled up under several layers.

-Blunt. Can easily tell a patient their chances of survival if all her orders are not followed, without even batting an eyelash. Her bedside manner can be quite lacking when it comes sugaring over grave diagnosis as she feels its best for a person to conquer their problems through sheer will rather than hope.

Goals and Dreams

- Expand her medical knowledge in hopes of finding cures to seemingly 'incurable' diseases.

-Find inner peace and feel guilt free from her past.


-Loosing another crew member

-Freezing to Death



-Can smoke like a chimney if under pressure or attempting to curb her tongue over an opinion.

-It seems her emotional state reacts to her Devil Fruit Powers as it can either be amusing or threatening in an argument if your opponent suddenly sprouts large ears on the top of her head. Or alarming as her teeth suddenly becomes as sharp as her words.

-Fidgeting, something about her is constantly on alert ranging from simple tapping with her fingers to constant observing her surroundings. Much like an animal of prey would do in the wild in an unfamiliar environment.



Standing at a height of 5,5 and with her default expression being a stern glare it's not surprising people can be a bit hesitant to approach her, much less ask for medical attention. Her usual attire consists of a pristine lab coat that is bound to be splattered something as the day progresses either on purpose or accident. The coat is surprising fluid given the number of medical supplies inside the many interior pockets, yet to the outside it seems like it contains nothing at all. Beneath the coat, she wears a variety of sweaters regardless of the temperature outside in a comfortable fashion. A short skirt complete the outfit making it a ramshackle mixture of professional and eccentric, not that she takes people's opinion's to heart.

Surprisingly her hair is out of place in terms of her stern demeanor as it is a mass of waves reaches just down to her knees in a haphazardly ordered manner tamed either through a faint sheen of oil from her home kingdom or put up in a high ponytail with ribbon of some kind. It's when its in a frantic disarray it seems to signal to give her space that she is upset or nursing a horrible hangover. Even her eyes seem to be kind and gentle on rare occasions or blazing with anger if she manages to get into alcohol. The only thing that seems to be consistent is her hands are lightly calloused and seemed to be streaked with black on the occasion given her experimentation with the properties of tar and herbs.

Eyes and Hair





To become a pirate really wasn't some frivolous lifetime dream of hers. She hadn't promised any forgotten friends to meet them at sea at the certain year nor was she lusting after some mystical treasure. Her childhood was a standard home with loving, but strict parents silently encouraging her to follow their footsteps in a medical profession. In fact her life was relatively unordinary in her simple village as she returned to intern under the careful eyes of her father as an assistant when her world was utterly shaken up by a a young patient. The man's name was Marsel Quinn, a simple carpenter, but had a keen eye for woodwork given the stunning craftsmanship of his ever present cane. For the first time her life, her demeanor became meek under the dancing green eyes of this stranger as she stuttered out answers to his friendly questions. Eventually the young man asked her out for a cup of tea.. but failed to mention the minor tag-along.

Said tag-long was Marsel's younger brother Quinn (A.K.A the future Captain 'Pelican') whose own green eyes danced about as the young child darted about with surprising agility much to the amusement of Marsel. The antics of the younger brother were tolerable as time went on as the young lovers became a couple quite quickly as memories would be recalled upon with fondness and remorse. The reason behind the cane was revealed as Marsel revealed that his body was slowly deteriorating as the years went by as muscles merely gave out and his nerves dulled, this announcement drove Tali into a flurry of research despite her lover's reassurance that he had come to terms with his disease. When the two finally wed at the tender age of eighteen, with a surprisingly sullen Quinn being one of the few people invited to attend the binding ceremony. For once in her life, she was taller than the groom as rings were exchanged, herself standing and Marsel looking regal despite being in a wheelchair.

The final four years of her husband's life were filled with ups and downs. As the elder of the two, Marsel silently worried his younger brother had too inherited the disease despite the younger's protests of being as healthy as a horse. The young man had even taken up the art of stilt-walking in an effort to woo girl's and prove his worried brother wrong that his body was fine. Still, it seemed stress weakened Marsel as the two brother began clashing at the thought of Quinn going out to sea..not as a noble Navy officer, but as a feral pirate. Pirates were only shadowy figures in ill-reputed taverns in their town, and were best to be avoided. Yet, Quinn wanted a taste of freedom and adventure, something that seemed lacking under the thumb of his brother. Eventually the youth was unable to be persuaded and began saving for a simple ship of his own, just enough to get started. Eventually even pill regiments and herbal soothers couldn't wipe away Marsel's pain as a shaken Tali made a promise to watch over Quinn. Bitter tears were shed on her 22nd birthday as she became a widow and the sole guardian over an eighteen year old Quinn who announced in front of mourners that he would follow in the descended Gol. D. Rodger's footsteps and become King of the Pirates in honor of his brother's memory.

To say that the upstart captain was literally driven out of town would be an under statement as there were a few Marines determined to set the rogue straight. Having to literally drag the young man to his hidden boat by a flustered Tali as she knew rumors were spread that the two were having an affair behind her dying husband's back. This made their relationship quite rough for the first couple months at sea as Tali resented her promise, but couldn't bring herself to break her own word. So she settled for showing her displeasure through throwing whatever object she could grab within reach at her cheerful Captain. His laughter made her silently smile as it reminded her so much of Marsel. Now if only that was the singular reason, it all started when Quinn began complaining of faint numbness in his toes..this was how it started. Having to sit her Captain down for this diagnosis was one of her tougher days as the youth merely shrugged it off and claimed lack of mobility wouldn't stop him as his stilt-walking skills that were practically used in every single combat situation or on islands could mask his slower feet.

Eventually two years flashed by without a second thought. Their crew had grown and things couldn't have been going better. Quinn's disease had progressed all the way up to his thighs, yet the crew would have found it odd if their beloved Captain wasn't walking about on some type of stilts. Even the frosty demeanor of their Doctor seemed to lighten up a little bit..although some could say it's because she had a tendency to nap openly on the deck soaking up the sun's rays. It seemed eating that mystery Devil Fruit had turned their resident sourpuss into a bit more open or at least manageable if the Doc was pissy about something. It seemed her emotions connected with that of the Devil Fruit and it would be quite difficult to argue with someone who turned into a fluffy Fennec Fox before your eyes, until it bites you.

Yet, everything changed on one stormy night just outside the city of Loguetown as a devastating storm overtook the Diamond Pelican's ship hurling many crewmen overboard. Even their daring Captain Quinn was swept over, declaring that no one should risk themselves as a man such as himself could swim in any weather. A bold lie, to protect the small remainder of their crew as Tali watched her promise literally break as her last living connection to Marsel stupidly played the 'hero'. Not a single soul in the Diamond Pelican crew knew that their Captain's time was a distraught Tali drowned her guilt in the cheapest booze possible ready to throw in the towel.

Not even their ship remained as only three of the original crew remained behind as the rest faded into the background. Now if only that damn piece of paper hadn't came before them in that unnamed Tavern as a crew in a similar position had requested assistance...would the Grand Line truly wait for them?
Previous Crew-Role


Zero. A number she prides herself on given half the time she was forced into babysitting her excitable, but clumsy captain. A bystander if rumors are correct.


Zoan Type Fruit Inu Inu: Model Fennec Fox granting her all the abilities and physical attributes of this smaller, but alert creature. These enhanced senses come quite handy as her eyesight and hearing have improved greatly, best utilized by actually swapping out her brown irises to catlike green and a pair of enchantingly fluffy sand colored ears

Fox Trot: Shifts her feet into those of fox's with sharp claws attached to each fluffy toe. Is fond of this moving when literally kicking people while their down.

Winter Coat: Encourages rapid fur growth in her fox form, making it seem like she has become a walking ball of fluff. Remarkably sturdy and thick acting as a type of armor if she curls up with in it. Can be dismissed through sheer will power, most substances that stick it to seem to fall off in mass..or at least that is her hope depending on the substance.

Hen House: A corresponding skill with Winter Coat as she can easily coat the thick fur in a variety of substances and mixtures from her personal supplies ranging in tactics. A versatile tactic can sometimes cause the enemy to panic like headless chickens in a coop surrounded by a hungry fox.

Hen House: Fire Fox-As stated in the name she will literally set her thick coat ablaze and curl into a defensive ball, allowing her to become a literal ball of moving flames. This attack works best in close combat as she cannot stand the flames for long. This does require either a willing crewmate to light her ablaze or some prep work which makes this move risky at times.

Hen House: Tar- Coats her fur in an oily substance that can easily catch metal blades in it's grasp and refuse to let go. Leaves behind a sticky film on the ground as well easily catching people's feet in a trap.

Hen House: Nightfall- This sleepy substance is a custom perfume of sorts as she can roll around it and merely allow the wind to do the rest of it's job. The fumes from this perfume mixture can easily knock people unconscious, however it does effect her as well making her a bit tricky to work with if the substance isn't cleaned off either with rags..or if push comes to shove dumping water on her.



As her medical background is one of the few boons on the high seas, it isn't surprising that she carries numerous potentially deadly objects all within arm's reach of her lab coat. These could include a set of suspiciously shiny scalpels that could cut through flesh like a pat of butter with practiced ease. Or the syringes that seem to be filled with oddly colored liquids at a variety of times that seem to suggest not all of them are used for beneficial purposes. Even the small stitching needle could be utilized as a weapon, you just need know where to stick the pointy end.

As for traditional weaponry she seems quite fond of using garrote wires in correlation with her Devil Fruit abilities given that it can be quite easy to dodge or get behind an opponent if you are only about 1/4 their overall size in comparison to a normal human size. Said wire can be attached to her gloves and can be pulled out within seconds. Strangulation is cumbersome tactic if you are trying to properly dispatch someone, so she merely uses it as a defensive tool to knock someone unconscious. If she really means to murder someone the poisonous liquids in said syringes are more than able for the job.

Given her position as the Diamond Pelican's doctor it isn't surprising to find small bundles of herbs within her coat pockets or series of small vials for samples. A roll of cloth for emergency wounds although the fabric isn't the highest quality and quite scratchy. A few sewing needles are in the deeper areas of her pockets as well as small bottles of medical alcohol.

The only constant item on her person not medically related are a silver lighter and a carton of somewhat expensive cigarettes. Figures if she is going to poison her body might as well use the good stuff to do so. Can be prickly about sharing said goodies.

Sentimental Value

Wears a single locket around her neck of the family photo between herself, her husband and the deceased Captain. Very rarely is it seen in person, unless she is intruded on in her thoughts or caught off caught as she fiddles with it's cool surface when she finds herself troubled.



Face Claim
Nami Yagiri

So begins...

Tali Ruwi's Story


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It had been only a week since the crew of The Diamond Pelican found themselves shipless, leaderless and as days crawled by crushing despair began thinning their crew numbers. Eventually the three remaining members found themselves in a seedy tavern called 'The Hanged Man' given the crude sign swinging limply by an equally worn down-looking door. The storm that had been haunting Loguetown served only as a cherry on top for many inhabitants of said tavern as many seemed to drown their sorrows inside a bottle.

A young-looking woman outfitted in a soaked white lab coat wasn't an exception as wine dripped down her chin like a man dying from thirst. When the bottle finally was slammed down on the table in front her, as fingers turned white clutching the cool glass surface. A trickle of blood dripped down an already messy mouth as she fought the words trying to escape her lips. A torrent of angst and anger warred in her mind ~I could have stopped him. I could have prevented this..if only I broke my promise. That damn idiot. It's all my fault Quinn..forgive me..~. An echo of childish laughter rang in her memories as her eyes snapped out and hurled the glass bottle against the nearest wall. The scream of glass shattering broke her from the memories as Tali slammed a few coins on the bar as a grumpy-looking bar keep huffed out "Oi, lady you can't keep throwing shit in here. Besides that the second bottle this time.". Vacant browns eyes acknowledge the man's compliant in a flat tone "If I am buying the entire bottle with good money, I makes it my property. Besides in this weather be grateful you even have PAYING customers..". The man's mouth slammed shut as his unruly guest tore the cork from the fresh bottle and took a long draw from it.

Still grumbling under breath as the bar-keep's eyes followed the slightly swaying woman back to her table. Her fellows hadn't even tried to calm the woman or at least knew it wouldn't do any good in her current state. A strong-looking woman next to her was enjoying a drink as well with bit more finesse than her companion. While the third companion seemed to be a young teenager caught up in the dark mood of the angry woman. Eyebrows shot upward as an equally drunk man with a blade at his belt leaned down to whisper in the lab coat woman's ear. Apparently it wasn't something welcomed as the man fell back in shock clutching a bleeding nose as it seemed that something took a large hunk of flesh out of it. Said once useful chunk was quickly spat out by Tali's mouth immediately drowning the metallic taste of blood from her mouth with a sweet white wine before hurling the half empty bottle at the man's head.

Once again the splitting scream of glass breaking echoed throughout the room as the unconscious body of the offender slumped to the ground. A dismissive hand waved off the offender's friends before coldly announcing "Find him medical attention or else infection could set in. Then again a man's mouth as filthy as that deserves to get rotted out..". The bartender merely cocked his head to the side as the question of the woman's profession came to mind? A person with medical knowledge, in a doctor's coat..some insane doctor of some kind? Then again it wasn't surprising given the eccentric pirate groups that haunted this tavern..although three pirates didn't make much of a crew. A better question would be how the hell a woman managed to rip off flesh with ease using a mouth alone.

His answer came to a shock as a pair of smallish ears popped out of the woman's head like fluffy feathers. Said ears merely twitched for a moment before flattening down against the woman's skull as their wearer placed her forehead against the cool surface of the table before sitting up and exhaling softly. Razor sharp teeth turned normal as Tali sighed out an apology "Forgive me Xander and Marigold, I know the last thing we need to attract attention. Then again maybe some trouble will get us out of this slump. At least getting hauled off by Marines will grant us free passage closer to home..". A humorless chuckle came from her mouth as the last words left her lips, such bitter feelings making her mouth feel sour. Something would have to change their fortunes, for better or worse. The only question remained of what would that action be?


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#, as written by Senpai
The woman known as Marigold Sterling was in a state completely rare to her person. Normally at this point into her drink, she'd be up and dancing, laughing and singing away of the joys of life. She would be hugging both friend and stranger, looking them in the eye to hopefully transmit her fun and comical presence. But tonight... tonight was not the night for that. Gently placing down a now-emptied shot glass with only the tiniest trace of spiced rum in it, she pushed it up against the others. That made fourteen... She wouldn't lie if you asked her if she was drinking away her sorrows. She would be honest, she would tell you yes. She normally drank for sport, but it seemed the only way to feel close to him in the past week was to get slammed like they used to do together. At this point, she couldn't even recall was sobriety was. The world seemed just a few tones darker than it did before. She left everything behind in search of adventure. She never dreamed in her worst state of mind that something like this could happen. She never dreamed that he would die such a horrible death... before she even had a chance to tell him-

Another glass found its way in front of her. Her face was pressed into her palm as she grabbed the glass with a shaking hand, quickly downing it. Her face didn't even change as she drank the glass dry of the strong alcohol. It didn't even have a flavor for her. All it did was help her vision blur more... or was that tears? At this point, she couldn't tell. It didn't matter too much to her, either. "...Fifteen..." She muttered, resting her head on the bar's counter to face Tali. She didn't even flinch as Tali bit the flesh from that man's nose and spat it back out at him. Tali had to have been experiencing the worse of it all. She knew him better than anyone else. He was her brother. Blood family. Closer than Marigold ever had been or ever could have been... Her stomach twinged a bit in jealousy and pain. Forever unrequited feelings... She cursed herself every minute since his passing that she never said how she felt. In response to Tali's apologies, Marigold started out with a shrug of indifference. Standing up, she promptly fell onto her knees. Perhaps she was further under the table than she realized...

But at this point, she made her way over to the table Tali sat at, chair screeching as she pulled it out and threw a leg over either side, back of the chair now against the edge of the table. "...It's fine, Tali. It's... it's really fine." Hearing her voice so devoid of emotion had to have been off-setting to any of her crew that bothered to care about anyone else at the moment. She was the one that would always make a fool out of herself to brighten the mood. Yet she was as dull and lifeless as anyone else. "Though... you should probably stop throwing bottles... there might still be a few drops left in them." She tried to force a smile through her joke, but her lips could only spaz for a moment before failing to turn at all. Sighing, she buried her face in her arms. Why was she even still here? Did she feel obligated to her love's sister to follow? Did she care? Her heart felt empty and in pain. She couldn't even process her own emotions in this state. She could only imagine how young Xander was handling all of this...

"My fortune is yours for the taking. But you'll have to find it first.

I left everything I own... in One Piece."

Since that day, Demetri had set sail under a different flag, searching for One Piece. The treasure that would make his crew's dreams come true... But with his crew gone, was there a point to seeking out the treasure of his first captain? Back in Loguetown, the town of beginnings... where Demetri first met Roger, where Roger was executed, the pale man with mis-matching eyes was sitting in a tavern. The Hanged Man. It was the most fitting place to drink, given that he was only here because his former captains died. Death surrounds all, even in life. Especially in life.

He ran his fingers through hair of snow white, tucking them underneath the green scarf that was securely tied around it. He had a full bottle of saké before him, save for maybe a sip or two's worth missing... and his face was red as a beet, like a man who'd been drinking all day. Strangely enough, given the circumstances, he had traces of a smile at his lips. His eyes were drooped lazily despite all this, making discerning his mood just from his face rather difficult. Swaying slightly in his chair, he caught himself and held on to the table for support. "Drinking for two tonight... Papa... Svend. This one's for you." Pressing the bottle to his lips, only a small amount actually entered his mouth as he tried to stomach more. It seemed alcohol hit his system fast and with ease, as he swayed once more, a little deeper this time. Managing to catch himself, though, his attention is caught by a wine bottle flying his way. This time, his sway saved him from taking a bottle to the face as it shattered against the wall. He didn't seem to pay it any mind, however, as he watches the woman who had thrown it. His vision wasn't blurry yet, so he could make out her features just fine... including the ears that came out of her head after she bit part of that man's nose off.

His smile only slightly increased as he stood up, somehow managing to only wobble a little bit, and pull up a chair across the table from where the dark-toned woman now sat with her head down. Looking to the man and his nose, he attempted to swap the position of the blood from it and the chunk, though the chunk only proceeded to roll off his face. "Hm... seems I can't re-attach it..." He muttered, turning his head to face the woman. The look in her eyes... she was in pain. She was not just angry or upset, but she was in a lot of pain. The ghostly man could tell this immediately. He placed a hand on the table in front of her and nodded. "Things... are not okay. I don't know what is hurting you... But we all feel pain. We all grow from it... You're still alive, after all. I am, too. We will continue to grow." He had no idea what he was saying, but he felt like a sage trying to give wisdom to a child who could not understand the world. Looking at the traces of the bottle she had shattered, he stands up, stumbling forward into the table he once sat at, and returned with his bottle. It was a clear alcohol. Placing it in front of the black-haired, violent animal person, he smiled and nodded. "My gift to you... Things will look up. There is always a home... that is the motto of my crew. Or... former crew." He looked around to search for his crew members. All two of them. Present or not, he didn't seem to notice any of them.

Facing her again, his smile seems to shine through his closed eyes as he drifted from side to side. "Your ears are very pretty. Like... a cat? It reminds me of when I had a pet cat." Opening his eyes, he reaches out to touch her ears, despite not having permission. He was already drunk, despite having had only three sips, and they looked soft.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Xander Threebrush

What do you do when your whole life's an act?

You play your role of course. When the world's your audience there's almost never time to break character. You can almost never feel the same way your audience does. If you feel the way your audience feels then you become the audience and there's no show to be had without it's main act. They can never know what goes on what happens behind the curtains, it would ruin the illusion. For the magician however, the illusion never existed. That is to say the magician controls the illusion but to him there is no illusion to see. It is the response of the audience that confirms that the illusion is real, not the magician's.

In a way this is a handy barrier for him. The separation between the spectacle the audience witnesses and the mechanical construct that he truly knows it to be helps him maintain character. To be amazed by his own techniques would be to become the audience. When the audience applauds he is up on the stage taking a bow. When the audience all laugh he flashes a wry smile and reels them in through their mirth. When the audience all cry? There he is, cool as ice as he must usher them into the next segment of the act.

How on earth is someone supposed to connect with their audience when they have so little in common?

There at the bar he sat at his stool, his two remaining crew mates sitting to the left of him. While the other two drowned themselves in alcohol to ease their sorrows he had little more than a glass of water in front of him. Well, water and a deck of fifty two as he played himself a game of solitaire. As he moved a card into the waste pile he cast a glance over at the sound of glass shattering. An unfortunate habit of his cohort, throwing things in anger. Of course the ruckus had drawn some unwanted attention and now some man was laying on the floor, a good part of his nose separate from him.

He paid little mind to the conflict but Tali apologized all the same for drawing attention to them. Given her frame of mind it wasn't all too strange for her to slip such a negative proposal into her apology. He was about to speak his mind before Marie stumbled on over, trying to reassure her but mostly just making a rather sad scene sadder. An almost completely inebriated young lady who was trying to drink the memories away trying to comfort a hostile woman absorbed in misery. He almost started to wonder how in the blazes he had managed to get stuck into this scene before a man had lumbered over in a drunken stupor.

It wasn't long before the guy lectured her on pain, talking about home and his crew. Before long he was trying to pet Tali's ears while talking about his cat. He could already see how this could end quite badly for the white haired man given what just happened. While he had little care as to the fate of the white haired man he was not keen on entering a physical altercation over the behavior of his company. If it came to that he'd side with the two even despite the fact that what little crew remained was most likely to fracture apart and head their separate ways. It didn't need to make sense why.

With a rather loud slam he slapped his hand down on the bar top. The sound, much like the shattering of the wine bottle, drew most of the room's gaze over to him which was what he intended. What his people needed was a distraction before this whole situation got out of hand and who else would provide such a distraction aside from the master of distraction himself? The gesture he had done served more purpose than just being loud however. The cards which were all squared in tableaus had jumped up from the force of the hit. Immediately after his hand had connected with the bar top he brought his hand up, the cards leaping into his hand all in one deck. With a flick of his wrist the cards appeared to simply vanish from his hand entirely.

All of it was but a simple sleight of hand, child's play for a magician of his caliber. With a flourish he swung around on his stool, now facing towards the man who had approached them. His gaze was cold and hard like steel as he stared the man down in his heterochromatic eyes. From an hidden compartment in his suit he produced a pistol, aiming it right between the man's eyes. "You had best watch yourself around this crew." He warned, his voice as menacing as the iron tube which foreboded of a lead filled death in the man's near future.

In an instant most tense for all onlookers he suddenly squeezed the trigger. Instead of a bullet out from the end of the gun popped a small bouquet of light pastel colored flowers. "Especially if you have allergies." He quipped, a humorful smirk betraying the murderous gravitas he seemed to have just seconds ago. He held the end of the gun up, gently removing the bouquet from the barrel and placing the flowers in the glass of water which he had hardly touched so they wouldn't dry out and die.

Hopping down from his seat he leaned on the bar, looking up at the stranger while carrying himself in an almost completely casual manner like as though he were speaking to a buddy he knew. "So, sounds like you have also seen some awfully cloudy days as of late am I wrong?" He asked, his overly proper and erudite Rommelian accent giving his words a rather intellectual charm. "Ah, but where have my manners gone. I should introduce myself of course!" He extended his hand in a silent offer to shake.

"I am The Amazing Xander, master magician, seeker of the arcane and practiced navigator."


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#, as written by Kirsche
Navigating the streets of Lougetown brought Ayano some comfort; it was a more familiar task getting around the city that let her forget about what was going on with her life. The fact that there was someone attempting to evade her only made it all the better for forgetting about everything. Money making opportunities were extremely limited due to the near dissolution of the Stray Dogs and the death of the captain. Dmitri was spending his days drinking away his sorrows and she never bothered to figure out where the fish Lennox ended up after they arrived in Lougetown. Although she didn't understand any concept of economics, she could understand that the more money you had the better it was. In order to make some more, Ayano decided to go back into the alleyways and slink around the underbelly of the city. There were always some unsavory tasks to be done in any city, and it was always good to be back in the saddle.

Today's client was a little shocked that the girl he hired was young, much to Ayano's annoyance; these people would gladly see someone ruined or dead, but a kid doing it made suddenly appalling. Eventually she was given the task to burn down a warehouse and bring only the owner back alive. It was a fairly simple job--most of the workers and hired thugs there were unaware that a seemingly lost teenager would suddenly pull out swords and burn everything to the ground. Most of the hired workers fled as soon as the fighting started, but the thugs to their credit held their ground long enough for the owner to run out. It took awhile to finish up the mess of thugs trying to both kill her and put out the fire, but it wasn't long enough for the owner to escape the hunt. He ran as fast his legs could carry him, away from the warehouse and away from the demon that was burning down his operation. She had finally caught up to the owner after a length chase through the alleyways when it the skies begin to pour down. The torrential rain was very new to her as such an occurrence was extremely rare in the cells of Impel Down and the Archipelagos. Ayano struggled to find her mark through all the rain that began to limit both mobility and visibility. Luckily for her the target decided to take shelter, confident that the demon would have been forced to give up its chase. The moment he saw her was the last moment he would ever see.

" Now you see me, and now you don't." Ayano giggled as she slashed one of her blades through his eyes and stabbed the other into a leg. The client had said that the target had to be brought in alive, but he never specified that there couldn't be any bodily harm. As fun as the chase had been, the rain was starting to make her cold and damp and it wasn't a remarkable enough hunt for her to consider it worth it. The rush of adrenaline was already wearing off, even with the stimulants she had consumed earlier. The target had started moaning and she snapped at him " Oh come off it. Walk it off. Oh..wait." She pulled her blade out of the mans leg and was rewarded with another cry of pain. Her client eventually found her and looked rather green at the scene before him. " I said alive..."

" Well he isn't dead now is he?" Ayano questioned with an annoyed glare. The client threw a wad of cash to her and muttered something about the increasing number of psychopaths cropping up near the Grand Line. She wordlessly walked back torwards the Drowning Wench where Dmitri was likely drowning himself in booze. Ayano didn't know what a wench was, but she felt as if it would describe her new 'captain' very well. On her lonely tread back, she could still hear the Papa gently chastising her for being overly...excessive in her actions. She gritted her teeth and tried to shut out those memories and eventually yelled out to the rain
" And you're dead so stop it. You died and that's all there is to it." Something salty dripped down her cheek which was strange; she didn't know rain was supposed to be salty.

Eventually she reached the inn and as soon as she ,a man was missing a nose, Demetri seemed like he was trying to pet a dog woman, and some munchkin was pointing a gun at Demetri. By the time she could react to the sudden turn of events, the gun had already gone off and she nearly chucked a knife at the munchkin if only for the terrible joke. Sighing, she walked up to Demetri and shoved the wad of money in his face, or as high as her arm could reach anyways.

" Here's my paycheck for today oh great captain. Want to drink more of it away?"


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A spectacle was unfolding at the tavern that was clear to increasingly irritable bartender as tried eyes watched crimson blood and sticky wine soak into the worn floorboard. A notable vein began twitching in his forehead as the young magician produced flowers out of thin air, knowing his luck there was someone allergic to the damn floral scents. That was another fluid he loathed to clean up vomit and snot, bushy eyes nearly reached his hairline at rapid swapping of the doc's previous victim nose futilely fell to the floor once again. Grumbling under his breath about having to deal with pirates was one thing..but having to deal Devil Fruit Eaters was another matter entirely. What could a mere barkeep do aside from attempt to clean a grease stain from the bar.

The wine must have been laced with something or her exhaustion was finally sinking in as two extraordinary occurrences had just happened. First the man's nose had been swapped with sticky blood to the once attached stump, only to roll off in a disappointing fashion. While the apparent swapper had either memory loss or a death wish as a bandaged hand idly prodded and poked at her sand colored ears. Apparently his words of comfort were merely slurred trash given the clumsy fondling her ears were currently receiving. Surprising her ears merely twitched contently as a drained Tali merely let her forehead rest against the cool wooden surface of the table again, not even swatting at the man's invasive touch. In fact she could feel her exhaustion slowly slipping through her bones as she felt her eyes grow just a bit heavier.

The tranquility of sleep seemed to evade her once more as a loud slap on the table caused her jolt in her seat. The room spun slightly as she watched an impressive display of card tricks by Xander followed by a dangerous boast, which was immediately lessened as the scent of flowers hit her nose. Clucking her tongue at the young boy like a disapproving mother as the teen confidently introduced himself as she scowled "Yes, ever so Amazing until you piss off the wrong person with those tricks and end up in an early grave. If we ever do find ourselves on a ship, your navigation skills would be useless as a pile of bones".

A faint blush came to her face as the soothing sensation of fingers fluttering over the tips of ears as she finally batted away at the stranger's hands. Said ears perked up instantly at the young girl's statement "Captain? You mean you have a ship? Needing any additional hands..I promise you, that disapproval isn't in my vocabulary in any areas of life. Given that little trick earlier, I assure you detached limbs can't be swapped back on. Unless I am seeing things...". Her eyes glanced in Marigold's direction before pushing the offered gift in her direction "Marigold, you might as well drink this. Gods know I am going to be dying from a hangover in the morning...". . In fact her only goal in mind for the following morning was to curl up in her fox form and sleep the day away in a sunny patch of her bedroom. Now where that bedroom would be was another question as the trio was currently homeless at the moment. Cozying up to this captain would result in at least some type of shelter even for the night..regardless of how loathsome she felt about it the following morning. Survival meant whatever cost it needed even playing the pretty pet of some drunk pirate captain.


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#, as written by Senpai
Things were proceeding surprisingly normal for an outing with her crew, that was for sure. Xander was being a showman. Tali got into a fight... but the strange man who sat at the table legitimately shocked her. He went straight for her ears! How drunk could a man be to even consider that!? She was about to jump over the table to stop him, to save his life, but when Tali let it happen, Marigold slunk back in her chair. She never let her pet those fluffy ears... She must have been really out of it. And, it was to be understood. Her brother just died... Marigold was feeling the pain from that one, too, just from a different perspective. After all, she truly felt in love with that man. For him to die as he did, with her doing nothing... oh gods, she grabbed that bottle the man brought over and seemed to chug it. She began coughing it all back up. What an intense fire! Even she, the biggest alcie of the crew, had to spit that one back up. "ACK! BAH! How are you drinkin' this, mate? It's like drinking acid!" That didn't stop her from waiting and catching her breath and sipping, ever so lightly, from it here and there as another girl entered the tavern. She was young, no older than Xander. At least by the looks of her, through her somewhat-blurred vision. She was out working for him? Child labor? How cruel! But at least right now, she decided not to care. She was in grieving, after all.

The big surprise of the night, however, was Tali offering them all up as crew members. "Whoa, hang on there, miss. Just like that? After everything we been through, you're just gonna offer us all up on some strange drunk's crew?" Looking up to him, she offered a "sorry" and an apologetic glance. "Take a sec to sober up, eh? Think about this..."

The man kept an amused expression at all of the happenings of the bar. Deciding to address them one at a time, he stands up with a big grin. He began with a dramatic point of the finger at Xander, his hair flopping with the messy rise of his head. "You there, boy! Let me tell you something. Pointing a gun at a man is a serious offense!" Picking up a glass shard from the ground, he lobbed it at the boy and grabbed hold of his pistols. Unholstering them as he focused in on the glass, he swapped positions with it, appearing but an inch in front of the kid with each barrel pointed at his temples. "Any man in his right mind oughtta shot you right then and there..." He clicked back the hammer on each pistol, staring intensely into the boy's eyes. They were empty... they might have even given the boy a chill. But it all seemed to vanish as that glare softened and his lips teased upwards. "But I thought that was incredible! How do you make flowers come out!? I'm fascinated and I want more!" That completely implied that he wasn't in his right mind. Spinning the flintlocks on his fingers, he pushed the hammer on each pistol and holstered them on his hips again. "Good show, Mr. Amazing Xander."

He backed off and plopped back in his seat. His youngest crewmate, Ayano, had dropped off her "payment" on his lap, after he refused to pick it up with his face. "Now, now, Yan-yan," his most annoying nickname for her, "I didn't ask you to go do your thing. You chose to... and because of that, well... You must be punished." He had that gleam in his eyes, as if he was about to tear into her. Instead, he opened the bag and took out two Beris. "This oughtta be more than enough. These Beris? This is all that will be had." He pocketed the Beris and gave her back the bag. "I'm sure you worked hard, Ayano. I'm done drinking tonight... Go get yourself something nice. Or save it. Whatever you want, dear." His face was now taking on a pink hue.

In regards to the fox woman, whose ears he happily returned to petting, he let out a soft hum and dropped his chin onto the table. He could easily see her face if she'd expose it from this angle. "Yes, you are right... it seems I cannot reattach limbs, despite how fancy I can be. It would be a shame here if Ayano here lost her legs. She's already short enough." He snickered to himself as he teased his crewmate. "And truth be told, the captain of the Stray Dogs has recently passed in a most heroic manner... we are in need of help. And we will always take in stragglers and orphans, this is true..." He began twirling the end strands of his scarf between his thumb, index and middle fingers as he hummed in thought. "Very well. We of the Stray Dogs will take you. Allow me to introduce myself."

The man scooted back in his chair and jumped right on top of it, wobbling for a second or two before recovering himself. "I am the great Damascus D. Demetri! Former member of the Roger Pirates and current acting captain of the Stray Dogs. Some call me Six-Shooter D. Others call me DDD for short. It's an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance." He took a deep bow, only to fall forward, face-first, onto the floor. It seemed that all of that alcohol intake was beginning to really affect him. From the ground, he rolled onto his back and crossed his arms over his stomach. "I don't have a ship... It sunk. But what I do have... is just enough money to buy a half-decent ship. That and room for my crew tonight... Speaking of which, where is Ol' Gills at anyway, hm?" He shrugged on the ground and stumbled back to his chair. "If you will wait to morning, I will buy a ship... Some crew to manage it will help... Can I touch your ears again? They are so delightfully soft..." Without waiting for permission, both of his hands fell upon her ears again and began massaging them. He hummed in delight as he did so.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Xander Threebrush

A lot of hectic talking went down after his little trick. The first thing to grab his attention however was the reaction of the captain whom he had roped into his act. Being a keen a mind as his was he knew well that this man was a devil fruit user given the nose trick he tried to pull of earlier. Thus it came as little surprise that when the man threw a piece of glass his way the man was going to switch it out with himself.

Xander could of done a few things as a counter to this but instead he decided to call the man's bluff. Given that the man was both drunk and a devil fruit user it was most likely an attempt to one-up him using his powers so to speak. He's seen devil fruit users and even knows at least two, his remaining crew mates, and it was rare to see a devil fruit user who was sparing with the use of their powers. So there he stood, not faltering a moment as the man stood with two guns to his head.

Was he fine? Of course not. With all the things he could be doing to protect himself right then standing his ground with absolutely no backup plan that offered any certainty that he wasn't going to get shot was frightening. On the inside he felt as though he could collapse into the metaphorical pit in his stomach that had grown from the stress. He knew better than to let that show however.

It was a fact that he lived with his whole career as a pirate that the moment he showed weakness of any kind he was dead. The world of piracy was very Darwinian in that sense. Every time he did something he did it with one hundred percent conviction. To put anything less than his all into his act would be improper as both a magician and a pirate. If he was going to stand his ground despite not knowing if the other man was actually ready to shoot or not he had to do it with nothing less than his most confident grin.

And grin he did. He looked as cool as a cucumber in an ice box as the hammers drew back on the pistols. Even in the face of possible death he carried an air of absolute certainty in his own safety. It all played to his advantage as the man lightened up, falling back into his happy drunk routine as he holstered his guns. While he'd much rather avoid having guns aimed right at him on a general basis he valued these demonstrations to an extent. So long as his aura of absolute infallibility remained he figured he might as well be bullet-proof. It was a powerful illusion but an illusion all the same.

"Thank you. I always aim to put on only the best shows." He gave a short bow in response to the captain's compliment. "And while I'm always ready to perform my magic I'm afraid I cannot share it's secrets with anyone. It is the magicians code, an ancient and eternal oath sworn by all magicians since the mythical origins of all magic, that no magician may reveal his own or another magician's secrets. I'm sorry to say I can't but should any magician break it they would suffer the Oath Breaker's Curse."

The Oath Breaker's Curse, a famous tale that has been passed down for generations from magician to their apprentices. Practically any magician who's even remotely known in show business knows the story. Xander knew the whole thing by heart.

After hearing Tali scold him over his latest trick he simply shrugged, his smirk as cocky as ever. "Please, no one's immune to their sense of wonder. Even if I do happen upon a particularly poor sport I've always got an ace up my sleeve-" punctuating his statement with a flick of his wrist he held up an ace of spades. "- or four." With a slight shift of his index finger the card fanned out into four cards, each one an ace.

When the captain addressed the girl that had come in he finally had a moment to take a better look. Out of everything tonight the thing that surprised him the most was seeing someone else who looked even younger than he was out in a bar like this. He noted the tell-tale glint of steel from under her cloak as she reached up to hand the captain the money she had earned. It wasn't all too strange to assume she was armed given how basically every pirate in the bar was strapped with a weapon of some sort.

The captain finally introduced himself, one Damascus D. Demetri. Quite the number of D's on this man. He seemed quite amiable to letting them join up with his crew however Marigold had some vocal reservations. "Sorry, gotta side with Tali on this one. Ship's a ship, can't be too picky when we're not fronting the bill." He weighed in on the current debate within his crew. Sidling past Tali along the bar he leaned over to Mary's ear. "Plus if he's buying a whole new ship we can get dibs on all the good jobs. The decent paying ones, catch my meaning? Not a lot of offers that open ended out at the docks last I checked." He whispered to her, not exactly hiding what he was doing but keeping his volume low enough that it was still a private-ish conversation. He'd of much rather had this talk with her when they were alone but he needed to seize the moment and stop her from spoiling a good opportunity for getting back into business.


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#, as written by Kirsche
The actions of her drunk captain never failed to exasperate Ayano. Now that she thought about it, his actions always never failed to exasperate her. Somehow, no one had tried to kill him yet for all his actions, and that surprised her quite a bit. After Demetri took the money, she was expecting him to make some other inane drunken comment, but when he mentioned punishment, she flinched; it had been a few years since then but it still brought back some unpleasant memories. Much to her own chagrin, Ayano almost started to immediately apologize and grovel. She took a deep breath and stuck her tongue out at him and said,- " Is that all the thanks I get for selling myself out to people, shitty captain?" If the drunken fool was going to as inane and use that annoying nickname, then she would get some fun out of seeing everyone else's reaction to her comment at Demetri's expense.

After grabbing the money back from Demetri, she walked a short distance over to the bartender who looked understandably annoyed and stressed by the whole situation. He didn't even so much as look at her until she brought out some money and one of her blades. Wordlessly she grabbed his rag and began to wipe the bloodstains off the blade, and then she brought the blade down onto the countertop with a cold smile. " Please do ensure that the shitty captain of mine doesn't drink anymore tonight, or any night at your fine establishment. Also, what can I get for this money?" She threw a few bills at the bartender who looked like he was about to have an aneurysm. It was probably too much money for the glass of milk he eventually gave her, but what did she know.

Now that she was sitting down in a more comfortable position, she swung herself around to measure up the other patrons of the bar. There was another kid called Xander who looked to be about her age who performed some stupid magic tricks and like some stupid seal Demetri was lauding him. While the guns seemed to be only part of a magic trick, Ayano got the queasy feeling that he could very well kill her like a coward with guns. Then there was a seemingly very drunk woman a rather large rack which made Ayano feel rather like a washboard. It was hard to make out anything about this lady really, except she liked to drink, had a large chest, and her name was Marigold. After her was the lady who seemed like she was the leader of the trio that Demetri had an odd obsession with and was feeling up a lot more than he should be. The fact that this one had a lab coat and fox ears led Ayano to come to the conclusion that she was some sort of scientist/doctor devil fruit user. That last tidbit of speculation would cause her significant problems if it came down to a fight; an unknown devil power could put her at real disadvantage in a tavern brawl.

Demetri made another drunken quip about her during this time and in an instant she threw one of her knives at him. It landed in the doorway .behind him of course; she didn't want him dead--yet. " I can still bring you down to my level you shitty captain." What he said afterwards through caught her by surprise. She didn't know or really expect him to start recruiting for a new crew of strangers how might just kill them all this soon. However having a new ship and maybe people to boss around would be nice, and a pet fox would be nice since it would shut Demetri up. While all of this was going on, she realized a distinct lack of the last crew member who had stuck around. " Speaking of crew, I don't smell any fish now. Have you seen him recently?"


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As the storm continued, waves rolled about in the sea, slamming into the port and sending water crashing down onto the docks. Nonetheless, boats of all manner still came both in and out to conduct their business. Fishing boats, Passenger boats, Marines, Pirates, regardless of how great the sea's anger seemed to be, people set out as they pleased to do whatever it is they wished. However, while the sea up above was chaotic, the sea deep beneath the surface was still as tranquil as ever. A single fish-man lay at the bottom, lifelessly drifting along the sea floor. He was limp and depressed, having swum to the bottom from the moment he had arrived at Loguetown.

At first, he simply wanted to get away and clear his head. As he swam though, he remembered a wide array of memories, both terrible and pleasant. With more friends and family he had a great many adventures filled with sad and happy moments, but with so many cherished ones, it hurt so much more when he lost them. Two father figures in his life were now gone. Two dear friends, he failed to protect. This left him feeling hopeless and drained.

After another moment of laying there though, he opened his eyes to look around him. Though, the sea floor was dark, he could still see the numerous fish swimming about as if nothing was wrong. He found himself almost envious as they swam around. They enjoyed themselves, and though the surface of the sea was chaotic, the deep would remain tranquil. As he felt these feelings, he sighed at himself and a school of fish, thinking he was simply an object, swam right past his body, their fins tickling him as they brushed past his skin. He laughed a little, and that sent the fish rapidly swimming away. He adjusted himself so he now sat, and looked around at himself. With a wistful frown, he sighed.

"What am I doing down here? C'mon Lennox, you have to pull yourself together. It isn't like last time, you still have people who are alive, you can't let yourself end up like some kind of sad dolphin. You know what, Demetri is probably drinking, and I doubt he or Ayano have eaten. You know what? I need to cheer up. They are probably feeling just as bad anyway. I'm gonna catch us a large fish and we'll have us a huge meal. That might just cheer them up a bit!"

Having come to his senses, he set off to catch the largest fish he could find. Upon seeing a nice, round fish, he gave a toothy grin as he slowly crept up to it, trying to move as little as possible, lest the fish notice he is there. After getting within a few feet of it though, he dashed off toward it, hunting the creature down. When he was finally close enough, he cut it using his arm fins, both shocking and killing his prey. Having killed his prey, he latched onto it with his arms, and began to swim toward the docks. As he swam toward the docks, he picked up his coral guitar case and put it on his back. Now having all that he needed, he began to swim up towards the surface. As he came closer and closer to the top, he felt the effects of the storm on the surface, the water becoming increasingly difficult to swim through. Once he finally got close enough, he picked up his pace even more as he flew out of the water, fish and all. He landed on the dock, but due to the weather, he slipped and fell as he landed. He let out a happy laugh as he picked himself up off the dock.

He felt stares after a moment, and when he looked around he noticed fisherman staring at him with wonder. Laughing nervously, he took off to find the tavern, muttering an apology to the fisherman as he did so. When he found the tavern, he took a deep breath, nodding to himself in self assurance. "You can do this Lennox...You can cheer them up. you. Be the cool Thresher Shark you know you are inside."

He gives a wide smile as he kicks the door to the bar open, still carrying the large fish on his back. "Hola Mi Amigos! I hope you are hungry because I come bearing fish in the name of food! He pauses as he looks around, seeing his captain drunk and petting someone's ears. Looking to the side, he notices a blade sticking out of the wall next to him. He next looked at the bartender, who seemed rather annoyed, and then the poor person who no longer had a nose. "Oh...Um...Did I, uh, come at a bad time?"


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((OOC-Timeskipping to the following morning!!-))

Fluffy white clouds drifted across the sky as gull screeched out morning greetings across the harbor as Tali cracked open a single eye as her head began throbbing as if it was being danced upon by enthusiastic elephant as Tali attempted to sit up only to notice a heavy weight across her lower body. Outrage and shock sealed her throat shut as the unwelcome weight became recognizable as the upstart captain from the tavern the night before..if her fuzzy memories were serving her right. Finally clasping her mouth shut as she unceremoniously pushed the dozing captain off her form as bile crept up her throat. The sea was foam green as it got just a touch greener as Tali puked out the vile liquid from her binge drinking.

As her shuddering subsided, the thought of her location finally came to the forefront. Apparently at least she and the other captain were aboard this strange ship, the others could be anywhere. Letting out a growl of exasperation at the possible mouse hunt that would be conducted, as she rummaged through her pockets for a desperately needed cigarette along with her lighter. Said blessing was found along with a crumpled paper as choked gasp came from lips as her eyes narrowed as each line was read. In simple terms it was a Bill of Sale for a caravel at the cost of...something out of the Diamond Pelican's price range, that mystery was solved as she read the apparent owners of said caravel..Tali Ruwi and one Damascus D. Demetri along with the respective crew members. What the hell had she said last night that would have led to such an agreement. Exhaling the smoke in her mouth in a huff as she slowly felt the memories as blurry as they were return.

Hands fondling something..a tingling sensation down her spine? A warmth spreading her face as well as her insides followed by cheerful talk by the boisterous Demetri. An equally good-natured Xander reassuring a worried Marigold that striking this deal was a sign of their luck changing for the better. A continuous enjoyable feeling down her body...what the hell had she done last night? Rubbing a hand across her weary face to refocus her mind as she recalled the dozing captain's curiosity about her fox ears. Scowling at the sleeping man as if the offending action was currently happening at this moment, she was HUMAN, not some pampered pet to doted upon and fond over. How much alcohol was consumed before her crew mates wisely took the bottle away from her. Apparently not soon enough as another shiver went up her spine as the ghostly touch on her fox ears resonated throughout of her body. Her hands clenched as she fought the urge to go kick in the man's intestinal tract, or at least drop her lit cigarette on him.

Resisting the impulsive thoughts as she urged herself to continue down memory lane. Apparently the two groups came into one as a merry Demetri was urged by her drunken compliance to find themselves a worthy ship merchant. By worthy, it was the first seedy ship merchant in a rickety shop that eagerly welcomed their offer in exchange for the current ship. The blame would have be shared between the two well as if their compatibility would even work out as becoming a singular crew. Finishing off her cigarette with one final pull as Tali resigned herself to fate before none to gently nudging the dozing captain with the front of her boot as she growled out "Oi, Demetri if that is your true name, wake the hell up unless set you on fire. Trust me if there is any sort of medical bay, there is bound to be some spare medical fluids that are plenty flammable. If one doesn't work..let's call it trail and error. This hangover isn't a way to find out answers."