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Barba Dorada

The Pirate King

0 · 255 views · located in Big Blue

a character in “One Piece: The Three Seas”, as played by Baron Fowling


The Father of Pirates, Pirate King Barbadorada
Name: Ramos Barbadorada
Alias: Barbadorada, Pirate King, Goldbeard, the Father of Pirates
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Affiliation: Golden Pirates
Home: Unknown, believed to be Plunder.
Family: Unknown
Status: Dead
Bounty: 10,000,000,000 rosas


A tall, imposing but not gigantic man of six and a half feet, the Pirate King was dusky of skin, striking of feature and, of course, gold of hair and beard. His hair was his most striking feature, a thick mane of burnished-yellow thatch, swept back from his face (aside from where it linked with his voluminous, well-groomed beard) and falling to his shoulders in gentle waves. Both beard and head of hair were laced through in places with neat, asymmetrical braids and other small tasteful adornments and he was known to take great pride in keeping himself tidy and presentable. He was also renowned as a handsome fellow, with a powerful aquiline nose, strong cheekbones and a smile of such boyish and reckless daring that all who saw it could not help but feel their spirits buoyed by his infectious optimism, powerful charisma and the inscrutable sense of camaraderie that he radiated. Those who saw the Pirate King smile were known to say that, whatever it was that was making him happy, they could not help but feel included in it.

A lean but muscular figure and powerful limbs and hands befitted the individual known as the most intrepid of the seas' explorers... and one of the most deadly of its warriors. Barbadorada usually garbed himself in a long coat of fine but hardy material, red or purple, bound about with leather belts and baldrics. On his head he typically adorned himself with a leather three-cornered hat adorned with a crimson ribbon, and his feet and hands were often encased in boots and gloves of similarly fine leather. Despite his name the Pirate King was not grandiose in his displays of wealth and finery, but he did wear some gold jewellery. Small golden hoops sparkled in each of his ears and a few gold rings also adorned his fingers, but his most treasured item was a thick, circular golden amulet on a matching chain, seemingly of ancient providence, which hung around his neck. Some noted that when the Pirate King went to his death, that amulet was not on his person.


A legend as large as the Pirate King, unavoidably, is accompanied by hundreds of accounts of a personality equally as large. To varying degrees of accuract, people speak of his bravery, his aura of confidence, his wit, his kindness (often,) his cruelty (sometimes) and more often than not mention is made of his burning, tempestuous rages. By some accounts Barbadorada was easily driven to fury, by others he was slow to anger but volcanic and unstoppable once his ire had been piqued. In truth, he was a reserved and patient gentleman, who was known to his friends and crew for his capacity to keep a cool head in times of strife, danger and conflict with others. One event in his life, however, became very well known and was the chief reason that his rages were almost as famous as his name.

Barbadorada was a legend for his ambition, his intelligence and his boldness, but to those who knew him closely his greatest quality was always his heart. A man both passionate and compassionate, the Pirate King could not ignore suffering or injustice no matter who they happened to, and most believe that it was this empathy for others that truly drove him to venture far into the far reaches of Dark Blue in search of change. The Pirate King's friends and crewmates also knew him as an incredibly protective man, one who would go to any length to keep his crew from harm even as he travelled with them into the most dangerous region on the planet.


Naturally the Pirate King was renowned as one of the most powerful fighters in the world, although to those who knew him well he was known to sometimes leave the task of fighting the most ferocious opponents to some trusted members of his crew whose martial ability he respected even above his own. Nonetheless his own skill and strength were incredible, and numerous accounts exist of him clashing with monstrous beings, legendary villains and high-ranking Navy officers (including now-Fleet Admiral Huang) and proving himself their equal or better.

Devil Fruit: Kitty Fruit - Model: Lion (Neko Neko no Mi) Zoan type
Barbadorada's Devil Fruit ability was well-known, although the tales regarding how he acquired it are as varied as most of them are far-fetched. His powers allowed him to transform into a large, powerful lion, as well as a half-lion half-human hybrid with vastly improved physical abilities. Some accounts also spoke of the Pirate King going beyond the usual Zoan skillset, however, and morphing into a towering, two-legged, muscle-bound behemoth of a lion-man, three times the user's usual height, which could destroy whole islands with the strikes of its paws and which was able to wield a colossal gilded greatsword known as Sunrise. These accounts are often regarded as more legend than truth, however.

The Pirate King was a powerful and skilled swordsman, sometimes fighting with a large, two-handed Eastern sword (odachi) and sometimes with a gilded cutlass. Both his weapons were A-Class swords of the highest renown, the odachi known by the name Kingatsu (Golden Moon) and the cutlass as Singing Wave. In a duel he was known to favour the odachi, and his form displayed elements of the techniques of kenjutsu schools such as the White Bird, Twin Trees and Dancing Cloud. In a melee he was equally fearsome, wielding Singing Wave alongside a dagger or pistol and cutting wide swathes through all who stood against him. Over the course of his life he took several apprentices in the sword, some of whom went on to train others in the swordfighting discipline that they titled Golden Crown.

Barbadorada's physical abilities are also the source of much legend, including stories of him lifting his grand galleon Yellow Louis out of the ocean with nothing more than rope and his two arms, breaking stones in his bare hands like apples and throwing a dagger from his vessel in Dark Blue to stick in the deck of a ship in Big Blue. How true any of these are is entirely debatable, but it is safe to say that Goldbeard was an incredibly powerful physical force.

Finally, experienced pirates in Dark Blue and high-ranking Navy officers around the world who know of Haki speak of that mysterious force being the Pirate King's true greatest weapon, saying that he was a genius in all three known varieties, the Colour of Armament, Colour of Observation and Colour of Conquering. More perplexing, and frightening for those of the World Aristocracy, some even spoke of Goldbeard using strange and mystical abilities that could not be explained by his devil fruit, his physical prowess or even his Haki... abilities which even now few know the true significance of.

Current Story:

Twenty years past, the great pirate Barbadorada set out for the ocean of Dark Blue, making an unprecedented voyage beyond Green Line and passing into what was then known to most as No Man's Sea. Though what drove the man known as Goldbeard to venture to the very ends of the world was unknown to most, he was opposed from the beginning by the King's Navy, who tried again and again to capture him and his crew and to put an end to his grand adventure. In the end they and all his other rivals were unsuccessful, however, and Barbadorada successfully penetrated the furthest reaches of Dark Blue, the region known as Blacksky, in doing so forever earning the title of Pirate King.

Half a year later, Goldbeard returned to Big Blue, arriving unannounced on the island of Plunder, the Pirate Nation, from which he had departed for the Green Line years before and where, some say, he was originally born. He had returned, he said, to meet with a friend whom he wanted to tell of his adventures, but to anyone who would listen he announced that what he had found in Blacksky was nothing less than the "Keys to the World."

There had always been an ongoing conflict between the world's pirate population and the Navy, but after this point it escalated into a war beyond anything known in living memory. The first major event of that war happened but a few days after Barbadorada returned to Plunder, when the Navy brought together a fleet of unprecedented size to advance upon the island. An armada of pirate vessels congregated around the Pirate Nation to meet them in battle, all willing to defend their country to the last man. But the Pirate King had no desire to see blood spilled on his behalf. Stealing away in the night, he sailed a raft to the vanguard of the Navy force, and offered them his life in exchange for the safety of the people of Plunder.

Two days later, he was executed, smiling and repeating his message about the β€œKeys to the World” before the blades fell. Some consider this the true moment at which the Great Pirate War began, when instantly worldwide a hundred pirate crews took up arms and set sail for the Green Line in search of the treasure... or the answers... that Goldbeard had cryptically promised. Realising that they had not the manpower nor the military strength to blockade the entire continent, the Navy set about sending their own forces into Dark Blue to establish a foothold there. Soon that ocean too was nothing more than a battleground on which pirates fought against navymen and other pirates, all of them desperate to be the first to reach the distant region of Blacksky, where they hoped to discover whatever Barbadorada and his crew had discovered... a great treasure, the secret of the world's mysteries, or perhaps the power to rule it... or all three.

So begins...

Barba Dorada's Story