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Garrick Fisc

“Don’t mistake my attitude for acceptance...I will drown you if you ever insult fishmen Island again.”

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a character in “One Piece: The Will of D.”, as played by ChaosReborn



Garrick Fisc A.k.A Silvertooth Garrick.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Identifies as a fishman)
Country of Origin: Fishmen Island
Genealogy: His mother was Alana Fisc, His father’s identity is unknown
Current Bounty: 0
Devil Fruit: None
Fighting skills\Ability: He is a progeny learning Fishman Karate. He won’t be an expert until he has full mastery of the water in his direct vicinity, using its power to send powerful waves that resonate within the opponent's body. Since every living creature is nothing more than a mass of water, the users of Fishman Karate are able to battle opponents that are usually highly resistant (if not immune) against blows and punches. He is a brutal hand to hand fighter, and has mastered some of his discipline. However, he still has a lot to learn and when he gets frustrated he tends to resort back to his swordsmanship skills. He has a weapon he crafted out of a Sea King’s fangs that rarely ever sees the light of day but when it does he wants someone to die, and has given up all hope of deterring them with his hand to hand skills.

Weapons: Sea King sword (Earned him the name Silver tooth)

Personality: Garrick is afraid he will never amount to anything. He idolizes some of the fishmen he’s heard of in history, especially Fisher Tiger and Jinbei though, and he will never do anything that he considers to be a human action. He is genuinely afraid of humanity, and what humans are capable of. He tends to be scatterbrained in and out of battle. Because he’s never left Fishmen island before he’s in awe of anything on land His weakness is his lack of concentration, and his inability to control his power, or his temper. When he loses control of his emotions he gets sloppy. If anyone slanders or blasphemes against fishmen he loses his mind, and goes completely berserk. Garrick is reckless. He will always go seeking adventure in the water, and has a bad habit of stopping whatever he’s doing to go for a swim. He could be in the middle of a sentence, and instead of finishing he’ll jump into the water, drench all of his clothes, and take whatever crewmate happens to be nearby with him...Another one of his derpy quirks is He’s a vegetarian by nature, and won’t eat any meat.He’s rather fond of fish and vegetables though.And one of his more annoying traits is that he has a photographic memory and never forgets a face, name, or any form of text.

Ambitions: He wants to be the strongest fishmen to ever sail the sea.

Hobbies: He likes to swim. He likes to meditate. He is very good at crafting things, like wooden figurines, or toys.

Quote: “Don’t mistake my attitude for acceptance...I will drown you if you ever insult fishmen Island again.”

Biography: After the Era of Gol D. Roger, more humans started pouring into fishmen islnd.There was talk of integration, and Garrick’s mother was one of the few who dared to take her unborn child into the sea. She didn’t trust humans and thought she would have a better shot of raising her son with creatures of dignity. Unfortunately, living with the fishmen was infinitely worse because they were still recovering from years of prejudice and hatred. Humans still weren’t accepted and even though she loved Fishmen island she was treated like a pariah. Funnily enough being shunned by the community never dimmed her smile, and Garrick grew up not knowing or understanding the difference between his mother and the community around them. He was completely oblivious to the segregation around him because he thought he was a fishmen too. And smiled alongside everyone else.

He tried to make friends with the other boys but they inherited their parent’s prejudice, and refused to socialize with him. He followed them around like a lost puppy begging for attention. Garrick was in complete denial about his humanity. He noticed he was different but was always able to rationalize why he wasn’t like everyone else. He knew he couldn’t breathe underwater, so he practiced holding his breath for a long time because he was sure his gills would grow in one day. He knew he wasn’t a powerful swimmer like the other kids, so he always tried to race them to make his fins appear. Garrick was convinced if he was bold enough, and brave enough he could be just like everyone else. Until one day he wandered too far into an area that was strictly fishmen only.

He wanted to play, but when the adults saw him, they told him to leave. Called him a human. And callously threw him out into the streets. He was determined to stay though, and nothing was going to deter him from making friends...even when the fishmen nearby started to mercilessly beat him. They broke his bones. They made him bleed. His body was a purple mass of cuts and bruises. And when he had gone mute with tears, they were going to end him. His mother intervened though.

She arrived just as the fatal blow would have sent him to an early grave.

They killed her instead.

And everything went black.

When Garrick woke up he was in a little two by four shack with dry bread and water nearby. A fishmen he didn’t recognize told him his mother had met an “unfortunate demise” because he was too stupid to recognize prejudice that was directed at him. Garrick saw the glaring red brand that marked his savior as a slave. He saw the fins, and the gills that separated their two species. He saw his mother’s blood on his fingers. And the only thing he said was, “My mom didn’t die because of prejudice...She died because I wasn’t strong enough to save her. It’s not fins or gills that separate you and me...We’re different because...I’m weak.”

From that day forward Garrick started training with the former slave. He became just as deadly in the water as any other fishmen. He was driven by grief, and a slight dose of insanity. They laughed together. They learned together. And Garrick still believed he was a fishmen, and through the years he grew up to be a menace to everyone but his mentor.

And recently, he’s begun to harbor his own secret dream.

He wants to be the strongest fishmen who ever lived.

So begins...

Garrick Fisc's Story