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Marshal D. Thane

"Piss off. I don't care about the gold or the jewels. All the money in the world won't matter once you're dead. I only have one desire--To be the most important man in history. "

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a character in “One Piece: The Will of D.”, as played by ChaosReborn


Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: human
Genealogy: Son of Marshall D. Teach and an unknown woman
Country of Origin: The island Las Camp in West Blue. This little strip of land is under Whitebeard's protection
Current Bounty: 200,000,000
Fighting skills\Ability: Thane is a beast. He's vicious in hand to hand combat, and he considers everyone to be his "prey." He prefers to fight without using a weapon because his strength alone is enough to shatter bones and muscles. He fights with open palms, and a lazy smile, as he cripples his opponents. Occasionally he will slide into a fighting technique that involves using his hands like claws, and slicing his enemies open with his bare fingers. In a lot of way he personifies the feline inside of him and can avoid most attacks with unnatural speed and grace. He is nimble and nigh untouchable on the battlefield. And most of the time he is as silent as a shadow. Despite his standing as a predator of the sea, he has a bad habit of slacking off, because he's too busy teasing and taunting his prey. He likes to back his enemies into a corner, and lord his superiority over them instead of offering them a quick and painless death. He will draw out the inevitable as long as possible, so he doesn't get bored. And will fight or kill to satisfy his own reckless whims.

Weapons: He inherited his father's metal claws, and he always carries a Scimitar around with him although he rarely ever uses his weapons.
Devil Fruit: Hyo Hyo no mi (Panther Fruit)

Personality: Thane is afraid of the dark. And only sleeps during the day because he doesn't trust what could be lingering in the shadows. He doesn't cope well with being ignored. And he is easily distracted in battle. In a way he's really gullible because his only real interaction was with Blackbeard's crew. In his mind everyone is either "prey" or a challenge. And his left arm is rather fragile. It has been broken so many times, that the bone might shatter if it ever breaks again. He likes to poke at things. Because he's so in tune with his feline side, he tends to investigate random issues that he has no business getting involved in, and then instantly forgets about them two seconds later. He has the attention span of gnat, and will do anything for the sake of amusing himself.

Ambitions: Thane wants to be the most reputable pirate in the world.

Hobbies: He likes to take cat naps in random places. One can find him lying in the middle of the road, or on top of a building, or any number of places people shouldn't be sleeping. He's gone so far as to do home invasions, and break into people's bedrooms just so he can sleep in a feather bed. When he's not resting, or committing savage acts of piracy, one can find him harassing other pirates. He tends to track down the well known crews, so he can "play" with them. He has a bad habit of breaking into their storage rooms and emptying all of their supplies into the sea before they can react. Another one of his tricks is sneaking on board a ship, and destroying every weapon above and below deck so the crew is defenseless when he challenges them to a fight. He also might find their despair amusing and decide to kill the crew member they value the most. Just so he can bask in their sorrow. He doesn't like seeing other people being happy, so he tends to lash out and make them as miserable as he is.

Biography: Thane was the product of a one night stand, that never should have been born. His father didn't even know of his existence until the Navy killed his mother, and she left her feckless child behind. Blackbeard returned to Las Camp that same day to find a ten year old child hunched down in the shadows, drawing circles in his mother's blood. At a loss over what to do, the esteemed Marshall D. Teach decided to take his son with him to sea. It was an impulse, a fleeting thought that drove Blackbeard to make his child a member of his crew. He never treated Thane like a son. He never acknowledged him as blood. To be perfectly honest, after the initial meeting of father and son, Blackbeard acted like Thane didn't even exist. As they traveled the seas all Marshall D. Teach cared about was conquering the Grandline, and becoming The pirate king. Thane was an afterthought. A means to an end, and nothing more. There were times when the child's youthful presence would become such an irritant to him, that Teach would abuse his Devil Fruit ability and lock Thane in a chasm of darkness for days without food or water.

This became the cruelest form of punishment, depriving his son of all light and agency and then forgetting he even existed until one of the crew reminded him that Thane was still isolated in the shadows. Losing his mother and being shunned by his father, drove Thane to think he was only as great as his reputation made him. Because he wasn't famous like his father, he didn't matter. Nothing he did would ever matter as long as he was forced to hide behind Blackbeard's infamy. So in order to make a name for himself, in order to exact revenge for years of callous neglect, Thane did the only thing he could do: He killed Marshall D. Teach at the tender age of 13. He took his father's life in cold blood, and was rewarded with instant power and fame. The irony in all of this is that--The moment Blackbeard died was the only moment Teach ever felt pride for his son. The last thing Blackbeard said to Thane was this: "Haha it's funny....I took you out to sea with me, and you ended up being my final reckoning. I should have known better. I betrayed Whitebeard because he was in the way of my ambition. You are betraying me for the same reason....You're just like me."
There's no happy ending for people like us...I'll see you in hell son.
Thane left his father's motionles corpse in the dust and never looked back.
In one year He became the scourge of the West Blue.
In Two years he found a devil fruit and became the Beast of the Grandline

Quote: "Piss off. I don't care about the gold or the jewels. All the money in the world won't matter once you're dead. I only have one desire--To be the most important man in history. I want to live forever in stories that parents tell their children, and in the nightmares that keep those same brats awake at night. I want to be the monster that never dies. Because only evil is eternal."

So begins...

Marshal D. Thane's Story