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"I smell trouble..."

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a character in “One Piece: The Will of D.”, as played by Deathscythe Hell


Name: Shalua

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human (Wolf Zoan)

Genealogy: Too many siblings to count! (At least a dozen or more)

Birthplace: East Blue, Picono Island

Bounty: 0

Devil Fruit: Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf

Skills & Abilities: From birth, Shalua's parents often told her that she was the “girl with no direction”, seeing as she never had many aspirations in life. Despite this, she has always had a good sense of navigational direction, being mysteriously attuned to True North. She is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, having a keen nose for trouble along with being very swift on her feet.

Devil Fruit Powers: Shalua has consumed the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf (or Mutt Mutt Fruit for those who want a more English name) which has given her the ability to take on a wolven form. The fruit's major strength is that Shalua gains more physical strength in their hybrid and full wolf forms, equivalent to that of a real wolf and more. Any physical fighting style that the user has is generally made more lethal with the additional strength bestowed upon them. Notably, carnivorous Zoan-types are said to be especially vicious. The user is also granted with the additional weapons of claws and fangs, which can be used effectively in attacks, and can greatly increase the potency of their normal fighting style techniques.

The fruit so far does not seem to have any specific weaknesses outside the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Haki: None

Personality: Shalua has a very overbearing personality, tending to be gruff and unapproachable by those she is unfamiliar with. Those who manage to get close enough to her to be considered “friends” (or “pack mates” as she likes to call them) she becomes very protective of. Almost like a “big sister” of sorts, Shalua looks after those closest to her while keeping those she is not used to at a distance. She is a rough-and-tumble tomboy who is more of a “fight first, ask questions later” sort of person.

Ambitions: To find her direction.

Biography: Raised on the (made up) Picono Islands in the East Blue, Shalua was the fourth eldest child out of twelve. She, along with her siblings, often got into trouble and were frequently yelled at by the townsfolk through their younger years for various things such as: stealing food, pulling pranks on villagers, and sometimes causing quite the disturbance. Being the fourth eldest meant that she was in charge of looking after the younger siblings, as the three eldest were to set out in the world and make something of themselves. As her siblings went off in search of making their mark on the world, Shalua was left to care for her parents (who were still popping out kids like popcorn!).

Her parents feared that Shalua, whom had no aspirations whatsoever as she reached her early teenage years, was forever going to be the girl with “no direction”. This comment continued to bother her and she ran away from home for a few days, living off of whatever she could scrounge up. She encountered a food vendor in the marketplace, doing her best to remain unseen as she swiped a few pieces of fruit from his cart. She rushed off, having alerted the man on accident, eating the fruit without even looking at it first.

It wasn't long at all before she realized what had happened, her body shifting slightly as she turned into a wolf by the light of the full moon (though it was simply coincidence at the time). She was amazed at how keen her senses had become, and although her instincts told her just where True North lay, she managed to pick out the scent of her family and rushed home to be with them. With a more of a “conceal, don't feel” mentality, Shalua managed to hide her “curse” as it were and set out to find her true ambition in the world, hoping to keep her family safe from her strange new powers.

So begins...

Shalua's Story


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Shalua had enough trouble trying to tie up her dinghy at port with all of the much larger ships pulling in, the waves rocking her boat side to side. “Hey! Watch it!” She called out to the other boats, knowing that they couldn't hear her and if they did they certainly didn't care. She managed to keep her boat steady enough, hopping from it to the dock to quickly moor it in place. The young woman brushed her forearm across her brow and looked out upon the hustle and bustle of the port town, a smirk crossing her face as she took a few animal-like sniffs of the air.

“Ahh~ so this is Tune Island, huh?” Shalua mused aloud, quickly making her way down the dock past several other workers and sailors after gathering her belongings in her rucksack. Her high-heeled geta clicked with every step she took, a heavy clunking noise being made upon the wooden docks. The young woman had very high hopes of gathering a few more provisions before she departed, also wondering if she could find any information about navigational tools and practices in the local area. She didn't make it very far.

“HOLD IT!” An obnoxious voice barked out, causing Shalua to hunch over in frustration. She looked over her shoulder to see the dock authority and his minuscule lackey with a clipboard rushing towards her. “You there! Girl! You didn't pay the fee for docking your ship at our port!” The man was surely as annoying looking as he sounded: a wide, broom-like mustache, hair curled up like a bulbous scorpion tail, and a beady little set of eyes that always seemed to be crossed no matter what angle you caught him from. “The price is five thousand Berries!”

Shalua's jaw dropped. Five thousand? No way. “Uh, I don't have five thousand Berries to pay for that... That's insane.” She retorted, watching the man's cheeks swell up like a balloon.

“THAT IS THE PRICE THAT MUST BE PAID!” He huffed, stamping his boot along the dock. “All ships must pay this fee.”

“But I don't have a ship. I have a boat.” Shalua explained, motioning to her very small vessel. “If anything, it's an accessory to a ship. How much would you charge for an accessory?” She asked the man, seeing him puffer up for a moment. He shifted his gaze to his subordinate, a minuscule porcine man with a long horse-nose. Neither knew how to respond to this type of questioning, and it seemed that the two weren't used to fielding questions. Typical Marine's it seemed.

“Tell you what: I'll pay ten Berries to dock it. Take it or leave it.”

The man puffered up again as his tiny partner stepped in front of him. “You cannot negotiate dock prices with Port-Master Peekso! They are what they are and will be what they be!”

Shalua leaned forward, startling the little man as she gave him a flick on the nose. “Listen here, Little Man: When I get a ship that is the size of that--” She pointed to a large pirate vessel docked beside where this altercation was taking place. “--THEN I'll pay your five thousand Berries. You wouldn't want the Marines to look like common Pirates, now would you? Extorting a poor, innocent girl of all her Berries...” She began to sniffle, her eyes watering as she hid them from her accusers. She began to howl and cry, the two men not knowing what to do.

“Fine fine! Ten Berries to dock your accessory!” The Port-Master replied, not wanting her to cause a scene.

“Thank you~!” Shalua beamed, completely unfazed as she dropped the ten Berries on the little man's clipboard and whistled as she walked away into town, proudly swinging her arms at a job well-done. “Have a good day, boys!”

“We've been bamboozled...” The Port-Master said, standing awestruck alongside his tiny partner as they watched the female disappear into the crowd.